The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1992

The Unification Theological Seminary

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Unification Theological Seminary
April 24, 1992
Barrytown, New York
Translator - Mr. Peter Kim
Unofficial Notes

Since the majority of students here are Japanese, Father could speak in Japanese. Korean students stand up. How long has it been since True Father has been here to UTS? [September 19, 1991] Nearly six months. In the beginning of the history here at UTS, for the first 3 years, almost every day Father would visit. Maybe now Father will come only every six years; UTS has enough foundation. When we look at the world, particularly the Christian world, we see they are loosing their spirituality. We must not loose it and in order not to, you must pray hard. None of you will really ever understand Father's life course, what he had to go through. There were times when Father prayed for 17 hours straight, often he prayed 12 hours without stopping. Without this indemnity Father could never have found Divine Principle.

True Father studied science very seriously because he knew that a theology which was unscientific would never survive. That is why Father studied so hard. Because of this foundation, the Unification Church doctrine is the only doctrine to lead mankind in the 21st century. We must understand the Divine Principle which you study is not all of the Principle, it is just a small part of the total truth. There is a tremendous amount which you don't understand yet. As we understand from Divine Principle, the history of salvation is the history of restoration, which is recreation. True Father gave only this much Principle in order for us to be restored. There is still much which has not been given, especially concerning the creation and the spiritual world. If you knew too much about the spirit world you may take it easy and not go the course of indemnity. We must be involved with the course of indemnity until we reach the entire humanity.

Even in our society, no matter how close you may be connected to another family member, you cannot pay indemnity for that person. Even God could not pay the indemnity for Adam and Eve. If God had interfered, the fallen history would not have lasted this long, but the principle is the principle and people have to deal with the fall themselves. The biggest problem in America today is that none of the religions want to deal with the fall of man, including Christians. They didn't really believe and understand it. They simply didn't believe it. People don't have the concept of the fall. Even the American brothers in the Unification Church may have that kind of attitude. Do you really follow Father? We must have a clear understanding of the fall, then we will see the absolute need for religion. Religion deals with the restoration of man, the course of indemnity. As a religious people, we need to go through the course of hardship, like beating our body. We should feel pain going the sacrificial way, this is the way of restoration. American people don't believe in this sacrificial course. But even for Father, because of indemnity he had to go through such a difficult life course.

Let's face reality. Why are people so lost? They don't know where to turn. Because they don't know the course of indemnity. Look at the world. You may hear about and see people stealing, abusing their power... and they seem to be better off. But they don't understand the course of indemnity. Therefore, you must understand that if after you graduate from UTS and have hope that you will make more money and will have a rich life, you still have a long way to go.

UTS graduates think they are high level Unification Church members. Get out. After graduation, you have to go down to the bottom. Jesus Christ went to the bottom of hell and was resurrected from there. You too have to make your own foundation, and only then will other people follow you. You have to make you own way. I have made my way, I made a big foundation so many people can follow me. If you look at a big river, you will see many small streams joining that river. There are many branch streams. All of you should be small branch streams and join the main body of the river. Otherwise, you cannot become part of the mainstream river. Do you understand? As Dr. Ang said, there are more than 60 Japanese students here at UTS. Don't expect that Father will look up to you and treat you better after you graduate. No, Father will push you down more. The population in Asia is more than three billion people, about three-fifths of the world population. You should start from the most difficult country, so may be I'll send you to Bangladesh. Do you understand? You have to win over all Asian people. You will have to win the high level Japanese society, otherwise you cannot win Asia. If you go your own way after graduation, you are not on God's side. Think about it; going you own way or, the way Father made - the world way. Father made a long, long branch stream, a big river. You must go this way. It is true.

Father just told you about the Amazon river. True Father is like this river and we are the small branch rivers. Do you want to go there too? Now you can understand a little better about tribal messiah responsibility. Every person will have a different situation and will be a different size stream. But we will join together and become a big ocean. If you trace the Hudson river upstream you may see thousand of brooks, but the main stream is only one, a single clear line. Do you understand? Resemble me in your way of life. Think about it. Become part of this straight stream leading to a hidden ocean. In the fallen world, American's think differently, they don't want to be part of any main stream. God must hate that. After you go to the spiritual world, there is no individuality there. Please stay with the main stream. Now is the time that this big river is about to join the ocean.

This is the time period we are living in today. Of course, this entire world is represented by the many smaller rivers, and they may try their own way. But ultimately they must join the main stream and then join the ocean. As you look at the world, the entire world is going beyond the ideological fight. So the American country may think, "Why do we need the main stream"? No. They must join the main stream first before they can join the ocean. Suppose the Bush administration and the Russian federations, worked together to save the world. The Americans may have the upper hand. But if Russia had to become a capitalist country first, it may have to take 70-100 years. At the same time, if you think about the spiritual world, the spiritual world is entirely united. Do you think it is united by the American way? No. It is united by thought. Americans must follow this main stream even if it takes 1,000 years. If you want to reach high, you have to reach all the way to the top of the main stream. If you try to cut in the middle you may fail.

Who do you think will be able to nourish human history and become the root of human history? Those who know the deep meaning of the universe can do this. Today at 5:00 a.m. Father was fishing on the Hudson for stripped bass. He was not going just to catch fish, he was looking at the mountains and the trees, he was having give-and-take with the mysteries of creation, going deeper and deeper. We have to follow the footsteps of Father. Do you understand?

As a tribal messiah, each one of us must be able to digest and understand the life course and central stream of your tribe and then lead your tribe to the main stream. You have to guide your tribe to the main stream and connect it to the world stream of Father. This kind is the kind of investment you must have. You have to work to connect your ancestors to this world main stream. No matter how separate they are, you have to connect them. Do you understand? This is based on good relations.

That's the only way you as a branch can even help or influence the main trunk and go down to the root of the tree. That means you have to supply the tribal messiah nourishment to your tribe. Do you understand?

How does the water of the branch stream connect to the main stream? The main trunk, or main stream is pure and clear. Do you want to join the main stream as a polluted body? This is a very serious question. What kind of value do you have? Can these be connected to Father's main stream? What are you? What are you thinking about now? Do you understand? Together we are making that kind of essence, when we are connecting to True Father's main stream. In order to keep yourself as a branch stream pure enough to join True Father's stream, if there is anything polluted or impure in you, you must get rid of it before you join the stream of True Father. Otherwise, it is like swallowing polluted water. You have to take this responsibility. This is the sacrificial way of indemnity. All American people wanted Rev. Moon to die, but he doesn't die.

Think about the language barrier and how inconvenient it is. We need to make a revolution and without the religious world we cannot do this. You have to learn Korean. Is there anyone who doesn't like Korea? The worst place is the most precious part. Father is planning to put you through more difficult situations. Are you ready for that? If there are only ten people who are really determined to go through more than what Father has gone through, this entire world can be saved very easily. Think about Jesus Christ, in the three years of public life he could find only three main disciples. And even the major disciple, Peter, denied Jesus Christ.

What about you? In front of True Father you smile and shout out, "Welcome Father." But when you are alone, your true nature will come out. If Father comes here everyday, for one year, 360 days in a row, the number of people here will get smaller and smaller. But in the spiritual world the number will get bigger and bigger. Many people will justify their absence, saying, "Well Father we have to attend classes and study hard." NO? or KNOW? Will you follow Father? It is not easy. It is difficult, but we must have determination that if I become a bud I will become the top bud of that tree, and if I'm a branch I will be the main branch, and if a root the central root. If the central root of a tree goes down deep into the earth and hits a rock, the root has to change direction.

If the root changes direction, then the branches will also have to change direction. Even for a root it is very difficult to go straight down without stopping. Think about True Father's task, he had to pick the shortest route to finish the course of restoration, the most difficult path. This is the tree of the entire humanity and entire human history. Because of this difficulty, no one took up this task and completed it. Right now on this earth, we can follow Father and be close to him physically. But in the spirit world do you think you are qualified to follow Father. It will not be the same in the spiritual world. The public mind and public way of thinking must become your own nature. Father is preparing us to follow the way we will need to follow in the spiritual world. This is the resonate way. Do you follow? Remember the central bud, it must shoot straight up, it must not be crooked. As long as you stay with the central bud, the throne of True Parents is right below. You will be connected to the heavenly throne and there is only one way, not two ways. This is the problem of humankind. How can we make this straight path which will last forever?

Hometown providence; this is a serious question. Father understands these points, so think how serious Father has been during his whole life. We are totally unaware of these things, but there are several holes in Divine Principle which no one knows what it is. Even in the books containing True Father's speech, they don't cover this. We have to follow the straight line. True Father explained things in the shape of a triangle, so people won't find out directly. For this purpose it takes prayer, serious prayer. This is a test for the entire humanity, it is an exam. Of course, Father now is living in this world. But in the future, this is a test for people in the future. This is fairness on the part of Father. If Father gives all the truth in this age, then people who come in the future may feel disappointed. So in this way, people in the future will be in the same position you are in and they can come up to the level where you will go. Suppose there was a very precious mine, like a gold or diamond mine; instead of taking everything for yourself, thinking of your own wealth, you would reserve some for others. The truth Father has given so far is enough. Otherwise, it is like casting pearls to pigs. True Father's words cannot be taken easy and put in on our level.

Up to this point True Mother has been following Father, piggy back on Father's back. But in order to complete True Mother's mission, Father has to bring her on the horizontal level equal to him. In this way, when they approach God's throne they can walk side by side. To do this Father had Mother speak in three major rallies. Now Mother is side by side with Father, so in this way the children can stand behind True Parents forming a straight line. This is the time of women's liberation and True Mother is spearheading this. On April 18, Sunday, True Father proclaimed, "The Resurrection of True Family and the Liberation of the World." The resurrection of the True Family means the True Family doesn't have anything to do with Satan, it is totally liberated. From now on, if you carry True Parents picture or even the symbol of the Unification Church flag, carrying it with a humble and honest heart, Satan won't be able to stop you from doing work.

Divine Principle teaches that centering on True Parents family, we must restore this world and than reach the level where Satan cannot have anything to do with us. Father has now completed all this course and doesn't have anything to do with Satan or any more need for indemnity conditions. Therefore, we must welcome the era of liberation, if you carry True Father's word and teaching to your tribe or nation, you can make yourself successful without a great deal of persecution.

Think about it. The time has come, even America, Russia, China and N. Korea are preparing to embrace Father and are using Divine Principle to teach their own youth. They are taking Divine Principle and using it to teach their own children. True Father has created this strong powerful foundation for the world, even during the time everyone tried to oppose him; the CIA, FBI and other governments tried to stop Father. But in the midst of this Rev. Moon created that kind of powerful foundation. People are aware now that behind this kind of power is a religious teaching. They want this kind of power, so naturally they want that teaching. They want their family, tribe and nation to know this teaching. This is stronger than an atom bomb. In four or five days, after hearing Divine Principle people turn completely around. Before they were denying God and after this they accept this teaching.

This truth is more powerful than an atom bomb. It has that kind of power. In just one week people change so quickly. How about this. Is it great? Yes. Because of these experiences we can believe the liberation of the world is possible. Knowledge is more powerful than atomic bombs. So are all of you thinking about making yourself tribal messiahs after graduation? Suppose you have ten brothers, and all of them want to be the tribal messiah, then there will be competition. The person chosen as tribal messiah will be determined by the result of your work, the number of spiritual children and among them, the number of blessed couples. It doesn't matter if you are a 36-blessed couple, if you have that kind of fruit this will be the determining factor.

Have you seen any truth that teaches you take it easy and be comfortable so that you will harvest great results? This will never happen even if you wait10,000 years.

When it comes to comparing between material and spirit, motivation and spirit must come first. Hyo Jin Nim found a 1960 Mercedes Benz, and gave it to True Parents on their 33 wedding celebration. He told Father that their wedding day should have been celebrated by the entire world. Hyo Jin Nim prepared the Mercedes Benz in the place of the world. This car is the safest car in the world. Father said he doesn't care about the car itself, material things will eventually disappear. But this kind of spirit and motivation demonstrated by Hyo Jin Nim will last forever. Anyone who has money could by a car and make this kind of offering, but they cannot easily have this kind of heart and spirit. True Father asked, "What about cost?" Hyo Jin Nim said he will come up with the money.

We have about a hundred people in the dinning room here. But we have many levels and shapes of spirits. Among you whose spirit is most valuable? The one who follows Father's tradition, the main stream. If someone follows this, then no one will be able to complain about that person. Other people may open their eyes, but they cannot open their mouths in complaint. Tradition is so important. Please read the books containing Father's speeches, there are almost 200 printed now.

Someone may say, "Why do you have so many volumes?" Please try to understand how many tears were shed in giving the contents of these books. Even the spiritual world was totally moved by these speeches, they were moved to tears. What percentage or what level of Father's words do you understand? At least you immediately understand in your mind and bow down. Do you have that kind of power? No. In the future this situation will develop? How can you stand in front of God. Do you have that kind of message? You have to live this kind of life. No one else can help you, not even Father, not even God.

The starting time is at the zero point. This is the starting point. This is True Father's way. There was a zero point even for Jesus Christ, the cross. If you want to really understand me, it is the same. When the Roman soldier pierced Jesus Christ's side, Jesus prayed, "Please forgive them." Jesus Christ was not living for himself. American students attending UTS are very proud. They have to start at the zero point! Why? At the time of the fall, God went down and Satan went up. They exchanged positions. So you have to go down, go down until you get to the zero point. Every time this zero point is the beginning. The Christian world doesn't know this, but Jesus Christ mentioned this in the Bible.

Man was born for woman. Woman for man. Man was born for the sake of love. Not for the sake of death. Jesus Christ should have had a partner. All history has been against God's view point. So we have to go the opposite way. Satan is following you and will take all humankind if you follow their way. We must turn back 180 degrees, otherwise we cannot go to heaven. Someone on God's side always denies himself, every time. Satan lives for himself every time.

The motivation for God to create was not for himself. It is clear. The zero point is to deny yourself. Man is not man until he meets woman. Have this kind of concept. This is true. It is clear? Do you understand? Father knows this Principle and lived it for over 70 years. Any kind of obstacle, True Father could overcome through living this way of life. This world is fallen and Satan doesn't want it to be connected to God. Jesus Christ taught us this; if you want live, die. What is the meaning of this? This is God's concept and His way of living. When you look at the Hudson river and the trees around here on the UTS campus, remember these things which Father is teaching you today.

Red China, Russian, and N. Korea cannot say anything against Father. They must agree saying, "We are behind Rev. Moon, you are clear and righteous." Satan is trying to keep you, but you are God's sons and daughters. Please understand. Everything belongs to God and from this we can make a peaceful world where there will be no Japanese, no Americans... but everything centered on true love. Everyone will say "Monsai." All will say "Monsai," and everyone will join together. There will be laughing, dancing and making much noise.

Live in the opposite action of the world, don't go up, but down. This is paying indemnity. Are you attending this kind of life? It must begin from family, to tribe, to nation and to the world. You have to make this kind of foundation. Who made this world today? Satan. This world is a testimony to Satan's realm. The way of the world is not True Father's way. Follow the Principle. Father doesn't want to speak in English, but to save time and give you a better understanding he started speaking in English and just continued for so long.

Is there anyone else who can unify all the languages of the world? No. Think about the waste of material the many languages cause, there are 100's of different languages. This causes such a waste of time and material. Because of this some of the world's resources are running out. What language should be the world language? The language True Parents speak. On this foundation it would then mean one homogeneous culture could be created. There would be one true love. How about your way of love? The American way is free sex. This is Satan's way and will lead to complete death.

Can you follow Father? As you heard, tomorrow True Father has to get up around 3:00 - 4:00 a.m. and will go fishing on the Hudson. He thought there would be no chance to visit you, so after visiting New Hope Farms today he came here. So father saved one day by coming here now. Please study hard. [Father spoke for 30-40 minutes in Japanese.]

Father prepared for True Mother to speak in 18 major cities in Korea. True Parents will have to return to Korea in a week or so.

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