The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1992

The 38th Anniversary of the Establishment of the HSA-UWC

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
May 1st 1992
Father speaks for 4 1/2 hours
Unofficial Notes

How old are we now? We are going into our 39th year. Actually there would have been no need for the Unification Church if Christianity had united with Father. A Heavenly Country would have been born. A second Israel and a Cain Nation would also have been born. This country would not have been a Christ country but Jesus' country(?).

This nation would have inherited the Heavenly King-ship tradition and become the leading nation which would have influenced and embraced the rest of the World. Other nations would have adopted the King Nation Tradition as branches of the main tree and created one huge, gigantic nation under one God.

Even a small leaf has all the elements of the tree, the spirit of the root, the trunk and the branch. It's the same as with our own body, one cell contains all the same properties as the whole body.

If that had taken place, then Christianity would not have been necessary. If Jesus had not died, this is what He would have done 2000 years ago.

Because Jesus was crucified the Second Coming must inherit and continue this mission and if He would have been accepted, He would have continued where Jesus left off. In that case the Unification Church would have been not necessary.

There are two types of Christianity, a Cain-type and an Abel-type. Catholicism is the Cain-type and Protestantism is the Abel-type Christianity. Both have mind or conscience and body. All the creation has been made this way. Restoration must take place and it's done through Subject and Object coming into unity.

After the Fall it looks like Subject and Object are always in conflict but they should come together. Within ourselves the mind and body are always fighting but their purpose is to unite. We must realize the ideal form more clearly.

We are living on a globe and all must have the same center. We all operate under one principle whether we are large or small, we are all of one center. What is the center of a woman? By finding that center she can relate to the whole Universe and occupy everything. The center is the most ideal point and is the same distance from everywhere else.

If God has an upper portion and a lower portion, where would His focus be? In the Center! The Fulfillment of the 3 Blessings is the center of God's focus. This is the center where love dwells. This is the same for men and women. The woman's focus is on man. There is no purpose for a woman if she is all by herself. Man is her perfection. She must conduct herself in a way to be acceptable to man and to be needed by man. The above is true also for man.

The true focus point is unchangeable true Love. That means that your focus point is not in you but in your spouse. One purpose of the Blessing is to exchange the "focus point feeling." Only there freedom exists. Thus women should meet man head on and go right into man. Woman represent flesh and man the bone.

Man is the root of life and he must stand in the center position. There is a pitcher and catcher relationship. Women are great catchers. When you really understand that, you will have no fights in your family.

Women's skirts should not be tight but rather have a colorful flair that can go around and embrace her husband. Bone has only one color. Man should not insist to only have a white woman. All white is just too monotonous. White woman must also protect the black man.

Flowers have many colors but the most beautiful flowers have no honey or no fragrance. It is the not so attractive and colorful flowers which have the honey and the fragrance to attract the bees. The same is true with beautiful women. The most beautiful women have not so much to offer to man other than the beauty itself.

A Korean saying states that "Beautiful women have thin blessings." Actresses are usually beautiful and the Queen in the movies. In real life however, they are very unstable and even become beggars. Who wants to be an actress. They live by "shadow love" and you American people like it, don't you. No! This is what the USA is all about, it is colorful and flamboyant but it has no life, no fragrance.

This whole life is far away from the Unification Church Life but Father wants to talk about everything today. Do you want to be loved? Yes! What is the longest lasting? Is it money, knowledge, power? No, it is True Love! The bone is strong but it will be broken by True Love.

1. True Love Point, Zero Point, True Love,

Life and Lineage

As satan is striking True Love, he is being reduced to nothing. The reason God does not stop persecution is that it becomes fertilizer for True Love to grow. When the whole world comes to unrighteously persecute one person, it will be defeated. Father knew this from the very beginning. With this knowledge He could continue as the center forever.

How wonderful we are!! We understand that the focus of everything is True Love. Do you have True Love? Yes! You know the "True Love Sound" but you never tasted True Love. Only the taste is real. The one who tastes True Love can live like God. Is there anybody who does this more than Father?

We need the absolute focus point of True Love. Only True Love embraces all. If you put 240 million Americans into a "True Love Bag" it will not break even if you throw it around. Does America have a center? No! There is no center place and freedom does not have a center either.

You do not like to hear this but has Father ever praised the USA? No! America is so high and free, someone must bring it down. Americans move around but have no center. If a woman marries because of money, she is a bad woman. She should look for True Love. But where do we find True Love? Do we find it in the White House or in prison? Well, you have not been to either place so how would you know?

True Love is found in the most miserable place. True Love should be able to unify women's five senses with man's five senses. If you have true Love in your bosom, you are stronger than a diamond. True Love is harder than a diamond. God is the True Love center and He is the strongest, hardest and He emits more light. God is hard and bright. He is the "Tower Light" (from bottom to top) or as you say it the light tower (from top to bottom).

Everyone wants to overcome the hardness and darkness of persecution and go to the True Light. The Spirit World and the Physical World have the same center of True Love. If you become selfless you exist, but not really because a selfless, center person exists for others.

A high pressure system always follows the low pressure system or a vacuum or a Zero Point. God is the King of the "Zero King Place." To meet God there, we must even go lower than the Zero Point. Flesh must surround "Zero Point Bones."

All major religions teach to take hardship and misery and persevere. Forget that you are women and men. All I do is to exist for the world. Invest and forget and become absolute zero. The original World would have been like that.

Until Father came there had not been a center on this earth. Father created a center from the individual level all the way up to the world level. If you are a True Love Center, you are connected to everyone forever and you can not move away.

If you do not connect to the center point, it does not matter how beautiful you are, You have no value in the Spirit World. I know it is hard to translate all of this thus Father should speak to you in English directly. Better yet, you should learn Korean.

2. The Fall

What point am I making this morning? The reality is that the Fall took place. This is more real than the USA itself. No matter how much knowledge exists in the world the Fall also exists. Do you treat yourself as a fallen person?

Your eyes see fallen things, your ears hear fallen words, your nose smells in a fallen world and your mouth speaks fallen words and you do not deserve to touch anything. Have you chastised your ugly eyes? Fallen things can not be beautiful! The American woman may ask, "where do I stand?" - You stand nowhere! - Only when you begin to realize that, will you start to stand somewhere.

Have you really denied yourself? Burn my hair, roast my feet and feed them to the rats. The Fall governs everything. All that has nothing to do with Father must be cast out. Before you eat, sleep and make love, you must realize that the Fall is so seriously bad that you can't overcome it yourself.

If I can't sleep, eat, make love and play, it is OK if it means I will overcome the curse of the Fall. This is the meaning of the birth of the Unification Church.

You must clearly remember just this one thing, the whole world is fallen. Everything exists in the realm of the Fall. We must absolutely go over the Fall, not in it! The fallen beautiful women have no right to look for the best clothes. If she insists, she just extends the Fall. If you are well to do in this world, you will go to hell. The higher up you are in this world the lower you will be in Hell.

For us the 38th parallel divided Heaven and Hell. Father is so clever, He is taking the "Zero Point Place." Would you like to come down to this "Zero Point Place?" Yes!

At the end of the Korean war, there were lots of prisoners in the prison camps in Korea. President Lee let them all go even though that angered the USA because many of them were communists. Father now also opens the prison doors for everyone to get out. The problem is that we do not even know that we are in prison.

Are you clear whether you are in Heaven (south of the 38th parallel) or in Hell (north of the 38th parallel). We must know clearly where we stand.

In Korean TARA means Fall which literally translated means hitting down.

(Here Father has us repeating and pronouncing correctly TARA for a few times)

There have been too many Falls. Our ancestors' fall covered everything. No one could be free from it or get out of it. We must implant in ourselves the dreadfulness of -The Fall - more than anything else! Before you have the urge to eat, sleep, see a beautiful sight etc. you must say to yourself "I am a product of the Fall! I am not normal!"

Until you realize that religions of the past have no purpose anymore, USA can not survive. There is no more persecution coming for Rev. Moon, He is now respected by many important people. The Unification Church is the True Love Breed, the World does not need anyone else for their salvation.

Once we realize the reality of the Fall then the remedy can be applied and only Rev. Moon can apply it.

(Here Father asked us to raise our hands and repeat 10x the word TARA).

When you shave in the morning you must realize that you are shaving a fallen beard, etc. The women must have a 180 degree different purpose for putting on make-up.

It is very important for us to understand that behind us is a love and life lineage. The blood of your parents runs in your veins and your thoughts stem from the root of the Fall and that is not so great.

Does the Anglo-Saxon race belong to God or satan? satan! England is the base of piracy. They plundered many a nation. They took everything by power and established their own King-ship. By doing so they stopped every one else to do the same. The opium war destroyed a whole generation of Chinese. Now they are getting it back. You can see the Cause-Effect principle at work here.

Satan can be very beautiful and he will call you and tell you that he loves you. But when you go to him he will poison you and kill you. He speaks with a forked tongue. Father recognized that a long time ago and He did not want to look at anything beautiful or unique so as not to be tempted.

We must expect and watch out for Satan's temptation and realize where they come from. We have a lot of enthusiasm in us but right behind us is satan and he could lead us into a deadly place.

In the Unification Church we do not have a good time and we do not date. The reason being when a man and woman like each other and they hold hands, a volcano erupts.

The "True Love, True Life and True Lineage Palace" was destroyed through the Fall.

Tol Tong = Lineage. We have a new Love, Life and Blood Lineage. This is the reason we can move. We need a prescription and only Father has it. satan was safe until Father came so satan really hates Father the most. He did a lot of inconceivable things. Parents kidnapped children, children kidnapped parents to get them out of our movement.

It was satan who created communism and turned the US government against Father. But can the government stop Father? No! Father does not need a permanent visa or citizenship. The USA really must repent for what it did against Father.

America is really in a bad state, now even the Harvard students are taught by Russian students, how miserable a situation this is.

3. Tosio = Hell

The perfection of this fallen world can only come to one conclusion - it's Hell. Raise your hands if you are sure that you are not going to hell. You are connected to satan by lineage. There is no exception, it includes everybody, the president, the religious leader, etc.

You must understand the greatness of the Unification Church. Only our Church can save 240 million Americans. The smallest of you knows and can explain it to the biggest leader in the fallen world. Libraries and their books are no longer necessary. We can confidently cast them out because they do not have the truth in them that can help you go to Heaven.

You may not have the confidence now but soon all will become clear. Sex is Satan's strongest armament to destroy God's Will.

Do you want a man or woman who smokes and drinks and has many sexual relationships? No! We will set a precedent with Bridgeport University. Student there will not take part in any of these fallen activities.

Toshio = Hell we must deny everything that has to do with hell and then restore it through indemnity. The movement here in America does not understand much about Restoration Through Indemnity. You can not get out of Satan's world by enjoying it. But you can avoid Satan's world through indemnity! Is Father wise? Yes! He does everything backward. He takes beatings to bring victory. Eventually the world will get tired of persecuting Father and will eventually follow. Even if they continue to persecute they may unknowingly follow and even go ahead of Father. It is the same with Kim IL Sung. The Dawn of the new age is at hand.

Father to Tyler Hendricks: "Tyler do you welcome indemnity on every level?" - "Not on every level, Father." Father: "Not until now, but now you can start."

Even the second generation here in America does not understand Restoration Through Indemnity. If you want to preserve your life you will loose it, if you loose your life you will gain it. Your own family and your country will be your worst enemies.

Kim IL Sung for his 80th birthday celebration selected eight heroes from the world. Father was one of them. The USA and South Korea all denounce Father but the satanic side recognizes Father's greatness. This is a big irony.

I) Itan Gam Bokae = Restoration Through Indemnity

(Whenever Father gives us the translation of a providentially important word, He has us repeat it several times)

Prison life for Father was the straight road. You can't escape your indemnity course. You yourself should experience Golgotha without dying. The more we deny ourselves, the more perfect our foundation becomes. We must go Father's way. This is of course better for you to do before you have children. If you are married, your husband and children will get in the way. The Bible also talks about this clearly. This applies for members before the Blessing.

There are 25 000 Tribal Messiah couples in the world today. Each couple has no choice but to accomplish that mission. You can not go back even if you are facing death. There are so many of us now that you do not need so much help from the Spirit World anymore. satan can't infiltrate now.

II) Blessed Couples in the new Lineage

Blessed couples are in the new lineage. It is impossible for a Blessed Family to fall again. We are beyond the Adam and Eve falling point. You must harvest your indemnity time. Are US women dull? No! From today, May 1st, Father wants to believe in you.

Satan attacked Father while He was in Korea. When Father heard this he immediately came to America to face the accusation. By doing so Father hit satan and struck his head. Seven years after Danbury high leader in the US government bow their heads before Father.

The Japanese premier called American people lazy. You can be confident too no matter how big and bad America is you can attack it and be successful.

III) Shook Bo Tshadong = Blessing

The Blessing is the global center of Heaven. Can you imagine how difficult it was for Father to set the Blessing up? The Blessing means that you are being recreated, build anew. Father is giving all of this to you for free. It was difficult to build the Empire State Building but all it takes is a signed peace of paper and the ownership can be transferred. When Father gives you the Blessing, He is transferring ownership of the new creation to you.

Many descendants have accused Adam and Eve because they fell. If you fall from the perfection position, you will be accused even more. It is better to kill yourself than fall, you will not go to hell, love comes before life.

We have all reasons to be proud. We are of God's lineage and that is a most important life or death matter. We must understand the Zero Point. Forget your old love and even to which country you belong. America has too many enemies, if you take the Zero Point position, they will leave you. By being persecuted, you are occupying Satan's property. Heavens gates are open now.

Father has thought about these six points for the last 38 years. Because of it Father is now at the top of every religious, professional, political and every other field you can imagine in this world.

Father has accomplished more than God in this time. Religion and politics have been combined for the first time through the Federation of World Peace Movements. The Mind represents Religion and the Body represents Politics and they have now become one for the first time. Haig and a former Secretary of State have joined. Father asked Haig, " Why did you join now?" He answered: " I owe you one for what you have done for Nixon."

The whole World, God and Mankind will be liberated. Through the Washington Times and Cable TV we can educate everyone in 40 days. We will be able to "carpet bomb" every country which invites in the spirit of True Love. Even the US will eventually say, "Father please come," and that day is not so far away.

We must go step by step and can't even skip one point. You would like to go an easy way but this will not get you to the goal. why do we go the hard way? To receive eternal, "forever love."

Father looks at a beautiful woman as His daughter or mother. In East Garden everyone can almost do what they want but there is a clear line of love relationships. We must first go through brother and sister relationships before we can have a spouse and wife. Sexual intercourse is only acceptable with the clear goal of bringing a Heavenly Child into the world, everything else is evil.

Now we have clear hope to accomplish and fulfill all indemnity. We must not fear hard labor. Hard labor is especially good for those who like to think only. Labor resolves stress and insomnia, etc. Father loves hard labor, please follow Father's pattern. How about if we all go mining. You will either run or die but Father will always carry on.

When Father started to fish, the members were initially excited but now most of them want to escape. You should all go fish for at least seven days. You go fishing from 5:00 am to 8:00 am and then you can go to the office after. Did you prepare to buy a boat as Father asked you to do? You can get a small boat now for $6,000.00. It is sturdy and it will not sink. Father recognizes the US woman to be the King in the family, now He wants to make her the King of the Boat. They can all become women pirates and take the country by love.

Now Heaven and Hell became so clearly distinguishable. Father soon will dance with a long ribbon on his head and turn around and around like the Little Angels do in one of their dances. You will be a part of that ribbon.

There has been much change in the last two years and now we have two more years until we reach our 40th anniversary. If the USA will welcome us, we will have much hope to restore this country.

All of what Father said is true. Father has done everything by Himself until now. Now you must go Father's way in the next two years. Those who pledge to do this, raise your hands.

How wonderful, beautiful, gracious and blessed you are.

God Bless.....Us.

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