Unification News for September 1996

 Table of Contents

A Desire from the Heart Fulfilled

A Summer at "One Heart Camp"

Ahmed's First Christmas

An Amazing Journey!

Book Report on The Jesus I Never Knew

Building a Heavenly School

Federation of Peninsular Nations for World Peace Statement of Purpose and Seoul Declaration

God Gave...

In Memoriam Panos Bardis

Mind Games

Reflections on the Road to Victory

Sun Hak Choir Performs at True Mother's Banquet in Seattle

Tears, Gratitude, and Elation at the 1996 Autumn Classic

The Federation of Continental Nations for World Peace North American Chapter

The Federation of Island Nations for World Peace

The Role of Peninsular Nations in the 21st Century

The Unification Movement and Sect Hysteria in the Media

To Prepare The Whole World To Receive The Prayer Given Next Year November 29

TV Evangelism-a Way to Touch the Hearts of Millions

Whence American Manhood?

Wisconsin UC Celebrates Blessing Anniversary

Tparents Home

Moon Family Page

Unification Library