The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1992

Where Is This World Going?

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Kodiak, Alaska
October 27, 1992
Translator: Zin Moon Kim

After holding three workshops last fall in Kodiak, Alaska, for leaders in America, Father invited foreign missionaries to a special workshop from October 20-29, 1992. Ninety-one participants came, representing seventy-two countries. Foreign missionaries were invited to world conferences following True Parents' sixtieth birthday in 1980 and seventieth birthday in 1990. However, this was the first time in the seventeen years since Father sent out Japanese, German and American missionaries to one hundred twenty nations in 1975 that he called a workshop specifically for them. Various church elders were present during this workshop. One of them, Rev. Joong Soo Kim, a key workshop lecturer in Korea, talked about his excitement at meeting the missionaries. "Many times I have heard about the difficult missions of the missionaries. Underground missionaries have been martyred. The first martyr's wife (Chieko Sasamoto) is here. Previously I had met you only in prayer; now I meet you in person."

During the workshop Father talked about many subjects and gave the missionaries opportunity to learn about the development of fishing enterprises to solve world hunger, the providence in the former Soviet Union, the educational network centering on the University of Bridgeport, the Women's Federation for World Peace, and testimonies about the types of spiritual guidance leaders should be experiencing. He gave suggestions for using the nutritional, educational and media resources Father has developed to help restore their nations.

On October 22 Father announced a plan to form four-position foundations of countries as a stepping stone towards world unification. The following day he told the missionaries he would send them to teach the Principle in Russia; he urged them to develop a yearning for Russia and to study the Russian language. Thirty-six nations were connected to the former Soviet Union, with a total population of two billion, Father observed; now they can be connected to Russia in a good way.

Here we print Father's talk on October 27, in which he explains his strategy of restoring the world through uniting ever larger groupings of nations, beginning with the four-position foundation. He envisions these four nations as the springboard for the missionaries' work in Russia. This piece is part of a series of Father's messages to the overseas missionaries from the Kodiak workshop last fall. Other nuggets to follow.

We are all missionaries of the world. Where is this world going? That is man's question for God. The main point of God's providence is the future direction of the world. From God's viewpoint it is simple. There are about two hundred countries on six continents, but for God there is only one. The future is groups of countries

The problem is how to fill the gaps between the countries. We cannot close the gaps all at once. It must be done step by step, centering on principled numbers. First four countries will be gathered into one unit, making a four-position foundation; then groups of twelve, seventy-two and one hundred twenty will be developed.

The time for focusing on "my one country" is past. As I declared yesterday [Children's Day], children must unite into one, centering on parents. The first step is organizing nations into four-position foundations. Because of language barriers, I want nearby countries united, as much as possible. Foreign missionaries should understand the native language and be able to translate materials into the language of their mission countries. America, an archangel country on the front line of the providence, is a Christian country; therefore, we speak English. Christianity is the religion of the bride, centering on Mother. Christians should have united with True Parents after World War II but they did not. Therefore, I had to indemnify everything in forty years, and because of this course I have been studying English.

Language is necessary to communicate. You can use your Abel language, but you must use the Cain language of your mission country as well. By speaking the native language, eventually four countries can be brought into one, centering on the missionaries and centering on my heart.

The difficulties of European unity

This is not the age of individual countries. Historically, Catholics and Protestants in Europe have fought constantly. With this kind of thinking, they cannot become one. Germany and France want to create a unified Europe through economic power, but Europe cannot be united through economics. Unity can come only through a common cultural standard and a common set of values. Pursuing this line of thinking to its logical conclusion leads us back to the family of Adam and Eve. If we understand that family historically, we can see its pattern expanded to the society, nation, world, and cosmos. Many levels can be explained centering on the families of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Jesus, and eventually True Parents. This historical development of restoration through a family of true love is incredible.

We can think of many ways of working to unite Europe into one, but eventually it boils down to the uniting of one man and one woman. For example, Great Britain and Germany have been enemies, but in each there are men and women who are basically the same. Only by true love can they unite. Human unity depends on true love between men and women. Men and women from different nationalities can unite through true love.

What kind of culture upholds this wonderful thought? A common culture means a common lifestyle. The lifestyles of British and French people are not that different; they eat bread, shake hands in greeting, etc. But language and national boundaries are our real enemies in making people one. Germany insists on being first. Great Britain insists on being first. Hispanic countries insist on being first. Nations and regions insist on their culture first. What would be the common language between former enemy countries such as England, France, and Germany? There is none. However, the one thing all countries have in common is men and women. The way they should go centers on true love; true love is the common language.

The unifying role of religion

Mother says in her speeches that the righteous way to go is through religion, centering on the original mind. Conscience or philosophy alone cannot resolve fundamental problems. Christian culture is the mother culture, centering on the Holy Spirit, the feminine nature of caring for all people. The mother's direction is to find the father, the man who comes as the Lord of the Second Advent. Neither political power nor economic ties can unite Europe. Only Christian culture can. If Christianity is taken out, Europe has no hope for creating unity. Communism has already died as a hope for the future. How can the split between Catholics and Protestants be solved? Only through Divine Principle.

There must always be Cain and Abel for restoration to take place, and Christians are divided into Cain and Abel. To restore east and west, north and south, front and back, there must be a vertical standard. There are both vertical and horizontal examples of Cain/Abel problems. For instance, the vertical dimension is the relationship between parents and children, and the horizontal dimension is the relationship between husband and wife. The world-level thinking is front and back. Christian culture needs to be vertical; it needs to be a kingdom, not a democracy.

Democracy is a brother/sister culture, with dimensions such as east and west, north and south, front and back. To make unity between the extremes on these axes, there needs to be a vertical center. This vertical center can be established centering on Christianity, and it will bring Europe into one. Germany looks united, but its unification cannot be completed by politics alone. There are many problems. Through Common Market arrangements, people can move about freely, but they cannot live freely in East Germany. We can see confusion between the two Germanys. Only we can solve the problem, through such analyses of the world's social problems.

The European Community cannot unite Europe. Only True Parents can do it, through Divine Principle. You Europeans should lecture today's content to government leaders. The world has a United Nations concept, but who can make it work? The concept of the European Community by its nature excludes Japan and the United States. Now the United States, Canada and Mexico are moving towards some unity. Asia will try to do the same thing. This world can be divided into four economic groups: Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas. This is already happening. If Protestant and Catholic Europe can unite, then Catholic South America and Protestant North America can unite. The world would like to go this way. The parental role of Korea and Japan

Asia cannot push out countries unified by a Christian culture. In that case, Asia would have to follow them. But how can Asia follow a Christian culture? Which should absorb the other? It is an impossible dilemma. Thus, the Unification Church had to appear. Asian culture is centered on spirituality and the vertical dimension. Therefore, the Unification Church appeared there. True Parents' thought is now connecting Asia with the Western world. Europe is in the Cain position and America in the Abel position. Both will come together through Asia, in the bosom of Korea as the father and Japan as the mother. Korea and Japan need to embrace Cain and Abel. A supranational atmosphere is emerging. Any religious or providential position must follow this Cain/Abel pattern. Then the parental culture will emerge, where there is no fighting. In the Unification Church we must concentrate on restoring Christianity. To do that, we need only teach the messianic ideology of the Lord of the Second Advent. Then everything will be all right. Eventually nations will realize that centering only on their self-interest causes problems. Eventually they will critique themselves and realize that only the Unification Church is no problem.

Among Asians, the Japanese are thought of as small and narrow people, while the Chinese are considered vague and ambiguous; Koreans, however, seem to have some special quality. This is not just my opinion about my own country. Asian people are concentrating on Korea. Koreans, for instance, are serious about keeping their blood lineage intact and not accepting other lineages. Recently Westerners have become interested in marrying Asians. The Cain gate to international unity has been opened by Westerners coming on their own to marry Koreans. The Abel gate to unity has been opened by True Parents through international marriage. Who can be the national leader of the country? An international blessed couple is a good choice, because through them two countries can come into oneness. Enemies can meet and become relatives through international Blessings. At least their children can be blessed together. Restoration through four and its multiples

I want to make one world country by organizing nations into groups of four, and then groups of twelve, seventy-two, and one hundred twenty. These latter numbers are all multiples of the numbers four and six, which are principled numbers lost due to the fall. Numbers lost through the fall should be restored. This is why I established one hundred twenty mission countries, for instance.

The one hundred twenty mission countries should be expanded to one hundred sixty, representing four times four. Sixteen nations fought in the Korean War; one hundred sixty countries came to the Olympics in Korea; Korea was the one hundred sixteenth country to join the United Nations. From the number sixteen we can enter a new age. Now you can understand why countries should be united four by four, not two by two or three by three. I have absorbed the courses of all the saints in history. Yesterday I declared a day of unity of heaven and earth. Today I want to explain these things. In the 120-couple Blessing, four extra couples were blessed who were criminals before joining our church. Through this providence, even satanic communist countries can be included in restoration. Because of illicit love, division came. Now true love can restore and rearrange things centering on God's love. Four countries can become one, like one family. Noah and his three sons comprised one family. One of them must be the center. Horizontal elements must make a balance and forge a righteous connection, centering on parents; left and right have give and take focused on the center. The whole cosmos is organized this way.

If we develop one hundred sixty mission countries, Satan will have no place to rest. Every country which has a national sovereignty will count as a nation to be restored. Oneness is God's ideal of creation. Without it, the world would be impossible.

If your neighboring country has no missionary, you must send someone from among your membership. Send a smart guy. If you send someone as Abel, you become Cain. There is nothing wrong with being Cain; when the restored Cain, the older brother, cooperates with the younger brother, everything is okay. Leaders will be chosen by lottery

If you want to go higher, you should accept a lower position, for those who accept a humble position will be raised. The central figure represents True Parents, so he must not act according to his fallen nature. He should live God's life, which was practiced first by True Parents. You know what our tradition is, because I and Mother have shown it to you. Do you understand why I am making this organizing plan? I first sent three missionaries to mission countries, but there were many problems. There should have been an elder blessed couple to unite with, but there wasn't. This organization will indemnify the failure of the original three foreign missionaries to unite. If you unite, then whoever is the earlier blessed member will be the leader. No one has fulfilled their responsibility so far, so in my mind all of you are the same.

Among the four countries, decide the central figure by lottery. The first person is the leader, the second vice leader, the third Abel, and the fourth Cain. The other three will absolutely follow the leader, centering on True Parents. When the sun rises in the east, all other directions receive its light. No one can move by himself; all should move in harmony. Teach constantly, be grateful, and don't waver God created by the word, so re-creation will happen through the word. You should be able to speak the word fluently. The more you speak, the more members you will get.

God created with happiness, but in order to restore His creation God has suffered. In the restoration course you must be happier than God was at the creation. Then you can go through any kind of indemnity. We have big hope, because suffering is disappearing. If sorrow is greater than happiness, we cannot bring re-creation. We need to lead a life of thanks. No complaint should come from your mouth. You are suffering because I want to establish you as leaders. Your position is like God's position, like True Parents' position. True Parents have suffered much more than you, but they have no complaint.

You need a life of thanks. Even if you are starving to death, you should offer yourself as a sacrifice. Even in death's situation, if you cry, they should be happy tears. Adam and Eve were driven out of Eden in sorrowful tears. You must not cry those kind of tears. You must have a strong heart in order to overcome everything. Pray strong prayers to have strong conviction. God cannot support you if your mind is always shifting. Because you were thinking of other things, you have a small witnessing result. Before thinking about what to eat, think of God and His righteousness. Then God can help you.

Our movement in Japan has financial difficulties, but I cannot let that slow me down. We are building another new fish processing company in Alaska. It is difficult, but I continue.

Love four countries

[Father organized twelve groups of countries, based on twelve advanced countries.]

Choose leaders by lottery. Positions need to revolve. If there is no change, people in both higher and lower positions die. If a person is always on top, he stops growing, and if people stop growing they descend into hell. Without the Divine Principle, everything is nullified. By working to unite four countries, you demonstrate your love for four countries. Before I made this condition, you would have had to live in each country in order to demonstrate this love. Now people from four countries can join together. Work hard and quickly before you leave for Russia. You need some kind of a big change, a new start. Citizens of the country should be running the Unification Church. When you go back to your native country, you can become governor or president.

Originally, you should work in four countries before returning home, but by working to join four countries you fulfill that condition. In the future Korean and Japanese couples will go to each country. Prepare to go to the CIS

Did you imagine that some personnel changes would come? If you did, you are developing. You cannot think, "This is my country for one thousand years." Go back to your country, choose a local leader to replace you in the country you receive by lottery, and then go to the CIS. Originally, you should choose one of your spiritual children to replace you. When you go to the CIS, your four mission countries will support you.

Dr. Seuk will welcome you to the CIS. When you go to the CIS, your home tribal area should support you. So far you have always been waiting for me to help you, but this way things can keep going even without me. We need some changes; we cannot keep going on as we have.

America is not good for spiritual work. The CIS is easy to make into one, because they are trained for that. It is easier to restore the CIS than to restore America.

The drawbacks of America

Americans don't like being the archangel country. For America to survive, it needs to choose a leader from one of the immigrant groups. No one likes the United States. It has beautiful sights to see and good food, but it is self-centered. People don't care about their neighbors. Four thousand years of Christian culture was destroyed in forty years, because the United States did not unite with me.

An American educator rated the educational environment of four countries as follows: Korea A minus, Japan B plus, Germany B minus, and the United States C. America is a bad place to raise children; there is too much free sex, too much of a satanic environment.

Asians don't want American spouses because of free sex within the family. Because of homosexuality and sexual confusion in the West, Asians don't want Western partners. They think of Westerners as sexually dirty people. It's like looking at used cars. There are too many used cars, so they are cheap. However, I can hammer out your dents and make repairs. You should be thankful to me. Don't complain. If you knew God's heart, you would know that God would not trade me for the entire world. The West would become living hell without me. Western parents didn't like the idea of an Asian son-in-law or daughter-in-law at first, but later found them good. Worry about the world more than your children All your ancestors envy you, and they want you to know this is real, not just some strange concept. I know that your minds are preoccupied with your children's welfare and education, but you should always think first about what you can do for the world and for God. God is always worried about how to save this world, not just His family.

I always thought about saving the world and never raised my own children directly. When Sung Jin Nim was born, I only prepared some rice for my wife and then left for North Korea, because God called me. I never even wrote letters. If you think too much about your family, you cannot save the world. To save the world we must sacrifice even our nation. I am a living testimony that those who live for others can survive. When they were very young, my children thought I loved the 36 Couples more than them. When you truly love your Cain children, they will take care of your children on your behalf, eventually loving your children more than their own. Do you think of the people in your mission country as your family? Always love Cain more than Abel. When Abel and God join and restore Cain, Abel's elder sonship is restored.

Love is the only type of energy in which the output can be greater than the input. Everything works for and lives for love. When God created man He had the image of woman within Him. Woman is originally the wife of God. God, man and woman revolve like planets around the sun without crashing into each other. God's love and character have grown over thousands of years, just as an embryo grows in the mother's womb. All the ideas and plans are in the seed. [Father talked in Japanese about Japan's role in uniting the two Korean organizations operating in Japan, through the Women's Federation for World Peace. He called for Asians to rise above the kind of patriotism that promotes their own nation and work instead for the benefit of all of Asia. He observed that Japanese politics has been a mess ever since Nakasone reneged on his promise to support Father ten years ago.

Father continued organizing countries. Leaders in the four-country groups are to be chosen by lottery. For example, among the four- position foundation of Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria, and India, Egypt became the leader country, Kenya the vice leader, and Nigeria and India Abel and Cain respectively.] Practical details

From God's Day 1993, we will start the new organization of one hundred sixty countries divided into groups of four, with a focus on the Women's Federation for World Peace. It would be best to bring a good person from your hometown to your mission country.

One Korean and one Japanese will go to every country, so there will be Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel positions in each one. Young people of the second generation will be national leaders.

All must go back to Mother's womb and become part of True Parents' bone marrow; we should have some ceremony for that. Leah hated Rachel; we should restore that.

Missionaries should make some conditions so that women in the motherly positions are connected to Mother. By the end of this year you must make women's organizations; otherwise we cannot make the family organization. Through women, we can make the whole family unite with True Parents. Hold a twenty-day workshop for women and a twenty-day workshop for men, making forty days all together. Prepare candidates for the Blessing of 360,000 Couples. When this is done, the world will go quickly to the heavenly side. [Two days later, Father spoke further to the missionaries about working in Russia:]

Next year, go to Russia for six months and establish three churches there. Russian people are asking, "Please teach us God's word." Ignite spiritual fires there. Bring in the heavenly harvest. Liberate everything. After you complete your mission in Russia, wouldn't you be willing to continue in North Korea? That can be your best hope and dream. If you move to North Korea and help to reunite Korea, you will have set the condition to help me. Suppose you bring three spiritual children from Russia when you go to North Korea. Think of the impact of hundreds of Russians going to North Korea to devote their lives. You never know if I am preparing for that.

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