Unification News for June 1999

Ancestors Liberated

by Larry & Betsy Orman—Fargo, ND

For three years my husband stayed up late in the evening doing ancestral research. Eventually he put together a book of 1500 ancestors and descendants and was made the official head of the Orman clan. I sat shocked and amazed at what he put together but had no interest at all until I heard of Dae Mo Nim’s coming. Then I went crazy to find my ancestors but it was too late; it was almost impossible to locate records overseas in that short amount of time. All I could do was pray and bow and repent that I didn’t know the names of my ancestors, begging them to come when Dae Mo Nim called.

On Thursday I woke up sweating from a nightmare. Our plane to Chicago had been canceled and we would not be able to go. As we waited for the rainstorms to lift, my heart sank. They canceled every flight into Chicago that day. I went home and wept and wept for our ancestors waiting for us while we were stuck in North Dakota.

By the grace of God and with the prayer of our central figures, Larry and I were able to reschedule everything and even take our children to New York instead. As we arrived everything looked so beautiful, Belvedere shining in the sun. This was the first time our children had ever seen Belvedere. They realized how many children there are in our church. The played and played until Dae Mo Nim came.

As we sat listening to Dae Mo Nim we wept with the beauty o her voice, the love and compassion in her heart for all the family members, especially her desire to help us get well. I had been suffering with acute stomach pain all week and didn’t know if I could even make it on the plane.

When she called down our ancestors, my son was asleep on my lap and my daughter was asleep on my husband’s lap. We held hands and prayed and then I felt my entire right side get warm. A breeze came up and began blowing on my face, and someone began blowing on my skin. Then someone was playing with my hair, actually running their hands through my hair. I felt they were focused on our family, smiling. They were so happy to see the children. After the ceremony my side stopped hurting and my spirit was so light. Larry was deeply moved by the ceremony and was lifted out of the heaviness of his mission by Dae Mo Nim’s love.

I am so grateful that Dae Mo Nim would come here to America. I had tried to go to Chung Pyung four times before and each time something providentially came up to stop me. I was so moved by her love for us to come here and do this. I am praying that our ancestors will resurrect to the highest level and work hard to grow their spirits as well as organize our entire tribe in the spiritual world.

When I returned I found e-mail messages from several of the distant relatives I had contacted to find my ancestors. I am now teaching them Divine Principle over the Internet. Just as True Parents saved our eternal lives, they have unconditionally given this grace to our ancestors; what an historical blessing! We can never be grateful enough to True Parents for the forgiveness which has been given to us all at this providential time period.

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