The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1992

First Anniversary of the Declaration Day of God's Eternal Blessing

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
World Mission Center, Grand Ballroom
July 1st 1992, 9:00am
Unofficial Notes

Declaration Day of God's Eternal Blessing

Before Father spoke he asked Dr. Spurgin to give a report on the conferences that took place in Korea.

Main points: There were five different conferences held in three locations. The Lotte Hotel, the Sheraton Walker Hotel and the Little Angels School.

The ICUS (18th Science Conference).

Dr. Weinberg a famous Scientist gave a deep testimony about True Parents. Skeptical by nature and only convinced by facts, not blind faith, has studied our movement ever since he came the first time in 1974. His friend Dr. Wiegner invited him, he would not have come otherwise. He said that our movement was for real, there was nothing fake or sinister about our movement. He testified to Father and Mother saying that they were for real and everything they claim to be. He never publicly plays the piano before but for the first time he played for True Parents. He moved many people to tears with his testimony. Dr. Gerholm the Chairman for the next (19th) Conference also gave a long and deep testimony to Father.

Two new Organizations were established:

1. IFWP International Federation for World Peace.

Professors and Educators as well as Political Leaders took place in this inaugural Conference.

2. IRFWP Inter-religious Federation for World Peace.

Inaugural Conference, Religious Leaders from Major Religions took part. The Grand Muftis from Syria and Yemen were present. Also Tshitananda (?) from India and Paulus Margragonious (?) the President of the World Council of Churches attended. Paulus has been persecuted by many of the established churches ever since he attended our conferences two years ago. He testified about that to Father.

IRF Conference on the Family and Marriage.

Father addressed the top leaders of each conference in a special meeting and spoke about the purpose of the Blessing in detail just as if he was talking to us.

Summit Councils

70 Former Heads of State and Political Leaders attended.

Former Chief of Staff for Nixon and Secretary of State for Reagan, General Haigh spoke for the first time at our Conference. He praised Father for his support and work on behalf of the USA, especially during the Watergate Affair. He served in Korea during the war and his son and grandson are in Korea right now. His son is also a military man. He gave a Headwing message and warned against isolationism of the left and the right here in America.

Father met privately with him and gave him the mission to head up a World Youth Organization with the purpose of World Wide Student Exchange to study our thought.

Father and Mother were presented with one award each from an Organization from India called Unity International. The eight top leaders came to present the awards.

Mr. Eu, the leader of the Washington Times gave a report.

He presented Father with the first copies of the Washington Times Weekend Edition, "The Sunday Times". It had 104 pages with almost 40 pages of advertising. 350 night time employees work on this special Sunday edition. They had a big Champagne Party at the Press Building to celebrate this first Weekend Edition. There are 1200 employees at the Washington Times. They printed more than 150 000 copies for this edition. Even the Washington Post had a big write up about it. Many people have already called up to get a subscription.

After a 5 minute break, at 9:15am Father spoke for 5 hours on the topic of

Home Town

How did you like the report on the Washington Times? Now Bush will have to also listen more. Through the Washington Times America can have more hope now. During the Gulf War, the Washington Times played a major role. Also during the Coup 'De Etat in Russia The Washington Times gave clear direction to the government of the USA. It becomes more and more clear now that the tide of history is influenced by one or two people.

Both Russia and America will have to change and that will influence China to change as well. The President of the USA has no idea of how to resolve the problems of the nation. Bush has to look to Rev. Moon for solutions. Father predicted many years ago about the downfall of Russia and the problems that America is facing at this time. This is the very reason why people of the world are now paying attention to Father. Father gave new hope to the leaders of the world at the conferences in Korea. He explained to them clearly how World Peace can be attained.

The Unification Church has come to the top of the world. Now we need a steam engine to pull the rest of the world in the right direction. This steam engine is YOU. The world knows that it needs clear and strong direction. The free, democratic world is based on the Bible. They are eager to be educated. Everybody knows this except the Unification Members. We are strongly armed with the truth and have much power since you know all the solutions to all the biblical mysteries.

You have the weapons, but you do not now how to use them. This is was people in the outside world are saying. You actually have no clear idea were Father is leading you. All has been accomplished by Father. What has he done? He has been climbing up and we must keep up with Father. The world must keep up with the Unification Church. You know about the "Eight Step Ceremony" where are you? At which step are you?

Restoration comes only through indemnity. Only that will take you to the next level. Do you really believe that and practice it? We must restore through indemnity! We must restore through indemnity. Where are you? On the Individual Level? The Family Level? The Clan Level? At which level are you?

Have your mind and body achieved unity? You can not go to Heaven unless you establish that unity and your family can't go to Heaven either. Are all the races united? Are the Americans united with the Japanese? Japan and America could not unite. Thanks to Father everything is going well, but without Father, the USA will decline. Father is the center but if he leaves, you all become independent. If Father leaves, can you really save America?

We can not go to Heaven just because Father is there in Heaven. Not everybody who goes to the same school will graduate at the same time and some even flunk the courses. What do you think about yourself? Evaluate yourself, can you uphold Father's tradition and truth by yourself? Can Father harvest you? Are you a good seed? Some of you are rotten and won't give new life. Father is working on the world level and is reaping a big harvest. Can he expect a harvest from you?

Father just united religious and political leaders. The Religious Leaders represent the mind and the Political Leaders represent the body. Father made their position clear to them. Politicians now have to listen to Religious Leaders. No one but Father could have done something like that.

The Religious Leaders that attend Father will have more and more influence over other religious leaders and soon they will influence political leaders as well. In the USA soon people will understand that all the religions must unite for the sake of saving the country.

God wanted for the longest time that religious leaders lead the politicians. It is truly amazing that scientists, politicians and religious people are coming together. You must also make this happen in your Home Town or where ever you live. You must play Father's role in your Home Town and harmonize all people.

Poplar trees are the same world wide. You could engraft a branch from an American tree into a tree growing in Korea. You could even clone a tree from just one cell. How about a Rev. Moon tree? What is that?

He is one (tree) that is loved by God and who loves God to a greater degree. He will never die but do the utmost to accomplish God's will. What about you?

To achieve God's goal we must give up our own children, nation and even your own life. Can you say "yes" even if you are under torture? How about if someone pulls out your finger nails one by one with a pair of pliers? What if you have to go through that? How many times are you ready to die for the sake of God?

Even Jesus said to God "Why have you forsaken me?" However, He said that "Not my will be done, but your will!" What about you? Can you say that? All of us lived as we will. We must be reborn.

Father did not have to come back from Korea when He was indicted by the American government. There are no extradition laws between Korea and America. He could have just forgotten about the whole thing. But Father came back! Why? It was God's will! It was the only way to save America. With Danbury America has a small avenue to repent, without it there would be no way. When America repents, it will begin to live again.

Through the sacrifice of God's Son, a great number of people are saved. Why? We belong to Satan's lineage because of the fall. Thus man has no choice but to die to himself and be raised up by God again. You must deny your life and rise above this world.

You must go to a new realm of God and die to the old realm. You must be reborn. What is rebirth? What is the Holy Ghost? The Holy Ghost is feminine God. You are reborn through the Holy Spirit (Mother) and the seed of a man (Father).

The Holy Ghost is like your mind and you are the body. When you received the Holy Spirit and Jesus comes to you, you are reborn. This represents the love of God. However, this rebirth is spiritual only (the same principle applied at the fall).

What about the Second Advent? When your mind and body become one, you receive elements from Father. We are born again through Father's body. Do you understand Father? Unmarried Adam must go into Mother's womb and be reborn. Then mind and body are perfect. Spirits come down and are reborn the same way.

How can we receive elements from Father's body? We must feel the pain that Father (and Jesus) feels. This is just like an unborn baby in the womb who feels every pain of the mother. We must miss Father with tears. If we do not feel this pain, we still have a long way to go and much to grow. We must do that now, before we go to the Spirit World! We have not really understood that until now!

If mind and body are reborn through True Love they are free. When mind and body are united, there will not be a fight between the two.

If Homosexuals continue to have homosexual relationships in the Church, they will go straight to hell. When you are filled with the Holy Spirit, you will feel not to do any wrong anymore. If you don't have that feeling now, you must pray harder, pray, pray.

If you started to go the wrong way, you must go back to the origin point and start all over again. You must go back to the Formula Course.

Do you remember when you were born again? Rebirth is not simple. Only God and satan knew the secret of rebirth. But now, through Father, we also know and the satanic world must retreat. The satanic world began in the mothers womb. So Heaven will start the same way.

Come into the new Adam and be reborn through Him. To come into Adam, you must love Him more than anyone else. That's how you can receive His elements. You must pay your own indemnity to live and be like Father.

Receiving Father's elements is a spiritual (vertical) process, going into Mother's womb is a horizontal process. Father is working very hard to make this as easy for you as possible. Both vertically and horizontally satan has been pushed far back. That is why we can enjoy a peaceful atmosphere.

If form now on we become very serious and believe and obey Father, He can give us rebirth. If Father says go, even if we think we are going to our death, we must go. When you do, chances are that you will not die. However, you must be ready to die.

Satan wants to see your qualification also. You are like a cup, if you are filled with dirty water, Father wants to empty you out and fill you up with clean water. You suffered much in your Church Life and now Father is asking you again to suffer. Shall we do it? You must forget your wife, children and everything else. This will make you empty of the dirty water. You will be filled with clean water and Father will be able to work much better with you. This is the reason why Father is chasing the Blessed Couples away from their comfortable home. Father also started all over again.

We must go Jesus and Father's course. It is much easier now, but still we must do it. Now there will always be someone who will look after your children, this was not so when Father first started. Korean leaders suffered the most in the beginning.

What if you belong to the Headquarters Church or some company? That does not matter, you must go your own individual course and live your life. This means Home Town, you are starting your Tribal Messiah mission. Go back to your original home. Father restored the Elder Sonship, True Parentship and True Kingship. Adam was to occupy all three positions. On the 20th of July we got together and formed the Royal Family. The course we take from now on is a True Love Course. Satan can not follow there.

The whole world is welcoming Rev. Moon now. If you go back and invest your family and clan, a whole new world will come to exists for you. Adam was to establish a country. By establishing a clan we automatically establish a nation.

You are in the original Adam's position. Go and resurrect your parents as Adam and Eve. You are in the position of Jesus' family. Father is in the position of True Parents. You can separate from evil and even restore Jesus. We are creating a new Jesus. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd Adam's branch must connect to the Tribal Messiah concept. Connect your into the main trunk and your whole lineage will come alive. It will work!

Once you go to your Home Town, you will take away Santen's dominion and restore it to God. This actually means that:

1) You let your parents stand in an unfallen position.

2) You let Jesus' disciples stand in an unfallen position.

3) You stand in the position of the True Parents and the 3rd, perfected Adam.

We must go so that we can connect to the Spirit World. There many of our ancestors live. The full resurrection of Spirit Men is possible through this course. We will have the same value as perfectly restored families. One thing is for sure, you must restore your tribe to make your own Home Town foundation.

Father must also have his own Home Town. You must feel God's feelings and heart as you restore your Home Town. Unless you do that, you can not go to Heaven.

You are standing on the territory where the seven tribes of Canaan were wiped out. We must restore Canaan through Home Town. We must digest Canaan and not be digested by it. The tribe's goal is to realize a nation. You are now in the Elder Son's position. The people in your Home Town are in the younger son's position. If you take your position well, they will listen to you.

Here is the direction concerning Home Town that Father gave to the Japanese leaders on August the 29th 1991. Please write these points down for your own edification.

I. Return To Canaan And It's Restorational Meaning.

(All of this would not have been necessary if Christianity had accepted Father. In 1950 all would have been accomplished. Now the deadline is 1992)

1. The purpose of the course through the wilderness was to separate from satan. To restore 4300 years we take 43 years.

2. We have return to Home Town and restore our ancestry.

a) Elder Sonship

b) True Parentship

c) True Kingship

d) The above are three great conditions. Your grandfather and father should serve you. You are Abel and Cain must be subjugated.

3. Original Ideal Family

a) Heavenly Father (Kingship, past)

Parents (Kingship, present)

Children (Kingship, future)

b) Husband and Wife living in True Love Palace

c) Parents and Children living in True Love 4. Establishing a new tradition which is 180 opposite from satanic tradition

5. Complete absorption and digestion of the Cain realm

6. Establishing a nation.

We are turning everything into a Heavenly position. Our standard has to be high. We are sons and daughters of Royal Citizenship. We must be better children of filial piety, establish a better kingship, be better Saints and Holy Man than the world has seen.

II. Organization Based On The Divine Principle View.

1) Town, Precinct, Neighborhood

2) Town, County, State

3) County, State, Central Government

4) ?

5) Central Government, Congress, World

6) World, Congress, Cosmos

7) Kings Palace, God

If you do not feel confident to work alone, you can make a team of four who can take turns to go to each of your cities and work together. If you still can't do it, make a group of twelve people. You can go up to 120 people in this way.

2. Tribal Messiah accomplishes 120 families, 360 families and 720 families.

3. Second Home Town

In Korea Father allowed a second Home Town since many of the members have their Home Town in North Korea. This second Home Town will instantly be connected when the border will be removed. The main task is to teach Divine Principle.

a) Education and Training

b) Itinerant Workers

4. Unification comes from the individual, family and goes to the higher levels. Use Churches and Public Places to teach Divine Principle.

5. Train and arm the World with superior thought and organization. By doing that we can win any election.

III. The Mission Of The Tribal Messiah

1. Parents



2. Ownership = Kingship

Teacher = School Teacher

Parents = Family3. The Mission of the Tribal Messiah is inevitable. We can't avoid it and must do it until we succeed.

IV. Tradition Of God And True Parents

1. Live for the sake of others

2. Invest and invest again and forget that you invested

3. Pray for perfection and dedicate many hearts to perfection

V. Steps Of Recreation

1. You must create and environment

Everything exist in Subject and Object relationships for the purpose of love. The concept of love existed first. We get Blessed to become One in Love through our Sexual Organs. Here lies the origin of Love, Life and Lineage. This part of your body is the most valuable area. Find material through which you can recreate (fundraise). Restore from the satanic world. You must add your blood sweat and tears to it and offer it to Heaven. Through this you can go up and inherit the Elder Son's Position from satan. You must win approval from satan.

2. Subject and Object

3. Corresponding Relationships of Subject and Object (family and society)

4. Connecting with True Love

God did not become great instantly. He worked for it. To become great, something must be added. You must add True Love. The more True Love you invest, the greater will be the response to you (small input, greater output). Forget your investment. If you had totally given of yourself, God would have filled you up by now. The only reason you have not enough is that you have not invested yourself totally. Eternal life becomes greater with time. Investing in Father means to become prosperous.

VI. The Foundation Of Victory And The Foundation Of Cain And Able

Unless Subject and Object unite, there can not be a good relationship between Cain and Abel.

A good relationship between Cain and Abel means perfection.

1. Establish the Family Foundation of Good Give and Take Action

Father shares all of this with you as His bosom friends in the hope that you will live up to your responsibility. Father misses you very much. When you have to go away, Father wishes for you to stay longer.

2. Foundation of the Tribe.

3. National Foundation.

Adam and Eve and Jesus should have established this Foundation.

4. True Parents Foundation

a) Children Foundation, Parents Foundation, National Foundation, World Foundation and Cosmic Foundation.

VII. Unification Federation For World Peace.

A world of peaceful nations. Satan's world completely destroyed. The Kingdom of God reigns forever and ever. In the Moslem symbol a man carries the Koran in one hand and a Sword in the other. This is not of God but of satan. Now we understand who and what the Lord of the Second Advent is.

Through the Headwing Thought everything was accomplished. When we talk of Headwing people know that this means Godism, Rev. Moon and the Unification Church.

The conclusion is this: We must return to our native land. There you must teach the Divine Principle. This will be your main weapon to educate your people.

Father, if he wants to go to Moscow, he would get the best room in the Kremlin. Gorbachev would give it to Father. Would Bush offer Father the best room in the White House? Bush is not listening right now. Father is avoiding a confrontation with Bush and America. Both Bush and America would decline. Father wants to educate Bush some more.

Gorbachev has no one in the western world that he can trust. He asked Father to find him someone. Now all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle are falling into place and you can easily see the result.

Go to Home Town and become a Tribal Messiah.

We will own ourselves if we obey Father. If we don't, we will be slaves like the Israelites if they had not left Egypt.

On July 1st 1991 a special Tribal Messiah Ceremony was held. We must witness to the world. Just imagine if 5 billion people could participate in this birthday celebration. It could be done via satellite.

Father will go back to Alaska in a few days. He will work hard to make up the deficit. The elder Japanese members are going back to Japan. they did not come to get a job, but to create a new country. You will be the Founding Father's of this nation and world.

The Pilgrim Father's sacrificed much, but you must sacrifice even more.

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