The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1992

True Father's Guidance For American Leaders

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Unofficial Notes
Trip to Kodiak, Alaska
October 11-19, 1992
True Parents Leadership Conference

Monday October 11th Father's Morning Talk

Through Rev. Kamiyama's testimony we can understand the situation about doing big jobs. Father paid lots of indemnity. Today we should work harder than other's and especially Americans should work harder than Koreans and Japanese.

This is the transition time of the Providence. Mother's schedule is very tight. We are her centered on True Parents. Father heard Mother give her speech in Japan while in Kodiak. This means that America heard the speech in Japan. Father will call 200 missionaries to hear Mother's speech in America. This month is the month of liberation for the Unification Church.

First Time Face To Face

Since Father has been in America He never gave a direct speech to American Leaders face to face until now. How many American's visit Kodiak. Kodiak looks like a wonderland. Through Mr. Kamiyama we can see that impossible things can happen. Father received help from God during His first three years. Because God can do it, anybody can do it. An absolute subject can make an absolute object.

The problem is not God or True Parents but the American Leaders. Through the restoration course on earth Father made the conditions we all should follow. How can we connect to every resource?

Unite With Mother

This is the last American Leadership Workshop centered on True Parents. The next will be the missionaries. Father is directly guiding Korean, Japanese and American leaders. The new Providence is centered on True Mother. All blessed women must unite with Mother.

America is the Archangel that caused the fall. American people must stand to indemnify. Blessed wives who are in the Eve's position and stand to restore American people will go directly to a Heavenly Place, not to Hell. We need a wrench to tighten this nation together from New York to Washington D.C. to Los Angeles.

Perfection Stage Workshop

From this small place, Kodiak, this special place we can go anywhere in eight hours. We need strong determination. If you fish you will see the reality of life. We must get people to repent. This is the perfection stage workshop.

You must be responsible to restore America. Until now Father saved the Western World but now He will go to Asia. Then the whole world will follow. Inherit Japan's victorious spirit of hard work. Centered on True Parents we should restore America with this spirit.

Now there is almost no persecution. Mr. Kamiyama had much persecution with much result. Now we can also do it. You are her with a new determination to restore this country. Write your reflections about this week. Through reflections we can see through to the heart.

Father's Evening Talk How far are we heartisticly from Rev. Kwak (after his testimony)? We should know what kind of suffering Rev. Kwak went through while his wife was in a coma. We should be just as serious about saving America. We should be good objects to the subject. We should go forward continually with a patriotic spirit. We are going over the World level Golgotha but we have an easy way to go over. Washington Times President Mr. Ju gave an angry report because people knew Father gave $1 Billion to the paper and still they want to live comfortable lives. Father is patient for them to repent and do their original job. Father wants to save them, not push them.

Repent For Yourselves and Others

We have a mission to overcome without complement but with tears. God is a God of love but also a God of Principle. Our mission is to repent quickly for others. Just like at school, a person at the "F" level should drop out. Father will educate. Father is principally correct. Please repent for yourselves. Show our hard work and repent and go to other countries to save them.

If the Western World can not do it, then the CIS and China will do it instead. God will not trade an oriental man for a western person. In Japan there are 20 000 layers, in the USA there are 700 000 and they are not doing such a good job. Father is still in this country of America because of the Judeo Christian Foundation.

Now the time has come when Father will have to leave so that we can grow up. In terms of presidential, Father and the Bush administration made a promise but they never keep a promises. Americans do not try to inherit the providential heart. We are too pragmatic.

Go The Oriental Way

We should be strong like crazy glue. Orientals and Westerners want to do their own thing but Father will bring unity. The West must go the Oriental way. The Women's Federation for World Peace in the West can not bring results, thus we must go the oriental way.

Western equals self (individualism) and Oriental equals sacrifice, they put other's first. If Western women learn, then the whole world can change. The election issue is how to solve family problems. This idea came from Father from His Washington Times 10th anniversary speech. Without restoring family problems, America has not hope.

Women Are More Sensitive

To solve problems, the Women's Federation for World Peace will bring hope. But to make the family change, the wife must change. We should work our mission through our wife's mission, since women have a more sensitive heart than men.

Men must follow American women. If the woman changes her mind, she will be a woman of peace. Man must follow. We are the Archangel and the wife is the restored Eve. Tribal Messiah's must unite to meet True Parents.

Adam was pure for 16 years. After the fall and up to the life of Jesus satan stood between man and God. Throughout those years God had to chase satan out. Inside of Father is the restored Adam and the resurrected Jesus. Father appeared as the True Adam.

Father can liberate both Adam and Jesus and this means Father is saving the whole World. There are two types of dimensions: 1. Connection to Adam's side 2. Connections to Jesus' side Father combined and completed all three missions, Adam's, Jesus' and the LSA (Lord of the Second Advent).

Adam must correct Eve and Eve must follow perfect Adam's structure. Mother was 17 years when she was blessed. She represents True Eve and must always be on the Heavenly side.

Mother is recreating the women's world. Father has to make a New Creation Course. Mother is one generation, one age. We must connect all other's to this dispensation. This must be done in one generation. We are in the age of substantial restoration, not conditional restoration.

Unify the Korean and Japanese society, then the American women. If we let the women wake up, the world will turn back quickly. In western society women look like prostitutes because of their position in relationship to man (archangel). This time the archangel must stand on pure Eve's side.

The archangel connects to Adam. True Adam is here. If we unite centering on Mother's mission, we can be restored Adam. If we engraft Father's message with the same idea, we can become second True Parents quickly.

Blessed Couples, like pure Adam should center on Tribal Messiah ship. By doing so we can bring back all men. Thought and heart can connect to Father.

A secured man is in the AA. Man and Woman appeared as the real owners. If women follow Mother, the archangel will follow with the children. The woman is the owner. The AA position is Adam's position at the fall when he was 16 year old. Through this the providential restoration will be completed.

To create Adam, God waited for thousands of years, then Eve came after. Through one generation Adam and Eve started the problem. Through one generation True Parents must restore everything.

Principle of Completion

True Love is the condition to restore the family. Then satan can also come back and be restored. Tribal Messiahs must make the Messianic proclamations. This is the Principle of Completion not the Principle of Restoration. We belong to the side of the Principle of Completion and must absolutely follow Father.

If we absolutely unite with True Parents we can become perfect through the Principle of Completion. Love should be connected by man not by woman. Do not eat the fruit means to absolutely unite with True Parents. Fight with your life to keep pure. Restoration must be completed through one generation.

Tribal Messiah's are really precious and we can't forget about the fallen world. Through perfect Mother we can also be perfect. You must create your wife as a Blessed Couple. All families will connect as one. Until now there was no foundation for this formula to work True Adam Father True Eve Mother Restored Eve Wife Archangel Husband Children Satan

This is the first time Father is saying that restoration must happen in one generation centered on Mother. It took a long time for Heavenly Father to restore Adam. Now to restore all things it will only take one generation.

How do we take back the family?

Blessed Couple = Old Testament Age Sacrifice Property Blessed Children = New Testament Age

Sacrifice on the Altar God and Father's forgiveness is not perfect, it takes 5% of your effort. Because we are centered on ourselves, our five senses are producing stinky smells.

If you ask your mind a question and you can clearly hear an answer, then you can go to Heaven. The original mind is the embassy to the Kingdom of Heaven. Better than prayer is action. If Adam and Eve had asked God "What should we do?", God could have given advice to them.

Prayer is reporting to God. This will even continue in the Ideal World. Note from Rev. Zin Moon Kim:

The following instructions are meant for the Worldwide membership. Father's instructions are that all members are to be educated about this. Mother may ask questions concerning these instructions, Father instructed Mother to do so.

May God's Blessing be with you.

October 19, 1992

I. True Mother's speaking Tour in Korea, Japan and America.

1. Mother established a clear example and pattern of learning new languages by learning Japanese and English for her speaking tours in Japan and America. American (Western) members must learn to speak Korean with the same determination.

2. Based on Mother's Spirit an Content of the speech, the beautiful spirit and shocking mood created by Mother in Korea and Japan should also be created and continued here in America. Hold rallies nationwide to keep developing impact.

3. The time of women has arrived. Because of the Fall of Man the Spirit World and the Physical World became disconnected. The unification of these two worlds can now take place based on Mother's speech and the advent of the "Women's Age."

4. All American women including all wives of Unification Church Members should succeed centered on Mother's Tradition and become great Women. They should establish a great image of women as in Korea and Japan.

5. Adam Country Korea Eve Country Japan Archangel Country America Cain Country Germany

All countries must have a unified tradition centered on and inherited from the Adam Country. It will be easier with the help of Korean residents in America. Contact and inherit from them.

6. Korean, Japanese and American women should be unified centering on mothers and children. Establish a unifying movement, unified centered on Heavenly Tradition.

7. Establish a Federation of a Unified Korea (Adam Nation) and Japan. Establish a Movement of Oneness of Asia as well as a Movement of Oneness of the World.

1. Oneness of Foundation of Thought

2. Equalization of Science and Technology

(Rich and poor countries are divided through science and technology similar to how ideologies divide nations, for example Democracy and Communism).

Do not only think of the Western World alone. We must bring about Korean Unification, a United Asia and a United World.

8. Thoroughly organize the Women's Organization and set a clear Tradition through education and Practice.

1. Education

2. Practice

3. Tradition

9. Worldwide Women's Organization and the Blessed Family

1. Recover the Family (the family is the unit of witnessing).

2. Start receiving the Blessing Fee from now on. The Blessing fee should at least be $20, 000.00. This money can be collected in installments.

Now is the time to witness to families. In 1995 we should have 10 times 30 000 couples. Each couple should offer $20,000.00. the number should be over 20 but $200 and $2000 are too little. The money the couples are giving will be spent with a much higher purpose than their ancestors could ever do. We can collect this money in installments on a monthly basis beginning right now.

10. Establishing the Tradition for the New Adam Nation, Eve Nation and Angel Nation.

11. Asian Women Federation (Formation Stage) should be merged into World Women's Federation (Growth Stage) and should form the Family Federation for World Peace (Perfection).

Continent Federation - World Federation - Family Federation

(Formation) - (Growth) - (Perfection)

Like the Asian Federation for World Peace the American Continent must establish the North American Federation for World Peace. Then the North American Foundation for World Peace must embrace the World Family Foundation for World Peace.

The North American (Continental) Foundation for World Peace must be embraced by the World Federation for World Peace and then become the Family Federation for World Peace making the Heavenly Family.

12. World Peace Family Federation and World Peace House of Unification.

The World Peace House of Unification is an Educational Institution for educating all the Organizations of the World.

We should resurrect everything through the International Federation for World Peace and the House of Unification. The House of Unification means all kinds of Unification Movements. For example all the activities that went on in Seoul Korea, August 24th during the International Culture and Sports Festival.

The educational process of the whole World is like the process that takes place in a School. We should invest all resources, knowledge, money and power etc. to support the Women's Federation for World Peace.

Invest everything for the advent of the Women's Era and the Creation (Resurrection) of the New Family. Invest everything for

1. The Change of Blood Lineage

2. The Change of Ownership

3. The Change of Heart This is the Era of Family Tradition and the perfection of women and children. Based on this foundation the whole world can be restored to the Heavenly Side.

II. The 3rd Adam's Family

1. Tribal Family - Tribal Messiah Family - True Parents' Family

(Formation) - (Growth) - (Perfection)

2. Make a Foundation based on the number 120 (making 120 Blessed Families

3. Each Household should place True Parents picture and display the Unification Church Flag.

We need to restore physically and spiritually all Families centered on three Families. The Parent Position must be restored to enable us to embrace all families and especially the children to the Heavenly Side. Jesus made twelve disciples and only then the Holy Spirit came.

Centered on 120 Families we can make unity based on Mother's Speech. 120 is an important number. Father sent missionaries to 120 countries, blessed 120 (124) Couples. At that time there were also 120 member countries at the United Nations.

We should witness to 120 Families. Every Family should have True Parents Picture displayed in their home and Blessed Families should also display the Unification Flag.

Through Divine Principle Workshops we can educate the people beginning with 3, 72, and 120 Couples. 120 x 3 Couples = 360, the purpose of Home Church.

3 x 12 = Unification Church 36 Couples

360 x 2 = 720 (number based on 72)

36, 72, 120 = Providential numbers of Couples Father Blessed

One Year = 360 days (?) according to the lunar calendar

4 x 9 = 36 Couples

III. The Economic Situation

1. All children, families and things, should become one with True Parents.

Our financial country and True Parents financial country should be united for the sake of the children of the world. Through the True Parents the Unification Church is centered on the restoration of Heaven and Earth. Tribal Messiah activity does not mean only one couples life and activities. You must unite with twelve other couples, this is like Jacob's family which became the foundation for the Chosen Nation.

2. Establish Individual Organizations (basic unit) for activities and witnessing.

1. Individual Organization (basic unit) = at least a 12 family organization (Tribal Messiah Unit), living together and working together collectively.

2. Basic Unit Activity =

a) Group Life

b) Public Education of Children

c) Activity centering on Women

3. Era of Recreation of All Things =

a) Era of Old Testament, an offering is needed.

b) No Personal Ownership

4. Era of Recreation of Human Beings =

a) Era of New Testament

b) Children are Offered

5. Era of Recreation of Heart =

a) Era of Completed Testament

b) Parents are Offered, becoming one with True Parents Heart.

(By becoming one with God, True Parents and True Children we can perfect the ideal of heart).

If any poor families exist, then other families can help to improve their situation. This is the meaning of Group Life. We must educate by groups and make a divided America united and gradually create one team.

Germany and America must also be united and Black and White must accept each other. The Tribal Messiah Family is not just centered on the blood lineage. Discuss what team families should go to. The age of Mother has arrived, thus we must restore mother and child.

Practice the process of sacrificing and offering your property to be recreated (OTA). No personal ownership.

Our children are not just our children but every one's children. Sacrifice your child for the purpose of God. Centering on our offering we should be united.

Recreating the age of heart centered on the Heart of Unification. God's Heart is parental and that is a sacrificial position. We must also sacrifice to make oneness. Each Tribal Team has the important mission to make oneness. God and True Parents and True Children are in oneness and we must also establish the realm of heartistic oneness. By doing this our own families can be resurrected.

3. Strengthening the Organization Thoroughly (Centering on Tribal Messiah. This should resemble the spiritual World Organization).

1. Tree - root, stem, branch, leaf (live an organized way of life, the tree is a good example.

2. The system of courts and police shall vanish. In the future, the individual organization (basic unit) will do all things. This is the system of self governing.

There are no individuals in the Spirit World but many organizations. Organizations are important and everyone should belong to one in the future. We do not need to use a judge and policemen, the organization will decide. (?)Federal Governments we won't need either. The federal is vertical and Team Organization is horizontal(?).

4. Reclaim and Resurrect the "Tong - Ban (the neighborhood or community, the smallest geographical unit of government administration. Strengthening the organization of the minimum unit of administration.

If cells flourish, the nation will flourish.

if cells die, the nation will die.

In Korea Father made small organizations. Centered on these smaller organizations we must chase satan out. It is important to start with small cell organization.

5. Establishing Tradition of World Peace and the House of Unification

1. Theory of forming an Ideal Family

2. Practice and forming Tradition

3. Establishing the Realm of Four Hearts (Children, Brothers and Sisters, Husband and Wife and Parents) as well as Three Kingships (Children, Parents, Grandparents).

4. The Cosmic Universe is my Country, God is my mind.

We need to establish a Tradition for the House of Unification For World Peace in all organizations including Schools. All must inherit that thought and Idea.

6. Setting the Individual Portion of Debt, (make the debt of the Church the debt of the individual member). From now on we should help Japan.

1. Setting an amount per one Young Person

Setting an amount per one Middle Age Person

Setting an amount per one Elder Person

2. Finding Special Persons (Special Contributors)

3. Shall we make the Blessed Families the example?

4. Accelerating the joining of women (the restoration of Eve)

5. Tithing 3/10th

6. Paying entrance fee of Blessed Family (collect Blessing Fee beforehand from the Blessing Candidate. You can use the money for the for the Providence. Every Unification Church member should do these things uniformly).

America should be able to stand on it's own feet. A child which is raised by the parents must help feed the parents when it is grown up. American property is not just for America itself (America is a thief country).

Each members offering should be centered on a Principle Number. Blessed Couples must be good examples and be in the front line. Work during your free time rather than staying home and watching TV. We must bring everything back to God. Until now Father has taken total responsibility, but now you must take over that responsibility. Your foundation depends on the result based on your action.

All results can be made centered on women. Women lost the human quality first. America, the archangel country has no concept of ownership (we say ladies first). The Original Culture should come from the East to the West because the Fall was from West to East.


1. Above mentioned Instructions are required to be given to every Unification Church member in the World.

2. Guide every family inside the realm of Blessing. Educate your children thoroughly. Place women at the front, the Era of Women has come.

3. The Rally in Korea - Japan should inherit the achievement

The Rally in Japan - America should inherit the achievement

The Rally in America - The World should inherit the achievement

This is a cosmic revolution of World Peace.

4. Men in the satanic world think about seducing women when they see them, but Unification men must think "how can I restore the children of that woman." The husband should actively help his wife.

The central providence is the education of women and children. Centered on the new age, husbands and the whole world must follow. America can't stay an archangel country forever, it must become an Adam Country. Blessed Families must work on the World Level.

Centered on the women, the world will again respect the family. If the woman is centered, the husband can be restored. Adam at the age of 16 years lost his purity. You must catch the youth before that, than they can make ideal families. We need to live together. We can no longer be individualistic.

This is a Cosmic Revolution. Unify things don't destroy them. Recreate everything. Until now men have looked at women sexually but we should look at them as sisters and think about how we can educate them nicely.

The archangel - was sexually oriented

Restored Adam - must be oriented to raise women up spiritually

If all man have this attitude and can think in this way, then restoration can come quickly.

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