Unification News for June 1999

The Korean Language Institute (KLI)

1999 - 2 Academic year Enrollment

Students who wish to improve their Korean language skills can do so by taking the Korean Language Intensive Course for Overseas at the Korean Language Institute of Sun Moon University. KLI has two 16-week intakes per year (March and August session). Students can start studying in any session.

Description of classes: Classes are given at 3 levels of proficiency, from introductory to advanced level.

Course Schedule: 20 hours of classroom instruction, each week. Classes meet 5 days a week Monday through Friday, for 4 hours per day from 9:00 to 13:00. The program gives them extensive practices in listening, speaking, reading and writing Korean while covering grammar, composition, vocabulary development, Korean culture and history, religious education, cultural training, etc.

Lodging: The school provides students with accommodation facilities in two campus dormitories. Students can live in the campus dormitory or rent a house in town.

Student Advisors: Faculty advisors keep track of students academic progress, assist and guide them about religious life, health problem, individual study, entering university, etc.

Application Procedure :

1. Students should complete an application form. This form may be obtained from the university by writing to the KLI office.

2. Students should send the application form (with 1 photograph) to the KLI office. Please take care to fill all relevant details on the application form

3. Certified copy of an international health and injury insurance

4. Certified copy of one's health signed by a doctor.

5. Personal Resume

6. Confirmation of enrollment, the school invitation letter and other supporting documents for visa obtaining will be forwarded to the student by the KLI.

Items 1. - 4. must be sent to the KLI by fax.

Application Deadline: July 20, 1999. (One month prior to session for visa processing reasons)

Fees (per semester): US$ 1270

(tuition $1,200 + registration $70) Admission inquiry letters must be followed by a notice of payment made to Mr. Lee Hun Ki through postal money order. Account # 312694-0055220 Chunan Post Office, Ministry of Information and Communication of Korea. Other:

1. Cultural trip 100,000 Won

2. Teaching materials 40,000 Won

3. Dormitory 900.000, food included.

(Exchange rate 1$ =_1200 Won).

Visa Application : Students should apply for a student D-4 visa at the Korean Embassy or Consul in their countries. The tourist C-3 visa is improper. However, visa procedures vary slightly from one consulate or embassy to another. Before you apply for your visa, check with the office where you plan to apply in order to determine exactly what supporting documentation is required.

Free Airport Pick-Up Service (Aug. 19 - 21): This free service is available to new students. Students will be sent an On-Campus Arrival form with the Confirmation of Enrollment form. Once you have obtained your training visa and confirmed your travel arrangements, you should send the On-Campus Arrival form to the KLI office. The form needs to be sent at least 72 hours before your arrival to Korea. Students should prepare a round trip air ticket, clothes, living expenses, stereo, 12 head-and shoulder photos (3cm X 4cm) and other personal items.

Arrival Deadline : August 21, 1999 - Opening Ceremony: August 23, 1999 Make sure that you arrive ahead of time before the semester starts.

The Korean Language Institute of Sun Moon University
#381-7, Samyung-Dong, Chunan-si, Chungnam, KOREA
TEL : 82-417-559-1333,4
FAX : 82-417-559-1339
Internet : www.sunmoon.ac.kr
e-mail: sjlee@omega.sunmoon.ac.kr


3-21-25 Ikejiri, Hiroi B/D 2F
Tokyo, Japan
Tel : 81-3-3410-6311
Fax : 81-3-3410-6420

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