The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1992

Restoration From the Origin and Rebirth

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
September 20, 1992

This is the second in a series of excerpts from the speech given at Belvedere on September 20, 1992. The translator was Sang Kil Han

We can imagine that if the ancestors of mankind did not fall, God's blood would have been flowing through you and through everyone who is around us today. That is imaginable, is it not? When that happened, then everything belonged to God. There would have been no such thing as "bad" and there would have been no Satan. God originally owned that central root. [in English] That kind of contents connect to every human being. Branches automatically connect with the trunk... Fruit is not the same size as the branch.

With the perspective of all mankind as one big human being which is, actually we are a part of that big human being. If you compare that as a tree, we are the branches, the small branch, the little bigger branch, and so forth. We are all branches to that tree, but not God's tree. It is Satan's tree. What kind of fruit is borne by Satan's tree? Satan's fruit. We must clearly understand this. This is why we all agree that mankind needs to be saved. What does it mean to be saved? To be saved means to go backwards from the root of having done something wrong, going backward, and being brought back to the position where he didn't fall. Before he fell.

Just as it was planted, it will be harvested. Satan gave rise to these offspring by satanic love; therefore, we reap it by satanic love, too. This is what we are seeing. We can see the characteristics of those fruits of Satan and that is what we see today: free sex, promiscuity. This means lack of order, chaos. Satan's actions destroyed God's order. Because Satan's goal was to satisfy himself and disregarded God's order, chaos was the result. Today we see rampant chaos which is the fruit. Order of love is God's utmost quality. That's where God's utmost value comes. Orderliness of parents, then the next generation, and the next, and so on.

Wrong order

But since Satan did not respect that order, after all these years we see the confusion and chaos everywhere. Satan's actions gave rise to these offspring. I have been getting the reports of so many terrible things as a result of this disorder. Like in one family the incest. Just incredible. That just cannot be thinkable in terms of God. If you know God.

And there are brothers who are violating their own sisters. And fathers who are violating their own daughters, even grandfathers violating their granddaughters. Unthinkable. And this is happening in many families. I have heard about these things from true report of members. This is something you cannot see in the Orient. Period. Here in this country, we see it. This is the result of the fall. Wherever their ancestors committed a sin and crime originally, the result is showing here in America. Without reason. This is something we see, we cannot deny it. Whatever the reason may be. So this result must be all gathered together and burned up in the furnace and let all mankind and even God forget about that. That's the only way we can do it.

Those who advocate free sex must be happy, right? Because they have many things they can do; they can do whatever they want. But that is not the case. The more they do and pursue free sex, the more they want to do; and the more miserable they become. If the parents in a family are like that, what about the children? Who do children learn from? When the husband deceives and cheats on the wife, and the wife does the same thing, where do they go? Even as an individual, where do they go? And the parents, too. Is there any righteousness or trust there? No righteousness, no trusting. Satan is the only one who is satisfied with such things. Perhaps he is happy because he has his kingdom, but he's the only one. It looks like netted fish, small and large, hundreds of thousands of fish are desperately moving about caught up in Satan's big nets. That's what mankind is today.

As if that weren't enough, they use drugs. When this happens, it really doubles the misery to an impossible degree. Nothing to be called part of God any more. God and godly people just simply want nothing to do with them and walk away. This is where we are today. Satan will say, "Don't you see? God, it will no longer be possible for you to restore them. Your restoration effort is now beyond hope. Forget about saving mankind. How could you save them?" Now God brought all of you in here, not from clean and pure roots but whatever God had in mind, you all came here. You were hippies, yippies, fruits of extreme individualism. You all joined here. I have been chipping away at the evil elements in you, allowing only the good to remain. Only Reverend Moon and the Unification Church has that power to cut out all the evil in you. And once Satan saw that and how effective we were, he became more and more afraid. He said, "Don't come near, Reverend Moon! This is my territory." Those who were inspired by Satan said, "What have you got to do with us here? You should go back to where you belong, go home!" Satan tried every possible way to destroy this one man, Reverend Moon. However, Satan was not successful.

Strong foundation

So Reverend Moon made all the foundation to proclaim. No matter how many people may oppose, opposition no longer will interfere because the foundation is strong enough now. Now opposition cannot touch us. We are in a secure zone. With that foundation done, Father has nothing to fear. Whether they understand or not, there is bound to be somebody who understands. So Father can proclaim to the world, "Follow the Messiah!" Imagine Jesus' life. Jesus wanted to be able to do that. At some point in his life, he should have been able to do that, but with so much opposition, including the well-armed Roman soldiers, the ignorant Jewish rabbis and leaders, Jesus could not do it. He knew that it would not work and he could not get to that point.

The Russians are thinking very effectively because they don't have any junk in them. Here in America they are too complicated. For the average American to believe in something, to do something, they have to take care of lots of problems within themselves. This is not the case in Russia. They were well-educated in the communistic way, just one way. There was just one button to push in Russia; in America, there are a thousand to push! How complicated. How much more simple in Russia. Who is more effective? And whom do you think will be the probable winner? The one who follows a complicated process, or the one who follows the simple process? Yes, you answered that clearly: "Simple process." That is the convenient way. America is too much inconvenient way. God doesn't like this.

Russians could understand clearly that Reverend Moon's teaching was full of value. Izvestia, along with Tass, have been very powerful media outlets, comparable to the New York Times in America. Izvestia translated Reverend Moon's teaching, the Divine Principle, not only in the newspaper but as a complete book and disseminated it all over Russia. Would the New York Times do that? Why not? Why can't the editorial chief himself decide, "This is valuable information. We print everything that's fit to print, and this is certainly fit to print."

They were so moved and they brought me a report. They said, "We twenty-odd elite members who are the heads of the organization, clearly understand the teaching. We already decided that is where our direction of leadership will come from. This is the direction we will go. Please be confident and count on us. We will lead the nation in the right direction." Here in America, how can the media and others so confidently dismiss Reverend Moon's teaching lightly? Especially now that Russia is taking it more seriously?


Was this country was properly obtained, or was it confiscated, taken at gunpoint? Even though this was God's will, still we must understand it correctly and repent. Such repentance is so important in this country. Or else, whatever was done will also be returned to them. There will be a lot of bloodshed in this country. So to prevent this, repentance is necessary.

They say that millions of Indians died because of the plague. But nobody believes that today. People may say, "Why talk about the past now? It's over." But the point is that whatever we sow is what we will reap. Therefore, this is inevitable. Even if Reverend Moon doesn't say anything about this, still it will happen. Therefore, it is far wiser to get the remedy and not to wait until the inevitable result comes about.

The American Indians are they more like white people or Oriental people? Yes, they are descendants of Oriental people, so they are like cousins to Reverend Moon. Therefore, looked at from the original settlers in this country, Reverend Moon has the greater right to be here because his cousins were the first Americans. How ironic it is because Reverend Moon knows very well what this country is going to be like in 20 or 30 years. The so-called minorities today, such as the Hispanic people, black people, Oriental people, will gain superiority in every area over the white people who will then be in the minority. We can already see what the consequences will be, how the white people will behave.

Reverend Moon is trying to prevent the head-on crash of the races in this country by bringing people from all different backgrounds together. White people may be alarmed by this, but they have the wrong understanding. Reverend Moon is helping bring the future peace between different races. After that, racial discrimination would not occur. Therefore, I am clearly helping every race, the white race as well as the black, Hispanic and Oriental.

In God's eyes, there is no white and black. Racial discrimination is only in the eyes of people. The purpose of the mass weddings of the Unification Church is to surmount these differences. If something isn't done now, racial differences will grow and become more and more of a problem in the world. But with the Unification Church marriages, there is no difference when a black marries a white. After that, racial differences stop right in that generation. Isn't that true?

Mass weddings cut straight through Satan's lineage because we don't recognize any of Satan's divisions, such as race and nationality. So many world problems are solved through this method. This time, several hundreds of Japanese and white people were married to Africans. Especially to the third-world country people. When that number goes over one million, the world will cruise automatically toward peace. One way blood lineage. To Satan's side, this is very fearful. To God's side, it is a great victory.

In your family should international marriage be encouraged or discouraged? Imagine someone with 12 children and each marries 12 different nationalities. Then you have 13 different nationalities represented within one family. If they all live in harmony within one household, how wonderful this would be! Therefore, Reverend Moon is becoming the king of peace! Of course, we would like to reassure step by step, but a long way to go to Father's conclusion here. So we know that the True Parents are absolutely necessary? (Yes)

Sow and reap

Just as you sow, you shall harvest. That is a law, even though it is not always obvious. Therefore, the world with its widespread promiscuity is the fruit of whatever mankind has sown in the past. Satan's most effective weapons are alcohol, drugs, free sex, dancing around like a snake. Those are Satan's armament. How can we follow that? If you have any sense, how can you follow any part of that tradition? Unificationists are the only ones who are perfectly able to guard themselves against these things because you are the only ones who understand the truth.

Your mind knows which way to go. If you get hooked up to those satanic habits, then immediately you get down to the dungeon of hell. Do you like hell? You must deeply understand that the fall was sexual misbehavior. Number one, you must understand that the fall indeed took place and, number two, you must understand that the fall was sexual misbehavior. Number three, Satan is covering the entire world with his armament. These are three points you must deeply understand. How can we take over this world? This is the mission of the believers, the man of faith. It is our mission.

Today, most Christians do not pay so much attention to the fall. That's because they don't understand it. They say, "Oh, it's great to get married. That's what the Bible says, that's what Jesus said. So we will do that and we will automatically go to Heaven." Not so, as we know. In the Bible, what were the consequences of the fall of Adam and Eve? Whatever they did, even if it was just the act of eating a fruit, were Adam and Eve given just a reprimand and let go? No, they were chased out of God's own house. It was that serious! That was God's original reaction.

So the fruit of the fall meant that they could not remain in God's kingdom. Not just once but many times if necessary. Adam and Eve made just one mistake at one time and brought down such serious consequences. Now, at the last days, people are doing the same thing many times and it is just inconceivable.

Christians commit the fallen act and then afterwards they come and pray, "God, please accept me. I want to go to Heaven." Can God accept them into Heaven? If so, then He is a crazy God and totally without principles if He allows such people to come to Heaven. Even a human being could not allow such a thing. How much more offended will God be? So if these things we have established today are correct, then would Christian ministers be included within this rule?

No matter how famous or rich they may be such as Billy Graham and Jerry Falwell can they be exempt from this? No. They may claim, "Don't listen to Reverend Moon because he's a heretic and I'm an orthodox, traditional Christian." Does God care about tradition or orthodoxy? You watch God's face when He hears people complaining against Reverend Moon for being a heretic. Within the orthodox churches, there is all kinds of promiscuity and even fallen mankind frowns upon it. The Christians themselves are now moving toward accepting gay and lesbian ministers. They say that smoking and drinking are okay.

Can't they see that they are already in hell, sinking deeper and deeper every year? Even through the churches? What can God do? Can He perform some miracle? The only thing He will do is to leave and find hope somewhere else. Do we want that to happen? Americans like to say, "Mind your own business." They don't want other people to tell them what to do. But this is minding our business. This is truth and it is our duty to say that. We can't say, "Oh, you are doing just fine. Keep on doing what you are doing." We can't say that, can we?

If somebody is sick, he may have to take a terrible, bitter tasting medicine. The patient may not want to even open his mouth, so somebody may have to hold open his mouth in order for somebody else to put in the medicine. Isn't that true? You don't want to open your mouth because it's bitter. That's what Father is doing now. I am making you open your mouth, by making you admit the painful truth. Then I can put in the medicine. That's the only way to get the medicine into your body.

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