The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1992

Joining Together Heaven, Earth and Man

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
March 15, 1992
Belvedere, New York
Translated by Col. Han
Unofficial Notes

The word joining implies a completion for glory. The subject position in this process of joining together is man, not heaven nor earth. Joining is in true love, in absolute oneness. This is a special meaning for the word "joining." The universe should be run from the position, centering on man.

As you see, there is the only one way to write heaven in Chinese characters; it has the meaning "two people." Two men completely united is heaven. Earth is written as a vertical and horizontal line joining, which is like man's mind and body. This is "ya." The word "join," in Chinese means, every mouth becomes one. In other words, the thought of unification is not two words, but one word, i.e. one language. Truth is one, so we should all talk one content. In the concept of benevolence, two persons must be united into one; in other words, all minds are stand on the Four Position Foundation. Man should stand on top of this foundation, which means the completion of man. The Korean word, "pap" has all these elements. Unifying the mind, which radiates in all four direction, depicts a perfected man, both horizontal and vertical unity; not only one person but two, meaning a man and woman. Women like a variety of colors, thus they are representing more the earth. But men use a single color, representing the vertical. The West comes in search from left to right, but the oriental from up to down. Eventually all must become one. You can see how different the language Korean is. Not only symbolically, but each word has a detailed meaning. So, it is not an accident that this religion started in the East. Now there is research going on, trying to find the origin of Chinese characters, and scholars think perhaps this language came from the "tongi" race, the race which was the origin of Korea. This race influenced not only the Korean peninsula but the entire nation of China. "Tongi," means eastern archer. At this time the skill of archery was highly respected and Korea was good in archery. Shooting a rifle or bow and arrow demands a great deal of unity between mind and body - spiritual concentration. You must get set and never move, because the target never moves. It is not an accident that Rev. Moon comes from this culture.

When the Unification Church started, nobody recognized Rev. Moon and no one realized that he would be denied from the personal level to the world wide position - that the whole world will come against him. This person, Rev. Moon, emerges small but just keeps going to the world level, not by being welcomed but by being opposed each step of the way. He became a victory at each stage, family, clan, race, nation, world, spiritual world and God. Is there anyone who doesn't know the existence of Rev. Moon? Perhaps, no other person, within his own life time has been so widely known as Rev. Moon.

But this is understandable, Rev. Moon gathers all the world leaders together, former presidents have attended his conferences. Every time it involved going over a different level; there was a wall which had to be taken down. Everyone tried to stop him from coming into their realm or domain. America, for example, is it still in the position to stop Rev. Moon? Was America successful in doing this? No.

Recently, there was an effort to belittle Rev. Moon. But everyone understood that Rev. Moon was right and the program backfired. They wanted to push Rev. Moon back, but find themselves pushed back. What about Russia, and its well- armed wall of communism? Ultimately, it is they who crumbled. Also it is same with Kim Il Sung. Some Americans don't know who the President of the United States is, but everyone knows Rev. Moon. The President of the United States changes every four years, but Rev. Moon's name never changes.

People tried to push Rev. Moon back, but now they are driven back in many directions. Japan, until now, stopped Rev. Moon from coming into that country. But now two government ministries met and said that if Japan doesn't allow him to come, it will be called a barbarous nation. As of March 26, they lifted the ban on Rev. Moon. On April 10, 1992 there will be the World Federation of Women conference, centering on True Mother. There will be a worldwide conference for women for the first time in the world. In the Bible we hear the number 144,000, but will they all be represented by the Christians? Christianity is a bride religion. The bride, is anxious to receive the bridegroom. The 144,000 will be lifted up to heaven, centering of the bridegroom.

Will they be men or women? They will be brides. Also this has the meaning of Mother's 33 years of married life. This is the length of Jesus' life so this represents the indemnity for Jesus not being able to get married. The bride will proclaim that from now on we are entering the realm of heaven. They are waiting for the bridegroom. The sound "groom" means "cloud" in Korean language. So in Korea, there are two strong spiritual groups, saying the Lord will come again. Where will he come from? They are still waiting for someone to come from heaven, but it will all be finished. The history of restoration didn't happen by accident. This is an amazing moment in the dispensation. This is a meaning by "joining" or "Hapdong." Doing our portion of responsibility, "Check im mun dong," is joining in the direct dominion. Each man and woman joining together but centering on what? On becoming man and woman. In the act of love, who is in the top position? Man, why? This is like the action of planting. The woman represents the earth and you are planting children. The child represents the whole country, even the whole world, so making love is the planting of the whole world.

The child represents the individual, but as it grows older it represents the nation and world. Adam and Eve were children, but they represented the cosmic world. Who gave birth to Adam and Eve? God. So the emergence of Adam and Eve is the emergence of the world, it is the same.

Any woman who has had the experience of giving birth to a child, is aware, humbled, and awed that they just gave birth not just to an individual, but to a cosmic world. Was birth easy? Have you ever seen a man making love, thinking, "I am about to plant a world," (not just a child). To give birth or to revive a nation, we give birth to our children. When we come to think about this, what is the greatest thing, what is the physical organ which does the greatest task? We can say this only because of True Love. Who is the first president of the United States? George Washington. Can you compare what he did in this world, to any man and woman? That women give birth to the universe, there is no greater performance than that, ever. This becomes a serious question, a woman and man who has never given birth to a child, can they have anything to be proud of? How can they be more proud of something else? So when a woman conceives a child and it is growing inside her, she should be conscious that a universe is growing inside her. Would you ever trade this child for the universe? No. A woman would never want to trade her child.

Why can't we trade our children? Because already there is a visible and invisible tie which connects to different parts of the universe. Would you ever trade your husband or wife with the universe. Why? You must understand that true love is the source of everything. True Love is the source everyone wants to connect to, it is not seeking something. In the Bible, it is written, that a child is that precious, but we never knew why. If a child is to be traded, even for the universe, then True Love has no value. Why is this teaching important? Here in America some women boast that they don't need men. But could this woman say this if there were no men on earth? The American population is 240 million. But half are women, 120 million. Now let's say these 120 million women suddenly found only one man. Such fierce competition would ensue. Any woman who is alive would want to join in that war. Would you join in that competition? This is a serious question.

Yes, Father knows all of you would, fighting and willing to give your life. If a woman didn't try, she is not worth being called a woman; she is not even an animal, a little less than an insect. If there is a worst name, it would not be bad enough for that type of woman. Would you like to be a queen in a world without men? This is down right hell. How precious could this one man be? The woman who won would think, "This is a man I fought for and won, in fierce competition." If you are living with this man, would you carry him on your back or put a leash on him and pull him along? No matter how beautiful you may be, if you are living in a world without men, it is a dungeon of hell. So if someone asked you women a question what is most valuable, you should immediately answer, "man." It is the same thing for men; men cannot imaging a world without women. Even Father, without Mother, would he be anything?

Because Mother is right there, Father can laugh. If she is not there, there is no laughter. Father says, "Without Mother's face, the world is hell," but jokingly adds, "helicopter hell." Why does Father mention this? It is so important that he cannot pass up this subject. The fact that one woman, met a man, is not just a small happening, but it is a universal happening. You must understand this concept, especially American women. The concept of free-sex is so destructive. You must fight every inch of the way and become a victor in True Love. But instead if you enter into the life of free-sex, this is the way to hell, nothing less.

Think about it, all men since they were born had all the core elements of manhood. It is the same for women. Now that such a perfected man and woman have join together, then all the elements of the universe are connected together. You must know that not only did they meet, but Father and Mother survived until their perfection. This is "inyoung."

We say, "True Parents" but the Korean word is, "Pumo," which literally means "Father-Mother." There is no actual word for "True Parents" in the Korean language. Which name is first? Father, always is first. You women are always discriminated against, men first and women second. But women are small and weaker, there is no record that a woman ever won over a man in any Olympic sport. Should women wait a few billion more years until they evolve and become equal. True Love is the answer, but does Father know what he is talking about? Yes, centering on True Love, man and woman are equal. Without True Love men and woman can never be equal, not in a billion years. Would True Love want to have two eyes, or will it be satisfied with just one eye. True Love wants two eyes, but two eyes of women and two of men or one of each? This means that half of a woman wants to be conquered by a man; half of man wants to be conquered by woman too! Only True Love can occupy the world of man and woman. So half of you, doesn't even belong to you, it belongs to your spouse. Only together are man and woman everything, i.e. full in value. Do you still want to have the consciousness that women want to be first?

Suppose there were 5 billion women in the world, and the most handsome man walks by, do they turn their eyes? Yes. One man and 5 billion women, every single woman would look at him! What is this force which causes this? It is the force from being a woman or the power of True Love? This is the power of True Love, it is not a random happening. A man may be handsome, but more important is that he is perfect in all aspects of love; it is not the face but the heart we are talking about. This is a very important conclusion, usually we look at the face to judge beauty. How do we decide what a handsome man or woman is? Where did the character of being handsome start? Where did this begin? Who is the ancestor of this handsome man and woman? God, he is the number one teacher. The roots of this beauty is God. But what about the face? Here is a man with true handsomeness, then all women would compete to occupy him. What if God appears himself, as the most handsome parent. Of course this couldn't happen. If God had form everyone would recognize God and everyone would want to go to God, resulting in great chaos. God is so wise, he made a working plan, He made himself invisible, giving half His attributes to man and half to women. When they meet together they burst out into happiness. When you are on the apex of love, you don't mind if you are dead. Invisible things, are the most important, not what we see with our eyes. Have you ever seen love, life, your mind? The most precious things are things we cannot see. If a woman has these three things, beautiful love, beautiful life and beautiful mind, even though they are invisible things, God will come to reside with her.

If you want to become a friend to God, loved by God, what should you have? You should gather these invisible qualities, then God will visit you more often. Father is teaching you to have a big mind, a generous mind. Do you have a big mind? Your life-force within you wants to overcome any barrier. Life wants to expand to the corners of the universe and love wants to embrace all the corners of the universe. Love will want to squeeze tightly, so that there is no core and you yourself will start to turn around as part of this love-motion. Those who have live, must develop; those who have love must unify. Love is to unify and life is to expand. Men and women are different. Women look to the ground, but men look up. Men is looking up to find the center. Women can enjoy freedom only revolving around their husband. You must have both vertical and horizontal relationships.

Most American men, are then satisfied with American women? Men should be masculine, and women feminine - not the other way around. Is your answer, "No" just for today or a historical "No"? Today, men are looking like women. Even a very ugly masculine man would be preferable to a man that acts and dresses like a woman. What do you prefer, a few words or a lot of words? Depending on what that person says. In the orient there are many statues of Buddha. Does this statue ever speak a single word? He never speaks anything, no blame or chastisement, nor praise. But everyone comes to worship him. Also Buddha is always looking at only one focal point. That's all we want to do, look at one thing. The best solution in the most complicated situation, is silence, just wait.

Women will jump around and men will sit still. But this is a wonderful thing for men. This is because, you never know what will happen, a happy or a sad situation.

If ten women gather, and suppose that one woman never speaks. Eventually she will become the center of the other nine. If she doesn't speak for ten years, everyone will be wondering what she is thinking about. When Westerners meet there is more talk, compared to Eastern people. Who is the winner, in a diplomatic society, is it the one who speak the most? The one who remains silent will more likely become the judge of the last scene. This is like a judge in a court. This is how God conducts Himself. For so many years, God hardly spoke. Here in the Unification Church there is so much commotion, mostly the Christian churches saying all kinds of things about us. Father almost never spoke a word against the Christians. Which is wiser? In society, if a person kept silent for ten years, his words will be that much more trustworthy. If we speak a lot, we may have a good performance, but inside what is happening? But if you are going to speak do so for the sake of the whole. The one who boasts about himself, expands his imagination to the point where he eventually becomes false and unreal. The one with more silence is more connected to truth (this is a general rule of thumb). In a family women tend to speak more. In a company, the one who is silent, is likely to be the owner of the business. Western people advertise about themselves, i.e. talk too much. But in the orient people try to hide themselves.

Look at the Japanese, they went around the world, not speaking but only taking pictures. Now look at Japan today. The West is the inventor, but the East is now the legitimate owner. Here are two examples: one proud and boasting, the other is silent. Who is the winner? [Father had drawn a face on the black board.] This type of person will enjoy great fortune. Not wealth, fame or beauty, but fortune for a man is a woman and vice versa. True value in women cannot be decided by herself. It will be decided by her spouse. What is the purpose of humankind: for man it is woman, but woman it is man. We were not born for the sake of ourselves.

Before my life existed, love was the originator. Before life there was love. The plus and minus of love, are represented in man and woman. Originally there was True Love, an invisible concept. It was deployed separately: a vertical and a horizontal existence. Where does love meet? Only in the vertical relations. After a child is born [the position of union in the Four Position Foundation], he looks toward this central point of love, looking up at different levels. This goes to the widest point [position of man and woman].

At the center of the Four Position Foundation, is the fruit of the concept of love. Centering on the individual, then the family, clan, even on the universe, there is an overlap centering on the core [i.e. concentric circles]. This is the total destination between the parent's and children's love. In a Father-Son relationship it is single, otherwise it is plural.

Since two people meet here at the center, motion begins. This is the area of 5% responsibility; reaching this point is our portion of responsibility, this is the meeting point. God too has two parts, and all seeds are like this. Just point out one that is not. Can you divide a seed and combine it with the half of another seed? Never. This is the same with love. If one side is destroyed the whole thing is destroyed. This is eternal, it is the law of God's creation. The world operates under this law. Husband and wife, together are the fruit of True Love. Interchanging this seed, i.e. free-sex, nothing will develop. It will be the end of this generation. AIDS is the actual result. How can you tell who is infected with AIDS when you choose your spouse? You cannot believe homosexuals. Those afflicted will be destroyed. Since we cannot afford to wait, Father gave the Washington Times the idea that all AIDS patients should be marked. Let them identify themselves so others can defend themselves.

America is the ancestor country of AIDS. If America cannot take care of this, then Rev. Moon will solve this problem, not only for this country but for the world. Who deviated to this lowly position? It is not from God, but from Satan.

True laughter and happiness cannot exist outside the meeting place at the center. Everyone can laugh because of Mother. A man enjoys most a laughing woman. Do you know why God didn't give a beard to women. A laughing woman with a beard cannot be seen. Men like to kiss women, because the mouth is the object of laughter. American women and men like to kissed, but not so much in the East.

Women have smaller faces then men. The smaller the face the more desirable, because you can comprehend everything easily. When women laugh their mouths become smaller, but for men they open their mouths wide. Women gradually bend down when laughing, but men bend upwards and backwards. The beard can shake when a man laughs, so you can know when he is laughing. In front of a mirror looking at yourself, you concentrate on two places: eyes (up) and mouth (down). A woman who paints her toe nails is the worst. Do you prefer thin or thick lips on a woman? "I don't know," says Father. "I am not going to tell you everything, you have to research by yourself." There are three invisible things: love, life and mind. Love is the center of these three. The mind is so wide. If you have money, your mind will say give this to the nation, but then you will think about the world. After that your mind will ask why you forgot the spiritual world. What about God, is He greedy? God sees the things we give, and He is waiting to see the invisible things we give. If we give visible money plus our invisible mind, God will approve.

When a wife gives a present, but also gives her mind, then the gift is appreciated. All the women think that even though they know that by their physical body their husbands love them, they question, "Do you love me with your mind too?" Love must be by both the visible and invisible elements. Actually we have to pay attention more to the invisible things. From the visible to the invisible, motion takes place. The word "chung sang" is like heart-mind in English. We come to Belvedere, not thoughtlessly, but should prepare our minds by reviewing Father's life. This is the invisible preparation; it is not enough just being here visibly. This will bring an added value. The wife who is waiting for her husband, not just saying, "Hello," when he arrives, but thinking about him, is a true wife.

This feeling should be strong enough to pull her husband. Who is the owner or center of the Unification Church? Maybe the small ones, women who add small invisible value, adding this day after day after day. God, and True Parents will recognize her. This is not only true between husband and wife, but between parent and children. Anyone is free to make this kind of power. We are free to accumulate these invisible gifts. Is this correct or not? Husband and wife think deeply about their children. This deep thinking of wife and children, creates a bond by the force of love; it is so strong they cannot leave you. They are captured by your love. How precious this would be to exert this invisible power. Cry for your children even though you cannot see them. This is because God recognizes these invisible attributes more than visible ones. The woman, recognized by God, will be the happiest person. Everyone says that they will respect this forever. We must understand, this is God's inseparable object of love. The person who lives centered on this invisible world of love and life, God would cherish this person the most. Father has invisible love power, invisible life power and invisible mind power. This is the center.

A wise man would never perish. This is the key to the kingdom of happiness. Let us accumulate these invisible things and then we can be people who shine and glow, depending on how much invisible property you have. No one knows how many tears Father shed for this world. Father knew that people shed tears when he went to Danbury. He also determined that he would have to soak the walls inside Danbury with his tears. When Father left Danbury prisoners came with gifts, the most precious things they owned and gave them to Father.

Father's motto: Leave behind the invisible accumulation. When Father is gone, America seems empty. Our hearts are limitless. The one who accumulates the most of these invisible gifts is the highest in the spiritual world. When a person lives this way and goes to the spiritual world, he may die while he is standing (so to speak). This is the secret of Father's life and teaching. Even to the enemy, give him a dot of love. This dot will be strong enough to protect him from Satan pulling him away.

How big is this? Everything must come into one: love, life and mind. Visibly we cannot do this, but invisibly we can. Joining takes place most with invisible entities. To pray in an extremely complicated situation is very valuable. The one who powers his life into this kind of life is wealthy. We cannot take visible things with us after we die, but all these invisible things we can. You should determine, "I want to be the owner of the invisible things."

This is spring. America has been focusing on visible things to much. Now a transition will occur, and America will become richer and richer, if they adopt this attitude. Otherwise America will perish. Americans should take invisible things as valuable. When America starts doing this, the Western world will follow and neither will perish. Father lifted Mother up, to the same degree as Father himself. So if Mother gives only short talks, the world will shout, "Monsai." Father always had Mother's perfection in mind. Let us pledge, I will ignore the visible world and start to accumulate invisible things. Raise your hands if you pledge this. God bless you.

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