Unification News for June 1999

Dae Mo Nim's Speech

by Hiromi Ono

I was inspired by the basic points of Dae Mo Nimís speech:

1. We have to have absolutely Principled love. No relationship at all with Satanic things (junk TV, junk movies, etc.). We cannot even think about Chapter Two (sexually fallen) things.
2. We have to find what is the right way to good life. If we take care about our life by going the way of real goodness, absolutely evil spirits will go away from our body.

Since I came back from California, I have had three dreams that showed me my real sin:

1. In the first dream, I am having a Chapter Two problem with women. I spoke to the women, saying: "Dae Mo Nim said this is no good." But the women said, "Just kissing is no problem."
2. In the second dream, I have another spouse from another blessing; I have a sexual relationship with another spouse.
3. In the third dream, I am watching Dae Mo Nim at the conference place. I want to ask her, "Please take away my evil spirit from my body," but Dae Mo Nim doesnít touch me or my daughter.

I feel now that there isnít so much difference between my dreams and the spiritual world now.

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