Unification News for June 1999

Nicaragua welcomes True Mother

by Nora Spurgin—Managua, Nicaragua

On May 12, 1999, Nicaraguan members, National Messiahs, and Japanese missionaries welcomed True Mother to Nicaragua where she spoke to 600 governmental, religious, judicial and business leaders at a banquet in the Camino Real Hotel, Managua. True Mother was most warmly welcomed on her third visit to Nicaragua.

We can see how God prepared everything for True Parents through an amazing miracle that took place the day before her arrival. Rev. No Hi Pak, National Messiah from Korea, deeply desired to provide a Mercedes Benz for True Mother's transportation. Upon inquiring about rental cars he was informed that it is impossible to rent such a car, even from the dealership. With much disappointment he rented the best car Nicaragua's rental service could provide, a Ford Taurus.

On the late afternoon the day before Mother's arrival, Franz Haslhofer, National Messiah from Austria and general manager of Tiempos del Mundo, noticed a Peugeot 600 in a shopping center parking lot. "Maybe we can rent it from the owner," he thought as he approached the driver. "I have a problem; Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon is arriving tomorrow. Nicaragua should welcome her with a better car than we can rent. Would it be possible for us to rent this car:" The driver informed him that the owner was Christiana Chamorro, daughter of former president, Violeta Chamorro, and asked Mr. Haslhofer to wait for her to return. When the beautiful lady arrived, she responded immediately to his request, saying that she knew how much Mrs. Moon meant to us and her family would want to welcome her well. She said, "don't worry, I will provide a car for her. Please give me your phone number and I will call you this evening".

Finally at 10 p.m. she called personally to say she had arranged for a Mercedes Benz and a chauffeur for True Mother's visit. It was the limousine that is used for visiting diplomats and had just been freshly painted. Franz's inspiration allowed God to work in a great way.

True Mother was most pleased with such a welcome representing the heart of Nicaragua and the Chamorro family. This is also a beautiful testimony to the help of the spiritual world and the faith of our members.

Pedro Joaquin Chamorro, Violeta Chamorro's son, is Nicaragua's Minister of Defense. He expressed his desire to come to the speech but had a cabinet meeting and did not know when it would end. However, near the end of True Mother's speech he made an appearance and arranged to stop by to greet and hold a short meeting with True Mother at the hotel the following morning.

The religious community, both Catholic and Protestant also reached out to receive True Mother's party. Cardinal Miguel Obando y Bravo, the country's Catholic head, granted a meeting with Rev. Kwak, as the president of Family Federation for World Peace International. Since Rev. Kwak could not come to Nicaragua, True Mother sent Peter Kim and Mr. Salonen as special representatives of Rev. and Mrs. Moon to meet with Cardinal Obando. At first the meeting was tense with the Cardinal expressing concern about twisted information he had received regarding Rev. Moon and the his movement. He asked very direct questions and Mr. Salonen carefully explained True Fathers tireless investment and vision for strengthening families worldwide. The tension eased as they found common ground in their views regarding family values. When asked to pray for the evening event, Nicaragua's spiritual leader who in the past had expressed opposition to our work, gave his blessing in prayer. He also graciously posed for photos with our local church leaders.

Representing Protestant churches, Rev. Norman Bent, president of the Moravian Church in Latin America, gave the invocation at the banquet. Afterwards he commented that he was moved by the event and offered his cooperation for the future.

The evening banquet was an elegant event attended by 600 top-level Nicaraguan leaders. Dr. Maria Eugenia Acevedo, president of The Association of Women Lawyers, who also serves as president of WFWP in Nicaragua, invited 120 women lawyers to the event. She also introduced True Mother and presented a plaque from the lawyers association.

True Mother, resplendent and glowing in a delicate pink suit, was greeted warmly. One guest commented that she has so much charisma that people could not take their eyes off her.

The guests responded enthusiastically to the speech, and the victory celebration immediately afterwards won their hearts as well. When the Japanese missionaries, dressed in Nicaraguan blouses, sang "Nicaragua mia" (How beautiful is Nicaragua), the spirit of the celebration was caught by the whole audience.

In observing the interaction between True Father in Jardim and True Mother in Nicaragua, the guests experienced a living example of the speech in action.

This part of the program included the usual cake cutting, singing and speaking to each other. True Mother sang two songs, Santa Lucia and Edelweiss, then True Parents joyfully sang Umaya Nunaya together.

The following morning 60 to 70 members gathered at the hotel for Hoon Dok Hae. During that time True Mother spoke, emphasizing two major points: First, we should read the book of True Fathers prayers, No. 6; these prayers capture his heart of faith during his wilderness course. Secondly we need to learn the Korean language.

When True Mother, happy and relaxed, waved good bye, everyone felt the joy of an event well received and well organized. The National Messiah's of Nicaragua, centered on Rev, and Mrs. No Hi Pak worked together with Rev. Mrs. Jorge Oliveira, Nicaraguan church president, Franz Haslhofer, Tiempos del Mundo and the 39 Japanese missionaries to bring a great victory.

The daily "La Noticia" called True Mother "an international spiritual leader whose message is destined to awaken humankind's conscience about life's basic issues such as the transcendence of our eternal existence, the meaning of spiritual values and the strengthening of families to become true schools of life". There were no negative words.

Another newspaper, "Bolsa de Noticias" pointed out that Dr. Moon's message called for "sowing love, justice and truth to harvest eternal happiness".

Through this third visit, True Mother gave great blessing to this country, spiritually and physically. If we can really develop this foundation I am sure the Nicaraguan church will prosper.

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