The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1992

Original Restoration and My Rebirth

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Sunday, August 20th 1992
Unofficial Notes
Father Speaks (7 Hrs. 30 min.)

There can only be one Origin, not two. The Fall destroyed the original plan and thus restoration became necessary. What is the Fall of Man that brought the catastrophe and so much suffering and incredible pain to man and God.

Results of the Fall

Since the beginning of time no one knew the staggering consequences of the Fall. But now we can see these consequences clearly. America is the typical example of the consequences of the Fall. The results of the Fall have become so clearly visible especially in this country. We have eyes to see and we do see but we do not understand.

Ask any American if he is secure in his personal life and family. He could not answer clearly "Yes" to your question. We may think may think that we have the Empire State Building, the White House and all kinds of sophisticated weaponry and we will be OK, but that is false security.

From the president down this nation is sick. Go and ask the President himself.. "are you secure?" Do you have a clear World View? Do you have the internal qualities and values necessary to save this country? Are you confident that you can continue the tradition of their country? Can you lead all the nations of the world?

Aids and free sex originated here. Does a man of character value free sex? It is incredible for a child to be born and not know who his father is. This can only happen in the West. This could never happen in the Orient. Even in the animal Kingdom this does not happen. This America must perish. It can not continue in this way.

This America which was great and is to be great does not know, it has no solution to all the problems. People in the future may get so discouraged that they kill themselves. But that will not solve anything but make things even worse.

Why did Father come here? He came here to protect Christianity and revive it. Unless we can do that , there is no way America can be revived and saved. When we speak of Christianity we speak of living the way of Jesus Christ.

Who can lead the World

Who in Christianity has the spirit and knowledge to lead the World? No one! Only Rev. Moon has that spirit and knowledge. Father has more value than the 240 million people of this nation put together and even the five Billion people of the World.

Father knows this clearly. He understands His value. How much did the USA persecute Rev. Moon? America has one a great disservice to God's Providence. Father loves Christianity because God loves it. But still it is Christianity which is coming against Father. United to Save America (USA) represent the true content and spirit of Christ's teaching

Americans are trying to figure out and evaluate Rev. Moon, an also judge Him. And even some of you Moonies are doing the same thing.

Those outside people soon realize that you are people of a different breed and that they can not figure you out. Father single handedly fought against the 240 million people of this country and won.

America depends on Father for ideas. Father spent $1 Billion for the Washington Times for one purpose alone, to save America. But this is just one of our many projects. Did any American ever come to Father with a $100.00 bill in their hand and tell Father to spend it for the purpose of saving the World?

Even some of you did not come to help but just clawed and scratched. Even today some of you are only here to take advantage of the Unification Church. Raise your hands if you have the confidence to save America and the World.

Are you better than the Apostle Peter? He denied Jesus three times. Your laughing shows me that you are not confident. God has done so much and He receives so little in return. Father is so sympathetic to God because He is so miserable and lonely. How many times have you denied God and Father?

Inherit Heavenly Tradition

God has no choice but to continue working with people who constantly betray and hurt Him. God can not give the World and the United States up. Each American must inherit the Heavenly Tradition. Only when you accomplish that can you tell Father to go home. Only that kind of "Go Home Rev. Moon" is acceptable.

Do you realize what Father has to go through when He comes to America? Even at the airport the immigration officers respond very unpleasantly and they treat Father as if He was the worst person on earth. Usually all the other passengers get through customs first before they let Father through. America even put Father into Danbury. But now ten years later they understand that they were wrong.

However, Father is a man of reason. He understands that no Saint, not even Jesus was treated fairly by the same generation. Can you imagine a member who received so much love from God and Father and then leaves? It is very painful but Father does not think any more about it. But inside both God and Father feel the same strength of wrath as the amount of love they have given to this person.

What if Father left this country? The consequences of this would be unthinkable. Father only remains because of you so it is up to you Moonies to ask Father not to leave.

Second Coming Proclaimed

At the last Cultural and Sports Festival in Korea eight events were going on almost simultaneously. They were top level summit meetings with top leaders from the political, scientific, academic, media and religious worlds.

In front of those people Father proclaimed himself as the Savior and the True Parents of Mankind. Father told them that they had to follow True Parents. There may be many Messiahs, (leaders or founders of a religion) but only one pair of True parents.

To many who attended this proclamation was very shocking. But they had 24 hours to recover and attend the Blessing Ceremony in the Olympic Stadium. They might have asked themselves "How can it be possible that Father could match so many by picture and no one rejected Him?"

This is certainly unheard off and Father is the first man to do this! Next time there will be a blessing for 360,000 couples. How many will come from the USA? The heads of the Americans are heavy and they have big eyes representing self-centeredness. Will you say "No, I can not go to the Blessing, I can't do it?" But they can not dismiss the proclamation that True Parents are the Savior. Their life is a stake here and people realize this more and more. Do You Have Guts

What about you? Will you go and follow Father no matter what great things He does? Do Americans have guts? There are a lot of fat Americans but I don't mean that type of guts.

As time goes on, Rev. Moon is getting bigger and bigger but you seem to become smaller and smaller. You must have the clear confidence that you are the Saviors to bring salvation to the people of the world. Unless you have that clear confidence, you can not follow Rev. Moon. Father is going all the way to liberate God. There is no one who even talks about that other than Father. Father is the only one that can liberate God.

To do this we must build God's family, tribe, nation and world. Unless you have the determination to do that you can not follow Father. Are you committed to accomplish this goal or do we not know what our purpose is? If you know than whether Father is here or not, you will save your family, tribe, nation, World and cosmos and thus Father can go and work somewhere else.

Do you know any American who likes to be defeated? Our common goal and aim must be one. Those who are confidently committed raise your hands.

What if someone cuts off your nose or one ear? Or what if someone will plug out your eyes, destroy your mouth and even cut your neck. Still we must go. If your neck is cut, the head better roll ahead of you and not roll backwards.

Success for America

This is exactly the way Jesus lived. Father sacrificed twenty years of His life in a life and death battle. No one knows what Father has been doing but you all are committing yourselves to do whatever Father asks you to do. Thus is Father successful? Yes! But this success is not for Himself but for you, the USA and the World. Even if you die, the USA must remain. God's will must persist and Heavenly Father must be liberated.

The whole cosmos will bow down to a man who upholds God's will and works to liberate God. We must realize this and connect to such a man than all problems will be resolved.

This was the first scene, now lets go on to the next. How many do you want to see?

You must be born again

No one has ever taught these things, not even Jesus. What is restoration by origin? We are not in the proper place because of the fall. Thus we must be born again! Why? We were born of fallen parents and thus we must be born again of unfallen parents.

How can we prove this? Some people will say that there is nothing wrong with this world and that it is supposed to be this way. Most religions don't really care, only Christianity has an idea about rebirth. What is the cause of the Fall? What does the Bible say? We must have a clear understanding of it, otherwise there is no use in fighting against satan.

Christians don't know

What do Christians say about the Fall? They do not know the meaning of the Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Why did God chase man out of the Garden of Eden? These questions must be clearly answered and understood.

The eating of a fruit entails the use of hands and mouth. But Adam and Eve covered the their sexual parts. Have you ever caught one of your children with their hands in the cookie jar? Did they cover their sexual parts or the cookie in their mouth or hand?

If you understand this clearly it's very simple that the fruit was symbolic. If the problem had only be the eating of some fruit, God would have found some remedy for eating it.

However, God labored very hard for thousands of years to establish the lineage of Jesus. We must go back to the origin to resolve the problem. We are part of a bad blood lineage, satans lineage. If it was not for the Fall, God's blood would flow in my veins. But the Fall took place and thus we are connected to satans tree, we are bad fruit.

To be saved means to go back to the origin before the Fall. The order of God's love is of utmost importance and quality. Love flows from the parents to the children. Satan went against this order and thus we see his rebellion multiplied in the world today.

Bitter Harvest

There is even incest in the Western World. This is unthinkable in Gods eyes. Brother's and Sister have relationships and even Father and Daughter etc. You would never see anything like that in the orient but it happens frequently here in America.

Crimes of the past centuries are coming out now here in America. Let us burn up these sins so that we can forget and God can forget.

Humanity is desperate to find fulfillment but can't find it anywhere. In desperation they turned to free sex and when that was no longer enough they turned to drugs. God feels like walking away from such a man and satan tells God that it is useless to try and save mankind.

But God brought us, the products of this fallen world here. Only Father has that power and satan who sees this is afraid. He does not want Father or you to come to this world, because he claims it is his territory.

No one will put Father into prison when Father becomes victorious. Father made all the conditions to proclaim their position of True Parents of Mankind. opposition has no meaning anymore. We are in a secure zone now. Father proclaimed to the World who He is. Jesus wanted to do this 2000 years ago. But He was afraid and thought that it could not be done. With the Jews and the Romans against Him He did not think He could succeed.

The Japanese media has been so much against Father. They are very irrational but now for the first time they heard that Father is the Savior of the World and they started to have some fear. "Could this be true? What if it is?" they ask. All Moonies on the right, left, front and rear say that this is true. this is really amazing. Now they will have a chance to repent and follow Rev. Moon.

The Holy Spirit in Russia

The former KGB say that Father is fair and they asked Him to come and educate them. The Department of Education officially recognized Father and sent 2000 of their elite professors to the Workshops. 10,000 in all have attended so far but 100,000 have heard about us.

Government Ministers and 2000 intellectuals have concluded that this truth had to be taught and put into practice. What face, dignity and embarrassment would you show if you have Russians coming over here to teach the Ministers.

Russians do not have so much garbage in them, they only had one thing wrong with them, communism. To correct that we just have to push one button. Isvestia and Tass are the two most powerful media companies somewhat comparable to the New York Times. Isvestia wrote articles about Divine Principle and printed more than 100,000 Divine Principle Books in the Russian language.

The New York Times states on their masthead that they print "all the news that's fit to print". Divine Principle is certainly Good News that's fit to print, why don't they print it?

Twenty head members of Isvestia came to Father and reported to him that they believed in Father and that they would lead the nation in the direction to follow the Divine Principle Way. Out of fifteen countries that made up the formerly Russian Republic three are seriously considering to make the Unification Church their national religion.

Become a Russian Citizen

Should Father stay here? The Washington Times cost too much money and maybe I should put that money into Russia. Would you move to Russia and leave your American citizenship behind and become a Russian citizen? This would certainly be a short cut to establish God's Ideal.

If all the members left America, the country would turn into a desert. Just imagine that, Father could easily do that. How can we prove that? 30,000 couples got matched and Blessed by picture. After an act of obedience and faith like that, anything else would be much easier.

America is the land of immigrants and is made up of people from all over the world. Only the Indians are the true Americans. Initially it was the white Europeans who came here. How did they take over this country? At gun point! America certainly must repent for that, otherwise it will get what it has given. It will reap what it has sowed. Repentance is the remedy for what they did.

Indians are cousins of the oriental people thus Father has a right to be here. In twenty to thirty years white people will be the minority and racism will be a big problem. Father wants to help the white people as well as the black and Hispanic people to overcome this problem.

This is the very reason Father is holding these Interracial Mass Weddings with every nationality involved. All the national, racial or cultural barriers are being broken down here. This time several hundred Japanese married black and third world country people. When this number is raised to 1,000,000 or more, the world will cruise to World Peace. You must encourage our Interracial Blessings. If you have twelve children you can get them blessed with people from twelve different nationalities. Father is truly the King of Peace. But we still have a long way to go.

Understand Clearly

What you sow is what you reap. What we see and experience today is the result of what mankind has sown in the past. Free sex, drugs, alcohol, disco (the snake dance) all are the cause of the breakdown of this society. How can you follow such a tradition?

We must deeply understand the Fall of Man and realize that

1. The Fall took place,
2. The Fall was of sexual nature,
3. That satan covers the world with this his armor of immorality.

Satan truly controls man through this fallen love and he hides behind it. That is the reason he has been so successful for such a long time.

The mission of the believer is to educate the world about these three points. God did not reprimand Adam and Eve, He just chased them out of the Garden of Eden and they only made one mistake one time. People now commit many mistakes with many partners. Christians who commit such a crime can't be forgiven by God and brought to Heaven. Billy Graham or Jerry Falwell.....can they go to Heaven? No! What can they say? We are orthodox don't listen to Rev. Moon he is a heretic. In the orthodox church there is so much sin. They are even considering to ordain homosexuals and lesbians. Drugs and alcoholism is also a problem in the church. Can't we see that the churches are in hell? Even the non religious people look at them and frown at their sin.

We must speak up

We must speak up even if it is bitter to our ears. If we are sick and dying then we must take the proper medicine. If it is so bitter that we do not want to take it, someone must come, pry open your mouth and feed you the medicine. Two hour have already past maybe Father can continue....(Yes) some other time (No).

It is September already and tomorrow Father and Mother will go to Japan and Korea. Mother is going on a speaking tour in Japan.

It really would take only five minutes to say what Father wants to say to you. However, to get the deep meaning and right feeling across to you He has to create the right atmosphere and that takes time. Father wants you to be able to teach anyone.

Let's talk about Christianity a bit. Christians do not know about the Fall. Were Adam and Eve chased out before the gave birth or after. The Christians do not know. They were chased out before. After that there were many children and many relationships or marriages. God did not bless these marriages and the children that came from them because they were satan centered. Satan had everything to do with them. They lived by his love and truth and they were connected to his blood life and lineage. Satan gave man the seed of life.

Man was to begin everything with God and man wants to be with God. Thus we are now struggling to get back to Him. World Peace begins right here and in the unity of man's mind and body. There will be no peace, freedom and happiness and thus no prosperity without mind and body unity. The media and the liberals do not know this, they seek it but they can't find it.

Satan is in My body.

No Saint, not even Jesus has taught mind and body unity. Man's body is the "dancing stage" of satan and no one wants to admit that satan is in "my" body. Your mind represents God and your body represents satan. Your mind must subjugate your body. Satan can no longer hide, he is out in the open now. The secret of all secrets has been revealed! Satan is in My body.

If you want to experience more unity with someone, anyone (maybe your central figure?) you must become more humble. Tell this person that he (she) is the better and much greater than you. Then people will listen to you and follow you. America wants others to bow down to them but that is the wrong attitude.

A nation must exist for the World. For America to be the leading nation it must serve the World. If there are four members in a family you must uphold the values of the other three. When you serve the other three you will become the center of the family. When you serve your clan, your family will become the center of the clan, clan - nation etc.

America was blessed not for itself but for the benefit of the World. Father knows this principle well and that is the way He will liberate Heavenly Father. As long as we pursue that goal God will certainly support us. God loves everyone but He will stay with the members of the Unification Church at the center.

Serve the higher purpose If many Families in the USA do not care about this nation, America will decline. The same is true for the Unification Church. If members say the world has to serve me, the Unification Church will decline. Bur if you serve the World and the USA God's Blessing will continue to be with us.

The application of this principle should be the primary goal of the young people of America. This one principle solves all problems - "serve the higher purpose." This is absolutely correct. You can trust Father, He has a good brain.

Father has reached the pinnacle of all fields. He has invited and met the top brains of the scientific world, the media world, the political world, the economic world and the religious World etc. He has scolded all of them and they accepted Father's words. However, Father is not finished yet, He is still going.

There are four candidates for election in Korea. They all think that unless they get the endorsement of Rev. Moon they will not be able to win the election. The same is true for Japan and even here in the USA. Bush needs to be pushed.

The FBI knows better

The CIA and FBI have a better picture of who put Bush into the White House. They know that Father did it. To Father and God the USA is important and this nation has a unique position to accomplish. God set this nation up in this way. If the US turns around and listens to Father the World can be restored very quickly. But what if America does not change it's ways? There must be an alternative! Maybe Russia can take Americas place. Or possibly South America, they are Catholic whereas North America is Protestant. Even China could come into the picture.

Twenty years ago Father said the same thing. Save the USA and liberate Communism. Now Bush thinks that he did all that.

The three biggest losses of God

Where the World will go from this point on only Father knows. Why is that? Father is the Savior and the True Parent of the World. Your applause shows me that you know and understand something. Twenty years ago when I said the same thing no one clapped and some even shook their heads.

What are the three biggest losses of God? They are:

1. The realm of lineage
2. The realm of ownership
3. The realm of heart

People must realize that the World can only be established through the restoration of these three points. When you restore these points, the World must come and bow down to you. But this will happen only if you first serve the World.

Imagine God's situation. He set up the marriage of His children to take place in one month time. But before the set date satan came along and snatched the bride away. But not only has God lost His daughter, now the children of this false marriage are God's enemies as well. The arch angel did not have any right to ownership but he stole everything from God.

When God created He did not have hell in mind. Christianity and hell shall be liberated! How? Through the practice of True Love. If you connect to True Love than there is nothing you can not do. In the Unification Church there is no idea of hell. We have big trees and small trees but no hell.

True women's liberation

In satanic families all are enemies. The new Adam and the new Eve must restore the original relationships. Fallen man always wants to have the pretty woman and destroy her heart. Women need to be liberated but it is not possible in the realm of the Fall. They must meet the Savior as the True Man. The mission of the Christianity is to prepare all humanity for the Messiah who is to come. Christianity stands on the position of bride. The Messiah must unite the left wing and the right wing as well as all religions including even Barrabas (Muslims). We have never understood about left and right wings until Father taught us clearly.

After all was accomplished Father proclaimed His True Parentship on the World level. Because of this proclamation you will no longer receive any persecution. We will grow stronger and no one will be able to compete against us.

The sixties was a historical transition time. At that time all nations were equal. After WWII America was the biggest winner. It even raised up Japan demonstrating brotherhood. But America should have gone one step farther and prepare for True Parents to come and True Parenthood.

Elections are taking place here in the USA. There is so much mud slinging and dirt in these election now and it is impossible to have fair elections. Electing someone has the meaning of finding the elder brother. But election of the brother should be elevated to election of parents. Who will be the best parents?

Can you elect your parents? No! The brother has twelve positions and can be elected but the True Parents and Messiah are given by Heaven, they are not elected. The USA, however, only knows how to hold elections, so what shall we do?

In 1960 Kennedy was elected president. He died in 1961. Why? Let me tell you the real reason he died. Before 1960 America helped the World but during Kennedy's time it shrank away form it's responsibility. That is the reason Kennedy died and that is the reason Hammerskjold, the president of the United Nations was taken to the spirit world as well.

Brother relationships should have leveled off then and preparations for the True Parents should have been made. This was not done and thus communism took over.

Father and Eisenhower

Father met Eisenhower in 1965(?). He was the only president Father met. Father told him what the United States should do centered on Rev. Moon. He did not pay much attention but at least he was humble enough to listen. Father heard later that he mentioned during a speech given at a University that "Rev. Moon was not an ordinary man." But that is all he did and thus he failed. What an irony, the country that was loved most by God went against Father the most.

Jesus victory was won spiritually on a national level. Father's victory is a substantial World level victory. Father has paved a road for all to go to God's Throne not just a chosen few. This is accomplished through the interracial and international Blessings and by keeping your lineage clean, by living chaste lives. You must absolutely do that.

Condition to cut satan

At the point of Blessing the transfer of blood lineage takes place. The three day ceremony and the indemnity stick was set up so that satan would not have a condition to invade. Satan would not give up without an indemnity condition, thus the indemnity stick became necessary.

Are you aware of the fact that you have changed your lineage at the Blessing? You must be absolutely clear and confident about that. Three Principle Offerings

We went through three ages of offerings,

OTA Offering of and restoration of Material . NTA Offering of the Son and restoration of Sonship. CTA Offering of the Parents and restoration of Parentship.

The restoration of Parents means to invite God to live on the earth. Thus the realm of Heart and the Kingship realm could also be restored.

Everything that you now own belongs to God. You offer it to God and He will give it back to you. Some nations, take away private ownership, this is in line with the providence of God. Everything should be offered up to the True Parents who then would re-assigned it.

Some people wonder how World Peace and unity can be established but if we create more Blessed Couples, unity is already being established.

If your mind and body are one, God is present not satan. Who's mind and body are one? Please raise your hands. (No one). This is why we need to pray and fight against our body. Mind and body unity must be made a reality by you but only with God's help will that be possible.

If we do not realize that, we can not have hope, peace, freedom and happiness. We will only experience hell. many people only want to live by their emotional impulses and even ask Father for a different spouse. But that is not principle. The law has not changed, the same law as it was in the Garden of Eden is still true and in effect today - one spouse only.

Divorce is not acceptable for any reason. We are the result of an incredible amount of sacrifice and blood shed. Millions of people died and whole nations perished so that we could stand on this foundation today. Can you take that lightly?

God had to deal with ridiculous people in the past, but now He does not want to do that anymore.

The Heartistic Realm

God had a clear idea about the heartistic relationships within the family before He even created. There was a clear code of conduct, an acceptable mind set for Husband and Wife and Parents and Children in their relationships. Here are the four heartistic positions in the family:

1. Children and Parents
2. Brothers and Sisters
3. Husband and Wife
4. Parents and Children.

God knew what these relationships should be before the Fall. But when the Fall took place it did no longer matter.

The Lord of the Second Advent comes to fulfill the four heartistic positions. The new Adam sets a good example first, then He recreates Eve and raises her up. This is easy to say but very difficult to do. Father met with much opposition and persecution and He could not waver but had to go the straight way. He went through the walls and barriers Satan set up and smashed them. He broke them and flattened the ground when He pushed over those walls.

If Christianity in the position of the Bride had received the Messiah, the USA would have belonged to Him. But everyone opposed Father and thus hundreds of millions of people died and had to be sacrificed. The whole providence of Restoration became much more difficult.

What was the problem? American Christians were waiting for the Messiah to come on the clouds just like the Israelites were waiting for Jesus to come on the clouds.

Many mistakes were made at Jesus' time. John the Baptist should have announced Jesus as the Messiah but he failed to do so.

Tell it as it is

But now Father is telling it as it is, He is proclaiming everything. It would have taken only seven years after WWII if the Christians had united with Father. America must now unite with Father, without Father this nation has no place to go in this world.

We must take down the castles of satan so that True Parents can connect to and communicate directly with the five billion people of the World. All of Humanity belongs now to True Parents, satan has no longer ownership over them.

We are living in a time of great encounter. All the families of the World now have the opportunity to follow True Parents.

Mother's Course

Until now Mother has followed Father like a shadow but now Mother is proclaiming the liberation of women. Father appears in the Brothers position to all women who have been molested and abused by men. Father watches over Mother and protects her. He is taking the role of the elder brother to assure that all women in the World will grow up as daughters of God and fulfill properly their positions as sisters, wives and mothers. Father makes certain that they will no longer be invaded by man.

The best way for women to do that is to totally unite and become one with Mother. The door for the true liberation of women is now wide open for the first time.

Women will unite with Mother's heart and learn about the four heartistic positions. Then she must teach her husband and children. When the husband learns from his wife and unites with her, Father will approve for him to stand in the restored Adam position.

(?)The American family is in deep trouble. A man and a woman both divorced and with children may marry. The "heartistic" relationships in that "family" are really difficult. But these situations are a reality of life and must be restored.(?)

(?)True Mother in a real way must become one with step mothers and love them.(?) The best way to do that is to love the step mother's children more than her own.

If Mother does that she will have freedom even if She feels bad for neglecting her children. If She does not love other peoples children more, she will not have any freedom and her children will not feel free either.

We must be clear about the meaning of "Love your enemy", understand it and practice it in reality. No one wants to do that not even God, but God does it and unless we do likewise, the World will die. It is easy to say but difficult to practice but we must absolutely do it.

Father must heartistically love all women more than His own mother and wife. The people that Jesus loved the most eventually killed Him. But Jesus had the proper heart when He said "Forgive them Father they do not know what they are doing."

Do you know how difficult it is when your own in-laws don't love you and your child? God's situation is the same with mankind being the step children. This is easy to hear but not easy to understand. But this is the reason why early Christians had to leave their home nation and preach in foreign countries. This has the meaning of the step child loving the enemy.

Blessing to non family

Father extended the Blessing to non family members and they became family. Father represents all of God's children (mankind). Father represents all brother and sister relationships being the good brother. He is also the best husband in the World and that should make Mother very happy.

Mother should feel about Father in a way that whenever she opens her mouth words of praise for her husband spout out. Mother is the one woman who obeyed God more than any other woman in the world.

Parent and child relationships are vertical. Husband and Wife relationships are horizontal and Brother and Sister relationships represent the front and rear.

Father came here to America to love Grandmothers and Grandfathers and all other family members like His own. Even if Mother was black, Father would love her most. Because of this heartistic understanding interracial marriages are possible. Only if you have loved your parents and brothers and sisters and your potential spouse in a Heavenly way are you qualified to receive the Blessing.

It is a tremendous privilege to have sons. You experience God's position through your children. God held nothing back from man. You want your Parents to become King and Queen don't you? Yes! How about you yourselves? Don't you want to be Kings and Queens? Yes!

We need to be Kings of the past, present and future. We must treat our Grandfather like a King even if he has failed in his life. Is this done here in America? No! There is no consistent principle here. In True Love all people are in a Kings or Queens position. You must treat each other like that.

God's culture needs one Kingship country, not two. How ridiculous for Christianity to say that all you need to be saved is to believe in Jesus. We must be responsible for educating them properly.

It is so important to have one model family. This family is connected to the past, present and future. The democratic world now is passing from the brother era to the Kingship era.

Mothers speeches were centered around this topic. Even without knowing exactly what was going on many people were drawn to come to the speech. People who came to Mothers talks were truly excited.

Lets Draw a Conclusion

How do we become born again? We must go back into Father's body. Joseph's and Zacharias tribes should have found a Bride for Jesus. Actually John the Baptist's sister should have become Jesus wife. Zacharias was Jesus father. Now is the time for everything to come out. Father heard this from you, He never said this. Some people may want to call Father a heretic.

Mary invested much in organizing the wedding of a relative. He was not even twenty years old and there was no reason for her to get involved in that wedding. She should have spent all her energy preparing for Jesus' Blessing. Jesus was already 33 years old. She failed miserably and that's why Jesus told "What have you got to do with me woman!"

Jesus and Mary fought much and she just did not want to listen to Jesus. Mary was directly responsible for Jesus not getting married. If what Christians believe was true, and it is so easy to believe what they believe, the world would have changed very quickly after Jesus' ascension.

The CIA Knows

The CIA knows clearly that Father got Reagan elected and that He also cut off Carter. Father directly intervened. Thus conditions were established to subjugate the elder son Esau (Gorbachev) and then Kim Il Sung. Kim Il Sung would never listen to Bush, Roh Tae Woo(?) of Korea or Ding Chow Peng(?) of China.

After those two significant events the Parentship Royal Family was already set up. The Japanese don't have to worry about Father. Father's ambition is to become the President of the World, not just one nation.

Here in the Unification Church the Royal Family is already happening. You call Hyo Jin Hyun Nim, elder brother and Ye Jin Nuna, elder sister. I don't know what I said now. I forget and you can teach me.

What does it mean to be born again? What is inside of Father's bone marrow would come out and establish and Ideal World. Can you think back that far? We must get back into Father's body but how can we do this? We are grown people now.

Go back into Father's bone marrow

The way to get back into Father is to totally deny yourself and unite with Father. This should have been done at Jesus time. Man comes first, he contains the seed of life first then the woman receives it. What is the proper position for a man and a woman? Man should always be on top. In America the women are on top more.

Husband and wife can't just sleep together at any time. If you do it right then great children will be born. Your sexual part is the Love Kingdom Palace, the Life Palace. It is that sacred.

Now people thing very lowly about sex and they are even afraid to talk about it. The real owner of the Love Palace are God and the second Adam. If you forsake your spouse and divorce, you will loose everything, True Love, True Life and True Lineage.

I am here to liberate you

In Hung Nam Prison I went through incredible suffering but I never asked for Heavenly Father's help but tried to comfort and console Him. I told Heavenly Father that I was in this prison for only one reason, to liberate Him. But God helped me anyway and prepared everything for me. I only had to fulfill my 5% portion of responsibility.

The same is true for you! I have done everything for you. Total victory has been won but you must fulfill your responsibility to inherit it.

Now is the time for man's chastity. In the beginning many women came to Father to seduce Him. We have come a long way since that time. We find life in Father and that is why we love Him. Father will not take advantage of the weak position of women, on the contrary He is protecting them.

Through Elizabeth and Mary's unity man could be reborn through women. We must purify ourselves and live pure lives. Especially the teenagers must take this to heart and prepare for the Blessing. All Youths are in trouble but there is one Doctor and one Hospital that has the cure, Father and the Unification Church.

Jesus had no support

Jesus had absolutely no support from his mother and his aunt. Mary and Elizabeth still don't know how badly they hindered God's Providence. The Jewish nation was lost and 6 million Jews were killed. This was indemnity for the Jewish nation killing the Messiah.

It is twelve noon already and Father is hungry, but He felt that this was the right time to say these things. If Father did not say these things, it would not be good for America, Korea or the Unification Church. Thank you for being so patient with me.

How difficult it is to work without a physical foundation. Please be an obedient seed in Father's bone marrow.

Eve and the Holy Spirit now have to initiate love, not Adam. This must take place for the restoration of the Fall.

Jesus said that if you speak badly against me it can be forgiven, but if you speak badly against the Holy Spirit there can be no forgiveness. The Holy Spirit represents the Mother Spirit. This is our situation now. If you oppose Father that is OK but if you oppose Mother, that is not acceptable. You must be absolutely obedient to Mother.

What is the role of the Messiah? He has to reveal everything about the Fall of Man, Jesus Mission and the Second Advent. He must also explain what we have to do to be reborn and how to build the Kingdom of God.

First Father had to go to the Spirit World to do that. He met all the religious leaders there and had a debate. Even Jesus did not know as much as Father did. Eventually all surrendered and bowed down to Father.

If Jesus had made even one statement that the Messiah will be born on earth Father would not have had such a terrible time and suffered so much. There may have been some confusion but it would have been much easier if Jesus had said "I will be born on the earth."

First the Messiah has to receive recognition from God, then He can come down to the earth.

The years from 1945 to 1952 were crucial years. If England and France had united, the world could have been restored in seven years. The failure of the Abel type nations had to be restored by Father. It took Father forty years to restore the seven years. Father paid a big price . He was so lonely. He had not even one friend and no one to talk to.

Father went voluntarily to North Korea. There they were only waiting to put Him into prison. Now America also put Father into prison. Everyone opposed Father's wisdom but with God's help Father did not die. But even if He did, God will recognize His victory.

To Russia with Love

Yeltsin asked Father to come to "Russia" and educate the people there. He promised to create a better foundation to teach the Russian people. Today all has been restored. Without Rev. Moon there is no solution in this World. The World of politics, religion, technology, science, economics and culture can not do without Rev. Moon. He has all the answers.

All this was done without having a country and under severe persecution. But a strong foundation was laid anyway. 30,000 people from 130 countries came to the Blessing. could the Pope have done something like this? No! No one other than Father could have done it!

In the future people will cry if Father does not match anymore. Father can tell everything about one's nature by just looking for one second at a person.

The political situation in Korea, Japan and America are in Chaos. A lot of mud slinging is going on everywhere. People are just too selfish. Only those who will live for the World will grow.

We can see that the World is turning slowly in the direction of God's Ideal. The Europeans are working to establish one nation with one currency. In North America talks to have free trade with Canada and Mexico are also taking place. In South America too, the goal is to unite all the nations into one country. One World under God is becoming a reality.

The Mass Marriages cross over racial, national, cultural etc. barriers. Heavenly Father can't help but love Father because of what He is doing.

Proclaim Savior Rev. Moon

1992 - 8 is the date of proclamation. Now the World is settling down. True Parents ascended horizontally and now all will welcome Father. A.U.L.A. is working to unite South America. They may outdo North America.

From now on you must proclaim the Savior Rev. Moon. Jesus will totally unite with Father and the Holy Spirit, Mother.

Leah in John the Baptist's mother position (Elizabeth) should have loved Rachel (Mary). Before 1960 Father received the foundation of women and thus He could receive mother and educate her.

Mother's three year Course

During that time members received many revelations and many women were told that they were to become True Mother. When Father chose an innocent teenager especially the women were not so happy. Father had to leave Mother alone for three years after the marriage.

During this time Father purposely took along many women (wolves) of all ages on His travels . Some women told Father to give up Mother and marry them. After three years of struggle all these women felt sorry for Mother and went to Father to ask Him to pay more attention to her since He was married to her.

During all this time Mother did not know anything and had to have much faith in Father. So after three years the opinions changed and if Father had not done it this way, many would have left the Church.

Old women had to learn to serve Mother. When Mother goes to Father and gives a good report of the women than Father can approve them and they are reborn or born again. This applies to us also.

Millions of lives were sacrificed for us to be here and Mother's heartistic suffering made it possible for us to be here. There were some members who had the same meal together with True Parents when Hyo Jin Nim was born (six of them were at Belvedere). All this was preparation for everyone of you.

Father did not care for his own children. For three years Mother was almost cast out, she experienced the heart of a stepmother. She did this not done for the Unification Church but for us. Please understand your value. So much sacrifice has been made for you to be able to stand here.

Now is the time you must claim your position as Tribal Messiah and the Universe will recognize you and help you to fulfill your 5% responsibility. It is incredible how much has been paid for you in the last 4000 years for you to stand here.

Witness to families

Witness to families from now on. This is the meaning of Home Town and Tribal Messiah ship. So far about 55 000 Blessed Couples have been established. Next will be an even bigger Blessing of 500,000 Couples. You should witness to a minimum of twelve families, register them for the Kingdom of Heaven.

All the privileged Blessed Couples here present must accomplish this. All those who pledge to do so raise your hands.

Father ends the speech with a tearful prayer and many Brothers and Sisters break out in tears. According to Col. Han who translated Father's speech, this was the first time Father has prayed in Belvedere after a speech.

At the end of the speech Father asked us to make a prayer condition for True Parents, especially for Mother's speaking tour in Japan.

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