The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1992

The Joining of Heaven, Earth and Man (in True Love Glory)

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Sunday, March 15th 1992
Unofficial Notes
Father Speaks (2 Hrs. 30 min.)

When two men are completely united, then Heaven can be experienced. Then you are one in contents, one in truth, one in mind and you speak the same language.

Language Differences

There is much difference between the languages of East and West. In the oriental language, each word has a very deep meaning. No wonder most religions started in the East. Where did the "Chinese characters" come from? Scholars have just recently discovered that their origin lies in the Korean race.

The people that would later make up the Korean nation were called "Ton Gee"(?) which means "people of an eastern nation who are good with bow and arrow. "Shooting a bow and arrow takes much concentration and spiritual power. Is it any wonder that Fathers origin lies there?

Most Famous Name

Rev. Moon is the most known name in the world today. Father went from the individual level to the cosmic level. It was no easy task. Passing from one level to a higher one Father had to break through many barriers. At each level Father was confronted with these walls and barriers.

Even just recently people tried to belittle Father and push Him away. But it was they that were pushed back. Now people know what Father is doing and they admit now that Father is right.

Here the President changes every four years but Father remains the same and what He does never changes.

Japan Opens Doors To Father

Japan is changing now also. The Japanese Parliament met and decided that they had to let Father come into the country. Now that Russia, North Korea and China allow Father to come, they felt they could not keep Father out any longer. They would be called barbarians if they did. So as of March 26th 1992 Father will be free to travel to Japan.

150 000 Brides

April 10th 1992 the "Asian Women's World Peace Federation" will have a meeting centered on Mother. Christianity is the Bride Religion. All Christians are in the position of bride waiting for the Bridegroom. In the book of Revelation we can read about the 144,000 who will participate in the first resurrection. This will be possible 33 years after Mother marriage when she speaks on April 10th in front of 150,000 women. All these woman are actually brides waiting for the Bridegroom.

Mother Helps Resolve Jesus Resentment

This event represents the restoration of what Jesus could not do and it will resolve Jesus resentment. Many Koreans believe that Christ will come in October of 1992. But He is already here and has the job done already. When all the brides meet, they will be wondering where the Bridegroom is. Bridegroom in Korean means cloud.

True Love Unity

It is most important to establish True Love unity between Husband and Wife. Here is the real Heaven established. The mans position is on top. He is seeding the soil of the earth with new life. A child represents the whole world and the Cosmos. Women can have much pride in giving birth to the Cosmic World.

Giving Birth To The Universe

What is the greatest organ? The reproductive organ! When women give birth to a child, they give birth to a Universe. There is no greater accomplishment! If you do not have any children, can you be proud of yourself? You would not trade your child for the whole Universe. Would you trade away your spouse for the Universe? No!! Wae? Wae in Korean means why, they are cousins. It is because of True Love, it is the source of everything.

Fierce Fighting

Some women say they don't need a man. But what if there were no men in America, just 120 million women. If even one man was found, there would be a war for that one man. Would you join in that fierce war for that man? If you don't, you are not worthy of being called a woman. You would be less than an insect, because they fight for their mates.

Spouse Is Your Heaven

When you win this man, how precious would he be. Would you not want to carry him on your back or would you keep him on a leash? What is your Heaven woman? It is man!! Can you still tell Father that you are Number One? The same is true for man! Without Mother, would Father be great? No!!! Because Mother is here, Father can laugh.

Every Particle Counts

The meeting between man and woman is of Universal significance. We must clearly understand that concept. Your spouse represents every particle of the Universe and you must connect to that.

In Korean there is no word like Parents. We say PU MO which means Father and Mother. Let us imagine that True Love has eyes. Will True Love be satisfied with just one eye? True Love would want to have one eye each from man and woman. Together man and woman are everything.

External Beauty Is Misleading

In the fallen world men and women judge each other by external beauty. This is very misleading. We must understand the ancestries of man and woman and their internal values and qualities. We can trace each back to God. What we can not see is most important. We can not see love, life and the mind. God is attracted to a big and broad mind filled with True Love. Life is to develop and expand, love is to unify.

Man Is The Center

When man laughs, he bends back and looks to Heaven, woman bends down and looks to the earth. Here the man is looking for the center. Woman can only be happy by revolving around man. American men are you happy with the American women? No!! How about you women, are you happy with the men? No!!

Silence Is Golden

Do you like a spouse of many words or few words. The Buddha Statue never talks but many go there to worship. Buddha eyes are focussed on one thing which we do not know. Lets assume there are ten women. Out of these ten women, nine are talking all the time. However, one never says a word. After a while she will be at the center. The nine would want to know what this woman is thinking. Westerners tend to talk more.

God did not speak for many, many years. Father is the same way. The Christian Church always spoke many words against Father, but Father never said anything. What is wiser? The one who speaks less is more connected to the truth.

Women Talk More In your family, who talks more, the man or the woman? The woman! In you company also, if you are quiet, you have more power. A woman's value is determined by the man and the mans value is determined by the woman. We are not born for the sake of oneself but we are born for each other. Because of love, my life began. Love takes place in the vertical relationship. It is not money that gives you value.

Aids The False Love Disease

Aids is a false love disease. How can you tell if your partner has Aids? It is impossible to tell. Father suggested to the Washington Times to make a campaign to have all people with aids marked. They should wear a special cap or button revealing their sickness. If America can not solve the aids problem, Rev. Moon will have to do it.

The Source Of Laughter

True joy and happiness and laughter comes only in the relationship between husband and wife. One of the reasons women do not have beards: it would hide their laughter. A man likes to kiss a woman's mouth because it is the source of laughter. Women have smaller faces than man. Women laugh down, men laugh up. Women focus with their make-up on the mouth and eyes.

It is only OK to have long fingernails if your reason is to add a special portion of True Love to the food you are cooking for your husband. Otherwise it is not allowed. Women who paint their toe nails are the worst.

Love, Life And Mind

Love, Life and Mind are most important and valuable. The mind always thinks big, it wants to give to the nation, world, spirit world and even God.

Your mind has to be attached to every gift you give, other wise your gift has no value. From now on we must turn our attention the invisible world.

The wife who is waiting for her husband to come home from work and has thought about him all day, creates an invisible beauty which will unfold when he comes and greets the wife. You should have the same heart and internal preparation waiting for your husband as if you wait for True Parents to speak at Belvedere.

Property Of Invisible Heart

With that we can accumulate the property of invisible heart with every love thought you think. Your love thought will capture your spouse and children. God then can recognize His invisible attributes in you. Don't we love Father because of His invisible Love power and Thought power? Let us accumulate this invisible property. The more you have, the higher you will be in the spirit world.

Danbury Tears

Father shed many tears in Danbury. His tears soaked through the other side of the wall where He was praying. That type of internal investment and heart brought a great response. When Father left Danbury, all the prisoners came with gifts like little children to see off their Father.

When Father leaves America, this country feels empty. Your purpose of life is to thrust more love and thought into the world. Even the smallest True Love dot will pull a person away from Satan.

If you have True Love, Life and Mind you can in spirit embrace and move everyone. Your goal must be to become the owner of the invisible world.

America can change if people start to value the invisible world more than everything else. When the USA changes, the rest of the world will follow and also change.

Mother On Father's Level

Father raised Mother up to His own level. He taught her thousands of sermons. But she does not need to repeat them. Mother only needs to speak four times to reach Fathers level (represents the Four Position Foundation).

Lets Pledge to build up our focus on the invisible properties. If you pledge to do that, raise your hands. Thank you very much.

Col. Han reports:

There will be a summit conference of former presidents and national leaders in North Korea at around April 15th 1992. Kim Il Sung will address the group.

Kim Il Sung also granted the Washington Times an exclusive interview. This will also take place in North Korea before the end of this month.

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