Unification News for June 1999

Ancestor Liberation Experience

Fred Tambunan, Omaha, NE

I really felt the presence of Spirit World at that time, but most of all is the heartistic connection with Daemo Nim, her sincere parental heart and her deep experience and understanding of God and True Parents heart, I felt abundance.

During the ceremony, my tears would not stop flowing even I tried so hard to hold. I felt God and True Parents grace are so much for us. At the unison prayer, I felt a very warm sensation if not hot in some part of my body as Daemo Nim said the angel was taking the evil spirits that detached to our body. In certain situation usually my spirit senses would open especially in trance state, but I didn't see my ancestor's spirits, but I could feel their presence, although I was kind of wondering too. But because of the heartistic experience I had with Daemo Nim. My self and my ancestors felt unworthy to receive such grace, I decided to continue the 50 kyung bae every day for 100 days as my gratitude because we would never able to pay such grace. Even if my clan have a mountain full of diamond, still it is not comparable.

The day after I came back from Chicago, an unexpected thing started to happen. I could witness to two young and single Mormon Evangelists from South Dakota who happen to be in their witnessing mission in Omaha. For almost two hours I stayed in their apartment which is also used as their witnessing quarter. At that time I explained to them about True Family value and the foundation to build a family according to Divine Principle and The Fall of Man and why God want to send the Messiah as the Second Christ to fulfill Jesus mission to complete the Three Blessings. And after that we agree to meet regularly on Saturday while they stay in Omaha for their mission. Thank you so much Daemo Nim.

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