The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1992

Strategies to Save the Nation

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
October 22, 1992
Kodiak, Alaska USA

These gleanings are from October 20-29, 1992, in the Kodiak workshop for missionaries and European leaders. Most of the translation was done by Rev. Zin Moon Kim or Mr. Peter Kim.

Restoration must go the opposite way of the fall. All satanic ties must be cut, and you must be grafted to True Parents. Cut out the concepts of world, nation, tribe, family, and self and go to the zero point. Deny yourself, be reborn, grow, and receive the blessing. Then you are free to have children. Behind all our ancestors is Satan, Satan's love, life, and lineage. Satan uses the weapons of food, clothing, and love. You must completely cut off from Satan's love, life, and lineage and clean them up through setting conditions. When you change the blood lineage, the Kingdom of Heaven is not far off.

Americans have the concept that Unificationists are their enemy. However, we gather former enemy nations together to show a new concept of worldwide harmony. For two months before the recent mass blessing, the media was against us. Satan knew what was coming and tried to prevent it, but he couldn't. We must utilize the media. Now Mother is in Boston. She can tell people, "Reverend Sun Myung Moon is good." When people meet her they can't think Rev. Moon is so bad. Everything has been set by True Parents. You just have to do it. People have to follow True Parents' pattern, or America will decline.

Christianity is the bride religion, surrounded by the archangel religions of Buddhism and Confucianism. The question is how to unify these different realms. All leaders should unite, in order to accomplish it.

Missionaries and European leaders are here. We have a worldwide foundation. We are qualified to be the third Israel, so we must save the first and second Israels. I wanted to unite Christians and Jews, but they don't like each other. We must absorb established Christianity, just as Christianity should have absorbed Judaism. I had to spend so much time here to take care of Christianity, but now my responsibility is finished.

I am welcomed in Africa, but not in Europe and America. I may not stay in America all the time. I may visit your countries.

I would like to send American members to Africa for three years minimum to experience the difficult life there. I trained Zin Moon Kim for three years in Africa. You must be prepared to face difficulties in life.

After World War II, the same kind of circumstances existed as at the time of Jesus. I had to indemnify and regain all that was lost. I had to accomplish the lost four thousand years in one generation. After my victory, the second generation can be taught.

Strategies for building a foundation

Make a language school or translation business, using your language skills. (Teach in the language department of a university in your country, establish schools.) I expect our blessed couples to be leaders in African society. Armed with the Divine Principle, think how much good the president of a country can do.

Contact people who have studied outside the country. They can understand more quickly. Usually they have contacted Christian culture. Send them to an institute to study to become leaders. For this purpose I made the Bridgeport University program.

In Africa, set up a fish farm to solve the starvation problem. Who is thinking about how to solve the problem of starvation? Not the United States president. Only me. If you die trying to solve the starvation problem, you will have dignity in the spirit world. Starvation is more dangerous than war. Starvation is the big problem I want to solve. Send people to Kodiak for forty days, training in fish farming.

Translate the Textbook of World Salvation and either sell it or give it to other Christians. They don't know what real Christianity is.

Make a Women's Federation for World Peace in your country. There are many women's groups, but no ideology. You have the ideology. Think of the future of your country. Think of its situation in ten years. Make your missionary foundation stronger through the Women's Federation for World Peace. Blessed sisters should be the officers. Go back and just start.

You are the parents of the country. If you live better than the people of the country there will be separation between you. If people from developed countries go to less developed countries, those countries can develop. Eat, sleep, fight, and work together with the local people, centered on True Parents. Then you can develop quickly.

In two or three years we will have a lottery to change leadership. If a black member is the leader now, then a white member should follow in that position.

I will set up groups of countries to work together. You will increase your strength if you work together. We will have a lottery to make the four position foundations of countries. Then four presidents can invite me to visit, and I can witness to them in three days. All the people on one continent should be like one family.

Vision for families

This is the age of tribal messiahship. Blessed couples are most important now. Love one another. Are you fighting with your spouse? That is not good. We will make many tribes throughout the world connected to True Parents. You have to restore your family foundation.

I would like to bless a million people. Go back and prepare many candidates. There have been many international blessings involving Africans. Less educated Africans have been blessed with highly educated Japanese sisters. These sisters will be like queens in Africa. The blessing will transform the tribal system in Africa and balance it. If a Japanese wife sends her blessed child to Japan to be educated and the child returns, the child will serve the country and never leave it.

Chieko Sasamoto's husband was the first martyr in Africa. The whole world will pray on his funeral day in the future. She can send her children to Sung Hwa University or the University of Bridgeport. I told her not to cry, but to work hard, and she said, "I am not crying."

At the time of the matching I worried that no one would want to be blessed with the Western sisters. Brothers want Oriental sisters with soft hands. Western women's hands become like chicken feet! If a husband hits a Western wife she will report him to the police, but if a husband hits an Oriental wife she will just cry. Eventually she will occupy the husband. Oriental women look weak, but they aren't.

The center of the family is the woman. The mother stays home with the family. Woman power is now climbing up. I made a foundation on the worldwide level in seventy years. Mother will have the same foundation in seven months.

Our eventual goal is to form a family association, meaning blessed families. Organize at least three hundred people (especially in the underdeveloped African countries), and aim for an eventual goal of three hundred thousand members.

Ideas for witnessing

Witness and serve people, then the movement can develop quickly.

I made many organizations for you. There were ten conferences in Korea last August, and the most important participants are resources for the next blessing. Some of them were skeptical when I announced that I am the Messiah, but when they saw thirty thousand couples blessed the next day, they believed.

Knock over a lady's groceries, then very politely help her pick them up, in order to witness to her. She will think you are better than her husband.

People even learn about us through our legal battles. We have had more than five hundred court cases against us in America. Some are still going on. You can learn much through difficulties. I have used the highest level lawyers and learned a lot. People learn about us that way and join too. Because I went to jail I am getting victory over the whole Western world. Persecution is nothing. Not to do one's responsibility is more fearful.

I want to combine the Summit Council, the Professors' World Peace Academy, and the World Media Conference to control the education system and educate lower-level people through the media. That way we can mobilize the whole country. If a prominent politician and a prominent professor unite for the same purpose, it will be big news, and the media will report it.

Soon I want to form an IOWC (International One World Crusade), sending two hundred professors and important people by jet to a country for two or three weeks. They can hold seminars on many topics, bringing attention to the problems of the country. Before they leave, they can assemble the leaders of the country for special education and bring the country to God's side. The families in the Women's Federation can take care of the IOWC members, and maybe their children will marry children of the professors.

The war of information, news, and diplomacy

Before I am eighty years old I must give all countries the right direction. We are in a war of information, war of news media, and war of diplomatic relationships.

America became great because it served God, but God didn't bless America just to be kicked out of it. The Empire State Building and the World Trade Towers are Satan's palaces. Americans are turning away from established Christianity, because it is teaching the wrong things. We need to teach the right things. The Washington Times should have Sunday service each week and teach people real Christianity. It should encourage the White House, the CIA, and all the government agencies to hold Sunday services. We need to bring God back to this country.

I have no office, no desk, no secretary. I keep everything inside my head. Who can lead this world? I am the first person to get information rapidly. I am also the first in organizing the news media. There are many news outlets but they cause confusion in society. There are one thousand seven hundred and seventy-two liberal dailies in the United States. I have to show them the mainstream of the news media, through The Washington Times. There are two purposes to The Washington Times: to eradicate communism and to promote a new family spirit, a new Christian spirit. It needs to solve the problem of values with an absolute standard of value.

The fact that I have gathered foreign missionaries here representing more than a hundred countries and am teaching the secrets of God's providence means that a victory has already been won. Missionaries cannot go back home until they complete their mission. They are like Jesus waiting for two thousand years in Paradise. Until they complete their mission, there is no hope of returning home.

You may want to escape because your burden is bigger now. If you do what I ask, it will be lighter. I did many things in forty years. If you have confidence, within five years everything will be different. The most difficult period is over.

(Edited for Today's World)

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