Unification News For April 1996

 Table of Contents

"Gangsta" rap-degrading?

40 Days Pioneering - News from the Second Generation Office

A New Collaboration Between IRFF U.K. And A Cancer Hospital

African Student Wins 20th Oratorical Contest at UTS

Blessed Children's Workshops-Cultivating the Hope for the Future

Blessing Candidate Preparation Workshop

Election Year Redux

In Memoriam William Joseph Ruiz

Marathon Runner

On Moral and Intellectual Humility

Our Multicultural Society

Pearl of Great Price

Pure and Proud in San Francisco

Sri Lanka, A Model for Peace in a Country Torn By War

Study-In-Korea Program

The Issue That Will Not Abort

UTS Profiles: Stanley Lewis

World Unificationist Student Review Publishes First Issue

Tparents Home

Moon Family Page

Unification Library