The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1992

Blessed Family And Truthful Tradition

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Sunday, April 26th 1992
-- Unofficial Notes --

America has it's own tradition. What is that Tradition? It is Democracy! What is Democracy? Freedom? Equality? Individualism? It is really not so clear and because it is not clear, the results are also not clear. Tradition should be centered around love itself. We do not see this expressed in our society. What is equality? Can people be equal if they do nothing? Men and women are so different. Men and women think very differently. Can women be equal with men? Man wants to go up and expand and move about everywhere. Woman wants to stay home and take control. Man's bankbook is always down to the last penny, he likes to spend while a woman hangs on to the money and saves every day even a little bit. Thus the man tries to connect to the woman through the bank book. Men and women have two very different personalities and thus they can not easily be free. This can only be possible in True Love. But there is no True Love here in the USA. Only with True Love is freedom possible. True Love equalizes everything, the problem is that there is no True Love at the center of the USA.

Blessed Couples Are Necessary

Free sex is horrible. Drugs, Aids, Homosexuality, we do not have a proud tradition in the USA. Why are Blessed Couples necessary? What is the difference between the Blessed Couples and couples in the outside world? The difference is our Tradition! What is our Tradition? It is a true value, absolute Tradition! Why is it so important to have this true absolute Tradition? It is important because it resembles God! Freedom and equality without God cannot be attained. Why should God be everywhere?

Let's compare this with a tree. In a tree all things from the root to the blossom all things are connected. The world is just the same. God is the trunk of humanity. The trunk is connected to the root and the root embodies the tradition. Even though we can not see God, we can become one with Him through tradition. The root is the main part of the tree since it contains the tradition.

What part of the tree is America? We do not know. America does not know were it came from and where it is going. She does not even know whether she has a trunk and roots. If Americans knew that they were part of a tree and thus part of a whole, not standing alone, there would be less problems. However, they don't even know the bud. America must learn to recognize other parts of the tree to be able to harmonize. America just can't go off by itself.

Nothing To Learn From America

Right now America is like a big rotten tree floating down the river. A blade of grass rooted deeply in the ground is much better than a tree like that it can laugh at the tree floating by. People in Africa ask why is this happening to America? It can't be good to be a big tree they think. However, Americans think it is alright. There is nothing the world can learn from America. However, if the people of the USA could understand what is wrong, they would jump right in and get blessed as well. But there is no value in the families of the fallen world. Family members have no respect or concern for each other fighting every day and even spitting at each other. This is a more serious and sad problem than anyone realizes.

It is amazing seeing a beautiful woman all dressed up walking down fifth Avenue. When you take a deeper look inside, open her up, you will find little vipers and maggots inside. Men and women in the fallen world are worse than animals. Raise your hands if you disagree with me. We know our problem. The Unification Church is different from the root.

The Devil destroyed all things especially focusing on the destruction of the families. Satan made the family the worst it has ever been and he picked the best time to do it.

From God's point of view He hates the USA the most! Why? He invested a lot in it and loved it most in the past. But all was in vain and now the USA is going all over the world spreading diseases.

The only way we can stop it is through the mothers. They have now the power to stop the wrong doing of the male members of the family and educate them.

The Women Champion Days Are Here!

From now on men will follow women to become righteous just as they followed women in the past to fall with them. Which country has a queen. America has the True Queen at this time. England has a queen centered on individualism and satan. They are so bad, they can't go to hell in the normal straight way, they have to go upside down. Would it be easy to change a queen like that? No! It would be very tough.

God wants to turn the whole world around 180 . To do this He must work through someone, He can not do it by himself. Through the True Adam God must confront satan. If we can save the USA, the whole world can be saved.

The tradition of the Blessed Families are upside down, opposite, from the fallen families of the USA. True Parents established True Love relationships between husband and wife, parents and children and brothers and sisters. Blessed Families are in the position of doctors in a sick and decaying land and world. Blessed Families absolutely do not use drugs, three times absolutely not.

We have no dates and of free sex, we don't even touch. We also do not drink or dance. Father heard that some ICC members took a drink for social reasons. I felt like tearing their mouths apart. I will be the one to root out drugs and free sex. You must follow me to save the USA. But sometimes Blessed Families do the bad things themselves. Before you joined the Unification Church you all drank and smoked, especially you American women. That is no good, one thing leads to the next and then you go and fall.

Even now you sometimes sneak a drink. Father understands this very well, these secret drinks taste the best. Raise your hands if you sneak a drink sometimes. If you do not confess, it will carry over to the Spirit World.

Father has a specific reason to talk about this now. True Family has been resurrected last Saturday April 18th 1992. Now Father and Mother are on an equal level and a new era with new tradition begins. All Blessed Families must represent God. From now on please do not drink anymore.

Outside families argue all the time. satan is the master of arguments. More US women are embraced by satan because they like to argue much. You do not feel so good hearing this but must come to realize this fact and start to correct this. You can be proud because you have the remedy for every problem.

Be Proud To Be Part Of True Parents

No matter where you are, you must be proud that you are part of the True Parents God and the proper tradition. Do you know how much suffering and pain Father has gone through to come to this point? Father spent all His heart, energy and resources to come this far. Even though the whole world stood against Him, He could not be stopped. Now we have the power to destroy evil and start anew. There are 25 000 Tribal Messiahs on the earth today. all we need is to save the tribes. When we do this, the World will follow soon. Even now many high level people are following Father.

4000 years of bad tradition was restored through True Parents 40 year course. Now Father and Mother declared on April 10th 1992 that Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han are the True Man and True Woman, the True Father and True Mother of mankind. No one argued with this. Many people agreed with True Parents even though they do not know Divine Principle. But they will surely go to Heaven.

You heard about Father buying Bridge Port University. Father wants to have one University to begin with to set an example. Students will live a pure life there. There will be no dating at all. Would you want to marry a person who dated a lot or someone who never dated and only loved you?

You can not go to heaven following the tradition of the fallen world. Thus you must jump into the fallen world and change it. The world will shoot an arrow at you or most likely a bullet because the arrow is too slow. It was so very difficult to establish the foundation for Blessed Families. Father received so much persecution and each time this persecution was like an arrow into God's heart.

Now mother's position has been declared. She now stands equal with me before God. Each marriage in the past has only added pain to God's heart. But that has changed now. In the future when all humanity will understand about True Parents and the Blessing, even the last limping couples will be proud of being blessed by Father.

Heads Of State Will Bow Down To You

Even the Heads of State and the whole Spirit World will come and bow down to them. If people in the future will not look up to the Blessed Couples, they will be clearly on satan's side. Please realize your position and have confidence. Only through you can your ancestors be restored. Father now told you everything very clearly so you have no excuse. Tribal Messiah ship is a very important position. Father gave everything for this purpose and has lived on the cross all of His life. There was no free atmosphere at any time. For you there is much freedom, all you have to do is hang on to Father's coat tail. But you can not depend on Father alone, you must have your own content.

You Must Bear Fruit

Jesus cursed the fruit tree that did not bear fruit and the tree died. You must absolutely bear your own fruit. To be Blessed Couples is not enough. If you grow rotten fruit, some of your limbs or even your trunk will have to be cut down. We have responsibility, the whole world is watching us. Everyone will test you and only when you pass their tests will you have freedom.

Many people have tried to find fault with Father even now they are trying. But they can not find it according their own law. We are all bowing down to Father. Who taught you that? Father? No! Your conscience has taught you! Shaking hands may be easier but it is too horizontal. To bow is a vertical action and there is only one vertical being. Shaking hands is horizontal and there are millions. You could even greet with your foot, nose, mouth or eyes. There are many different levels of greetings. You should greet vertically first and then horizontally.

We are not individual families but represent all humanity. One prototype is necessary than mass production can start. That means you can't have even a little thing wrong with you, other wise you mass produce a faulty product.

Even in your Blessing you have a very rigid law to come together in love. We even practice fetal education, it's important to us .Jesus was not blessed, that why He lives in Paradise and not in Heaven. Only Blessed Couples go to Heaven. What do Christians know about that? They expect to go to Heaven but individuals can not go there.

Be Owners Of Divine Principle

Only at the zero point (the center) is freedom. Do you love Father? Why? because Father gave you a 1000 times more Blessings than you asked for. You will never meet God if you think that you are somebody great. Only if you go down to the lowest point you will bump into Him everywhere. Father forgets all the evil things the USA has done against Him. Father is at the zero point. Those who will go down will be leaders. If you determine to die, you shall live. You must grow up and become the owner of Divine Principle.

Who is the owner of DP now? True Parents! All Blessed Couples are at the zero point and all the people of the world will want to go through them.

We must set a good tradition. We have five good senses and five bad senses. Our eyes have sinned. Until we liberate all the evil doings our eyes have done, we can't be free to see through God's eyes. God has nothing to look at. You must divide your eyes, the left for evil, the right for good. You must realize that you have two personalities, a God-like and a satan-like. Must tell satan's side "get behind me satan." God's side must pull back satan's side.

Your home is the center point. You must restore all families in a 100 meter diameter circle. Even though families are not perfect, you can make them perfect (give them the status of being perfect?). If you do that you will be a better person for it. All these families belong to your garden, your family garden which represents your tribe.

We Are Re-creators

Heaven is now literally empty and we are the ones who must fill it. We are re-creators. Grand Parents represent a Godly King; Parents represent the Present King; Children represent the Future King. A grand child is an ambassador sent by God. We must bring the three levels of the family together. We have reasons to be absolutely proud of this new tradition. Your children will be the future princess and princesses. They are truly most valuable, with more value than any whole country. In your family God is included and all the creation as well.

Good means double God, there is the subject and object concept in there. God thought all this up and your children look like God to you and you look as God to your children. We are all God's. Can you send your parents to an old folks home? An old folks home equals hell. We must establish our Royal Family in our 100 meter circle. Satan claimed millions through cigarettes, wine, drugs and sex. God hates illicit sex the most. Still, sex is the most powerful weapon of satan. 60 000 people die every day and go straight to hell.

Forty Day Grace Period

If you smoke now, I will give you a forty day grace period. If you need to, you can smoke even three cigarettes at the same time. I am giving you the same condition with wine. Put a hose in your mouth if you must. But after the forty day condition, don't even pretend to smoke or drink.

Those who say "Father I don't drink, smoke and have illicit sex anymore, raise your hands. If we behave in this way we will go to heaven with True Parents. In the Spirit World one hundred years has the same meaning as one second here on earth. Don't even loose or waste a second. You promise well but I can't trust American people.

How valuable it is to attend Belvedere. You must feel unchallenged pride in your Blessing. It represents True Love , True Life and True Lineage. Your sexual organs are the welding place for True Love , True Life and True Lineage. This is the Love life and Lineage palace and here they are welded together.

Keep Yourself Pure

From now on education will come from the women's side. Father is asking us deeply to keep ourselves pure. Don't be tainted by the fallen world.

There is no better spouse than the one that Father gives you. You may not like your spouse and struggle maybe for three years but if you persevere, a great child will be born to you. Father has warned you about the difficulties you may have to face but your Blessing is not for yourself but for your children and the world.

There is much debate about abortion. Abortion is wrong. A fetus is more than just a few cells. It represents love, life and lineage and by killing it you will kill the parents. We must guard the fetus with your life. What if Father's mother had Father aborted? Impossible!

The US will not perish no matter how bad it becomes if even one couple lives according to Heavenly Father's tradition. God wants to protect you just like He protected True Parents. Father worked so long and hard to accomplish all this. Those who follow True Parents with that standard, raise your hands.

God Bless Us!

After the prayer Father said that He was going to Korea for a 21 day condition to speak publicly (no date was given when Father would leave but probably after May 2nd). From now on the women will bear the torch. When Father returns He will give a report about the April 10th 1992 events. 

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