The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1992

Inherit the Victorious Foundation

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Day of the Victory of Love
Inherit the Victorious Foundation
January 2, 1992
World Mission Center, New York, USA

"This is an excerpt from the address given after the Main Ceremony on the Day of the Victory of Love in the Bamboo Room of the World Mission Center."

Restoration history cannot be accomplished without going through the course of indemnity. Throughout history there have been numerous wars. In a way, those wars can be interpreted as a part of the indemnity course. Each nation's history is also going according to the law of indemnity. You can apply this to any organization, family or individual; everyone has to go through their course according to the law of indemnity.

In God's providence, particularly the providence of the chosen nation of Israel, there must be confrontation with the satanic world. In order to go into the realm of victory you have to go beyond or cast off the realm of satanic control. We have to go beyond the realm of the fallen era. To go beyond that realm you have to go through struggle in different stages. As you know, Israel's history began with Jacob, then through the work of Moses the exodus took place. John the Baptist prepared the way for the coming of Jesus. In all these stages a certain course of indemnity had to be followed.

In order to attain the victorious realm in the different stages: the tribal stage, national stage, worldwide stage and so on and that is precisely what the history of Israel is all about you have to respect, love, follow the tradition of, and virtually worship the ancestors, those who played a major role in the dispensational field. In the case of Israel, this would be those such as Jacob, Abraham, Isaac, Noah and so forth. Tradition comes down from the ancestors, so in order to inherit it from those who played major roles in the dispensational field, you have to do your utmost, investing your heart and soul to live up to their standard and accomplishments.

Israel's national history is a history of the Abel side. It was the Abel line all the way through history until the coming of Christ. From the Abel line Christ will come. The chosen people and their history is the root of the coming of Christ. The chosen people create a nation and then connect to the world. Therefore when you follow the tradition of Israel, the chosen people and their leaders, you are going to inherit all their historical accomplishments. For that reason the satanic world comes after those central figures with a determination to attack and destroy them.

The central dispensation line is the chosen people's history. Israel can be divided into two: Judaism on the one hand, the Israel nation on the other. One is internal and the other is external. One is like the mind, the other is like the body. So if Jesus was welcomed by these two united together Jesus' dispensation would have been accomplished. Then all the indirect or surrounding religions, centered upon this mainstream religion, would have become one. However because of the crucifixion of Jesus this was not done therefore everything became dispersed and confused. It's almost like the mind is there but the body has been lost.

Because of the failure of Judaism to accept Jesus and of the Israelite nation to defend him, Jesus was crucified. For that reason the entire attack was focused upon Jesus and Jesus' family. They were at the center of attack. If Jesus had won the dispensational victory, he would have married and raised a family. No matter how strong an attack the satanic surroundings would have made, they would not have been able to destroy Jesus and his family. Jesus and his family would have survived.

If Jesus went beyond the formation period and growth period, past the point where Adam fell, then no one under the sun could have destroyed Jesus' clan or tribe. But Judaism, the Israel nation and those surrounding Jesus circumstances totally disintegrated, and they dispersed with no unifying element. Then Jesus and his family became exposed to a great deal of menace and danger. Because of that a lot of indemnity had to be paid. Since Jesus' body was lost, a great deal of indemnity had to be paid throughout the 2,000 year Christian history. It is a history of martyrdom, pain and indemnity for the sake of Jesus' lost body. In a way, Christian history is nothing more than a history of paying indemnity for the sake of Jesus. Because Jesus lost his body, Christianity has been steadily paying the price for 2,000 years. Thus Christianity can be known as the religion of indemnity.

After World War II however, Christianity had one great opportunity to reach out to the entire unified world. Christians had the potential to unify the world. Christianity however has to realize that its world-level foundation is not the final conclusion, and that the completed perfected Adam has also ascended to the world and that these two must be united. The worldwide foundation must be accepted and united by the coming of the perfected Adam. That was the mission of Christianity and it was precisely the mission which Christianity failed to do. Historically speaking the coming of the messiah is the most difficult period for survival. As you can see, the seventy years between 1920, the year that Father was born, and 1990, is a real convolution of world history. It has gone up and down with the most incredible fluctuation. This seventy years is truly the most unimaginably difficult period of human history.

Father, in the capacity of Messiah, before the war was through, was concentrating to inherit all the heritage of history. Then he was ready to engage with the world. The world foundation also has to accommodate or be controlled by Father. It is just like God when He created Adam. First He created the body with soil, then He breathed the spirit into his nose and Adam became a man. By the same token, by the time World War II was over, the world was like a clay Adam. It was a sculpture that needed to have the spirit blown into it. The world is a body and Christianity is a spirit, but there was no connection between the two. A person who will come with the power to bring Christianity and the secular world into one, this is the coming of the second advent. Unity between the spiritual side and the physical side on the worldwide basis is the mission of the messiah. From that point on, one unified world can be born. However, the Christian realm of the world after World War II rejected and rebelled against this great opportunity and providential will rather than accept it.

Father's dispensational work was always focused upon the center line, Jesus' spiritual salvation. When you read Father's sermons prior to the 1960 Holy Wedding of our True Parents, you will see that no one has given more testimony about the life of Jesus than Father. There is no one but Father who has shed so many tears for the sake of Jesus. No one cried more than Father on behalf of Jesus. Father shed tears by the gallons for the sake of humanity and the entire human race. Father was completely one with Jesus. If the Allied powers had united with Father immediately after defeating the Axis powers, Father's goal or God's providential will would have been established within twelve years. Because of their rebellion this was broken.

Father was standing just at the perfection level of the growth stage. That is where Father received the most incredible persecution. The most important thing Jesus lost was the nation. In order to restore the nation Father had to pay indemnity for fourteen years in Korea two seven year periods. Prior to that Father could not have a Holy Wedding. Under the circumstances of the most incredible opposition and persecution, Father paid more and more indemnity, and only after those things were completed in the year of 1960 did Father's Holy Wedding take place.

Father's third seven year course was for the sake of the world. In 1968, day one, Father mobilized all blessed families. In 1968 Father established God's Day because Father had paid all the indemnity on the national level, therefore he could go on to the world to command the worldwide level. Then the world wide crusade was launched. In 1968 the political situation in Korea was intense. Kim Il Sung was absolutely ready to take over South Korea by a communist conquest. For three and a half years it was a very critical time. But Father mobilized all forces not for the sake of the domestic situation or national indemnity but for the sake of worldwide expansion of our movement.

After 1968, when the mobilization order was issued, blessed families went out for three years. Upon that foundation Father left Korea in 1971 and flew to the United States where he made his historical entrance through the capitol city of Washington, DC. Father arrived in 1971, and by 1972 Father had launched the most spectacular campaign in the United States to win Christianity. Amazingly enough, while Korean Christianity had completely rebelled against Father American Christianity, which represents the world, welcomed Father. They truly welcomed Father in the initial stage. They gave the most incredible red carpet treatment everywhere Father went. Upon the foundation of winning over U.S. Christianity, Father mobilized our entire IOWC forces to Korea. Father brought this historical, victorious foundation into Korea. Father began the campaign in Pusan and took it all the way to Seoul. This was the most spectacular campaign to win Korean Christianity. At that time Father's dispensational strategy was to bring to Korea this victorious foundation as well as the International One World Crusade forces and win the Korean government. By doing so Father created formidable spiritual power which could overcome the rebelliousness of Korean Christianity.

At the time of Jesus there was a rebellion by the Israelite nation and also a rebellion by the Roman Empire. There was political opposition to Jesus and Jesus' ministry. In order to pay indemnity and restore that foundation, Father used a particular technique or strategy in Korea. This time he won the heart of the government. The government stood on Father's side. That signifies the Israel nation supporting Father. At that time, Father won the moral high ground. As a result the major political leaders came to Father and asked for his mercy and moral support. They asked for his guidance. Usually the Korean political apparatus pays a lot of attention to Christianity but at that time they realized that Father and the Unification Church had surpassed Christianity so they came to him.

Father had the most incredible rally at Yoido Plaza; you may have even participated in that rally. World mission people gathered at the parade ground on Yoido Island. That was the World Rally for Freedom. More than seventy different nationalities participated. It was a spectacular rally. After that demonstration of Father's strength; Father wrote a dynamic and serious letter to President Park Chung Hee, telling him that "Your government cannot survive without having a spiritual heritage, so you must unite with us and move forward. Then there will be no problem with communism and North Korea. The political situation will be eased." After he wrote that letter, he left for the United States. That very day, Mao Tse Tung was buried.

But Park Chung Hee was not courageous enough to heed Father's recommendation. There has always been this political cowardice. This is always the trouble. Because of that, what happened? Park Chung Hee's political career was absolutely miserable. As you know, he was assassinated by his most important confidant, his own CIA chief. That's the way the Park Chung Hee regime ended.

Before World War II, Father was working to receive a most important spiritual inheritance. After World War II, and particularly after 1971 when Father came to the United States, Father had to work with the physical reality. That meant that Father had to deal with the political reality of Korea and the political reality of the United States. So when Father came back to the United States, he had to deal with President Richard Nixon. Upon the foundation laid in Korea, which was a physical victory, Father returned to the United States and Father confronted Christianity with his accomplishment. The 1980s were the era of the third seven-year course.

Why can't I jump over everything all at once? Why do I have to accomplish stage by stage? Why can't we just jump over everything all at once? Even though Father himself jumped over everything at once, the blessed couples of the Unification Church have been dragging their feet. The movement has been slow, and in particular could not bring Korea to follow the Providence centering on Father. Therefore Father's own family has been put in a most difficult position. Always the second position is the problem. As Father mentioned, Park Chung Hee was the second major president after Syngman Rhee. Father's great grandfather had three sons, and always the second son was the problem. Also Father's father was one of three brothers. Among them, the second brother died in a most tragic manner outside the house. Number two in Father's own family tree are always a cause of disaster. Always the second one, in Father's father's level and Father's grandfather's level, was a victim and died in very unfortunate circumstances. Also, in Father's family, Hee Jin Nim, his second son, was accidently killed. This is an example of indemnity that Father's own family had to pay because blessed couples throughout Korea and throughout the world were not able to fulfill.

After the 1980s Father's own family has been in a great deal of difficulty, convolution and change. Most difficult times have come to Father's own family. So Father's own children have suffered a great deal, without them realizing it. Unforeseeable things happened. For instance, they would be driving out on the way to school, and find themselves in Barrytown. "Oh, I was supposed to be in school but I'm in Barrytown!"

So when the Korean blessed couples could not fulfill their mission, then Father took their responsibility upon his own shoulders, and Father's own family came to pay the indemnity.

So Father himself had to speak throughout the nation of Korea because Father has to be in the forefront. This was the people's rally for victory over communism in the major cities of Korea. He spoke in one city after another in order to seed and mobilize national unity. When Father becomes strong, there are always opposing forces, particularly Christian. They mount their opposition. By the time Father came to the last city, Kwang Ju, opposition had been mounting and there even were warnings that Father would face difficulty and physical danger. This was the final rally. Father was consummating the crusade in Kwang Ju. The very same day, the accident occurred in the United States. Father knew something very unusual was happening. For that reason, when Father left the United States he had given very clear instructions to his own family, that under no circumstances should they go outside the house.

Father's second son, Heung Jin Nim, was the one involved in the most tragic of accidents during this time. Father was in the position to completely comfort and completely nullify the satanic attack. In other words, Father had to put this particular event into its proper perspective in Unification Church history and Father's dispensational history. This was a most serious moment, a serious time.

Jin Bok and Jin Gil were in the same car. Because they lost their father early on Heung Jin Nim was always loving and caring for these two brothers. They are second generation of the thirty-six blessed couples. They were involved in this lack of fulfillment of responsibility. So by having this event occur between Heung Jin Nim and the second generation of the thirty-six blessed couples, all the thirty-six blessed couples and second generation's short-comings were indemnified. The same year that Heung Jin Nim became the most noble and sacred sacrifice, Father also sacrificed himself and paid indemnity by going to Danbury in July. However, Danbury was not a defeat for Father. Reverend Moon was absolutely innocent, and the U.S. government prosecuting him knew it. However, they conspired. Christianity and the U.S. government wanted to prevent Reverend Moon from becoming too big. Before he became too influential, they wanted to cut him down. It was a conspiracy. They conspired together to put Reverend Moon's movement into complete jeopardy. In order to do that they put Father in jail that year. So the U.S. government and U.S. Christianity committed a crime against Father and against God.

The most extraordinary situation occurred when the U.S. Senate had its own investigation regarding the violation of Father's religious rights. A Senate Subcommittee found that Reverend Moon was innocent and actually was persecuted by the United States Government. Their recommendations were that Father's conviction be nullified. However, there were three bad musketeers who moved history to the other side.

Even in Danbury, Father could not abandon American Christianity. In fact, in order to restore Christianity Father instituted a crusade. Father chose 7,000 ministers to be educated. Elijah was given a mandate, "Do not to be disappointed; there are 7,000 unstained warriors ready to fight for you." Elijah had 7,000 to restore Israel. Likewise Father wanted restore American Christianity and so he mobilized 7,000 ministers. If Jesus had 7,000 followers, he would not have been crucified. But the crucifixion took place so we had to pay the indemnity to restore that.

So we directly reached 300,000 active ministers with the truth, with Divine Principle. These 300,000 represented the entire American Christianity. We sent out ninety-eight large truckloads of Divine Principle video tapes.

George Bush was the new candidate for the Republican Party after Reagan. He was fighting against Dukakis. Father is the one who really transformed Bush's campaign from one that was dismal into one which could win an extraordinary victory. By winning the favor of the U.S. government the elder son's position moved to Father's side, and the conspiracy of the government was indemnified. Otherwise, the United States would have become the prey of satan. Satan would have taken the United States and U.S. Christianity. Father wanted to prevent that. So Father paid indemnity to restore these two elements.

Meanwhile, Father had already made a decisive blow against communism. Since 1989, the communist empire has been crumbling. Finally in 1990 came the natural subjugation of communism in Moscow through Father's rally. Father predicted this in 1976. Fourteen years later, on April 11, 1990, Father had his Moscow rally and meeting with Gorbachev. These represent the elder brother's position, the Cain position. The natural subjugation of Gorbachev was the restoration of the elder son's position. Now, Father has met with Kim Il Sung, and this was a meeting which transferred the final and ultimate elder son's position. There is nobody else after Kim Il Sung. He is the only one out there upholding the banner of Cain, the banner of Esau, the banner of the elder son's position. Father, through the natural subjugation of Kim Il Sung, is now totally physically and spiritually in the elder son's position.

In a way, Danbury was great victory for Father. Before Father's Danbury condition, Christianity in the United States was totally in the hands of satan. But Father could not allow that to continue.

So Father's fame and reputation has gone beyond the national level to the world-wide and universal level. By doing this, now each move and deed of Father impacts world events. This is exactly what is happening. Father has truly come to the world-wide and universal level of restoration; and has successfully completed restoration. By doing so, Father can declare, as he did yesterday, the Unification of the New Nation. That slogan can now be proclaimed.

So, at the time of the Kwang Ju rally Heung Jin Nim in a way saved the True Parents' life. That was a very critical rally. Without it, Father could not have saved Korea. Korea would have gone into the hands of communism. Because of the victory Father had in Kwang Ju, Korea has been maintained. Father has now completed, victoriously, the restoration of the elder son's right, restoration of the True Parents' right and restoration of the rights of Kingship. All these have been restored. From now on, Father is a totally victorious figure on the world-wide level, and on the universal or cosmic scale. For that reason, you all have to absolutely, obediently follow Father.

Yesterday Father's God's Day sermon was a very profound one. He mentioned the textbook for education. He mentioned the four textbooks. He basically expounded on those four patterns. Their purpose is to create the Royal Family of God. The satanic world has been enjoying kingship, has had its royal family. But this time, Father is restoring royalty, the royal family kingship and queenship, from satanic hands into God's hands. Through the law of indemnity it will be very obvious that all that is satanic will and all will be restored into the godly, realm of True Parents.

This is a brief history of the course Father has walked.

You will inherit Father's victorious foundation. Furthermore you will inherit the True Family's victorious pattern. They will inherit Father's tradition and you will inherit their tradition.

Figuratively speaking, Father is the first generation, the True Family is second generation and you are the third generation. So far you have been in the elder brother's position; you have been acting as the elder brother. But now the indemnity has been paid and you will move into the younger brother's position. The True Family will be in the elder brother's position. You will go beyond the adopted son's level and be registered anew as true sons, however as younger children, younger sons.

Hyo Jin Nim's physical age may be lower than yours but it doesn't make any difference. Many of you are calling Hyo Jin Nim "elder brother," Hyo Jin Hyung Nim. Why? Because we are now coming out of the adopted son's position. He is the direct descendant of Father and we are in the adopted son's position, but how to harmonize these two realms is where Heung Jin Nim is playing a very, very important role.

During this time Father has to do something with the spirit world. Up until this time, spirit world has really had nothing to do with the True Parents or True Parents' family. In other words it has had no connection or no relationship with True Parents' love. They are like virgins and unmarried boys. Jesus himself was unmarried. But Heung Jin Nim entered spirit world as a special emissary of True Parents, as elder son of the entire spirit world. So spirit world now has that one alone who understands, has received and has lived under True Parents' True Love. Heung Jin Nim is now there as elder brother of all the spirit world. That means the True Parent's True Love realm has expanded from this world to include the spirit world. Heung Jin Nim is the mediator between the physical and spiritual worlds. Those in the spirit world who have no connection to True Parents now have a connection to True Parents and True Parents' love through Heung Jin Nim. Heung Jin Nim is representing the entire spirit world and is bringing the spirit world back to True Parents. So now, all the spirit world is descending to the earth to connect directly to Father's dispensation.

Heung Jin Nim's contribution is enormous, absolutely enormous in dispensational history. He is breaking down all the barriers here on earth, thereafter in heaven. He is breaking down all the barriers between religions, nations, races and, most important of all, the barriers between the True Parents' world and the non-True Parents' world so that the two become one.

Furthermore, Heung Jin Nim represents kingship the hundred-twenty nations here on earth. The kings-right has been coming to True Parents' side by Heung Jin Nim's ascension. So through Heung Jin Nim all those king and queen ancestors in the spirit world are being brought down here on earth. They can go to their own descendants. So kingship and royalty here on earth are disappearing, because they have no right to claim such positions after recognizing True Parents. So the world is becoming smaller and smaller, as the era of independent nations is over. Now there is a community of nations, a commonwealth of nations, or a united states of nations. The trend is toward creating blocs of nations. The United States of Europe, for example, and the United States of Latin America are distinctive possibilities.

So all the good spirit persons are coming down and pushing up the evil forces that have been working on the face of the earth. In other words, the evil spirit world will be cast out, like casting out the demons. Now Heung Jin Nim has been gone for a solid eight years, this is the ninth anniversary and celebration. Even six or seven years ago, could you have imagined the atmosphere of today? Could you have imagined the world situation of today was possible?

Spirit world is completely organized centering upon Heung Jin Nim. A complete chain of command has been organized. By the same token, here on earth, the three generations Father has mentioned are organized Father as the first generation, then True family, with Hyo Jin Nim on the top, as the second generation; then you are becoming the third generation. Do you understand?

We have conquered death; that is the meaning of today, the Victory of Love. Through True Parents' True Love which is prevailing not only here on earth but also in the spirit world, there is no barrier between the physical world and the spirit world. So that means this day is commemorating the banishing of death. Death is no more. We fear death no more that is the meaning of this day. What is the most crucial thing about death? Why is death so fearsome? Because fear of death itself is the most crucial enemy satan uses. Now Father eliminated that fear of death, clearly revealing that we have a better life, a greater life to live in eternity, in spirit world.

Before he died, Heung Jin Nim was lying in bed unconscious, with his body functioning. Father knew that it was impossible for him to recover. So Father held a special ceremony in the hospital room. It was called the Unification Ceremony and it was conducted by Father and Mother. In the secular world, if your son is dying, is it common to do some kind of ceremony? It's a crazy idea. But the Unification Ceremony meant that Father was offering Heung Jin Nim. His life was offered to heaven by Father and Mother for the sake of the harmony and unification of all people, particularly within the Unification Church. That ceremony was absolutely significant and powerfully important. After the ceremony was conducted Father himself ordered the doctor to pull off the life support equipment from Heung Jin Nim. That is the way Heung Jin Nim's Sung Hwa came about.

From that point on the words Sung Hwa became a reality. Father gloriously welcomed the moment and made that event worthy before heaven and earth. In doing so Father decided not to shed one drop of tears. Do you follow?

This is why Heung Jin Nim's tomb, we call it a Won Jon in Korean, is a very important shrine for our Unification Movement. So every one of you, when you go to Korea, go to worship at Heung Jin Nim's Won Jon. It will bring you a great deal of blessing, particularly to your children. When you pray at the Won Jon, you should really pray tearfully, because even at that young age, he lived a pure life only for the sake of True Parents and for their protection. He died for the sake of True Parents and heavenly purposes. He was a living sacrifice. His life was given as a sacrifice. So you can tearfully pray for that life.

Furthermore, a bride, Hoon Sook Nim, was given for Heung Jin Nim. Therefore Hoon Sook Nim is the representative of Heung Jin Nim here on earth. You should value Hoon Sook Nim. She is a mediator. Heung Jin Nim did not accomplish a family; that is why within forty days of his Sung Hwa Father and Mother blessed him into a family. That family is connecting heaven and earth. This is so meaningful. Hoon Sook Nim's role is crucial. From the spirit world's point of view, Heung Jin Nim entered into the spirit world as the second advent of Christ. True love was the key. As Father previously said, but I forgot to translate, therefore even Jesus has to admire and respect Heung Jin Nim as his elder brother. Heung Jin Nim is coming down and assisting Father's dispensation here on earth. That is the second advent era. He is already a Lord of the Second Advent in the spirit world and he is coming down assisting Father, the True Family and you, and is making a second advent era most brilliantly successful. The time has come for the second generation to be receiving the blessing. Do you follow?

The Day of Victory of Love by that power you are conquering death. "Fear death no more" is the true meaning of the Day of Victory of Love. So what do you think when you listen to Father, do you think the era of indemnity is over? Yes or no? [Yes.] From now on the satanic world outside is powerless. Therefore no persecution will come to Father or you anymore. With no more indemnity this is the time for us to move forward and we can rack up big achievements. Is this a day of celebration or mourning? [Celebration!] Until now, even though you came to the celebrations you did not know the true meaning of the Day of Victory of Love. But after listening to Father, the meaning of this day has become very clear. This particular message Father has given is very important to our leadership and Unification Church members. For that reason it will be transcribed and it must be read by all members of the Unification Church.

So, what tradition would you like to inherit? There are two most beautiful events concerning Heung Jin Nim. One, Heung Jin sacrificed his pure, young life for the sake of True Parents. The second is that True Parents are ready to sacrifice their lives for the sake of the nation and world. From Father's point of view, Father gave his beloved son as a sacrifice for the sake of the nation. This is the deepest, most beautiful conclusion on this Day of Victory of Love. Otherwise, we could not go beyond the realm of the indemnity course. We would always be like a man who is drowning. You stay in the water unless someone pulls you out. You must realize that all the fallen things you know, all your previous fallen knowledge have become your formidable enemy. Your cultural education and your nationalistic understanding have become your adversary instead of your ally. Your country, your cultural background and your habit, those three points, until you cleanse the old habits you have been living by, and completely erase them out of yourself, you cannot enter into the new tradition of our True Parents. God, True Parents, True Parents' children this is the direct chain of command. This is the elder son's line. This is life's center. Your life must be centered upon this axis, this vertical line. Is this just Father's word and manipulation of words, or is this truth? This is truth, not just words. Truth means forever.

All you missionaries, you have been away for so long and you haven't had opportunities to hear Father frequently. Now all of a sudden you open your eyes to see what Father has done for us, what the True Family has done for us. You think you are suffering in some foreign countries all by yourself, but Father has been suffering and alone. Why has Father been so suffering and alone? Because of the fall of Adam and Eve. When the parents' position is empty, there is no-one to go to. So when the time comes, Father has to offer his own children. Just as God sacrificed His own son, True Parents did the same. This has to become our tradition. This is our tradition. Do you follow? I am speaking especially to the missionaries today. Do you follow?

From now on the world's situation will be crumbling very quickly. You now know why; it is because the central dispensational goal has been achieved. Father has won a towering victory. For that reason, upon that foundation, the entire satanic world will chip away, bit by bit. It will crumble. God is thinking about only one thing now: while the True Parents are here on earth, living an earthly life how can He give them glory. God is only thinking of this one thing now. If Christianity originally had united with Father, Father would not be in this suffering position. Furthermore, Father's position would be glorified. Earthly kings and queens would not be able to compete with Father's glory. That's the way it was supposed to be. However, because of the rejection and rebellion of Christianity, Father has suffered. All this, however, has to be overcome. So before Christianity comes to attend Father, you are the first fruits of Father.

Kim Il Sung is the satanic messiah. From his point of view, compared to the way his people worship him, the Unification Church's standard is absolutely nothing. The only major difference is that Kim Il Sung created his empire and the absolute loyalty of his people by gunpoint. But True Parents would not do that. True Parents worked with true love and freedom, free choice. It is from self realization that you come up to the same level and beat their standard. Then you are the winner.

Western leaders assembled here, do you hear Father and understand him?

[Yes!] The democratic era is temporal and is now passing. What is the United States doing now? It is crumbling and declining. This mecca of Christianity and democracy is crumbling. A new realization must come to Americans and all western people. As much as Father went down to the bottom of hell at Danbury, Father has gone up and resurrected and restored honor, becoming a worldwide, universal figure. By the same token, all the westerners who go to Asia go to the bottom of hell and resurrect over there. If you don't do that, the United States will decline, not only becoming a third class nation but a fifth class nation. Do you follow?

Asia is crucial. Asia is centered upon Father. Father's direction and influence and spiritual and physical foundation is Asia's foundation. Therefore Asia is the messianic land. Not just Korea, but the entire land of Asia. Do you think this sounds like crazy talk that is completely out of touch with reality? Or do you think that Father is really expounding the truth and a principle which makes sense and that will work in reality? [Truth.]

You are the same as Father. Father is where he is today because Father was awakened by the truth. One truth came to him and he could not deviate from it. By the same token, you receive Father's truth and your life will be the same as Father's. I am trying to make you tribal messiahs. Furthermore, Father would like to elevate you to being tribal True Parents. If the truth is propagated, Father won't have much more to do. Father can go away and have an easy life for the rest of his days, no problem. The work will continue because your ancestors will come down and whip you, asking "What are you doing here?" Your ancestors will be your teachers. They will be slave drivers over you. Father has received the most enormous persecution and under those circumstances Father has survived and prospered and built a foundation leading to victory. Father's true feeling is one of incredible revenge, yet he does not show it. He has overcome with True Love. God is a vengeful God in a way, but God is a God of love, following the parental tradition. No matter how difficult it may be, you should inherit our True Parents' tradition to be patient and overcome with True Love. You cannot harbor any hatred or grudge. There is no way you can, because God and True Parents have not done that. You should exactly follow True Parents' footsteps.

You are the leaders, therefore I am telling you this is the way to go. This is my most important teaching to you today on this Day of Victory of Love. You are the ones to propagate and disseminate this message throughout the Unification Church and entire world. Are you going to do that? Let's raise our hands and pledge, "Yes, Father!" Thank you. 

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