Unification News for February 1997

 Table of Contents

True Father on National Messiahship (Excerpts from Reverend Moon's Sermons)

True Father's Directions For 1997 (Reverend Moon's Instructions for the year)

A New Curriculum for Education in the Four Great Realms of Heart (Z. M. Kim)

Absolute Sex - Exploring Its Meaning (J. H. Pak)

Before the Boston Globe Published the Hassan Article

Boston Globe - Bashing Hassan

Boston Globe's Attack on Religious Liberty

Boston Globe's Defense

Boxing with cancer: Round won, but the match isn't over

California Divine Principle Youth Study Group Completes 3rd Year

Chicago Blessing, Dec. 27, 1996

Chicago King Day Prayer Breakfast

Contemplating Unification Thought - Life After Death

Distance Learning Project at University of Bridgeport

Help Decorate New Nebraska Church

Highschool Aworkshop - Sun Shines Through a Rainy Week at Aetna Springs

In Memoriam Arcely Constantino Kouassi

IRFWP Conference in South Africa - The Role of Religion in the Transformation of Southern African Societies

Letter to John Koch, Boston Globe

Letter to Steve Hassan

Letter to the Boston Globe

Mr. Koch's article on Steve Hassan II

Mr. Koch's article on Steve Hassan

North America: Regional System (List of new Regions)


Region 2 Gathers Christian Ministers in the Poconos for the First Regional TFVM Seminar and Festival in 1997

Spirit World Shows Its Support


Steve Hassan's War On Cults

The History of Drugs and the Future of America

The Loveliness of Virtue

Those Injured by Steve Hassan's Illicit Activities

True Family Festival at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, South Dakota

True Family Festival in Toronto, Ontario Canada

White War

Wind in the Grass

Tparents Home

Moon Family Page

Unification Library