The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1992

The Three Family Kingships

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
October 23, 1992
Kodiak, Alaska USA

God is the vertical parent, and husband and wife together become the horizontal parents. By receiving love from God as the vertical parents and from their father and mother as the horizontal parents, all the people become linked as part of the universe. At the end of January, 1992, I gave instructions to regional leaders about the kind of heavenly education that needs to be given to children, brothers and sisters, husband and wife, and parents.

There are three great family kingships which all people desire to attain: grandparents (representing God) are the kings of the past; parents (representing worldwide families) are kings of the present; and children represent the future and are kings of the future. When you attend your grandparents, you are attending God and the spirit world. When you attend your parents, you are loving all the families of the world. When you love and attend your children, you are loving all the future. Thus in the ideal family we find the kingship of the heavenly world, the kingship of this world, and the kingship of the future world.

The ideal family is the core of the universe

Nobody had been able to describe the ideal family. When you have true parents, you can clearly understand what the ideal family is. The ideal family is the core of the universe. It is the heartistic realm. Within the family you find God's heart, your ancestors' heart, your heart, and your children's heart. Without a heavenly heart, you are not really parents. Everything is concentrated in the parental heart. Before you were parents you were children; so encompassed within the parental heart is the children's heart and the heart of brother and sister. All these dimensions were originally in God's heart. When you develop this heart you re-create heaven, and you will have good children. God's heart comes down internally and manifests itself externally through human parents. These points should be included in a textbook for raising children, brothers, and sisters, and husband and wife so they can form an ideal family.

All families were intended to be linked in this way, but this linkage was broken because of fallen nature. Fallen nature disrupts all relationships. To create ideal families you need proper education.

When husband and wife love each other, they should think of each other as twins, as having come from the same womb as brother and sister. Even in the womb, we grow sustained by all things and by our parents. Thus we have three kinds of parents: all things, parents, and God.

Unless you pass through these three generations of parents, you cannot enter the eternal ideal world. Therefore, you need children. There is no making of children in the spirit world. In the spirit world we exist as brothers and sisters under God's love. It is the world of love. Transportation, communication, and breathing are all by love in the spirit world.

Three environments for growth

The fetus grows in the watery environment of the womb and prepares to live in air after being born. From there it is born into another parental environment, the air. As we grow, our parents are the family king and queen; through them we learn to love our country.

In the transition from the water realm to the air realm, the umbilical cord is cut. This life is preparation for the spirit world, when we cut the umbilical cord to the world of air in order to enter the deeper realm of love. Death is entering the greater love realm, returning to God, our original Parent who gave us life. In the family, we need to be educated and practice the ideal family life.

The four realms of heart never die. They are always there. As we grow we become friends with our parents; in a similar way, we grow to become a friend of God. The process of growing can be seen in each person in the spirit world. When you look at a man, you can see a woman inside; when you look at a grownup, you can see the child inside. When you look at your spouse, you can see their entire growing process. Since love has this kind of structure, we cannot get a divorce. We go back to God because we came from God; therefore, we cannot divorce. All stages of a person, formation, growth, and perfection, are evident in the spirit world. The various stages are interconnected; the fruit and seed are of the same quality.

When such perfected people meet in the spirit world, they can harmonize centered on God. Parents and children, brothers and sisters, husband and wife can all harmonize within the three hundred and sixty-degree range of God's love. As a second subject, as a representative of God, we can connect with all the creation, in every direction, and feel love for everything and desire to go everywhere. This is the heavenly spirit world. All the cosmos is here. This is the core of the textbook of love.

Respect for elders

In order to have this complete experience, we absolutely need a spouse and children. When you look at your face or your finger, you see three stages. Life needs three stages. Do you need children? Do you need your spouse? Do you need your parents?

Grandparents have to embrace their grandchildren; they can't do that if they are in a senior citizens' home. Measured by this standard, the American family system is confused and doesn't lead people to heaven. The American family becomes fragmented and the people's spirit does too. Kingship and authority breaks down when the family breaks up and people mix with anyone. This world must be reconstructed.

In Korea children cannot eat before the grandparents. That is the practice of kingship. [Rev. Zin Moon Kim interjects that as a young boy his family was very poor. His mother would not let him eat before his grandfather came back. She would tell him, "Your grandparents must eat first because they are the center of the family."]

True Parents are the king of your families, so you should prepare a plate of food for True Parents at each meal. Parents are the second God, the second creator. Parents can feel all the dimensions of heart: the husband loves his wife as mother, sister, and daughter; and the wife loves her husband as father, brother, and son. When husband and wife meet, they can experience the feelings of brother/sister and parent/child as well as husband/wife. With the variety of experiences of all these loves, the relationship of husband and wife becomes spherical.

The world is our family

As children grow up they need to be educated to understand that the whole world is to be one family. The world and the cosmos are their home. The foundation for this is brother/sister love. If you do not love your brothers and sisters you are not a child of filial piety. Other people are not just nameless people that you can steal from; they are your brothers and sisters. If you do not love brothers and sisters, you cannot become a microcosm of the human race.

In order to go to the Kingdom of Heaven, Orientals must embrace Westerners as their own brothers and sisters. The bigger your love, the greater the life you can lead. Because of this training, we can love people of different races, cultures and religions. We can join in international marriage.

This world is not our ultimate destination. There is another, larger world. Horizontal people "make love," but without vertical love they are isolated from each other and from God. We need the vertical understanding of love.

We need to make a country with this kind of ideal, as a stepping stone to the ideal world. If you understand this textbook of love, you can understand everything. If God is guiding you, you need nothing else.

(Edited for Today's World) 

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