Unification News for August 1996

 Table of Contents

Absolute Sex, Not Free Sex

Alimentary Self-Sufficiency

An Act of Faith

Choir Sings for True Mother's Speech in Philadelphia

Declaration of the Convention of the Family Federation for World Peace

Inauguration of FFWP in Washington, DC (Family Federation For World Peace )

Lifeline: A Project of Love

Mrs. Moon Addresses NYC Korean Community

Mrs. Moon's Victory in San Francisco

National Parents' Day in Southern California

NJ's 2nd Annual God Bless America Festival

Notes from Chung Pyung Lake

On Love, Maya, and the Goodness of This World

Principle Study Book and Workbook for Children and Youth

RYS: A Model of Village Harmony - RYS Village Project

Spiritual Healing

Teenagers Serve in Haiti

The Classical inheritance and early Christianity

The Double Language of Naturalism and Humanism

The Last Daze

The Savings Cycle

The World Family Circle: A project of the Women's Federation for World Peace

True Parents' Words to Europeans in the USA

UTS Library Provides a Key to Father's Words in English

Youth Federation for World Peace holds Seminar on Sexual Purity in Accra, Ghana

Tparents Home

Moon Family Page

Unification Library