Articles From the July 1994 Unification News

 Table of Contents

A Place Where Leaders are Educated

Against All Odds

An Islamic Unificationist Perspective on Religious Education part 2

As Values Collapse, Government Grows

Book Reviews, "The Family Under Siege" and "Gods Of This Age Or...God Of The Ages?"

Don't Just Sit There-Do Something! Civic Activism in your Hometown-What's a Mother to do?

Formation Stage of Ending World Starvation

Huntsville Apostolic Church Hosts DP Presentation

In the Power and Authority of True Parents

International Student Seminar on Science and Peace, Beijing, China

Letter to a Friend: From the Realm of God's Desecrated Shimjung

National Tour of World CARP Vice-Presidents Jin Hun Park Moon and Sung Am Moon

PWPA Studies the Future of the Family


Sacrificing Bridgeport University on the Altar of Hatred

School in Korea for a German Child

Seminar On "Subject Thought" By Dr. Sang Hun Lee

Taking on Lives of Higher Dimension

Tangam: Our Response to God

The Divine Order for Men and Women Part II

The Three-Legged Lesson

The Trinity as the Basis for a Theological Critique of Homosexuality

Think About God In All That You Do

Thoughts as My Grandfather Passes On

Tribal Wars

Unification Thought Institute Conference in New York

UTS 18th Annual Commencement Exercises

UTS Leadership Transition

Village Vision: Starting a National Publication for the Hometown Mission

Tparents Home

Moon Family Page

Unification Library