Unification News for June 2000

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Reverend and Mrs. Moon cut a celebratory cake on the conclusion of Mrs. Moon's 2000 World Tour, June 2, 2000, New York, NY USA

Reverend Moon giving the Day of All Things sermon in the New Yorker Hotel, New York, NY, June 2, 2000.

American Clergy Leadership Conference participants release doves at the DMZ in Panmujam Korea, May 25, 2000.

True Day of All Things 2000 (Sun Myung Moon)

America Needs True Love (Michael Jenkins)

Why Unification Theological Seminary? (Tyler Hendricks)

38 Years of Speaking God's Word

American Clergy Leadership Conference in Korea

Blessed in Seattle

DMZ Declaration for Peace

Easter Miracle

Equipping Your Children for the Real World

First Missionaries to the West

IRFF in Romania

Pearl : In Search Of Life’s Treasures!

PLA in the Cameroon

Reunification of the Korean Peninsula

Rev. Michael Jenkins, New HSA President

Second Generation Gather to Plan a Strategy for Uniting with True Parents Vision

The Fate of Nations

The Last Days

The Victorious Completion of True Parents’ World Speaking Tour 2000, and the 38th True Day of All Things

True Mother in St. Petersburg

True Mother's 2000 World Tour

University of Bridgeport News

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