Articles from the July 1997 Unification News

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Black and white TIFF photo of Reverend Sun Myung Moon giving the Founder's Address, "True Universe and True Family Centering On True Love" at the Fifteenth Anniversary Washington Times on June 16, 1997. The photo is from the back of the hall showing the crowd with Rev. Moon on stage in the distance. 

Foundation Day 1997 (version 1) (Reverend Sun Myung Moon)

Foundation Day 1997 (version 2) (Reverend Sun Myung Moon)

True Family And True Universe Centering On True Love (Reverend Sun Myung Moon)

Heavenly Registration is Coming Soon (Rev. J. H. Pak)

3.6 Million Couples PreBlessed

A Mother's Heart with Her Son in Korea

Adultery: Today's Issue

Blessing in Chicago

Blessings Confront the New with the Old in Nigeria

Blessings in Germany

Blessings in Peru

Blessings In Washington, DC

Denver Celebration of True Love

Divine Principle on TV

Divine Principle Volume 1, Part 5

Father Endures Pyungyang Prison

Father of the Tiger

Finding God in Moscow

It is neither wise nor prudent to follow the Messiah

Kenya Responds to True Parents Blessing

Ministerial Alliance Meeting Held at FFWPU

Minnesota: 3112 Couples Blessed in 2 Days 

My Pre-blessing Door-to-Door experience

Planets From Scratch - Part Two

Purity is Beautiful

Symposium on Unification Thought

Testimony of Home Blessing

The Church in Ghana

The Foot-Washing: Meeting With God

The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand

The Washington Times Celebrates 15 Years - Western Literary Conference held DC

Unexpected Single Parenthood - An Interview with Kaarina Jager

UTS Class of 97 Graduates

UTS Fishing Contest on the Hudson

UTS Speech Contests

Tparents Home

Moon Family Page

Unification Library