Articles from the October 1997 Unification News

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Reverend Sun Myung Moon's birthplace in North Korea. Photo taken in 1997, after some restoration by North Korean authorities.

World Era of Blessed Families (Rev. Moon)

Seven Meanings of Blessing '97 (J. H. Pak)

6000 Couple Anniversary Testimony

Big Web Site on True Parents Open for Testing

Cynthia Toffey’s Empowered Women

Divine Principle, Volume One. Part Eight.

Forbidden Love

Healing Marriages: What the Experts Say

ICUS Conference to be held at WCSF

Interview with Michael Marshall Executive Editor, The World & I

Jin-A Celebrates 10th Graduation and First Alumni Reunion

Liberation from Hung Nam

Modern Times - Part One

Museum Commemorates MSG Blessing

New Eden Academy Welcomes Inaugural Class

Parents Visit to South America

How Now, Marriage Vow?

Planting Seeds in Lithuania

Principle Study Book and Workbook for Families

Program for the World Culture and Sports Festival III

PWPA Conference to be held at WCSF

Red Oak Academy - Alternative Education in the Greater New York Area

Romance and Renewal

Sun Myung Moon: The Early Years, 1920-53

The Necessity for Moral and Ethical Education

The Passing of Alan Ginsburg

The Way of God's Will

Thoughts on Visiting Father's Birthplace

Unification Theology and the FFWPU

Virtuous Business People

Visiting Beijing and Pyongyang

Workshop for Matching Candidates

Tparents Home

Moon Family Page

Unification Library