The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1992

The Complete Liquidation Of The Dispensation Of Restoration

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
June 7th 1992
Unofficial Notes
Father speaks for 3 1/2 hours.

We do not have so much time this morning. True Parents are returning to Korea in the early afternoon. What is the will of God? People don't have an answer to that question. Certainly the Christian Ministers and Theologians don't know, they can't explain it. One person said that on one hand the Will of God is quite easy to understand but on the other hand it is quite difficult to understand. What kind of an answer is that?

Only We Know Clearly

Only we have the clear answer to that question, only we know clearly! "The will of God is to complete the purpose of the creation." But what does that mean? It means the fulfillment of the Four Position Foundation. God wants to see Adam and Eve perfected and united in love, giving birth to sinless children and create a True Family.

Then, what is the Fall of Man? The Fall of Man made the establishment of the Four Position Foundation impossible. Thus we must indemnify the Fall and completely liquidate it. We have to start all over again.

We must start over again and indemnify the past mistakes. The American people and all Western people do not understand the concept of indemnity clearly. Why does God want man to suffer so much? It is not fair! We are strong people and we disagree with it. However, if the Western people refuse to live by the principle of indemnity, they will perish.

Go To The Zero Point

We have to reverse the course of history and only through indemnity can we accomplish that. Mankind (we) can not continue the usual way of life. The big question here is "how can I deny my false way of life?" Unless I find a way to change my false way of life, I will perish.

Without changing our way of life, we can not go back to God. The only way back to God is through the zero point, we must go back to the beginning. There is a paradoxical statement in the Bible saying that "those who seek to gain their lives will loose it and those who seek to give their lives will gain it." This means if you want to live, you must die! The Bible also states that the ones closest to you, your family, will be your biggest enemy.

Did not even some of your parents try to kidnap you? There is a constant struggle going on in our lives. Our mind and body also struggle with each other. Our mind always wants to get closer to God but our body, which is far away from God, fights against it. But the mind must go through the center point and to do this it must negate, deny the body.

We must subdue our body and become a sacrifice. We must absolutely not fight. For anyone to come to God, they must stop fighting and be absolutely united. This is true for all levels, but if we can unite on the individual level (mind and body), the family level and the clan or tribal level. When we can achieve those three levels, then we can be with God and can go on to work on the national level.

History Is Witness

However the advance from one stage to the next can only be accomplished through fighting with satan and bringing victory over him. That involves indemnity. Do you think that these are only Father's words alone? No, history is witness that this is the process of growth and accomplishment. Right now, on the world level there exists a right wing and a left wing. Both these wings must go through the same process of denial and unity. But we must even go farther than that. We must even think of liberating Hell. How difficult will that be? they also have to go the same path of denial and unity.

What then are the last days? The last days can easily be recognized by human behavior. When all people are enemies we can say that the last days are here. In our societies the family is a battle ground. Husbands and wives are fighting, parents and children are fighting, and the children are fighting amongst each other. This battle extends to the clan, nation and world level. How difficult it is to turn this world into the world of heaven.

In this hopeless world satan is standing over me, telling me what to do. He is confident that you can not beat him and he will tell you so and convince you of it. You all think of yourselves first, right? Well, that is satan! You must deny yourself under all circumstances. If that means to stand on your head, you must do it. The problem is that no one wants to do that.

God Wants Us To Succeed

How agonizing it must have been for God to bring us to the point we are at today. Even tough we are in the Unification Church, it is hard for God to work with us. We try to live according to the will of God but many times we fail. God is right with us and He wants us to succeed but too many times we fail. How difficult that is for God and what a miserable God He is.

God had to deal with the failure of the people ever since the beginning of time. How many generations are that? We are in the position of God and have the responsibility to educate and save the world. We only have a short time here on earth, we just need to work hard for one generation and then we are free. However, God cannot escape. He has been responsible for everyone and everything and while He took that responsibility, no one did even understand what God was doing.

God has a difficult task and He is so desperate to educate people. God introduced religion for that very reason and He paid a big price for that. America claims to be a Christian nation but they do not know that they are controlled by the communists.

There is all kinds of strange behavior in the churches including free sex and drug abuse. Most churches stand in direct opposition to Jesus in what they are doing and they are Jesus enemy. The Christians pride themselves in being saved. But what difference does it make if you are saved but have lost your family. The only solution to all of our problems is self-denial. If we talk about the True God, some people will not understand and ask us if there is a false god. God is a God of salvation but He should have never been in that position. He is persecuted now and has been persecuted ever since the beginning of history. This should have never been this way. Thus we can say clearly, that this is not the True God. The True God was to be accepted, loved and cared for from the very beginning.

We put True in front of everything, True Father, True Mother, True Children, True Family etc. this is what we want. But where do we go from here? What will we be doing from today? Will we pursue other things? Only by going God's way can we reach Heaven. Those of you who do not agree, raise your hands.

Are we fortunate or not? We are indeed fortunate! Even though we have to go a very tough course, we are very blessed. We must liquidate and cleanse everything. God introduced us to religion but it is religion that has persecuted God the most.

A truly religious person is in a miserable position. God is always working with and looking after miserable people. God is truly the King of Misery. God's View Of History

We must know the position we are in today. The Israelites are also miserable people. Why? satan will mercilessly strike God's central people. satan wants to kick God out of his property. Who are God's central people today? When satan strikes us his intention is to kill. But when we survive, satan can not strike us again. Here we go back to the Bible, when you are willing to lose your life, you shall gain it.

Then for the sake of God you will be resurrected. When we die we will embrace God and doing so we can resurrect and satan will not be able to touch us anymore. This is the true meaning of rebirth or to be born again. The first shall be the last.

This is God's view of history. He has brought us to the point we are at today. Who are God's son's and daughter's? They are the ones willing to go everywhere God goes and spread His word and tradition and succeed even if the whole world persecutes them.

Jesus did the very thing and He was eventually killed by satan. But Jesus prayer was "God, your will be done!" With that heart God resurrected Him. At the end of WW II America was ready to be used by God and receive the Messiah. But America did not know of this heavenly time table. Because it did not understand, America had to pay much indemnity and shed much blood.

America was not blessed for it's own purpose but to serve the world. When America turned away form the world, it declined rapidly. Even now, millions of people starve in the world and many die of starvation every day. They can accuse America and have them pay for these crimes. If America continues with the same policy, our children will have to suffer and pay the price.

Father Came To Teach

Rev. Moon came to America to change that. If America has faith (in Rev. Moon), than it can have hope. Because of America's failure, Rev. Moon had to indemnify from the very beginning all the historical mistakes. Only Father has paid the price of indemnity and thus has the solution to save this nation. But what did America do? Instead of receiving Father they put Him in prison. Father could have given up right then and there, but He did not. He started anew from the very beginning.

Who welcomed Father from the first day He arrived here? Everyone checked Him out for a long time before they started to embrace Father. That is not a genuine attitude. Everyone says that our teaching is very good but they also say that they can't live it.

How Much Do You Support Me?

But even you Unificationists, how much do you support Father even today? America is so much against Father even tough He spent more than 20 years here. Does America belong to God? No! We must be serious and save this nation. When Father came here, there was no individual victor, family victor, tribal victor etc. Father came to educate America but they united even with the communists to get rid of Him.

But He stayed to save this nation, clean up all it's trash and throw it in the garbage can. Father has done that all by Himself. Now He wants just a few people who can stand on their own feet and take responsibility for this nation. Then Father can go on to the next level and save the world. As long as we are standing upright and in righteousness and maintain the heavenly standard, God will save this nation through us. America is just like a boat without a captain. We must steer it in the right direction and even paddle with our hands if it becomes necessary.

Even if we die, we must pass on that responsibility to our children. Will America be alright without us worrying about it? Raise your hands if you believe that (no one raises their hands). If we work hard, America will not perish. From now on, if we do not do God's will He will strike us. Those who do not live according to God's will and standard can not pass.

Kim Il Sung is the Father of Satan's world and he rules through power and violence. Rev. Moon is the Father of God's world and He rules by the power of True Love. Why did God not choose England or America for the Messiah to be born?

The Golden Gate Meeting Place

Korea is divided by the 38th parallel. The meeting point were north and south meets is called Pan Mun Jom, which means "the wooden gate meeting place." Father wants to rename it "The Golden Gate Meeting Place."

Have you ever wondered why Kim Il Sung calls himself the father of mankind? He is the satanic imitation of the Heavenly True Father. Father wants to wrestle with KIS. He already has sized him up well. If Father could have 12 hours with KIS it would be the end of him. Father would tell him that he rose to his position by killing four million of his countrymen, whereas Father came to be in the position he is in by being hit and hit again. Kim Il Sung would not be able to deny this at all.

Some people may think that KIS is taking advantage of Father, but KIS will not be able to use Father to his advantage. The American Government does not know what Father is doing and they are very arrogant. They did not even care to check out what Father is teaching. They listened to Satan's voice instead. Why did they not check our teaching out? Reagan and Bush took a very unrighteous position. In this supposedly free country the government took an unrighteous position and put an innocent man into prison.

This is now proven to be true but still the American government does not like to hear this. They denied God's foundation. Father came to teach and they did not listen but struck Him instead. Why did they not ask God what Father was doing? What Father said here in this humble place will remain with us forever. This is a declaration to open the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

Here we establish God's will. True Father, True Mother, True Son's and Daughter's, True Family, True Tribe, True Nation, True World and True God.

Let's review what we have talked about this far. Adam needs to be liberated. The Original Adam is the Lord of the Creation and He should be able to do what he wants to do. When the Original Adam and Original Eve are totally united and have son's and daughter's who are united with them, then there is no room for satan to stand.

No Unification - No Freedom

Where there is no unification, there is no peace, no hope, no happiness and no freedom. If your mind and body fight, you can not be at peace, be happy and feel free. You are a cursed person. The communists promote peace but then bring people in to fight. Dialectical Materialism has no freedom and they kill each other. They have no hope and no happiness.

But if we unite our mind and body we have peace, hope, happiness and freedom. But only then, is that clear? Yes! there is no other way. Do you have that mind and body unity? Please answer me! No! No means know, you must know the things that make for peace, mind and body unity. Who disagrees with me.

When we witness we must do it with a unified mind and body and family. When you do have that unity you become so very important to God and you can restore the world. Be proud and represent God's center. You all want to be number one in your family and be treated like that don't you? Yes! To reach that position you must serve everyone else first.

We never had a True Adam and True Eve and a True Family. We must search them out and learn from them. We understand Satan's secret now and why he has been so strong for such a long time. Father revealed Satan's secret. Are those who know that secret happy people? In the Spirit World there are no such institutions we have here on earth. There are no schools no food factories and there are no powerful men, only God's power reigns. Satan was shooting at Father and Father had to jump a little. But now Father is on top of the World. Do you understand me? Yes! You must be brainwashed. You stand on God's side and not Satan's side, do you? Yes!

Jesus denied His individual desires, denied His family, His church and even His life. The Jewish people are waiting for the Messiah to return and expect to be praised by Him. They as well as the Christians wait for the Messiah to come on the clouds. But that will never happen. He must establish the Four Position Foundation and form a world free from satan. It is absolutely necessary for the 4PF to be established if it is not done, god would be defeated. This is why the Messiah must come in the flesh.

If Jesus had had descendants, the world would already be restored. But God lost ownership on this earth. We now have established the world Jesus wanted to establish.

Right now our root is not in the true heartistic realm. We absolutely must follow Father's teaching. Without Father restoration can not come.

(Here Father steps off the podium and walks over to the sisters side and talks from there. He will do this several times during the final course of the speech. He also speaks in English and is somewhat difficult to understand at times. This will be reflected in my notes).

How Wonderful You Are

We can no longer afford to stand in the midway position. The True Love Root comes from God, not True Parents, not man. We must attain the 4PF and find peace, hope, happiness and freedom.

How wonderful you are. You do not drink, smoke or dance. Everyone of these activities are connected to sex. In the movement of dancing you wriggle like a snake, that represents satan. Stimulating Drugs destroy the armor of God's love.

Everyone needs True Parents, including Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed and every other religious leader of the past and the present.. There is only one way to go, the way of True Parents. Kim Il Sung respects me, Russia respects me and the communists respect me. Ten thousand High School students will be studying Divine Principle in Russia this summer.

We need to establish True Love action. It is the women that initiate 75% of the divorces. Satan's love destroyed God's Son and put him at the very bottom.

We must be proud children of God and proud to belong to the True Parents Lineage. How can you bleach out and whiten your robes, our hearts and minds? You know more so than God how much you have to clean yourselves.

Do You Recognize The True Adam?

Do you recognize that for the first time in human history a True Adam has appeared? For forty years Korea wanted Father dead. In America it was twenty years, but now all that has stopped. those who still persist in persecuting me and the movement may get hurt. The same is true for the communists. But even satan is no longer opposing Father. True Adam is now being liberated.

But what about Eve? Eve with Cain and Abel in her bosom followed satan and created Hell on Earth. From that point God worked through Israel to elevate man. All was prepared for the second coming after WW II. Father stood at the center absorbing all. If America had embraced Father, then the world would be different and be restored by now. In forty more years the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth would have been set up.

Eve left God and Adam behind in the Garden of Eden. Now Eve must come and totally unite with the True Adam. American women do you understand? God's hope is the Home Town Nation. To realize God's ideal we must change to True Love, True Life, True Lineage, and True Ownership and beg forgiveness of the True Adam. Who is closer to God, George Washington or Father. In the Spirit World George Washington follows Father and so should the people here in America. Father came twenty years ago to this country and said that this nation is sick and on fire. It needs a doctor and a fire fighter from the outside to save it. But the response has been "what are you Korean talking about, it is the USA that is helping Korea. Do not speak to us like that. Right now you may not feel quite as bad as you did when I said it then but it is still true and even more so today. After WW II America declined sharply.

Holy men usually come from miserable places. Father is the only one who established the 4PF. How patient Father had to be to do it but He is the only one who did it. You must be connected to True Parents and be reborn again.

If America had told Father to go ahead and do as you wish, in seven years peace would have come. Singh Man Rhee stood against Father and he met his fate. America is going the same way and the free world is even connecting to the communists to get at Rev. Moon.

Father did nothing wrong and He did not fight back and now Satan's power is declining bit by bit. The PBS program Frontline tried to discredit Father again but it had an opposite effect. Through this program people realized that Father is a good person. Who is climbing to the top? Not the president... but Rev. Moon.

$1 Billion To Save America

Father has spent $1 Billion for the sake of America. When Father explained that to a thousand leaders at the Washington Times anniversary, they stood up and cheered. they felt a shameful heart before God.

Father got hold of the USA and is determined to save it. The second time (after Danbury) Father did it not God. Satan took everything, all the major nations. But now Father is claiming everything back. Father took back England, Japan, Germany, Italy and America.

Satan's strategy was to defame Father's and the Unification Church's name. It worked for a while. How many people did the communists kill or the CIA? Father killed no one but prayed and shed tears but the communists and the CIA treated Father very badly.

Father spent $1 Billion, that is a thousand Million to save this nation. Our members lived like beggars and suffered much. But now dawn is coming and the sun is coming up. Father has liberated America, not God.

Americans are very smart and have good potential. If a CBS team could be smart enough to investigate and show the truth about Father and our movement, America could change quickly. But if they won't do it, we will do it ourselves.

Father brought people from former enemy nation to America because they had a greater patriotism than the Americans themselves. America was supposed to learn from them. If people from enemy countries come and love the nation more than it's own people, satan has to retreat. In the Kingdom of Heaven there is only one race, culture, tradition and truth, not two.

The Japanese and European people did more for America than the Americans. Still they complain about Korean and Japanese leaders. If Father sends all of them home, can you run your own country? Tyler Hendricks can you? (Not yet). You must give a clear answer if you do not, it means you do not know! Answer me clearly! (No Father!)

The Gates Of Peace Are Open

Now the Gates of Peace are open. I have taught Russia, USA, the Communists and practically everyone. No one stands against me now. True Eve has truly united with Father. Mother must inherit Father's tradition. There can be no Mother's tradition. Mother was Father's shadow wherever He went. Eve's dominion was thus restored. Now Father is bringing women to His left side. Since we have established the Father's level, Father is putting Mother in the position to lead the Women's World Peace Federation.

America, Russia and China are the three Archangels. America is the Heavenly Archangel. Russia China and Korea all want to possess Japan. Japan and the USA do not want to see North and South Korea united. Since that is so, China and Russia are pushing for that unity. But this can only happen centered on Father, not KIS.

Jesus lost His body in Asia. the western society is a spiritual body society(?). Two years ago Father arranged exchange marriages (not exchange students) between Japan and Korea, Korean men and Japanese women.

The highest education minister in Japan listened to Father like an elementary student. Only from the rising sun can the darkness be dispelled. To make this foundation God had to give up many families, religions and nations. Those who learn first have a greater responsibility. If we do not fulfill, we will be punished. Only through us the world can be saved.

How can you say you can not do it. You have the authority of authorities and if we deny this we will have to pay the consequences. All His life Father went this course Himself. We can go joyfully because salvation is ours.

We are in the "Gospel Airplane" already. If you had to walk, you may get killed. Go forward with the speed of love. Do you like that? Yes! You are accustomed to good things but champions are trained on foot. Satan comes from twelve different directions and you must be able to dodge him each time. God loves wonderful champions. Don't you or do you want to be a champion?

Mother is fighting a war now, She is starting at 4:00 p.m. today. She is going on a 40 day speaking tour to the Women's World Peace Federation. Mother will Bring victory to all women. She is the restored Eve and Kim Il Sung the false Adam needs the True Eve. On the foundation of Eve's victory, KIS will have a position to stand.

When Eve is victorious, the Adam and Eve realm will cover everything. Then there will be no more room for satan to stand. When that victory come through Eve, (Mother) the time of indemnity will be completed.

God Bless Us.

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