The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1992

38th HSA-UWC Association Establishment Anniversary

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
May 1, 1992
Belvedere, New York
Translator - Col. Han
Unofficial Notes

HSA is us, we don't have to say the whole name. How old is the church? Thirty-eight, today we start the thirty-ninth year. As you know we could the day you were born as one year old.

Originally in God's providence, the UC was not to be founded. If Judaism had united with JC, then wold xty would not have come into being. Already, the country centering on JC would have began. The country of Israel would have been born, and the Cain country, the Roman Empire, would have been observed. The country would not have been a xtn country, but would have been Jesus' country. We all follow that, don't we? By doing this we would have inherited the kingship and that the world today could have embraced all the world. Many other countries would have inherited that country of JC, and like a big tree which has many branches have one root and many branches, each branch would have been a country. The leaves would have been men and women. This would have been one tree of humankind under God. The flowers and root would have been one tree. Even just one small leave would have had all the elements of all the tree. It would have been full of the spirit of this kingdom, everything would have been in this tiny leaf. One cell represents the entire body. Who was born first and who was born later is the basis of position. xty would not have been need and so too other religions would not be necessary. If JC didn't die, and was successful in his mission, this would have been accomplished. But this didn't happen, and the LSA has to come, inheriting this foundation and will have to start only on the world level. When the lord to come had been welcomed, by xty after waiting for 2,000 years, then he would have receive just as JC, embracing the whole world, the UC would not have been necessary. So there is a xty of Cain and Abel nature. We see form Catholics and Protestantism... Just has we have body and mind, so to Catholics (Cain type) has body and mind. Even in the UC there is Cain and Abel. This is because the creation is by subject and object; this is true in restoration too, restoration of subject and object. Everything is subject and object, but this manifest a conflict. But this is because of the fall and this has to go beyond this in restoration. This is the same in our own position, as an individual. Individual has mind and body, which seems to be fighting but the purpose is to unite this.

It is in the position of Cain and Abel, until they because united, there is a process of Abel winning over Cain before they can become one. Cain-Abel in horizontal (h-w), vertical (parent-child) and brotherly relationships. As the Last Days come near, this is the form that everything is coming into. This has been the direction of history, especially after WWII. This is the direction of xty and the world. What does this patter represent. perfect unity between father and son. king and subject, god and all creatures; right and left sphere. By dividing the sphere top-bottom; right-left; front-back. Why form one globe, because he have to come to center on one point. If it is divided, then how many centers will there be?

All things operate on one principle. Everything has a center, and everything has motion. What is the center of a woman? She has father, mother, brother and sisters, but what is here center? By finding that center she can relate with everything in the universe. By connecting with the center then we can occupy everything. Centering of half a sphere, where would the center be? It would be equal distance from anywhere. It needs another sphere. It has a focus from many points. ... This was God's first blessing after the creation: grow, multiply and occupy the earth. Reproduce to become perfect. Do you think mind and body is one or two? Where is the focal point of God. The focal point is not only the center of mind and body, but the center of everything, where love dwells. It cannot be that man's and woman's focal points are different. What are they? Conscious and mind? There is no purpose in woman by herself. How can a woman be perfect, only with man. Man is her perfection. Woman has to become a person who is absolutely needed by man. And the same for man. Man will pull and women will push; and with the two meet the will turn around. What is he focal point? the unchangeable true love. Once you position, centering on this, you will never change. My focal point is not inside me, not it is in my spouse. Marriage is the exchange the focal point, freely, centering on true love. Centering on true love, everything can be put in or out. This is freedom. True love is the center of women and the center of men.

Women, representing the other half of the hemisphere. Should she go in or around man? Man represent bone and woman flesh. Why? Man is the source of life and should stay in the central position. Anything going through the central is caught like a catcher, then it is thrown. Women are soft, but men are hard. Women will make great catchers, king of catchers. Man catches the woman and is pulled by her. When you really understand this, you cannot have a fight in your family.

Should the woman's skirt be tight or have a flare? Women have a colorful flare skirt and goes around the man. Women like colorful things; men like either black or brown. Bone is not colorful. Women should.. Black women express compassion, white women too. Even a white woman has the responsibility to protect a black man. White is a good color, but it should be blended with other colors. Flowers are colorful and resemble who? Some flowers are more colorful than other, but it should not be too proud. A flower which is too beautiful, doesn't have must fragrance. And vice versa. A bee comes to look at a beautiful flower, but he won't stay. It is colorful but it has no life, no hope. This is like the beautiful woman. Beautiful woman has a thin blessing. Actor and actress, are they beautiful? In the movie, she is queen; but in real life she will become a beggar. She cannot be stable, there is no place to settle down. Who wants to be an actress.

She will say I would like to have real love or shadow love. This is a real important principle of life. God is the center, and look at America colorful, flamboyant. But there is no fragrance in the country. There is no bubbling life and should not be envious. This sounds like the subject if far form the birth of the UC. But this is very important. Do you want to become bone or flesh? Bone, because it is the thing which lasts the longest. We are trying to arrive at the eternity which lasts the longest and is most important. Is this money? But the power of true love, may not be seen as beautiful, but it will last. If the bone hits true love, the bone is broken. The more you strike the more is will be reduced, i.e. satan. Why don't God stop persecution. This is not right, but god doesn't do anything. These will become the fertilizer for the ideal society. If the whole world come and strikes this one man, he will eventually become the center of the unification . . .

The focal point of everything is true love. Do you have true love? You may recognize, or know the sound, but you have not tasted it. The sound is not reality, but taste is real. The one who tastes true love, can live like God. Do we live like God? Do you need the absolute focal point? Yes. True love has such a big embracing area. All 240 million people in America will go in this bas. will it break? You can throw it but cannot get out of the center. What is the center of America? Not family center... absolutely no center. They want freedom, but freedom too has a center.

It is not pleasing to hear, so why does Father say this all the time? Why doesn't TF praise American. America is up in the tree, and someone has to bring it down. Man will sway from one position to another portion, but they have no center. Once they come down and are firmly established on the ground, Father will praise American. We may not like it, but if it is true accept it. It is not power, not knowledge, not raw material, but love itself. If a woman got married, because of money, is she a nice woman? What should she look for in man? Where is true love to be found? In the White House or in the labor camp, back alley, or in prison. Most miserable place is the place surrounded by corruption.

True true love, can you unify your five senses? If you have true love in your bosom, would you be stronger than anything, like a diamond? This is harder than diamond, this is true love. Even though we didn't experience, God is the true love center, H e is harder that the true love. God is the center of true love; like a light house. Everyone wants to go over the hardness, the persecution; they want to go over this Satan and come to the lightness. It is so dark in the world, but man wants to go over this to come into true love.

Three persons, the three focal centers, but this doesn't repel the others. Being but being selfless is the basis for this relationships. He exists for the sake of others, so he exists and he doesn't exist., his existence is for the sake of others

Zero point, high pressure follows the vacuum? Why? This is the unifying act of nature. Upper-lower, right-left; front-back all are perfect. God dwells at the zero king's place. To meet God, of this quality, we have to be even below zero.. Or serving you in this ... This is what all religions have been doing. This is what Buddhism is taught; in addition they all taught. How can we apply this? Women have to forget that you are a ownkla. This is the safest place, you can be a good wife, mother. This is the theoretical proof, by reason and argument. Invest and forget; forget. By investing you can become to the this zero point.

Relationship with all things goes through true love. This is the very principle where original human being would have been and since we are not, we have to return. How can you focus and combine. The center is the same for the family, tribe, nation and world. Once this is established, he cannot be pushed down. There is one point, not two. This is the pillar, connecting all the this center. This is the unification of the world. Is it clear? Your eyes will look forever and focus on this point of true love. No kind of power can move this focus. Monsai forever. All humans have a mind that work this way. No matter how beautiful on this earth, no value in the spirit world.

The sight or place you settle down. What is the point of the topic this morning. The fall took place. Your real reality is that we are fallen. It is more real than this country of America. It is more real than your own name. It is more true that all knowledge on earth. Do you treat yourself as a fallen person: you the leg or hand or eye that has fallen? Have you stopped to think that your eyes, nose... don't deserve? Because of the fall, you can touch... pump. Have you chastised your eyes? If you think something is beautiful, were Where do American woman stand? Nowhere. At this point you can begin to belong to God. Is my hair beautiful? No, it should be burned! You foot should be burned and give to rats. Since the fall is reigning over all things, we have to know how formidable the fall is. We have to press it down, and put everything related to the fall to hell. Before eating, sleeping... think the fall is so bad, so bad that you cannot win over this by yourself. It would be okay if you don't eat, sleep or play... It would be okay. If we don't do like this.... Now Father gave us the meaning of the birth of the UC. Only thing we have to remember is that the whole world is fallen. We have to come to realize this, that whatever we are thinking, doing, smelling... everything is connected to the fall. And we have to go over this. Women in the fallen world are looking for the most beautiful clothes to ware. Through this the tradition of the fall will be extended further. The wealthy people on earth, always end up in a miserable place in the spiritual world. The Bible taught this. We are on the 38th parallel, this is the line which separates our good from evil; heaven from hell. You are in that position. Everyone must go down, I don't care what kind of sound you make. Do you welcome this. During the Korean war, many prisoners were put in the prison. The late president Lee let out all the prisoners. Father will be like this. There is only one place the zero point. Do welcome this?

We should know were we are? Am I in enemy territory? We don't know were. On this birthday on the UC, no matter we are happy, but still don't know we are in enemy territory... Tara = fall; tarak = closet.

We didn't know that our first ancestors had fallen. Everything is struggling because of the fall. We should implant in our minds that the fall really did take place, more than desire to eat, sleep...

Whatever urge you have, before that you have to realize that, "I am a result of the fall." You are the fruit of the fallen human beings. Enemy is yourself. Before you do anything, we must realize we are the result of the fall, we are not normal. Until we realize this, restoration cannot be done and American cannot be save. The family value, tribe value, nation value and world value is all connected tot he fall. Taking, taking... have can you overcome this up to the world level. Rev. Moon know that one mistake he would be swallowed. Knowledge power cannot save you. UC is the true love breed, we don't need any other breed.

Once we realize the reality of the fall, then we can have the remedy. Only Rev. Moon can do this. When you shave, you are shaven a fallen beard, when picking your nose, it is a fallen nose. When you make up my face, not like other women but because you have to go along with the fallen world. You reason has to be different and you should not actually want to make up. Is the UC complicated? The second thing with is very important is lineage. Father and mother of life, this is the lineage. Behind us is the lineage. We breath, my life my blood... my blood is that which we received at birth because of my parent's love. Whatever we are thinking, it stand from the fall. How can that be great? Anglo-Saxon too. Does this race belongs to God or Satan? Satan. England is the base of pirates. They took things by power and established their empire, but then stopped others from do this. Anglo-Saxons didn't understand cause and effect. Because of the opium war, not the West is facing this problem. This is a real cause-effect, a heavenly law. In the youth's blood, it is fallen blood. There is a big snake of Satan, shooting his poison to destroy you. Satan's blood. One hit and it destroys everything. When Father saw something attractive, he recognized it as Satan and didn't want to look, i.e. women. Father didn't want any temptation to be a temptation.

Father kissed a sister. We have a lot of enthusiasm in our blood, but Satan is right there. How enjoyable or how deadly place this is. In UC, all the youth do they date and enjoy themselves? Do the young women and men, if they hold hand is your blood excited? Like a volcano. This is the most dangerous place. Don't take this kind of action. Father knows clearly.

like palace, blood lineage palace... but the most fearful place. Originally it was the true love palace, true life palace, true lineage palace. The sexual organ is the place of this holy covenant. Three palaces in this one place.

Lineage - "haltong." our hand move and fingers move is connect blood, to life, this is an action of love which is lineage. Love, life, lineage (blood) this is the order. Pulse is blood power, it is also life power and love power too. But this is Satan's love, life and lineage. We need a prescription and no know this. Until Rev. Moon, no one know the identity of Satan. Satan did unconceivable things. Parents kidnapped children. Satan did extreme things to prevent Rev. Moon. Communists too tried to stop Rev. Moon. American government too. No matter how you may deny, only following Father's way, the repentance way... most valuable gift is second generation. Only one focus, true love. thinking same, smelling same, touching same... Crown of the head, eyes, nose, mouth, chest, the sexual organ - everything is centered on true love. 3. Hell.

Conclusion is hell. Weather you want not this is where you are going. Because of lineage Satan can claim you. No doubt about this. It doesn't make a difference if he is from Harven of President, without exception the end up in hell. Includes all 240 million American. A religious movement must save this country. How great is the UC? The most difficult problems of the world, even the smallest UC member can explain these things. Most of the library books, trying to answer these questions have no need to exist. Free sex, homosexual, as time goes on it will become clear that this is wrong. It is destroying God's ideal. Drinking and drugs are immediately connected to sex. This is Satan's armor. How many women want a husband who drinks, smokes and has free sex? Men? "Chiok" means hell.

We have to deny, not just deny but restore out from this position. This is restoration by indemnity. We have to deny the fall. American UC is the UC in the world which doesn't know much about indemnity. "Why can't we enjoy and restore." You cannot get out of Satan's realm by enjoying life. To avoid hell, we have to restore through indemnity. Rev. Moon is a wise person, but he does everything backwards. He is always persecuted and opposed. How can he be wise? America is tired of opposing Rev. Moon, but now they are following him. Rev. Moon's name is now being resurrected.

UC is the only church which knows indemnity. Second generation is no exception. Without indemnity we cannot overcome the fall. Those who want to live will die, and those who want to die will live. So your own family and you own country are your enemies, they oppose you.

The 80th birthday of Kim Il Sung they select the 7 heroes of the world and they put Rev. Moon's name in. America wants to denounce him, even now and the S. Korea too. Satan's side understand Rev. Moon clearly. This was even at the time of JC. "Tangam Bokae" restoration after indemnity. Rev. Moon, why did he have to go to jail six time? He is going a straight path. This is the same time as JC, but this time he will not die. Indemnity means you have deny yourself. The more you deny yourself, the more perfect your foundation will become. This is the same path Father went through. Would you like to cross over before or after you give birth to children. This is why in the Bible, the Woe to those who have children.

Those who are pregnant, she is bond by this child. This is a certain stage. Of course we have to go by the family level. so Father doesn't mean blessed children are a burden. But before we restore... God sent out 25,000 blessed couples to tribal messiah. Live or die we must accomplish this. JC died and God had to revive him spiritually, but Rev. Moon sent out 25,000 tribal messiahs horizontally. 2. How do you overcome the illegitimate lineage? This is the blessed family. By being blessed, we are in a new lineage. Never we want to go back tot he fall or another bad lineage. It should be impossible for a blessed family to fall. AE fell while they were in the growth stage. But we passed beyond AE fallen point. After being blessed does the English family go their won way and the American people go their own way. Why do they forget? Satan. People don't like to take persecution. From today, May 1st father wants to believe you.

Darkness cannot stay in light place. So we went through the 3-day ceremony and the blessing. How difficult this was for Father and Mother to lay this foundation. Do you how difficult it is to build the Empire State Building. But after this, just one paper, the deed, you can buy it. This is the same; God took much effort to make you, then the fall and with one simple act you can be brought back. Now if you stain the lineage, it is a very serious matter. This is more serious than AE fall. You are falling from the perfection stage. We must preserve the lineage of blessed families. If someone is trying to invade you, you should kill yourself before this. Love is more important than life.

We have a reason to be proud. We are not from the fallen lineage but from God's lineage. This is not a ritual, it is a life and death matter. 3. Heaven instead of hell.

There is a zero point. You have forget your disgraceful love affair, and forget you are a citizen of a great nation. Come back to the zero point. So ultimately persecution is good. You can occupy Satan's property. So good.

These 6 point for 38 years, Father ahs been persecution, but also he has been lifting up. Compared to God's history of restoration, in these mere 38 years, Father has created more than God. Now Father is at the top of every field. Father combined political and religious and the political field is afraid. They have to pay indemnity. IRFWP and IFWP are combined and to bring them into one. This is for world peace centering on true love. The goal is one. No body in history could achieve this, the didn't know how.

Alex. Haig and Sec. of State joined. Father took him out of office during the Falkland war. Father asked why he comes now. He said the owed Rev. Moon during Nixon's time. Now we have the family liberation, clan liberation and ultimately the whole world will be liberated. Eventually God will be liberated. When we have TV capability, in just 40 days we can save the world.

When Father travel around the world with the heads of state, they will try to get Rev. Moon to come to their country. This time is coming and it is not far from now.

Everyone wants to jump to the final stage. But how can you jump from the top of one mountain to the top of another mountain. First you have to come down. This is the natural way. You cannot get in the first grade and then attain a Ph.D. You cannot skip any steps. Do you want to reach the Kingdom of Heaven? If you take the easy way, you cannot go. As you get nearer to the top, it actually becomes more difficult. The global center, not matter which direction you face, you will be happy. All colors of skin will be welcomed. Everyone loves father, not so much each other. If Father was promiscuous like America, would they still love him. If father looks at a women, he can look at her sister, except as object, i.e. in a husband-wife way.

In East Garden, the rules are not strike. They are free, but there is a strict order, so there is order. Even the spouse relationship, before they were children, brother-sister, and only with the recognition of God they became a couple. The couple relationship is the last step. You can love your brothers and sisters so dearly, you are ready to bear your own children. Sexual intercourse has a purpose, to raise a God-like family. The Royal Family of Heaven = blessed couples. The fallen aspects of this world will cease to exist, but the zero point will still remain. So we still have to rid our selves of these things. So indemnity is not tearful, but we can look up and know that there will be a blessing waiting. If we all go to African and suffer, but it will be good indemnity. What would you like to be, just a one-tract mind; or versatile? It is very simple, someone will make you dig a tunnel and you won't have insomnia. How wonderful the UC church is. Are we going to follow exactly the same pattern of Father. Would we all go to mining? When Father goes to the boat, after three days, the wonder how can I escape. Father started at 8:00 and everyone like it but then it shifted 5:00. In this way we go fishing and go to office. Go fishing for one week at 5:00 am. Father told you to buy one boat. A small boat for Hudson River cost $6,000. It never sinks.

How wonderful it is to know, that Father did this is 38 years, not even 40years. How the whole cosmos is rejoicing at this good news.

Think how many change have happened in the last 2 years. Fur we still have another 2 years till our 40th celebration. When American has the welcoming sound for Rev. Moon then there will be hope for America. Is this true or just sweet talk. Absolutely. Because your brain is washed thoroughly. I don't care what the people call it, we are happy. For 38 years, Father did everything. Now for 2 years we will take initiative and work like Father. Raise your hands

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