Unification News for February 1998

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Reverend Sun Myung Moon speaking at the World Culture and Sports Festival III, Washington, DC, USA, November 1997.


 The closing mansei at True Parent's Birthday in Seoul Korea, February 2, 1998.

Reverend and Mrs. Moon on the Hoon Dok Hae tour of Korea. This photo taken in Pusan, 1998.

Reverend and Mrs. Moon cutting the cake at their birthday celebration in Seoul, Korea, February 2, 1998.

The Family Pledge number 8 in Korean.

Farewell Remarks (Rev. Sun Myung Moon)

True Parents' Birthday (Rev. Sun Myung Moon)

True Father’s Midnight Prayer (Rev. Sun Myung Moon)

Blessing Prayer (Rev. & Mrs. Sun Myung Moon)

Have A Heart Of Gratitude (J. H. Pak)

Becoming the Kind of Father You Really Want to Be

Conspiracy Theory

Europe's Sect Wars: A Cure Worse than the Disease

First Ever ‘Voice of Unity’ Broadcasters Conference held in the Philippines

Fishing in a Foreign Land

Jin-A Children Continue Tradition of Giving

Love Comes Alive

Marriage Renewal and the Holy Honeymoon

Martial Arts Federation for World Peace - Web Site and Email Address

New Addition to Pledge, Number Eight

New Look for the Unofficial HSA E-Directory

NYC Family Federation Holds Ministers’ Luncheon

Providential Significance of Hoon Dok Hae

Pure Love Rally and March

Reality, An Effective Discipline for Children

Report on Barrytown Meeting on the Blessing

Rev. Pak Speaks to National Baptist Convention

RYS & WFWP to Cosponsor School Project in Guatemala

RYS Service Project in Bangladesh

Sports Fest at WCSF III

SportsFest Testimony

Testimony to RFK Aired in Bahamas

The Demons of Democracy

The Origin of Human Conflict and Suffering

True Parents' Big Web Site Officially Open!

TV's Decadence & Power for Good

Vertical and Horizontal Fortune

Tparents Home

Moon Family Page

Unification Library