The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1992

Unification Of The New Nation

Sun Myung Moon
January 1, 1992
Midnight Address
World Mission Center -- Grand Ballroom
Unofficial Notes (1 hour and 30 min)

Dr. Pak counts down the time for Father. At exactly midnight Father starts praying in Korean. He prays for about 12 minutes.

The New Motto

When Father finished, brushes and a big roll of paper is brought out and rolled out on a table in front of Father. Father carefully dips the brushes into the ink and starts to write in seven Chinese characters the motto for the year 1992. "Unification of the New Nation" The paper is about 12 feet long and 3 feet wide. Upon completion Father writes another motto. this one is about 15 feet long and says "Congratulation of South and North Cosmic Unification".

Father explained that this has the same meaning as "The Unification of the Fatherland". He said that he actually wanted to write this banner on December 25th 1991, the day Gorbachev resigned as the leader of the no longer existing Soviet Union. When Gorbachev resigned, Communism vanished on the world wide scale.

The Second Generation

Father said that now He is through with the first generation. From now on He will deal with the second generation only. The second generation in Russia is responding well to Father and that generation belongs to Father and to Heaven. It was not Kim Il Sung who invited Father to Korea but the second generation, his son Kim Young Il.

History Of Failure

The declaration of a new nation has cosmic significance. The First Israel, the Hebrews failed. The Second Israel, the Christians centered on the USA also failed. Thus the dispensation of the Third Israel began, Korea, but Korea was divided.

If the USA had not failed, this day, the victory of today could have been set up in 1952. Because of the failure, Father had to totally start all over again and build His own foundation.

Thus Father had to restore the 4000 years of history during His 40 year life from 1952 to 1992. The restoration had to begin in the enemy country. That is why Father went to North Korea in 1945.

Korea was divided in 1948 and in 1950 North Korea invaded South Korea. U.N. Members fought in Korea to liberate the country.

Father Knows Best

Father had been all alone when He started His mission. He was cast out and rejected everywhere He went.

The History of God has been a failure. Only Father has been able to bring victory. Only Father totally understands the dispensation of God and that is why He knows what to do when and restore all. The Second Israel was totally lost through the Christian failure. Thus recreation of this failure during Father's lifetime was necessary.

1992 Equals 1952

In 1945 Korea was liberated from Japanese oppression. If all had gone well, the Dispensation could have been completed in 1952. At that time the USA should have been prepared to receive True Parents.

The time period of 1945 to 1952 is paralleled by the time period of 1985 to 1992. Father had built His own successful foundation and now the whole world must follow True Parents.

The only way the USA can survive is by following Father. Right and Left wing started at the crucifixion of Christ with the two thieves. At the Second Coming the Left and the Right Wings must be united. This era is here now.

Barabbas And Islam

Islam is represented by Barabbas. He survived and thus the Islamic realm prospered. It even took control of Israel.

The three major religions must become as one. Judaism, Islam and Christianity are brothers and they have been fighting. Only when True Parents come can they unite. The time is now for that to happen.

Simon carried the cross for Jesus. He was a black man. Black people represent physical strength. Boxers and other athletes are usually black. They are the leading figures in sports but they also have many problems.

How can we unite Judaism and Christianity?....

Father The Peacemaker

The Messiah has destroyed Communism, the Left. What about the Right? This is America. Father has become a dominant force even here in the USA. He influenced five presidents, Nixon, Johnson, Carter, Reagan and now Bush.

Father established the "Federation For World Peace" as well as the "Religious Federation For World Peace".

Sixty nations are already represented. From the Providential point of view, only forty nations are necessary to bring victory.

The Unification of the Religious and Political Worlds represent the unity between Mind and Body. This unity can only be accomplished through True Love.

We all want our children to become better than ourselves. This nature comes from God. He wants His children, us, to become even better than He Himself.

Give All And Forget

God gives totally and than forgets that He has given. This is the True Love concept. True Love is greater than life. In the fallen World when you give your life, True Love begins. True Love has a higher and more important position than life.

No Concept Of Struggle

In the beginning there was no concept of struggle and competition in the heart of God. This all started with Lucifer.

How can we overcome the world of struggle. If you claim that you are the best, that shows that you are arrogant and that will be the beginning of your decline. The Messiah will resolve the concept of struggle and competition. God is always attacked and than takes and claims victory. Father does it the same way. That is why He went to prison voluntarily.

Love conquers even the fallen world. God wants to save even the biggest sinner.

If the 2000 present here could live for the sake of other's, they would lift up the nation. Father wants to give you a brilliant life in Heaven. To deserve that kind of life you must love the unlovable.

Only The Love Of A Parent

Kim Il Sung wants to see Father again because Father made him happy. He has been alone all his life. Now he has a brother in Father and he is no longer lonely.

How can Father not hate Kim Il Sung? Only four years ago he and Gorbachev conspired to kill Father. Father can only Love Kim Il Sung from the position of Parent. No Parent would kick out even the worst son.

Religious Confrontation

A very big and serious problem exists now in the confrontation of religions. We can recognize this by what is happening in Ireland between the Catholics and the Protestants and in the Middle East where the Moslem and the Jews are fighting with each other.

The Moslem's could only come to the forty day workshop because Father is the peacemaker. Their presence here is no concept. They are very real. This was made possible only through the hard work of God and True Father.

You Are Lucky

You are very lucky to have parents and your parents are the greatest parents, True Parents.

What do Father and Mother want to accomplish? The liberation of mankind. When mankind is liberated, God is also liberated.

The whole world is now saying welcome to True Parents. There is only one job for you to be done, talk the truth.

Talk The Truth

Father had even the greatest intellectuals in North Korea tremble. He told them the truth plainly and they had no choice but to listen. You must have the same heart and determination. 

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