Articles from the August 1997 Unification News

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Reverend Moon and three early female followers sitting on a hill circa 1954

J H Pak welcomes Jesse Jackson in Chicago.

World Era of Blessed Families (Sun Myung Moon)

500 Celebrate Parents' Day in South Gate, CA

Appreciating Your Spouse

Armageddon (a poem)

Blessed Kids Summer Camp, PA

Blessing News Memo

Blessings in Gorky Park!

Blessings Multiply in the Ukraine

California Summer Camp: The Heavenly Kingdom on Earth!

David Kim and the Devil

Dysfunctional Family

Father Again in Pyungyang

For The Children, Part One

Fulfilling Tribal Messiahship at Car Dealerships

Good News from Israel

Hassan and his Disinformation

In Memoriam Ellen Beth Vogel Goldstein

Josette Shiner Leaves Washington Times

Journeys of Heart in Mexico

Marriage: The Universal Principle

My Teen and Absolute Sex

Nature Of God And Man; The Purpose Of Life.

New Holy Day: True Children Engaged

Parents Day Festival in Little Tokyo, CA

Parents Day Victory for Inland Empire, CA

Pen Pal - Burkina Faso

Proclamation Of The 3.6 Million Couples Marriage Blessing

Questions and Answers about the Upcoming Blessing

Rev. Sharpton Blesses as "The Prince of Peace"

Teens and Sex

Teleportation and the Coming Kingdom

The Open Blessing (Or, The Blessing Free To All) (J H Pak)

The Principled Academy Victory Trip

The Rebirth of a Nation: Nepal

The Study in Korea program for Teens

Values and Suicide

Tparents Home

Moon Family Page

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