Articles From the December 1995 Unification News

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8,000 Blessing Families Mark 13th Anniversary

Better than the Sunday Comics: Family & Friends Prayer Breakfast

Coping with Depression: One Layman's Strategy (synchronicitically speaking)

December Meeting of the Association of Jewish Unificationists

Easing the Capital Gains Tax Bite with a Charitable Remainder Trust

How to Start a Sunday School... Evaluation and Reward

In Memoriam: Belmonte X. Vianale

In Memoriam: Eugene Dickson (1965-1995)

Jin-A Kindergarten: Moving into a School of Tomorrow

Kook Jin Nim Speaks in Phoenix, Arizona

Loosening the Apron Strings

New Hope Academy Establishes Scholarship Fund, Seeks Donations"

New Translation of Divine Principle Set for Publication in Early 1996

Purchasing a Master Marine Boat

Pure Love Pledge

Rebuilding Hope for Oklahoma - The Restoration of the Historic Church Building in Norman

Triumph Of The Il Hwa Soccer Team

Unification Internet Resources by Peter Wettstein

Worldly Matters

Tparents Home

Moon Family Page

Unification Library