Unification News for June 1999

True Mother's Visit to Sao Paulo

by Christian Lepelletier and Peter Haider—Sao Paulo, Brazil

True Mother's airplane landed at Sao Paulo international airport on the 4th of May at 3:10 pm. The four National Messiahs, Rev H.T. Kim, Rev H.Oyamada, Rev P. Haider and myself, the national leader and few other members helping for the security and the transport were waiting for her. She came out with her entourage about 20 minutes later. She received a bouquet of flowers and went directly to the waiting Mercedes outside.

About 40 min later she arrived at the Headquarters building were a large group of members were waiting for her with flowers offered by a couple of children from the Colegio Sung Hwa primary school. Then she went to the 6th floor apartment to prepare for the event.

From 18:00h the VIP guests started to arrive at the Hall of the Sport Club of Pinheiros to participate at the inaugural meeting of the Inter-religious and International Federation for World Peace. They received one packet containing the speech given in Seoul on February 6th by True Father, one declaration of support to sign, one brochure in color about the FFWPU and one copy of the speech: "The path of life for all humankind". Mr. Peter Kim gave a short introduction about the IIFWP for the 70 guests sitting in the upper floor, and Prof. Waldir Cipriani read the inaugural speech in Portuguese.

At 7pm the program of the main event started, the hall was still filling up with people coming late, about 100 buses and vans came from all around the city, and gradually all seats became occupied. The MC asked everyone to stand to sing the national anthem. Then the opening prayer was said by Prof. Roberto Andersen representing the Faculty of philosophy and theology of the state of Bahia. Several government personalities like senators, deputies and officials who could not participate at the event sent congratulatory messages that were read to the audience. Following was the Corasons Unification Choir who performed the Sound of Music. Mrs. Rosemary Correa, member of the Federal Parliament gave a powerful introductory speech for True Mother and invited everyone to unite with the activities of our movement. Then the video in Portuguese language was presented on a large screen.

Everyone stood up to welcome True Mother entering the stage. She read her message: "The Path of Life for all Humankind" in English and Alejandro was simultaneously following with the Portuguese language. The speech was well received and the crowd expressed support by applauding several times. After the message one couple presented the flowers, and several personalities offered gifts representing diverse organizations like the group of Spiritual Religions, the Brazilian Association of Referees and the Deputies of the Assembly of the State of Amapa. Finally Prof. Roberto Anderson of the faculty of philosophy and theology of the state of Bahia announced that the Title of Doctor Honoris Causa will be presented to Mrs. H.J.H. Moon. He spoke shortly to praise and congratulate the work of True Mother. She received the doctorate and was dressed in the green uniform and the hat according to the traditional graduation ceremony of that university.

At the end of the program the audience was asked to remain for the Victory Celebration. Prof. Cipriani was commenting on the special relationship between True Mother and True Father when the stage was being prepared and the technical staff was arranging the telephone link between Montevideo and S? Paulo. A huge cake was quickly brought to the stage, and twelve personalities were asked to sit on the stage on each side of TP's armchairs. Then Mother came in again and talked to Father appearing on the screen. Songs were exchanged between Montevideo and S? Paulo. The public enjoyed the celebration and remained seated until the end. Mother shook hands with each VIP on stage thanking them for their support.

After 10:00 pm a small group gathered with True Mother at the 6th floor of the HQ. Rev. Heung Tae Kim and Prof. Cipriani reported how the event was prepared during the preceding two months. A special group centered on Mr. Ivan Rebous was formed to contact the VIPs and members worked hard to invite guests and fill the buses. More than 10,000 invitations card were mailed.

The next morning True Mother came for Hoon Dok Hae at the 5th floor temple where members gathered. We heard a report from Mr. Peter Kim, explaining the great success and accomplishments of True Mother's world tour, showing positive newspaper articles and telling testimonies of people moved by the power of True Mother as the living Holy Spirit and by her words. To conclude True Mother stood up and gave words of encouragement and hope for all members to persevere and to offer great results for the next seven months until True Father's 80th birthday:

"What are we doing at the present time? We are in a position to influence the past through our ancestors, the present and the future through our descendants. Our success is the success of our ancestors and our descendants, they will be eternally grateful, if we fulfill our responsibility for the spiritual life of all humankind and eradicate the satanic lineage."

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