The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1992

God's Will and Our Church

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
May 1, 1992
Belvedere, Tarrytown, NY USA
38th Anniversary of HSA-UWC
Sang Kil Han - translator

Originally in God's providence, the Unification Church would never have been founded. If Judaism had united with Jesus himself, then world Christianity would not have had to come into being, either. At that time, the country not just the religion centered upon Jesus could have begun.

The country of Israel centered upon Jesus would have been born and as they grew, the Cain-type country which was the Roman Empire would have been influenced. Thus the country would not have been a Christian country but would have been Jesus' own country and would have formed the Kingdom of Jesus, rather than forming the religion known as Christianity. You all understand that point, don't you?

If that had happened, the country would have inherited the kingship and would have inherited the world. Then today it would have grown and expanded to embrace the whole world, becoming the country centered on the world. Many other countries would have inherited perfectly the tradition of that kingdom of Jesus and would have become like a big tree with many different branches. That country would have been the trunk and each branch would have been another nation, all connecting to one trunk and one root throughout the world. The leaves of that tree would have been individual man and woman. That huge, gigantic tree of one nation of God.

The flowers and blossoms that would bloom would be of one root, one tree. Even if you take the smallest leaf, it would contain all the elements of the huge trunk. The root, trunk, each branch and every little leaf all contain the same elements. So it would have been full of the spirit of the kingdom. The spirit of root, spirit of trunk everything would have been contained within this tiny leaf, which means every individual.

When you look at one cell, it represents the entirety of the body from which it is taken. Who came into being first? Who is born first and who is born later? Depending on the order of birth, everything would have been connected.

No Christianity

Then, of course, we can see clearly that Christianity would not have been necessary. What about other religions? Needless to say, other religions would have no meaning or reason to exist. If Jesus had not died on the cross but had continued to live and be successful in his mission, this would have been the case. However, that did not happen and the Second Advent became necessary in which the foundation of Jesus was inherited. That foundation began on the nation foundation but had to expand to the world level. Thus a new mission had to be undertaken which Jesus could not complete. Now has to start only on the world level.

When the Lord to come would have been welcomed by that foundation of Christianity after 2,000 years of agonized expansion of Christianity, then he would have proceeded in exactly the same way as Jesus would have embracing the whole world and go about achieving his mission. Then the Unification Church would not have been necessary. That would have been God's dispensation.

Within the Unification Church, there is such a thing as Cain and Abel. The underlying fact of creation is the relationship of subject and object. This is also true in restoration. The process of two who are divided coming into unity means advancing, restoration. Everything exists within the subject and object relationship.

After the fall, that relationship became one of struggle, conflict and confrontation. Because of the fall, it looked like there were always two different parts or factions which were continually in struggle. Actually, conflict is not the way it was meant to be. Win over that and be united and advance the dispensation of restoration.

This is true within the individual. Each person has mind and body which are in conflict, but the purpose is to unite them. We must understand that only when Cain and Abel have become united together that we can sit peacefully. Until that time, there is always a process of Abel winning over Cain and becoming one.

[Draws diagram on blackboard] Cain and Abel, the vertical and the horizontal relationships, and mutual relationship.. Vertical relationship, of course, is that of parent and child. Horizontal relationship is that of husband and wife. Brotherly relationship is the line which has been drawn as dotted [on board]. As the End Time comes nearer and nearer, this is the form that everything is coming to. So we have to realize this form more perfectly. This has been the direction of history after World War II. Since then, Christianity and the whole world have been moving toward the achievement of this pattern.

Perfect unity

What does that pattern represent? It represents the perfect unification between father and son, king and people, and God and all creatures. From the right hemisphere to the left hemisphere. If you dissect the whole sphere into halves, with an upper one and a lower one, or a right sphere and a left sphere. There is also a front and rear. The relationship of brothers is that of front and rear. To form a perfect globe, these come together. Why do we have to form a globe? It is because everything should have only one center. Everything should have one center. When there is disunity, how many centers will come into being? Two, three? There is a center with a pivot or axis around which motion will take place.

We see all things operate under one principle, whether large or small. That is the subject and object relationship always in motion and with a center. Always there is a center which makes up the universe. What is the center of a woman? She has a father and a mother, she has her own brothers and sisters, but what is her center? By finding that center, she can relate with everything in the universe. In other words, by connecting with the center we can occupy everything.

Centering on this hemisphere [pointing to drawing], where would the center be? The center is situated an equal distance from any point [draws some more]. So it has to have another hemisphere, and the center would be here. It is focused from this point, from that point, and from this point. Focused to all the surface area. Focus point. That is the most ideal point.

That was God's first blessing after the creation: Grow, multiply, and occupy the earth. Thus perfection should have been reproduced. Do you think that mind and body are one, or is there division between them now? If this is God, with an upper portion and a lower portion, then were is that focal point or the center? The focal point is the center, not only for mind and body but for everything. That is where love can dwell.

Here is man and here is woman [on board]. It cannot be that their focal points are different. They have to have the same focal point. So what is woman's focal point? Of course, it is her conscience or mind, but what is the purpose of that mind? For woman, it is man. There is no purpose in a woman by herself. After being born, a female has to grow to perfection. How can a woman become perfected? Man is her perfection. So the woman has to become a being who is absolutely needed by man. She has to exist in such a way that the man absolutely needs her. The reverse is true. The man must exist in such a way that the woman absolutely needs him.

So man will pull woman, woman will push man. When the two meet like so, then do they become just flattened? No, they begin to turn around and around, becoming a sphere. What is their focal point. It is that unchangeable True Love. Once you position yourself with that center, you never change. You will remain eternally with that focal point.

We should not think, "My focal point is in me." The focal point of each person is in his or her spouse. What is marriage, then? Marriage means everything is okay, centering on True Love. You can put in everything, you can pull out everything, and that is okay. That is freedom. Do you understand? Only in there does freedom exist. True Love is the center of woman and the center of man.

Now we will represent woman by the dotted hemisphere. Should she go around man or in man? Well, is woman bone or flesh, compared with man? Who represents bone, man or woman? Man represents bone, woman represents flesh. Why is that? It is because man is the root of life, so he should stay in the center. Man represents the center root, center trunk, and center bud. Man should stay in the center position.

Anything that went through here [on board] is welcomed. Like the pitcher and the catcher. The pitcher throws the ball and the catcher catches it every time. You throw it and it is always caught. Woman is very resilient, soft, while man is not so soft. He is hard. When something crashes into him, it breaks. But that is not the case with woman.

Beautiful flowers

We can see that black women express a lot of compassion. Not men. The same is true of white women. White woman has the responsibility to protect the black man. Because she is woman. So white is a good color as a base, but if everything is white it is monotonous. You need to blend with other colors. What about flowers? Are they varied and colorful, or monotonous? Whom do they resemble? Woman. Some flowers are more colorful than others, but they should not be too proud. Usually the most colorful flowers don't have much fragrance, while the less colorful ones have sweeter fragrance.

In the same way, those most fragrant flowers often don't have so much honey. When the honeybee and butterfly come around, they will look at the very colorful flower and they will be drawn there. But they won't find honey there and there is no fragrance, so they just fly on until they find what they are looking for. They just stop by and enjoy the color, but that flower doesn't have the life and hope for the bee.

We can look at women in this light. There are some women who are exceedingly beautiful, someone who is praised by everyone for her looks, but she may be like that colorful flower with no honey or fragrance. It can be a beautiful flower, but it may not have life or offspring.

In the Orient we have a saying, "A beautiful woman has a thin blessing." This is a general rule. Actors and actresses are usually attractive. Do we often see ugly women becoming famous actresses? No, it is almost always the beautiful woman. In the movie, she is always famous and envied, but in real life she will eventually become a beggar. How sad that is! She cannot stabilize or settle down. Is that good? Blessing just spits her out. She has no place to settle for long.

Those who say, "I want to be an actress no matter what," are saying in effect, "I can only live for one day in love." One day love. But even that is not real love. It is counterfeit. Do you like real love or shadow love? You American people like shadow love, don't you? Yes or no? I think yes! Absolutely no!

This is a very important principle for life. God is the center of that and everybody.... if you understand that and look at America from that criteria. America is colorful, flamboyant, fun. Everything is exciting. Look at the women. Some wear beautiful hats. But there is no flavor, no fragrance to the country. There is no bubbling life. We have to see from that perspective. We should not be envious of that situation.

These points I am making may sound far away from our topic today, the establishment of the United States, but these are very important. This is one of the first times I have spoken about this particular subject, and this is so important in our life, so we should remember it. That is why I have been speaking about it. Do you want to become bone or flesh? Of course, everybody wants to become bone because it is more important. It is the longest lasting; it has eternal characteristics in the body. What we are trying to come to understand is what is that entity which has that longest lasting and most important quality. Is it money or knowledge? The power of True Love may not appear to be the most beautiful, but it has everything.

Bone is the strongest substance, but is it stronger than True Love? If you hit True Love with a bone, which one gets broken, the bone or True Love? Of course, the bone gets broken. And the more you strike, the more diminished you become. This is what Satan has been doing. Satan strikes True Love again and again, but the result is that he is the one who is being reduced.

Why doesn't God...

Why doesn't God stop the persecution of goodness? Persecution means hitting, right? So good people get hit and hit over and over again. In anybody's eyes, including God's eyes, that is not right. But God is not doing anything about that. Why? It is because when He lets it happen, He knows that the one who is being hit will eventually win. And all these will become fertilizer. The growth of True Love needs fertilizer. Do you understand?

If the whole world comes and strikes this one person over and over again, but he is not destroyed and never breaks, then he becomes the king of all kings. Everything that strikes him will eventually be defeated. You might wonder if this is true or not, but it is true. I knew this truth from the very beginning, and thus I was able to continue throughout the history of our Unification Church. No matter how hard I was hit, I did not mind. Standing in that one center of True Love, everything hit, .... hitting, hitting, hitting. Eventually the only thing left standing is that one center. There is no enemy surrounding. All of them fallen, become fertilizer for the growth of True Love. How wonderful this phenomenon!

So the focal point for everything is True Love. Do you have True Love? (Yes.) Do you or don't you have True Love? True Love sounds good when I talk about it, but you may not have ever truly tasted it. You may recognize the sound "True Love" but you may not recognize the taste. The sound is not reality; the taste is reality. Do you understand? Is that true? The one who tastes True Love can live like God. Do you live like God, more than I do? You say "no". [Draws on board.] Which "no" are you saying zero, nothing? The absolute nothing place is "no."

Do we need that absolute focal point? True Love has such a large area which it embraces. Everything is okay within that realm of True Love. Even though all 240 million Americans may be put into that bag of True Love, will it burst or will it accommodate them? It will welcome everyone. It stretches like rubber to make room. Even if you throw that big rubber ball a long distance, it won't break. You can throw it but not off the center; you cannot get out of the center. That's how you do it.

Does America have any center? Does anyone know what it is? Is it money? Is it family? No, America doesn't have any true center. Absolutely no center point that is America. Americans put their premium value on freedom. What kind of freedom? Freedom that doesn't have any true center. Americans don't like to hear these kinds of criticisms. You might ask, "Why does Father speak about this point so frequently?" Has anybody ever heard me stand up here and praise America for a change, even once? That's what Father's purpose is. You Americans are so high up on a tree. No foundation, way up in a tree, so somebody has to bring it down.

In America, one man can move from loving one woman to another. Throughout the day, he has no center point. Moving around in many different circles, but without any center. But I tell you, once Americans come down and stay firmly on the ground, I will start praising them. Can you believe that I might actually praise America? (Laughter.) Even though you may not like to hear the things I say about America, if something is true, you should accept it.

It is not power, knowledge or material things. It is love itself, True Love. If some woman gets married because the man has billions of dollars, is she a good woman or a bad one? Then what should she be looking for in a man? Where do you think it is most likely that True Love can be found, in the White House? Or would it be in some lowly place like a labor camp or some back alley, or in prison? Of course, you have never been in either of those extremes, but where do you believe True Love would be most likely to dwell? You know well it is in the most miserable places, those places which are rotten and surrounded by suffering.

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