Unification News for June 1997

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Reverend Sun Myung Moon giving the sermon, "Personal Salvation & Collective Salvation," on May 1, 1997 at Belvedere, NY USA. Peter Kim is the translator. They are wearing suites, standing in front of a blackboard with diagrams on it.

Personal Salvation and Collective Salvation (Sun Myung Moon)

ABC, Ellen and the Culture War

Becoming a Talented Writer

Celebration of True Love in Montreal

First Native American Bridge of Peace Ceremony Held in S. Calif.

God's Blueprint for a True Family

Homeland of Your Heart

Hope in the Midst of Despair: Flood Relief in North Dakota

In Memoriam - Dean M. Kelley

In Memory of Tokuhiro Yamazaki

Leaders Meeting at East Garden

Nature of God and Man; the Purpose of Life

North Dakota Appeal

Peacekeepers on the Playground

Persevering in California - Islamic Blessing

Planets from Scratch - Part One

Pure Love 97 National Tour

Pure Love '97 Tour Schedule

Recognizing Healthy Families as the Cornerstone of a World of Peace

Religious Youth Service (RYS) Announces Summer Schedule

Reminiscence - Facing Fear in Central Africa

Rev. & Mrs. Sharpton Officiate at NYC Blessing

Rev. Al Sharpton Blessed in NYC

RYS American Friendship Projects in the Dominican Republic

Salvation through Marriage and the 21st Century

Spreading the Blessing in Kentucky

Summer at Camp Sunrise, NY

Testimony - Taking the Blessing into the Home

Testimony from Norman Presley

The Foot-Washing: Meeting With God

The Happy Ending for Religion

The Odyssey of New Religions Today

The Origins of the Modern Dysfunctional Family

The Search for the First Ancestors

There is a Stillness

Tparents Home

Moon Family Page

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