The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1992

A God-centered Youth Culture

By Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Hanmadang Sports Festival Founder's Speech
Circa August 28, 1992

Young members from all over the world who came to Korea the homeland of our heart to participate in the Hanmadang Sports Festival! Feeling the warm atmosphere of youth, I want to share some words with you.

Unlike other ordinary sports festivals, this Hanmadang Sports Festival must be viewed both as an event of the 1st World Culture and Sports Festival and as the Hanmadang Sports Festival of the 8th World CARP Convention.

The World Culture and Sports Festival is a meeting of world scholars, religious leaders, journalists, politicians, youth leaders, athletes from the whole world as a global village family centered upon God.

This Festival is a universal and historical event aiming at the ideal world of peace through the gathering of God-centered wisdom and experiences.

Looking back, it seems like yesterday that I proposed, following the Heavenly call, to hold the World CARP Convention and Festival centering on the world youth. However, already now we are holding the eighth event.

The original ideal world could be established through accomplishing the heartistic dimension of true children, true brothers, true couples and true parents, by Adam and Eve centering on God's true love, true life and true blood lineage.

Horizontally, the grandparents representing the past, the parents representing the present, and the children representing the future, centering on God, should establish together the authority of a royal tribe.

Unfortunately, the first ancestors, in a young age, abandoned God's will and inherited the seed of the devil through having an immoral blood relationship with the archangel.

God's very resentment is the fact that God's own children lost the qualification as the Heavenly royal tribe by losing the four main heartistic dimensions and the kingship of three generations (past, present and future), and became slaves of the devil.

All this happened in their youth. The last days are the time when the fallen act which occurred in the Garden of Eden reemerges at a worldwide level.

The devil established the sphere of Cain culture which pursues only physical pleasure, through the use of drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and free sex as his main weapons.

God-centered new youth

The True Parents coming as the Messiah have the responsibility to grasp the essential nature of such problems and solve them. So I investigated and clarified the root of the original sin, including the motivation, process and results of the human fall. And I realized that the most crucial problem of human society is immorality.

Being in the era of the second generation, as we are, where the youth are the central figures, the young people should be in the front line to uproot immorality and violence, to cut off the habits and tradition of the devil, and to establish a new culture and tradition centered upon God.

Therefore, the Hanmadang Sports Festival started as a providential event is a movement for the creative establishment of a God-centered new youth culture.

So this should be an open forum of young people who can liberate God from resentment through the unification of this disordered world, thus restoring a united, heartistic dimension where the mind which is on God's side is to dominate the body which is on the devil's side.

You as the central figures and the royal tribe of the future should be strong and bold. You should be the standard bearer of righteousness who will judge evil and chase away darkness.

CARP should take the initiative to calm the waves of immorality and violence which are rampant all over the world and to start a revolution designed to accomplish a Holy nature.

The God-centered world youth should be the central figures to become a Heavenly royal tribe who have restored the heartistic dimension of children, brothers, couples and parents, and who have restored the kingship of three generations: the past, the present and the future. The reason why today's highly developed Western society has gone the way of destruction and decline is that the young people who should be responsible for the future world lost God the center of love and life and was overwhelmed by a human-centered culture a humanistic view of value based on materialism and fell into an evil culture established by an evil power characterized by lies and hypocrisy.

Culture of unification

All through my life, in order to reorganize all the value systems based on God-centered absolute values, I have founded worldwide organizations of the highest caliber of leadership, which are excelling and establishing the dominant position in all the areas of religion, politics, sciences, arts, thought, culture, media, industry, etc.

And I have expanded those organizations and their scope throughout the whole world ICUS (International Conference for the Unity of the Sciences) for the world's scholars, the World Media Conference, the Summit Council for World Peace, the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace, and the Women's Federation for World Peace (in order to liberate long-suffering womankind on earth). All these organizations have been founded and expanded throughout the world on this foundation.

Especially this year's first World Culture and Sports Festival is the first event of its kind discussing God-centered absolute value standards. This event is also to embrace all those above-mentioned organizations which I have founded, taking into account the stream of restoration history ever since I received the Heavenly call. It is also to create a new culture of unification through the harmony and revival of specific aspects of different traditions, cultures and perspectives on values in various cultural spheres which have been separated from each other on all continents.

The Unification movement the foundation for the new united world culture is the movement of new life and true love. It is the movement to create a new man, a new family, a new nation, a new world centered upon God and the original mind, through the harmony and unity of the young people's spirit and body. With the desire to create a peaceful human society and to create an ideal youth culture, I have put CARP on the front line and encouraged the movement to practice true love.

The international Unification movement is giving new life and new ideals to tens of thousands of young people as the new ideology of common life, common prosperity and common righteousness, which can give life to the collapsed communist world.

The vision of CARP is expanding in over seven hundred universities in the former Soviet Union, including Moscow University, as the alternative ideology to Marxism-Leninism.

The Divine Principle is a philosophy of ideal and practice. Therefore, all through my life I have practiced and taught: "Live for others" and "You must dominate yourself before you can expect to dominate the whole universe."

CARP members and young leaders! With burning passion and pure reasoning the special gift of youth let us go forward together to build one true united world with the three main ideals: true parent, true teacher and true owner. This will be the true united world which our Heavenly Father has pursued throughout history!

Today should be the most joyful day for God, as the Hanmadang Sports Festival is held in conjunction with the World Culture and Sports Festival.

I pray that you all young members may be the pulling drive of the Providence with harmony and unity deepened in this Hanmadang Sports Festival, held after the opening on the new providential era of the second generation.

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