Unification News for June 1996

 Table of Contents

1st WFWP Leadership Seminar held in Moscow

A Diamond In Father's Crown

Africa! Purposely a Loser?

An African Folk Tale

Annual Lecture Contest at UTS

Are We All Going to Get Burned?

Beyond the Dream: Black & White Sisterhood

Big Brother's Biography

Blessing Candidate Preparation

Chicago Church Bids Farewell to Rev. Hong

Donating Baby Quilts: A WFWP-CT Project

First American to Attend Chung Pyung Lake Workshop

Freedom: A Quality of Distinction

Hometown in Manchester

Poem To My Cousin

Student Profiles - Jesus Navarro

The Ocean Era - 21st Century

TV & Family Decline

Unificationist Korean Schools Participate in Korean Children's Festival

Unificationist Resources on the Internet

Washington Time Foundation Award Recognizes Service to Youth in WV

Tparents Home

Moon Family Page

Unification Library