The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1992

The Principle of First Love

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
October 23, 1992
Kodiak, Alaska

There are so many problems in the world. The condensed solutions are all in one small Divine Principle book. People must read all of it in order to understand. I have practiced and accomplished its contents in my lifetime. I am not just an ideologue. If we know all the contents, we are happy people, because we know who God is.

Women can lead the way to peace

A typhoon has a far greater effect than a normal wind. Mother's talk was like a typhoon. The Seoul Olympic Stadium has a capacity of a hundred and fifty thousand. I said we would fill it for Mother's talk. The members didn't believe it, but it was filled, because the time has come. You never thought the time would come, but it has. I didn't give money for her talks this time. The members took care of it.

Mother's group is now bigger than any political party in Korea. She will speak in Russia and in China. Then Kim Il Sung will have to let us have a meeting in North Korea. He will have no place to turn.

I will bring North Korean women to see other places. South Korean women can help them, as elder sisters. Unification must be accomplished by brotherly/sisterly relationships, not by governments.

Women don't fight with one another at meetings as men do. Have you ever seen a coup d'etat carried out by women? Go back and quickly organize the Women's Federation for World Peace.

My mission is to change the dominion. Woman was the initiator of the fall, so she must be involved with restoration. Only the Unification Church can change women's thinking. If women are educated, no seducers can affect them. The sexual organs are a holy place, but they are fearful if misused. They can destroy family and society. Don't forget that one day, one boy and one girl made a problem that has affected all of human history. We are not the ones who had the problem that day, so why is there so much suffering? Why has Israel suffered? Why were six million Jews killed by the Germans? Love can move history.

Forget your experiences of fallen love

Teach members that their first love is very important. How wonderful are our children born from first, pure love. Don't make a mistake, or the whole country will accuse you. One German missionary to Central Africa made a mistake, and that whole country accused Germany. I know that those of you here have made the right tradition.

Forget any sexual experiences that you may have had before the blessing. To do that you must be serious about first love after the blessing. You need to have the heart of being unable to eat or sleep because you miss your spouse so much. I want to train you by separating spouses for five to seven years, so the providence can be accomplished more quickly. If you do not have a clear determination about this when you go to the spirit world, your way will not be clear.

People do not forget their first love, even though it is illicit love from the satanic world. That is how strong first love is. From first love, we can walk on a paved road. Our connection to True Parents should be higher than our first love. Our first love after the blessing should be deeper and stronger than any previous love before the blessing.

All kinds of women were drawn to me

Before I was blessed with Mother, all the women around me, from age eighteen to eighty, wanted to be my spouse. God is fair, so all of them had an equal chance as candidates. The women members would not leave the church. I would kick them out but they would climb the fence to come back. Husbands would confine them to the house, take away their clothes and underwear, and tie them up. Still somehow they would untie themselves and get back to the church. Many rumors began. Husbands wanted to kill me.

Adam and Eve broke the four realms of heart, and I had to restore them. I treated all women as my younger sisters. They had dreams of getting married to me; they had dreams of my giving them a ring. From such experiences, a higher dimension of heart came about, a dimension that transcended the satanic realm. Mother and I treated these women with compassionate understanding; otherwise, much confusion would have resulted. There were twelve families in which the grandmother, mother, and daughter received revelations that they were prepared. This was important, because the preparation was not fulfilled at the time of Jesus. Nevertheless, I didn't listen to any of these people; I kept my position in the vertical center.

All problems from teenage years on up had to be dealt with and indemnified. Korean women represented all the women of the world. That kind of infighting among women had to be resolved, or else some would have poisoned the others with jealousy. Mother and I couldn't even stay together. There were grandmothers who thought that Mother had stolen the spouse their granddaughter was meant to have. Eventually they understood. True Parents' love was of a higher dimension than that of the satanic world, so Satan could not invade.

I had to indemnify all of human history just to be able to choose True Mother. If I had been accepted by Christianity after World War II, all the women of the world who felt they should be candidates could have assembled, and a British or American woman could have been chosen. I indemnified so much just to choose Mother; it was not done at random. You can indemnify everything just by following me. It is like you are receiving a free ride.

First love opens the realm of heart

First love should transcend life and death. Female animals experience changes in their breasts and sexual organs at mating time. If there had been no fall, such changes would be even stronger in women.

Unless you have a higher level of love for True Parents than that of your first love, you cannot enter True Parents' realm of heart. First love in this world is at a lower level, so you must grow in your love of True Parents. If you love True Parents more than you love your sex partner, from that point True Parents' realm of heart begins. Then you receive the kingship of the elder son. People who can gain such elder sonship become true Israelites and true Christians and bequeath their position to the next generation. Jews and Christians should have had this kind of tradition and become this kind of person, but they didn't know about it.

First love determines inheritance

The position of elder sonship from first love can be bequeathed from generation to generation. This is the main tradition, centering on the first son of the first love. Kingship in the royal family comes from the first son of first love. People who create problems between men and women should be dropped from the royal family. Only those connected with the royal family can go to the Kingdom of Heaven. Heavenly citizenship is not random. Only the royal family and those connected with it can go to the kingdom. Paul made a mistake by saying that just by believing in the cross people could go to heaven. If you live as you wish, even in the church, you cannot go to the heavenly kingdom. You have the mission to teach all people this tradition. Then you will really be the king of kings.

Within three days you should know whatever I am saying. You need a satellite system to get information. Your countries will receive benefit from my words.

If men cry because they miss me, that is their original mind coming out. Satan cannot touch such a person. Some people know about my coming and going just through their heart. Compared with that standard of love, you are fakes.

Invest everything to gain true love

Remember your first love. This is Principle, not a story I made up. To find such a true love, you need to invest all your life and property. This excitement of first love extends to the first child as well.

Grandparents love their grandchildren more than their children. They become friends with their grandchildren and become childlike themselves. Around the world there are concerns about senior citizens. How can you solve these problems? Use senior citizens to teach children; they have more heart. One statistic indicates that the cause of juvenile delinquency is the lack of grandparents' love.

First love connects us to each other

For this we need a special ideology. Everyone is God's child. How can three generations call God Father? The answer is based on first love. God is the first love for all of them. Because of first love, then, everybody is like brothers. Those who don't know the principle of first love think this is strange. China has so many people, but there are not so many social problems because of ancestor respect.

Without Christianity there would be fighting every day in the United States because of racial problems. If America starts to divide, there will be huge problems. If Hispanics take the west and blacks the south, the whites will have the smallest part, New England.

Don't worry about being given higher levels of responsibility. Take things one step higher every day.

You need training to serve True Parents and others. Set aside food for True Parents every day. [Two plates are prepared at each meal for True Parents, and prayerfully offered. Then they can be given to a guest or family member.] Set aside money for the country. You are pioneering the frontiers of the spirit world. Get training on the ocean so you can save your life and the lives of others. Deposit the money you gain from fishing, and in ten or twenty years others will be impressed by the large amount.

First love connects us to heaven

The theme of my talk today was first love. Had there been no fall, you would all have experienced this first love. The whole cosmos would be concerned with your life. Heaven wants to connect to you based on the foundation of first true love, but it finds little place on earth to practice it. Thus heaven is sad. Once you touch that realm, however, much help will come to you, and the environment will support you.

Without the fall, people would not need to seek the blessing. Love would come automatically. First love comes from True Parents. If you want to experience this you must love True Parents more than your spouse.

(Edited for Today's World)

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