Unification News for May 1997

 Table of Contents

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A Tribute to Dr. Sang Hun Lee

Albany Area True Family Festivals

Asian Writers Come to Washington

Blessing in Sri Lanka

Children are Forgotten Victims of Divorce

Couples Rededicate Their Marriages in S. California

Developing the Newspaper Providence in S. America

Fighting Porn on the Internet

Happy Couples Receive Recognition

In Memoriam - Dr. Henry Thompson

Internship Program Introduced at UTS

My Life as a Martial Artist

My Memory of True Mother's Mother

Naturalist Wonder

New Hope Academy Expanding

Rebirth (poem)

Reluctant Refugees from the Land of Blessing

Resurrection in Central Africa

Salvation by the Family Together

Science and Religion - Man vs. Machine

Seung Hwa Ceremony of Dr. Sang Hun Lee

Taking my Parents to the Blessing

The Gradual Transformation of UTS

The Heart of Chungpyung

The New Hope Farm Experience: A Testimony

Turn On, Tune In and Get Blessed - U.C. Philippines Goes On The Airwaves

Unification Church of Germany Fights the Government

UTS Holds 21st Annual Oratorical Contest

What of the Crusader?

Young People & Crime

Tparents Home

Moon Family Page

Unification Library