The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1992

New Nation and New Family [Part 2]

Sun Myung Moon
January 12, 1992
Belvedere, New York
Translator - Sang Kil Han

All power is limited. Likewise, Reverend Moon's power is limited. All power is revolving. This is how power comes, too. It is the ability to make full harmony between east and west and north and south, back and front, left and right. Through that kind of harmony, strong power can continue. An automobile accelerates because the wheels continue to turn. Even though the driver doesn't do any work, the wheels continue to turn and do the work and gain more and more speed. In straight motion, there is no base for the ideal. The ideal requires roundness.

What is the first thing which is most important? It is order. In Korean the word, "oda" means, "You are coming now." And what is next? It is rules. Third, it is relationship. Fourth is natural law. Don't forget. You need to apply this to any circumstances. If even one is out of place, the ideal will not come about. To learn proper rules, do you think the West needs to learn from Orientals, or is it the other way around? Why does the West need to learn from the East? The Orient has proved itself for over 7,000 years of history. Oriental people have persevered and practiced their rules and order. As a result, we see that the largest nation in the world is China. China is a unique country. Its territory is so vast that there are many different dialects of the same language spoken. The Chinese dialect of the north is unintelligible to the people in the south. From east to west, it is also true. Yet they are still maintaining harmony between east and west, north and south.

Let us compare that with the future Unification Church. We will be encompassing even greater territory, inheriting true tradition, inheriting history, too. Should we be greater than the Chinese people or less than they? We should be more and greater in our respect of order and rules. We have to do more. Look at the way the Chinese can crouch down and sit on their haunches for hours. No matter how difficult, they wouldn't move around or change their position. They are able to sit like that. But imagine an American trying to sit like that for a long time. It is impossible. American people can't do that.

We talk about centers. We all will be centers. To become a center, should we move around from place to place constantly, or should we dig in, maintaining a steadfast position? We should dig in, deeper and deeper, year after year. The Chinese people were forced to stay in the same place. Nevertheless, they didn't move. So they achieved a central position. When they are pushed and pushed, they sink deeper and deeper. But then, as a result, they came to encompass half the population of the world. Historically, a lot of countries and powers have tried to take over China. But instead they were overcome. Instead of "gulping" China, they were gulped themselves.

America boasts of being a melting pot, but they only melt the upper classes. Who is the real melting pot, including this lower area of living? It is China. Those who will starve but will starve and endure-is that China, or is it America?

What kind of lesson am I trying to teach you? Americans need to become like Chinese -- America like China. That is what I am saying. If American people were in China's situation, what would they do? Staying in there longer and longer? Could they take that difficulty and survive? China has a lot of desert and barren land with many different levels of terrain. All the different elements of society have their own order-for example there is an order for farmers and one for merchants. The relationship exists worldwide. Americans may not survive in the harshness of China, but Chinese people can come here and even if America becomes more difficult to live in, they will survive. If the pollution of the world becomes so bad that people are falling down on top of each other, who would survive to the end? The Chinese people would probably persevere the longest in the face of the harshest pollution.

What is the solution to this problem? Americans have to be taught to have greater perseverance than the Chinese. Who will teach them? No one knows how to do that or can do that except Reverend Moon. Reverend Moon can teach Americans how to persevere through difficulties. That is because I have the future in mind. I have to ensure that the Unification Church members will survive in situations where even the Chinese cannot. (Laughter.)

We are truly the melting pot here in the Unification Church. We put Japanese people-you impossible Japanese people-here; German people; American people, and so forth. All together. Which way is easier to go to heaven, this way or that way? This way, everyone welcomes us. This way, everyone against us. When we go this way, the Chinese welcome us, the American people welcome us, the African people welcome us. They say, "What a great guy. You are welcome here!" Do you understand? This is the most ideal way. Reverend Moon is a smart guy, right, because I am teaching you the best way, the shortcut.

During the last forty years, the Unification Church went over all different barriers and obstacles of racial limitations and religious persecution. It's been comparable with the Christian world of 2,000 years ago. Now they have dropped down, getting close to the danger of hell. Reverend Moon has been standing at the edge, but marching upward to higher and higher levels. Now we are able to embrace all religions and all races and explain the differences in religions.

That is what happened when I met with Premier Kim Il Sung. Kim Il Sung had this early fighting period, but that's all. He was a guerrilla fighter in the period before 1945. That's what he did. That's all he did. When we met and he talked, after about ten minutes, he ran out of topics to talk about. But when I began to talk, I went on and on, more than one hour. It was so interesting to Kim Il Sung, he wanted to hear more later. Why is that? Because Father started from here (pointing to something on board), came out of here, went in there again, out of here-so many stories to tell. By the time Father finished right up here, time ran out. More than one hour had elapsed. Then Kim Il Sung said, "Please, let's meet again." Why would he say that? It is because he wanted to hear the rest of my story. He himself didn't have so much to tell anymore; he had already told it all.

Isn't that what I did? When I went into farming, I was the best. When I went fishing, I became a top fisherman. And when I am in the scholarly world, I am a top scholar, as well. What about politics? There is no area that I did not go into where I did not become the center. Gorbachev, Kim Il Sung, Chao En Lai, you name it-of those who have met Reverend Moon, none would say that George Bush is greater than Reverend Moon. Bush doesn't have a trunk. America needs a tall trunk, not a short bush! That's true. This is what I recommended to the Bush administration: You need a trunk. (Applause.)

This is a very basic unit. Without the basic unit, you cannot make the formula. You cannot do anything. Without order, how can all things exist in harmony? Also, rules are necessary. Can anyone survive wearing scanty clothing in the wintertime? No, you would freeze to death. We have to wear warm clothing and overcoats to protect ourselves in the wintertime. Also when you go to the bathroom, you have to take off that overcoat, or you will have an accident. When you eat, you always have to take off your hat. Why? When God is looking down at us, a hat becomes an obstacle. (Laughter.) Why do men wear neckties? You have to show some symbol of freedom, so you have your necktie hanging down freely, even though it is tightly around your neck. This is why I let you wear neckties-because of that symbol. Pragmatically speaking, neckties are an unnecessary expense, right? A luxury, a waste. What is its function? Anywhere you go, you have that tie hanging in the way. When you bend over to drink water from a fountain, it gets in the way and you get water on it. It always plunges into your soup bowl at the table!

The Korean clothing is incredibly free. Without looking bad, it gives you maximum room for movement. But the Korean women have the custom of binding their hair tightly. That is because, with all the freedom of clothing, they have to exercise some discipline. (Laughter, squeals.) Isn't it strange? American people have been wearing their clothing and following their cultural traditions for decades without understanding them. Reverend Moon had to come here and explain these things to you. The American women wear their clothes tight, but their hair hangs loosely, as loose as possible. And you wear high heels, which means your feet have no freedom. So you have to show freedom somehow. That's why you let your hair hang loose. That's true!

So we need order, according to the situation. When you have tight clothing, that is the way you can harmonize. When you have free clothes, then you have to bind up your hair to harmonize. Why do we need to harmonize in order to unify? Because that is the ideal. So creating a new nation requires that we apply basic elements. Just as you cannot write someone a letter until you learn to write your ABC's. What is the first element: order. "Jin Soh", in Korean. Also, jin soh means nitrogen. By applying the technique of word association (order and nitrogen have the same sound in Korean) you can learn a foreign language.

Those who can do without order, raise your hands. So that means you can go out and pass water anywhere you choose, like a dog? If you abide by rules and order, you cannot do that. Human beings are the highest level animal, so we need the highest, most sophisticated rules and order. We have to discriminate, we have to choose what we want to hear, not just listen to anything in the air. If you are realistic or pragmatic, why don't you just walk on four legs like any other animal? And as for money and power? The evil things done for the sake of money are beyond belief. Character and personality? Forget it. Not important. So what I have been doing in this country with such painstaking effort is to teach you the vertical knowledge, conveying the reality of vertical value to you. This is something which almost doesn't exist here. In the beginning, no one believed. There was no vertical atmosphere in this country, therefore no vertical knowledge. But that is the most important aspect. Say it: jih soh.

Then we have "kyu chik", which means "rule." And then "kwon gye," which means "relationship." After that, we obtain the ideal, or "isang." So we have order, rule, relationship, and ideal. After that, we enjoy freedom, peace, and happiness. If someone uses freedom to break or destroy order or rules, then his freedom will be immediately curtailed.

What order, rules and relationship America lost is the result of America following the communist way of thinking and acting. In other words, the liberal mentality. The liberals have destroyed a lot of good American traditions. So first, what? Order. Then rule, then relationship, then ideal.

We have a pretty good establishment of order and rule for all mankind to survive thus far. We have been pretty good at this, since it is within the realm of common sense. Relationship is now up to us-according to the vision you have about the world, your relationship can be determined. If you are narrow in your thinking, then your relationships are narrow. If you are broadminded, so are your relationships. Based on the proper order and rule, this relationship of up and down and front and rear, right and left, to the end of the world this relationship will bind you properly. Are these things eternal? No, they are not.

So here we must bring in love. Only True Love is strong enough to bind ourselves to eternity. The power that has formed history and allowed us to inherit that history has been love, correct? It has been love. Is this right or wrong? We can say now that all order should be based on love, all rule should be based on love, all relationship should be done in the spirit of love. The ideal truly is based on love. Grandparents are the microcosm of all history. We consider four generations, but there are three levels. They all live in the one household. Grandparents, parents, ourselves, and our children. And the third level expands horizontally. Until that, it is vertical. (Draws on board to illustrate the expansion of the generations.) Then it expands like so, and that is the world. Where does that come from? That axis is love. What constitutes it? Love. It does not end there, rather it is just beginning. It goes forth, becoming larger and larger, creating a better and better world. Only love can cause this to continue.

Individual, family, clan, nation, and world-what is that element which can expand to all these levels? Yes, sarang, love. Ninety degrees in all directions. So all the distances are the same from the center. With just a slight deviation in any angle and the distance becomes different. This actually means a sphere, circle and sphere. Not an oblong sphere, but a perfectly round one. When it becomes oblong due to failure of right angle relationship, then the sphere is not ideal. What does the expansion, what allows us to inherit? It is only love. The realms within the sphere should be so identical that the upper half and the lower half should be interchangeable. They fit in each other's place. Likewise, the ideal means that the right side should be able to change places with the left side and fit in perfectly.

A ball travels in all different directions, rolling everywhere. A factory that produces ball bearings has to be sure that those bearings are perfectly round. So they put them in machines that make them go round and round, assuring that they are perfectly spherical.

Now you understand why love is so important as the base of all these elements we have been discussing. Of course, the new nation and the new family will be the place of True Love, not just any love. In the world, there is no true quality of love; there is love, but it is just "love." But in the new nation and new families, we must exhibit True Love. This is the thought. When this kind of thought is a part of you, then you don't enjoy being around people of just one culture and tradition. It's no fun to have a society of exclusively Western families. You want to see Oriental families mixing harmoniously with Western families. The white people come from the northern hemisphere, while the black people come originally from the southern hemisphere, where it is very hot. South and north, east and west. Interchangeable. The one who has the greatest width is the Orient. There are only 850 million white people. There are only about 750 million black people. The Middle Eastern people are about 300 million. So roughly speaking, we could say that there are 3.2 billion people dwelling in the Oriental area, including parts of Russia, China and the entire Pacific area.

Who has the most space of all the countries? China. We can never talk about the unification of the world without taking China very seriously. Do you think God discriminates when evaluating human beings. Does he say, "Well, one white person has greater value than one Oriental or one black"? No, God doesn't look at people that way. The originating point of all the world's civilization is in the East. Everything originated in the East, and the Western people had the ability somehow to bring them together. Like the British Museum. The British people brought everything good into that museum. They are good at collecting things, but nothing original came from there. Were those things all paid for? Actually, many things in the London Museum were stolen from other people, taken in the course of conquering. Who are the heroes and heroines in gangster movies, are they Western people or Oriental people? How about the duel?

Which is more noble and valuable, love or power? Power is the means by which everything is gained in the West, including love. That is the meaning of the duel. Orientals will stand back and say, "You go ahead." That is the true expression of love, not dueling.

Look at the idea of value. If a horse is lame, or he is bitten by a snake, you shoot him, correct? In that case, that is an example of love to Western people. That, however, is very strange to the Oriental thinking. They don't understand killing for such a reason. They extend that to say that if your father or mother is terminally ill, then you would just kill them by giving them some injection. Your purpose would be to relieve them from pain. Eventually, if you extend the Western way of thinking, it will go to that extent. Is that love? Orientals do not follow that way. They respect the ways of nature, allowing nature to take its course.

We need to learn to exercise love. Love is not the same as power. So the training center, the place of education for True Love is the family. That is where people learn about True Love. What did Father teach? Father taught you at the first of the year the basic education, right? We have to educate our children well, we have to educate our brothers and sisters well, and we have to educate the husband and wife well. We have to be educated how to become a good parent. Children have their order, their right order. No matter how great the children may become, they can never take the position of their own parents. They are always in a different realm. No matter how great the parents may become, they cannot go into the realm of the grandparents. They cannot take their position, no matter what they achieve.

I have drawn here a great big branch. Everybody recognizes this great branch. But that great branch cannot say, "Let us change positions, trunk, because I am greater than you." If he tries to do that, the whole tree will suffer. There would be no flowers, no fruit, no prosperity, no future for the whole. No ideal. Why is the new bud right at the center of the branch, why is it so precious? It is because it inherited the very central tradition of this tree. The place of the most love. So your tree trunk has to be straight. The bud is very important, since it inherits the tradition of the whole, but it first goes down here, and then it goes up. Centering on this bud here, he can say, "I am the greatest!" Which is true. Why is that, because he can do even better. How? Because it travels more distance than this one does. In that sense, he is the greatest. Also you have to have a good sized bud growing before the center bud will grow out. So it is like a common destiny, the common lineage. Centering on this very center point, the depth, height, and side are always the same distance. Now what the world is seeking today is the root. Where is my root, they say. Isn't that true? We are looking at that total root.

The West is more on this side than this side (pointing to drawing), isn't that correct? All the fruits are borne here, and not here. It keeps on growing. And where does this fruit return to? To the deepest of the root, then it repeats the cycle. Therefore, the Western civilization must realize this depth of the root and the top of a new bud. Western civilization has to find that vertical axis and cherish it before their civilization can continue to prosper. They are supposed to prosper, but only if they have that vertical axis.

History has seen many civilizations rise and then perish. Why? It is because they did not know the rule, they did not have that axis. They didn't have the center point, or a deep root. So they fell down, like leaves off a tree. When autumn came, they fell. So we have to find the roots of our tree.

We do not know God, do we? Even Christianity doesn't know God and that is why they are going further and further down. America is obviously not the center of all civilization. Rather, it is in the East that we should find that center.

When the Northern Hemisphere is experiencing summertime, the Southern Hemisphere is having winter. They have a reciprocal position. It's not always the Western civilization which has to take the lead. Sooner or later, it will move to the East. The basic concept of Western civilization is the concept of the individual, whereas the Oriental concept is the concept of the whole. Therefore, the center point of Western civilization is very limited and it cannot stand. Only when we are centered on the whole can we find strength. And religion, too. The civilization that was founded based on religious content and teachings, and the Oriental culture.

You have to have at least three points before this relationship is formed and before the upper and lower hemispheres can be connected centering on the center point. When that is not secured, then no matter how flourishing a civilization may appear to be, it will perish eventually. In the Unification Church, we are talking about True Love in three directions: family, God, and humankind. How can you connect them? God and True Parents have to be at the center. Even Jesus' crucifixion symbolized those three points, coming to the center where he was hanging on the cross.

Within the individual, when his mind and body relationship are not smooth, he is destroyed. The relationship between father and son is the same. Brothers and sisters, couples, parents. So there are four distinctly different orders: the order of the children's position, brothers' position, couples position, and parents position. What do we mean by that? There are orders and rules dictating, for instance, the relationship between husband and wife. Therefore, just because you are husband and wife doesn't mean the husband can take his wife's love anytime he feels like it. No. You have to show the proper respect to her and follow the appropriate rules of conduct for your relationship. What would the book say, that the husband can just wake up his wife who is fast asleep and take her, anytime? When you are making love, should the man be the one who clings to the wife, or should the wife cling to the husband? The wife should be the one who clings to the husband; that is proper order. In position, too, can the woman be in the upper position as much as the man? No, the man is in the upper position, while woman is in the vertical position. Like a bowl, receptacle. If that bowl is upside down, everything spills out. So the couple who lives according to order and rule will give rise to good children. But the ones who do not care so much actually will have less chance of having a baby. Even if they have a baby, they will be more likely to have a problem child. Which we see now a lot in this society. Because people are going against original law. Basically, that's what it amounts to.

Americans have deviated quite a lot from the proper rules. That is because they don't know. They just don't know any better. So American women may think they are conquering men by going above the man, but it doesn't work that way. They are actually going against the original order. This is not something I am making light of. It is a serious problem.

If you want to go somewhere but your feet refuse to move, what happens? All relationships have bounds. Look at it this way. Does the ear have freedom? No, it is bound by the eyes, mouth and everything else. Does the neck have freedom? No, it is likewise bound. They are bound by order and rule all the time. No freedom. This is deceptively simple.

Then white people knew about this rule but black people didn't know it, right? No. Nobody knew it. But who will be in the leading role in the world? It will be those who become aware of these rules and follow them. They will take the leading position. So whatever the Unification Church teaches, it is bound to be applicable to all different cultures -- not just white society or black society. I was rejected and persecuted here in America mostly because the American people truly didn't understand what I was teaching, what I was doing. I taught in English, but still people didn't understand and that is why they persecuted me. Once they understand me, how can they persecute me? Look at all of you. Everyone of you here is very intelligent. In a way, you are all geniuses, you are very smart people. Certainly you are not capable of being fooled, although other people say, "Moonies are foolish people." Who is in the wrong, the members of the Unification Church, or those who criticize the members of the Unification Church from outside? Absolute, the outside people are wrong. They don't know.

You understand these points, right? I am going to erase the blackboard now. So we have freedom, peace, happiness, all of these ideals which humanity has been seeking can only come about based on these points which we have been discussing. So if someone says, "I am a white person and I shouldn't like blacks," that is impossible. You can never, ever say that. It is against natural law to try to cut relationships. It is a matter of maintaining relationship. This is why Father went to the farmer's society, the fisherman's society, the miner's society. In any society, I always make proper relationship. It is the philosophy of relationship which makes the difference in the future world. For us, too. We have to be all encompassing, never become arrogant as to say, "I don't have anything to do with them."

As I have already said, there is no harmony or beauty or anything of that nature in the straight line. Always we need to be a part of revolving, circular motion. Only there will we find harmony and beauty. I mentioned this before. When you are in this position, all you have to do is turn around on the spot. You don't travel much, just go around 360 degrees. But if you happen to be deviated from the central position, how much you have to travel to turn around 360 degrees. You become dizzy from all that motion!

Western people tend to travel more for themselves, whereas the Eastern people just look at things, collect things, and understands where he stands. He doesn't travel so much. After going around the world, then they see, "It's no use to go that way." Then they want to go the other way, go back in the other direction 180 degrees. They go from one extreme to the other. West also. If the West doesn't do that, then the West will become more and more difficult. So if you stand right at the core, the pivot point, then you don't have to work so much or travel so much.

So when you think of the new nation and new families, immediately you should think of these basic things. Think about this situation: Of course, I don't approve of going to bars, places where people are drinking, gambling and doing many bad things. But do you think I would ever go into a tavern or bar and start kicking things around? No, they have their order in that society, and I would first respect that particular order. And I would try to change it, but how? Not by forcefulness, knocking people around, but by doing what they cannot do. You do what they cannot do. What is it that they cannot do? Probably what they don't like to do is to clean up the dirtiest place in the tavern. Nobody likes that. Whoever will continually clean up that dirtiest place which nobody likes to do will eventually become the most respected person in that society. Eventually the owner of the tavern will come and bow down to him.

When I came to America, that was my determination. To get to the dirtiest places in this country where nobody wanted to go and clean them up. There were many. Communist activity was one of them. Alcoholism, drug abuse, free sex-these were the pits of this society. Many people were using drugs without realizing their danger. Likewise, people were engaging in free sex, thinking, "What's wrong with it?" Homosexuality and so forth were being practiced because nobody had any authority to declare "This is wrong." You came to Reverend Moon, you changed your life, and then you felt grateful to him. That is why you bowed down to me, because I taught you the right way to live. So this bowing down is the beginning of a good tradition. However, this has been unthinkable in Western society-bowing down to another person. But it is the beginning of a great future for Western people to do that. Other Westerners laugh to see you doing that, making fun of you saying, "They must have been brainwashed." That is because you are behaving so differently from them.

The American and Western world absolutely needs the vertical culture, more than anything else. They need it fast. The first relationship is the father/son relationship, then the couples relationship. Never does the couples relationship come first. Then the second most important are the sibling relationships. Then comes the couples relationship. Americans have focused almost exclusively on the third, the couples relationship, casting out all the others, including children and parents and brothers and sisters. Is that a human beings' way of life? Can they be truly human if they live that way? Even the animals cannot live with such an attitude. They protect their race, their species. Therefore, human beings have fallen to a much lower standard than the animals.

The Principle is more important than whatever we may assert. I never go to any society and kick things around and destroy it. Not even as much as Jesus did. Some Christians think it is all right to behave in a destructive way, saying, "You are a heretic!" They cry out, "Reverend Moon is a heretic!" But all Reverend Moon is doing is to protect them and revive them, to help them live, not to try to kill them. But they continue to persecute me.

So in the new family, we should have clear, clean-cut, proper order and rules, based on love. Suppose someone says, "I am tired of using my hands to eat. I don't like that kind of rule, so I am going to use my feet to hold my spoon." Can he do that? Individuals who have good harmony between mind and body are good in unity. That is the fundamental requirement. If you don't have that mind and body unity, then you cannot become successful in relationship. So what are the requirements? First, order. Second, rules. Third, relationship. Fourth, ideal. Always remember these four requirements and apply them in every situation. Always respect the order of the society in which you find yourself.

Ideal teacher, ideal parents, ideal owner -- those three are guided by the same concept. Order, rule, relationship and ideal. Japanese people and American people -- much problem. Americans say, "You came here, so you must follow American law!" True, when you are going out and working in the society, you must follow the American laws. But when they go back home to their family, they cannot follow American family law. Do you understand? They follow Japanese family order and there everything is different.

Bear in your mind. All things must be based on love -- not money, not authority, not knowledge. The only thing that can truly move this world is love-so with love power, love knowledge, and love money, we can get everywhere.

God's center is eternal love. He is an absolute being. His love partner must also be absolute. We must be establishing that kind of world. Now we understand -- this is not just for our present world, but this is for the eternal world. Even though we have only one English word "you" which applies to everyone, if someone is your elder, either in age or authority, then you should treat him or her with an elder's respect. If you do that, you will be welcomed anywhere you go, in any society. Why are we so valuable as human beings? It is because God has no body, God had no childhood. So by creating Adam and Eve, with their bodies, God could relive His own self. The visible God is able to live through His children. Centering on True Love, we are the children of God. As the child of God, we must also live like God does.

East and West never realized before that they were brothers and sisters. But when they meet once again, it becomes an explosive situation of love. We feel reunited with our lost, unknown but new discovered brothers and sisters. For thousands of years we have not known each other, but now we are reunited. How exciting it is. This is today's situation.

Man's world, woman's world -- those are quite different worlds. But when they meet each other, then they find their common world. Until that time, they are in two different worlds. As I spoke about previously, Eve had a completely different realm of interest, but tried to be with Adam but they separated because of their differences. After child's rule and order, then we have brotherhood, and the third love is that between husband and wife. That love should be much more exciting than the other loves-the child's love, the brotherly love, which we have to experience first.

Like God gave all His own essence to create Adam and Eve ---He gave His own bone marrow. In the same way, we collect all the essence of our life and from nature, and then become like God. So we have to squeeze out all the essence of the universe in our True Love experience. From that kind of action, we give life to our true children. That is the meaning of children. We should let the children feel the love of God through us. We have to do that in God's place.

All the power of the universe comes together in that love, and through that power a new child is born. When do you think you have a better chance of conceiving a child? When you are embracing each other with great strength, or just loosely embracing? Yes, when you are embracing hard and strong. It is like the man's bone coming out of his flesh and penetrating into the woman's bone. Similarly when the woman's bone just comes out of her flesh and goes into the man's body -- that kind of intense love relationship gives a better chance.

This is another concept which Western philosophy does not have. It is that the highest spiritual being of all the creation is the human being. One reason is that man has the capacity to make love at any time, any day. All the rest of the animal world is limited to certain mating seasons. Then they can only give birth to offspring at certain times of the year. Most animals can come together a few times in a year. But because humans can procreate at any time, this is another manifestation of the fact that man is the highest spiritual being of all creation.

Some animals such as the cicadas grow for a long period of time, perhaps eight years, and then they mate one time and then they fall down dead. That is how they give rise to offspring. Likewise, the salmon makes a journey after it is spawned, and then after four years it can return to its home and mate and after that, the mother passes away. Compare that with the gift humankind has been given to be able to mate every day. How much more wonderful a gift we have been given than any of the other creatures!

So precious is that love, but love too has its own order and rule and relationship and ideal. Only then can we enjoy freedom in love, peaceful love, happiness in love. The outside world takes that action but it is not ideal love. It is the worst love. American secular society has been manipulated by Satan to engage in hellish love. The more they indulge themselves, the darker their world becomes until they find no hope. More and more satanic love, more and more darkness and despair.

This principle applies everywhere. When you go into the farmer's society, ask, "What sort of order do you observe here? What is your law? What do you like the most?" Our movement founded The Washington Times. The purpose of that newspaper's creation is way above what other people can understand; it has a very high ideal. But I do not overrule what they do, even if I know that what they do sometimes is meager or meaningless. I must respect them nevertheless. I always give respect to others. You too as members of the Unification Church must try to figure out, "What is my position? How am I expected to behave?" It is not just in any way according to the standards of outside society.

When you come here at 6:00 o'clock in the morning, do you like me to be here, or not? That is original order. We need somebody to come to, somebody to be under. Then we find peace, then we find happiness, then we find ideal. If you don't like that because you cannot enjoy freedom, then that is the wrong kind of freedom. All humankind needs the original way, not some imitation or substitute. You don't need that.

Would you follow Jim Baughman, or would you follow Father? Why? You want to come under the original authority. You don't want a changeable authority but one which is forever. We now understand that in order to form a new nation, the new family is our building block. Without the new family, there cannot be any new nation. (Draws on blackboard) Here is the family. When you deploy that, it deploys like this. Now this means it has all three levels. That is the grandparents, parents, our own level, and children. Whatever you practice here on the family level will be deployed in the world. The same principle applies.

Wherever I go, I apply these principles. When I go to Russia, I feel that all the elderly citizens are like my own grandmothers and grandfathers. The world is divided into people of different age levels, so we treat those age levels like they were the different age levels within our own family. The world is still the family. If you expand your family relationships into the world, everybody falls under certain age categories which are contained within your own family. So somebody may be elderly, the age of our grandparents-or they may be young, our children's age. People of your own age are like your brothers and sisters.

So in this kind of family there are tens, even hundreds of thousands. Millions of them in the world. Even though your family is precious to you, the country contains millions of families. So you have to adjust to the country, live for the sake of the larger entity. Likewise, although America has many families, the world has many more families than it does, so America should adapt to that larger entity. And in spirit world, there are even more and more numbers. So we have to adapt to that, too. This is why I always teach you that the individual must live for the sake of the family, the family must live for the sake of the clan, the clan for the nation, the nation for the world-there are more families on each level.

The smaller units must serve the larger, even sacrificing when necessary for the benefit of the larger in order to make it work. That is the right way of explaining the development of the world, while the theory of evolution is the wrong way. This is the principle of development. So the mineral elements are absorbed by the plants, which are taken in by the animals, who are utilized by human beings, whose center is God. In that way, each level is reaching to the higher level, serving and reaching higher. This is the way the development progresses, from the root to the top. American youth have not understood this. They didn't have the proper order, law, relationship and ideal. That is why they became disconnected with the natural world and have fallen down into destruction.

Right now, I am your teacher and you are in the position of children. A good teacher will understand a child's nature, will even have a childlike side of his personality. That means you and I are very close! The good teacher will do sudden, abrupt things to get your attention. By giving simple, clear explanations and keeping your attention, then everything is taken care of. This is a tactic you also have to learn.

We have to understand that without this new family, the new nation cannot be achieved. Remember: Order, Law, Relationship, and Ideal. Never forget those four limbs of the tree. In the middle of the night, while you are eating, think about these things. In order to build a house, you need four corners, four pillars.

What is the ideal way for a woman to sit down? Like the Oriental woman sits, or how? Even how to sit must be taught. That doesn't mean a loss of freedom but rather learning such things gives you the utmost freedom. You must understand you must diligently study and follow this to raise yourself to the ideal of True Love. Do you pledge, "I will faithfully follow all these four points, perfecting myself as an individual, as a member of a family, as a member of a clan, nation and world. I will become qualified even in front of God, according to the code of proper conduct." Those who really say yes to this, that you will pay attention and follow these points and become perfected in them, raise your hands. You are good children! From this point on, we will start to have a good tradition-good brotherhood, good couples, good parenthood.

Let us pray.

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