Unification News for December 1996

 Table of Contents

Establishing Cultural Values (Rev. Moon)

800 Ministers Attend DC True Family Values

A Leap in True Parents' Work in Latin America - Inauguration of Tiempos del Mundo

Ahmed's First Christmas

An Opportunity for Hometown

CA Workshop: Wow, What A Weekend!

Consolidating Your Assets Can Help You Simplify Your Finances

Endangered Minority: Christians

FFWP inaugurated in Kyiv, Ukraine

High Fashion for 2nd Gen. Designer

Is Religious Tolerance an Impossible Dream?

Join By Inspiration

Khabarovsk: A Spiritual Treasure In Far East Russia

Mother in Minneapolis

Notes To An Atheist - Part One

Raising ADHD Children Without Drugs

Switzerland Welcomes National Messiah

The Family Party, a Problem with Luther, and Creation Science

Wanted: American Teen for Exchange Program

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Moon Family Page

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