Articles From the June 1994 Unification News

 Table of Contents

A Visit to the Little Angels School

American Education

Book Review: The Celestine Prophecy

Culture as a Cure

Culture Confluence


Handing Over the Reins of Leadership at UTS

Have you Harnessed the Energy?

Humanity, Problems, Deceits and True Solutions

Hyo Jin Moon Gives Keynote Address - Jin Hun Moon and Sung Am Moon Inaugurated as World CARP Vice-Presidents

ICUS Director Honored

ICUS Holds Planning Meeting to Prepare for 20th Conference

Introduction to Fundraising

Jin-A Alumni Association Formed

Miracles and Tribulations at the Turn of the Age: Where we are Situated in World History

My Time at UTS

New Students to Korea for '94-'95

Religious Leaders and Scholars Meet on the Occasion of HSA's 40th Anniversary

The Divine Order for Men and Women - Part I

The Negev Project: A Completed Testament Novel

The Swimming Lesson

Twelfth Annual Spring Open House at UTS.

Waiting for the Holy Spirit Association

WFWP "TAP"s into the Atlanta Project

WFWP Essay Contest in NYC

Witnessing Club at UTS

Tparents Home

Moon Family Page

Unification Library