Unification News for June 1999

Understanding Dae Mo Nim’s Earthly Activity at Chung Pyung from the Viewpoint of Divine Principle

by Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Director, Mid-Atlantic Region

Because of True Parents’ special interest, the three-day and forty-day Chung Pyung workshops have been going on since January 19, 1995. National messiahs have been sent out after a 40-day special workshop. All church leaders in the providentially central nations of Korea, Japan and U.S. have finished the workshop between December 20, 1996 and January 1997. Leaders of all levels and members from all over the world have been attending the forty-day workshop continuously. Father has also mentioned that the second generation from third grade and up should attend the forty-day workshop three times before reaching blessing age. Thus, the Chung Pyung forty-day workshop has become a prerequisite for the second generation to receive the blessing. Father has also emphasized that all blessed second generation should attend the Chung Pyung forty-day workshop without exception. He has also said that they need to attend the workshop 120 days or even six months if they do not at first experience the spiritual world or separate from Satan.

Father has also directed that all the first-generation blessed couples should attend the Chung Pyung workshop. So far, about eighty thousand Japanese members have completed the workshop at each level, most Korean members have completed the workshop at least once, and many of the core members in the Western Hemisphere have gone through at least the ten-day workshop. Participation in the Chung Pyung workshop has been carried out under the direct guidance of True Parents. According to True Parents, the Chung Pyung training center transcends the national boundary of Korea since it represents the world-level holy ground. In effect, the center of the Chung Pyung training facility is Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim, who reside in both the spiritual and physical worlds, and Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim who is doing Dae Mo Nim’s work in substance. Because the Chung Pyung workshop encompasses the elements of the Holy Sprit and Truth, we need to have systematic understanding of it as a "life movement" though repentance, revival and rebirth, along with understanding its providential background.

The purpose of this article is to understand correctly God’s providence and the leadership of True Parents from the Divine Principle perspective. Thus all mistakes and misinterpretations are mine alone and I welcome all comments and corrections. It is True Parents’ desire that all blessed members live in the midst of heavenly fortune as citizens of the Heavenly Kingdom. This comes through abiding by the Divine Principle. It is my sincere hope that all will live up to God’s providence. The completion of the world of freedom, peace, unity and happiness through establishing the realm of liberation for the Kingdom of Heaven in the spiritual realm and on earth is the accomplishment of this desire.

Chung Pyung Holy Ground

According to the Principle of Creation, all things are created as substantial objects of God’s Sung Sang (internal character) and Hyung Sang (external form). Through the fall of man, God's dominion over the natural world was lost. God has lost sovereignty even over the land. In the process of restoration the birthplaces of the founders of many religions were considered holy grounds and have become places of pilgrimage. As for the members of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unity, the foremost holy places are Father’s birthplace, Chung-Ju, and Mother’s birthplace, An-Ju. Father said that all church members should make a pilgrimage to these places before entering the spiritual world and that people who understand Unification Thought will consider these places like Mecca and Jerusalem. Places like Heuk Seuk Dong where Father used to pray while in school, Bum Nae Gol in Pusan where the original manuscript of the Divine Principle was written, are seen as significant in South Korea. Also, the former headquarters in the Chung Pa Dong church where True Parents’ Holy Wedding and the 36-couple blessing took place, is such a site. In this article, the focus will be on explaining the providential meaning of the Chung Pyung Holy Ground, which is the center of the work of the Holy Spirit today. The present one-story main building in Chung Pyung was constructed in 1971. However, the location was found when for 7 years (beginning 1965) Father made an earnest effort to find a good location. The main building was completed in two weeks after the foundation work started. On July 8, 1972, Father renamed all the area neighboring this Holy Place. This includes one lake, 15 mountains, one house, and so on. The new names of these places start with Chung (which means Heaven in Korean). This was to proclaim that the area represented the restored Garden of Eden.

Providential Meaning

Father spoke about the Chung Pyung Holy Ground as representing the restored and completed Garden of Eden, while calling it an excellent spot on a world level. Furthermore, he said that Chung Pyung is the growth-stage prayer ground from the providential perspective. Among the formation-stage Holy Grounds are Pusan, Taegu and Seoul. The growth-stage holy grounds are Chungpadong, Sootaekli and Chung Pyung. Accordingly, the Chung Pyung Holy Ground is the completion-level-of-the-growth-stage holy ground, and Father had prayed there to establish Korea, Japan and America as the central nations in God’s providence. That is, until True Family moved to the U.S. in 1972, Father had offered the most sincere prayers in the Chung Pyung Holy Ground as a preparation for the world-level providence centering on the U.S. So one needs a three-day preparation prayer period, at least, before coming to the Chung Pyung Holy Ground. Otherwise, God will not respond to one’s prayer.

Father also said that the Chung Pyung Holy Ground is so prepared that evil spirits will not confront one when praying here and that the prayer foundation built previously, for example, in Sootaekli, he transferred to Chung Pyung. It is proof that Chung Pyung was prepared by God when prayer ladies saw the whole spirit world centering on Jesus and Buddha rejoicing when the place was purchased. Father instructed 36 couples to take turns praying at the Chung Pyung Holy Ground when he was moving to the U.S. in 1972. At that time, many members who were deeply concerned about their spiritual life visited the place frequently because they could see the status of their spirit in several ways. In July 7, 1997 (lunar calendar), True Parents declared Chunji Bumo Chunjoo Ansik Gwon which will shine throughout providential history. This was possible based on the condition of the successful 30,000-couple blessing (1992) which represented restoration of Canaan at a formation-stage level, the 360,000-couple blessing (1995) at a growth-stage level, and the 3.6-million couple blessing at a completion-stage level. Father named the new sanctuary being built now with the capacity to hold 10,000 people "Chunsung Wangrim Palace" and proclaimed the coming of the substantial heavenly age based on the restoration of the eldest son’s position, parental position, and kingship. Based on the condition of breaking ground to build the heavenly palace in Chung Pyung (representing the completed Eden), the proclamation of Chunji Bumo Chunjoo Ansik Gwon, also called the 7.8 Jeol, was possible. This palace is to complete the prophecy in Revelation that promises a New World where God dwells as parents of humanity on earth and where there is no death. Father mentioned that the palace in Chung Pyung should exactly resemble the one already prepared in heaven.

The place where the palace is being built is a God-prepared place in the middle of the Chunsung Mountain holy ground where a big pine tree is situated. When this Palace of our Heavenly Parents and True Parents is completed through the fulfillment of the responsibilities of the children of 185 nations, then the content of Family Pledge #8 will be completed in reality. This promises the liberation of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in the spirit world. At that time, unification will come upon completion of the Palace. Father alludes to this with reference to the whole providential contents from Adam to the Second Coming. This will end the history of salvation of humanity and bring in the age of forever resting where there is no sorrow and regret.

Likewise, based on the providence and Divine Principle, the spiritual work of Dae Mo Nim should be correctly understood by all members visiting this place, Chung Pyung, the central sanctuary of the providence. Correct practice results from correct understanding, which comes from correct interpretation. Correct interpretation is possible when we use as our base True Parents’ speeches, which are the center of the truth.

Chung Pyung History from the Perspective of the Providence of Resurrection

From the perspective of a physical person, the Chung Pyung special workshop is the work for repentance, resurrection and rebirth by the Holy Spirit through Dae Mo Nim, who represents True Mother. For the inhabitants of the spiritual world, the Chung Pyung training center is the earthly headquarters which controls and guides the returning resurrection of spirit men and their cooperative works. According to the Principle of Creation, spirits cannot grow without the aid of a physical body. This requires them to return to the physical world and support the work of their descendants or the believers with similar responsibilities. By helping them complete their missions, the spirits can receive the same benefit as the people of the physical world. The phenomena of the spirits’ help resemble, in many aspects, the work of the Holy Spirit. That is to have the earthly person receive spiritual fire, cure illness, receive revelation, or prophesize. Ultimately, these spirits help their earthly counterparts to fulfill the will of God.

Generally, the spirits return to their descendants or to the followers of the same religions which they followed and support them. Additionally, the work of Chung Pyung encompasses more than the realm of the spirits in the growth stage’s completion level. The good spirits who received the blessing at RFK on Nov. 29, 1997 were to go through returning resurrection on Jan. 25, 1998 as absolute good spirits and were to meet their descendants and those whom they helped through Dae Mo Nim’s benediction. Thereafter, these spirits are sent to places on earth to help and oversee the earthly person’s life of faith. This is called returning cooperation.

According to the theory of Trinity, the Holy Spirit refers to God’s spirit: i.e., the Holy Father God. He is the first cause of the whole resultant world, the creator of humanity and all things. He is the same God who directed Noah to build the ark, who appeared to Moses as fire on Mount Horeb, and whom Jesus called Father at Gethsemane. Divine Principle provides a clear exposition of the meaning of the Holy Spirit which traditional theology has defined rather abstrusely. The Holy Spirit (Sung Ryung) exists as a dual characteristic of the Original Sung-Sang and the Original Hyung-Sang and is a Mother Spirit who generally reflects the Holy God’s female-Sung Sang attributes and who is the spirit of consolation and inspiration. Accordingly, Adam and Eve, as well as Jesus as the subsequent Adam and the Holy Spirit as his bride, are the substantial object of Hyung-Sang which are separated and expanded from the dual characteristics of the Holy God who is the subject of Logos. Therefore, the Holy Spirit is the being of personality with the attributes of True Father and True Mother and who exists as the harmonized dual characteristics and as the ultimate cause of the existing world. Complete substantial manifestation of the Holy God is wholly seen in True Parents, who came as the third Adam and Eve and established the four-position foundation through their Holy Wedding in 1960. In the mean time, Heung Jin Nim, who entered the spirit world in the realm of True Parents’ blessing, is leading the providence there as True Father’s representative in the position of perfected Abel and restored elder son. Dae Mo Nim, who is appointed by True Parents as an intermediary between heaven and earth, stands in the position of True Mother who is the substantiated Holy Spirit and is leading the work of repentance, salvation and liberation of earthly persons. Accordingly, during this period of their mission, Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim are Holy Spirits (sung-ryung) in the position of Holy Father and Holy Mother (sung shin). Additionally, on Nov. 16, 1996 in Uruguay, True Parents performed a special ceremony for Choong Mo Nim that connected Choong Mo Nim and Dae Mo Nim centering on True Mother in order to cleanse all the wrongdoing in history since Adam’s family, centering on True Family. Choong Mo Nim’s mission is to pray in the spirit world for True Family and is assisting the Chung Pyung holy work of Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim. Hence, Holy Spirits in the Complete Testament Providential Age are the ones directly involved in the providence of recreation, resurrection and rebirth in order to complete the providence of restoration. They are God, the creator, True Parents, who are the substantial object of God’s dual characteristics, Heung Jin Nim, Choong Mo Nim and Dae Mo Nim. Jesus worked as Messiah in the spirit world before Heung Jin Nim’s seung hwa. Since then, however, he is assisting Heung Jin Nim, who represents Father, in connecting Christianity from the younger brother’s position. After the realization of God’s will of establishing the Kingdom of Heaven in heaven and earth, Holy Spirits in the eternal heavenly world will be only the Trinity of God, True Father, and True Mother.

In addition to the Holy Spirit, we need to investigate good spirits who are assisting the earthly people. Good spirits refer to the spirits who lived a relatively good life on earth before entering the spirit world. However, since a fallen man with original sin can not become an absolute good spirit, a good spirit in this context means a spirit with more good attributes than bad attributes. In other words, they can be called "relative good spirits". These relative good spirits are central figures in God’s providence of restoration and patriots who lived for the sake of nations.

In comparison to the concept of good spirit, there is a concept of absolute good spirit who cannot change under any circumstances. This is the understanding of good spirits of blessed families who returned to the earth on January 25, 1998. These are the spirits who received liberation through the work in Chung Pyung and received blessing in the spirit world on Nov. 29, 1997 after 100-day training in the spirit world. They returned to the physical world after attending a special workshop on the mission of blessed families. They fully understand the heavenly law and tradition, good and wrong doings of central figures in the providential history, and the Divine Principle. Hence, they returned to the physical world to support physical people to live accordingly. Those blessed families who went to the spirit world through the seung hwa ceremony after receiving blessing, serving True Parents, and working in the front line are to be in the position of becoming the absolute good spirits by participating in the first resurrection. However, the fact that this is not the case must awaken us. Despite being cleansed of the original sin through blessing, these people did not grow beyond the completion level of the growth stage and those who committed wrong remain in the realm of evil spirits’ reach until seung hwa.

In this age of Completed Testament, the spirits who believed in Christianity return to the earth for the completion-stage resurrection providence and support their descendants or other appropriate Christians to follow the Messiah. These spirits can take the benefit when their earthly counterparts attain the level of Divine Spirit. Moreover, now is the time for no barrier between classes and religions since spirits who used to believe in other religions and even the evil spirits are return-resurrecting to assist the world providence of True Parents (who are hastening to bring the Last Days in God’s providence).

Victory on the Foundation of Faith

Dae Mo Nim was born on February 22, 1914 in Jung Joo to Hong Eu Il (father) and Cho Won Mo (mother) who were sincere Christians. She was married to Mr. Seung Woon Han in 1934 when she was 20, and gave birth to True Mother on January 6 (lunar), 1943 in An Joo, Southern Pyung An province. Dae Mo Nim was practicing the Christian faith sincerely at the "New Jesus Church" which was led by Reverends Yong Do Lee and Gook Joo Hwang. Dae Mo Nim walked 40 kilometers each day for 100 days from Gae Chun to Gang Gye to spread the Gospel crying, "Repent, the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand." Sometimes she street-preached from An Joo to Shin Eui Joo. She also used to wail for the repentance of sin, crying day and night. Dae Mo Nim hesitated when her mother suggested that she join a new holy group in Chul San. However, ultimately guided by the Lord’s voice, she joined "Sung Joo Gyo Dan" led by Mrs. Sung Do Kim and practiced a sincere life of prayer for eight years.

According to True Father, Mrs. Sung Do Kim was a very sincere Christian who received directly from Heaven the revelation about the major content of the providence. Especially, she received and taught 12 major contents including the liberation of Korea, the physical returning of the Messiah, the human fall, and so on. Mrs. Sung Do Kim opposed "shin sa cham bae" (bowing down in worship of Shinto idols) and foretold the fall of Japan. As this was widely known, she was imprisoned and tortured severely. Soon after she got out of the prison, she passed away. Dae Mo Nim was the most earnest follower of Sung Do Kim’s group and was thought to carry on her mission. After her death, this faith was carried on by the Inside Belly Church led by Il Duk Lee and his wife Ho Bin Huh who were followers of Sung Do Kim. It was called the Inside Belly Church because Jesus’ direct message was revealed through the pregnancy-type movements of Mrs. Ho Bin Huh’s belly. From the viewpoint of the providence, Sung Do Kim had the mission of Eve, and Ho Bin Huh had the mission of Mary. In that church, they practiced attending the returning Messiah thoroughly. Particularly, they prepared the returning Messiah’s clothes which he could wear from his infancy to the age of 33 with a change every third day. Also, to offer to the Lord, they prepared a good meal suitable for a big party three times a day and bowed 300 times or sometimes 3000 times before the offering table. The life of faith in that church was primarily characterized by bowing rather than by speech or sermon.

Dae Mo Nim used to take on the job of specially ordering shoes and hats for the returning Messiah and his spouse. When Ho Bin Huh was imprisoned with True Father in 1946, she failed her mission of testifying to him. Dae Mo Nim left for South Korea in 1948 and continued her devoted life of faith with True Mother in Seoul, Taegu and Cheju and so on until she met Father in 1955. While she was living in Choonchun, she joined the church led by the elder Suk Chun Chung, son of Sung Do Kim, and met Father in December 1955. By maintaining the center of her religious thought despite the fact that she went through several different religious groups, Dae Mo Nim was able to inherit the main current of the history of preparation for the coming Messiah and to set the foundation for True Mother to meet with True Father. It is stated that Father said, "Han Hak Ja is born unto Korea" three times when Dae Mo Nim and little (future) Mother were greeting (bowing before) Father. This is how the first meeting between Father and Mother took place.

As mentioned above, God’s providence of sending one Messiah was carried out with an elaborate plan through holy groups in the central religion. Preparation to receive the returning Messiah was carried out by several holy movements initiated by three people from the Wonsan area, a mountainous eastern part of Korea representing Adam, and by three people from the Chulsan area, an open western part of Korea representing Eve. Guided by Heaven, Dae Mo Nim established the foundation of faith by her blood-sweat-and-tears devotion to meet the Messiah and by passing through the major holy religious groups.

Victory on the Foundation of Substance

After joining the church, Dae Mo Nim set up five personal guiding principles in order to perfect her effort to serve God and True Parents vertically and to love other church members. The Foundation of Faith is to establish the vertical relationship with God based on absolute faith. On the basis of accomplishing this, one completes the perfect substance by becoming the embodiment of true love and of truth through setting indemnity conditions to eradicate the fallen characteristics in horizontal Cain-Abel relationships. Dae Mo Nim attended several groups with the mission to establish the spiritual foundation to receive the Messiah, such as the New Lord Church centering on Rev. Yong Do Lee and Ho Bin Lee, the Sung Joo sect by led by Sung Do Kim, and the Inside Belly Church led by Ho Bin Huh. She inherited in Abel’s position the mission of these providential central figures by going the way of devotion and attendance with humility, patience and sacrifice from the position of a servant. While other providential figures were failing their mission, Dae Mo Nim paid her wholehearted devotion in meeting the returning Messiah and inherited the core of faith. On this foundation, she was able to meet True Father spiritually in 1948. She heard Father in her dream telling her to keep doing her devotion till he would come back in three years from North Korea. She kept her faith stronger by hanging on to these words.

Thirty days after Dae Mo Nim’s seung hwa, True Mother said in her testimony about Dae Mo Nim to the True Children that Dae Mo Nim prayed with the utmost sincerity and sacrifice—that only God knows the intensity. Furthermore, in worrying about members’ failure to live according to the Divine Principle, Dae Mo Nim prayed that members could live a life of good faith even if it required her sacrifice. Her prayer and love toward brothers and sisters on the earth continued in the spiritual world as well and became the heartistic foundation for her returning resurrection and the reeducating of family members. Dae Mo Nim’s victory of inheriting the faith of successive providential figures while attending different holy groups is the path of completed faith to separate Satan, and her absolute faith toward Heaven. This formed the foundation of faith and the foundation of substance to receiving the Messiah.

Dae Mo Nim traversed Seoul, Taegu, Cheju Island and Choonchun looking for the returning Messiah whose face she remembered from her dream in 1948. While she was making an earnest effort at searching for the returning Messiah, she was led to True Father at Chungpadong in December 1955 by the elder, Suk Chun Chung, son of Rev. Sung Do Kim. It was a deeply moving meeting for Dae Mo Nim taking place seven years after the dream. What is the most fundamental for the life of faith of the followers of the True should be the example of the life of attendance. Dae Mo Nim already established the heartistic foundation of attendance. This was due to her time with the Inside Belly Church. There the life of attending Heaven with the utmost sincerity through bowing was more important than anything else including general service. When she felt like praying Dae Mo Nim bowed instead. In her daily life, the first thing she did after getting up was to look at heaven with pure and earnest heart. When she came home, she first set the place for True Parents, and she even hung her clothes after setting aside a place for True Parents’ clothes. She respected the heavenly law of attendance so much that she always behaved and even slept carefully.

Father mentioned that the reasons that he bestowed the name and title Dae Mo is that she broke down all the walls and barriers with sacrifice and that she accomplished her responsibilities in times of change. Also, he bestowed on her the honor of his calligraphic writing of "Choong Shim Bong Shin," saying that she lived a path of offering with loyal changeless heart. He also said that Dae Mo Nim lived a life of absolute faith and absolute obedience to God, even sacrificing her body to connect to the way of heavenly affection while ignoring affection found in the human world. Father’s opinion of Dae Mo Nim’s faith was that it was higher than any other church members’, and it indicates that the realm of Dae Mo Nim’s faith is beyond our imagination. We can also find Father’s high opinion of her sincere effort in the contents of his brief cards he sent during his 1978 World Tour.

Moreover, she liked True Mother’s saying that "God works through a person who can see the beauty of a flower and think and act on a world level at the same time" and did her duty of attendance. The time between 1979, when she came back to Korea from the U.S., and 1989, the year of her seung hwa, was a long period of medical treatment and, at the same time, of 24-hours-a-day prayer for the True Family while withdrawing from all relations with the secular world. She set the pattern of attending True Parents with loyal heart and sacrificial dedication. Heaven’s recognition of her attendance serves as a good example to us.

Dae Mo Nim did not forget her mission as a nurse to True Mother which was given to her when she was pregnant, and raised her with the utmost sincerity. For three years after True Parents’ Holy Wedding, Dae Mo Nim did her duty of attendance by thoroughly keeping a principled relationship. She went beyond the level of human affection as a physical mother. She was even extra careful in entering the headquarters church. Dae Mo Nim succeeded in overcoming the failures of Mary and Elizabeth. Dae Mo Nim lived a life of more gratitude, attendance and sacrifice as a person who was to meet the Lord, coming as the only begotten son, than anyone, and then discarded the glorious position (recognition as part of the Messiah’s family) after True Parents’ Holy Wedding. By doing so, Dae Mo Nim succeeded in setting the heartistic foundation of attending the Messiah, ultimately receiving True Parents’ recognition.

Mission and Work of Heung Jin Nim in the Spiritual World

Heung Jin Nim, born as the second son in the True Family, went to the spirit world in the position of being one with the direct dominion on the foundation of indemnifying the Satanic sovereignty over the indirect dominion. Thus, he established the position of the eldest son as a restored eldest son and perfected Abel by entering the sprit world with the qualification of being perfect for the first time since the Fall. Moreover, Heung Jin Nim, in the position of the Abel king, was sent as an ambassador plenipotentiary of the True Parents, and came to open the door of the spiritual world as the Messiah of love. One important reason that Heung Jin Nim could do all these things in the spiritual world was the Tong Il (unification) ceremony which True Parents performed on Dec. 23, 1983 while Heung Jin Nim was still alive in this world. The Tong Il ceremony was to offer Heung Jin Nim to Heaven and to build a bridge between the earthly world and the Heavenly world. This was accomplished by connecting the spiritual-world domain of father-son relationship centered on the physical reality of father-son relationship, with Heung Jin Nim being in a position of oneness with Father. Also, through blessing with Hoon Sook Nim 50 days after his seung hwa, he could travel freely between the earthly world and the spiritual world through a bridge of love by restoring the realm of Abel kingship in the spiritual world. As a result, "Ae Seung Il" (Day of Victory of Love) was declared to commemorate the day that God’s love overcame the realm of death.

Now, Heung Jin Nim, in the position of king of kings, is working as a representative of True Parents commanding the spiritual world. Since then, Heung Jin Nim, as a new Messiah, often appears with Jesus in many places. His work is to teach the Heavenly law in the spiritual world and to educate spirits based on the Divine Principle going back and forth between the earthly world and the spiritual world. Especially since the beginning of the work in Chung Pyung, he is leading the 100-day training and blessing, on behalf of True Parents along with Dae Mo Nim, in the spiritual world, of the spirits who are liberated by Dae Mo Nim. Dae Mo Nim is also displaying matchless etiquette in attending Heung Jin Nim in the spiritual world. Since life in the spiritual world reflects the experiences in the earthly world, Dae Mo Nim knows more about certain things. However, even regarding these matters, she always makes decisions only after asking Heung Jin Nim first.

The Commissioning of Dae Mo Nim and Choong Mo Nim by True Parents

True Parents assigned a mission to Dae Mo Nim in the spiritual world at the Returning (Gui Hwan) ceremony on Nov. 6, 1989, four days after her seung hwa, and at the Won Jun ceremony the next day at Paju won jon. Her mission can be divided into four categories. First, she is to work as a heartistic bridge between the earth and the heaven. Second, she is to unite Judaism and the Unification Church centering on Christianity by solidifying the relationship between Jesus and Heung Jin Nim. Third, she is to unite the blessed families of the church centering on Heung Jin Nim and Rev. Eu, the first president of the church, who went to the spirit world before her. Last, she has the mission of intermediary between heaven and hell. True Parents prayed that the assignment of the above mission to Dae Mo Nim be accepted by her.

Being assigned the special mission as illustrated above, Dae Mo Nim descended on the earth substantially through her great devotion. With angels’ aid, she has been guiding members to separate from evil spirits and to cleanse themselves of their personal sin through a movement of repentance, resurrection and rebirth. Since June 6, 1995 she has settled at Shin Moon Ro, the official residence where she stayed till her seung hwa. There she is leading the work of Chung Pyung and traversing heaven and earth. According to Father’s words, Dae Mo Nim, in the position of True Mother’s mother, separates the bodies invaded by the devil through the help of angels, just like Jesus’ work through holy spirits. Furthermore, Dae Mo Nim (centering on Heung Jin Nim) is leading the blessing in the spiritual world with the full authority given to her at the Declaration Ceremony of Opening of the Blessing in the Spiritual World (Young Gye Gae Moon Sunpo Shik) on December 1, 1997.

As explained elsewhere, on Nov. 16, 1996, in Uruguay, True Parents assigned a special mission to Choong Mo Nim. They also prayed that she would be one with Mother along with Dae Mo Nim and guide children to be connected with Christianity. Father also explained that Choong Mo Nim is in Adam’s position as the embodiment of resurrected Eve, Dae Mo Nim is in Jesus’ form as the embodiment of the resurrected Holy Spirit (Sung Ryung), and True Mother is in Returning Messiah’s form as the substance of resurrection. He gave them missions as follows:

First, Choong Mo Nim, as the physical mother of the Returning Messiah, has a mission of making devotion in the spiritual world for advancement of the Chung Pyung providence. She also should work to pave the way for True Parents on earth but should not perform any concrete returning work (i.e., through an earthly person).

Second, Dae Mo Nim should unite Christianity centering on Chung Pyung. Moreover, she should undertake a rebirth movement as a work of love, forgiveness and repentance by inviting the whole of humanity as well as Family (Unification) members to participate in the work in Chung Pyung.

Third, Heung Jin Nim should teach the heavenly law and educate the spirits centering on the Principle by traversing heaven and earth. Those spirits liberated in Chung Pyung through Dae Mo Nim’s work should receive blessing after participating in the 100-day workshop led by Heung Jin Nim and should help their descendants by returning as absolute good spirits.

Furthermore, Father directed all spiritual mediators (mediums) to pray and receive education in Chung Pyung and go back to normal missions as general members.

Dae Mo Nim was commissioned to work as a bridge between heaven and earth by True Parents’ prayer. She returned to the earth by subjugating Lucifer through relentless, unceasing hard work without rest from 1989 to 1991. Since she needed a prepared physical body to return to this world, she chose Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim for that purpose. Dae Mo Nim is doing the work of rebirth as Holy Spirit (Sung Shin) centering on the Chung Pyung holy ground by borrowing the body of Mrs. Kim and by commanding angels. This is to help blessed family members to be born again in front of True Parents through repentance, separation from evil spirits, and ancestor liberation. Concerning this work, True Father said that, like Jesus’ work through the Holy Spirit 2000 years ago, Mother’s mother is doing the work of rebirth in Mother’s position. Also, the Chung Pyung work is as if Dae Mo Nim was reborn as a spiritual mother and was herself doing the work.

Accordingly, work in Chung Pyung being done currently is fundamentally different from the spiritual phenomena which have occurred in the past in the church. That is, Dae Mo Nim in spirit world, as a representative of True Mother, is carrying out her mission which the current dispensation requires through the use of Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim’s body on earth. To enhance our understanding based on Divine Principle, I would like to investigate further the work of Dae Mo Nim through Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim.

The Foundation of Faith

For Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim to serve as Dae Mo Nim’s substantial body in her work during her return, Mrs. Kim also needed the foundation of faith and substance to receive the Messiah as a preparation to receive the Holy Spirit (sung shin). On May 31, 1997, at the 200th Chung Pyung special workshop, Dae Mo Nim directed Mrs. Kim to deliver her own (Mrs. Kim’s) personal testimony. As a result, we know more or less in detail how she came to do Dae Mo Nim’s work. First of all, I had to rely on her testimony and the then-current leaders’ descriptions for her character and righteous life process which was required for her to be chosen as a central figure. She already received the calling to do this work from her birth, and she vowed to devote her life to heaven when she was in the fifth grade as she cured her dying mother with her sincere heart. While a student, she attended the Presbyterian Church. Later, she joined Chul Li Gyo and dedicated her life for five years as the youngest teacher after 21-day workshop. While she was serving as a leader in Chul Li Gyo, she was known as a healing teacher although she was young. This can be considered a preparation of the formation stage for the healing aspect of Dae Mo Nim’s work. It is also known by the testimony of the church leader at that time that she did sanctuary cleaning and candle prayer vigil every night while she was mobilized to Najoo in Southern Cholla province after the 1800-couple blessing.

After receiving the blessing, her sincere effort and family life to accomplish a True Family helped her to pass the first ("Did you accomplish true family?") of 21 questions from True Mother she had to answer. This showed that she did her duty in her family as a daughter, a wife and a mother. The Christian faith from her mother and her faith of devotion and service in Chul Li Gyo became a base of faith for her later mission. Also the fulfillment of her mission to prepare for the next ten years as a prayer lady (which True Mother assigned to her in 1979) enabled her to establish the foundation of faith for Dae Mo Nim’s work.

The Foundation of Substance

According to lecturer Jae Soon Choi, who teaches "Age of Completed Testament and Dae Mo Nim’s Work," Mrs. Kim’s life from 1979, when she was chosen as Dae Mo Nim’s returning embodiment on earth, to 1989 is considered as time identity of Dae Mo Nim’s life before seung hwa. This period was for setting indemnity conditions for Mrs. Kim to overcome fallen nature. As she succeeded in this, she established the foundation of Abel’s victory to attain the right of inheritance.

For example:

(1) Dae Mo Nim, from 1979 when she came back to Korea from the U.S. to 1989 before her seung hwa, solely focused on prayer life disconnected from worldly things. This was a period of illness, externally speaking; however, from an internal perspective, it was a time of Grandmother Hong’s (the mother of our True Mother) devotion to the True Family and blessed families. At this time, she asked God what to do, concerned about the lives of blessed families with many problems. In this process, Dae Mo Nim found out that evil spirits were influencing them and they had many fallen characteristics due to personal sins. To work more freely spiritually, she asked and received permission from God and True Parents to go to the spiritual world three or four years earlier than her physical health situation required.

In 1979, Mrs. Kim was visited spiritually in her prayer by True Mother and Hyo Jin Nim, who showed her an empty church and asked her to pray especially for filling the church. In 1983, True Mother appeared again and urged her to do her mission. In 1986, she went the path of self-sacrificing penance, participating in Dae Mo Nim’s suffering. In 1992, by receiving a telescope and a ring from True Mother as tools for later work, she accomplished the spiritual foundation.

(2) Next was the process of becoming one as she began to inherit Dae Mo Nim’s faith. Dae Mo Nim’s seung hwa was on Nov. 3, 1989 and her physical body was enshrined on Nov. 7 at Paju won jon under True Parents’ benediction. True Parents effectively led the whole series of seung hwa ceremonies—the benediction of assigning a special mission on Nov. 6, Chung Shim Bong Chun (calligraphic writing assigning her glorious title) and the benediction at the Gui Hwan ceremony and the Won Jon ceremony on Nov. 7. This was True Parents’ deep love for the victorious Dae Mo Nim. For three years after the seung hwa (from 1989 to 1991) she learned heavenly law and made preparations for the returning resurrection work. During the same period, Mrs. Kim was making an earnest effort at certain hours. She was selected as the substantial central figure on earth by achieving victory in the severe spiritual challenge of inheriting Dae Mo Nim’s faith. She made all kinds of effort in the process of finding the five trees and the water of life (which respectively symbolize love, heart, all things, loyalty, blessing, and truth). The contents of the victory which Mrs. Kim achieved, united with Dae Mo Nim, can be condensed into three aspects. First was a 40-day-and-night (sleepless) vigil, the second was 10,000 full bows, and the third was an ice-cold baths-condition. The thing which motivated her to overcome these severe tests was her strong sense of mission to do something concerning the terrible, unprincipled life situation which many blessed family members were in. This was shown to her by Dae Mo Nim from the spiritual world.

3) As a counterpart to Dae Mo Nim’s work, Mrs. Kim had to realize on her own all the situations in the spiritual world which Dae Mo Nim had learned from 1989 to 1991 (since her seung hwa). Dae Mo Nim clearly gave her own responsibility to her by telling her to find the historic secrets by Mrs. Kim’s own efforts and learning (wisdom). Particularly, she set the foundation of substance for her later mission by accomplishing on earth the reestablishing the providential central figures of history. This includes the subjugation of Lucifer and restoring the mission of Adam’s family members. Based on this victory, Mrs. Kim was told by God that the period of her mission continues until March 13, 2013.

In order for Dae Mo Nim to do Holy Spirit work on earth through Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim, she (Dae Mo Nim) should receive God’s acknowledgment of her victory on earth and spiritual world. She also needs to establish the victorious returning (resurrection) condition by being one with Mrs. Kim on earth. Mrs. Kim’s personal responsibility for this was to set the heartistic foundation on the basis of subjugating Satan, thus becoming qualified as an earthly substantial body and an agent of substantial Holy Spirit work. As we know from the Divine Principle, many restrictions follow the returning resurrection of spirit persons. The work of resurrection cannot be done even if the spirit has a strong will unless the earthly counterpart establishes the reciprocal foundation. From this viewpoint, the victory in the process of inheriting faith achieved by Dae Mo Nim in the spiritual world and Mrs. Kim on earth as a team is more valuable than that achieved by Abraham and Isaac. The heart of True Mother encouraged them knowing this will only be known by God, True Father, and the victorious two parties.

From 1992 to 1994 was a period for Mrs. Kim to make an earnest effort by becoming one in heart with Dae Mo Nim for the actual Dae Mo Nim’s work. Based on the foundation of devotion in finding the five trees and the water of life to restore things lost in Eden by the fall, Mrs. Kim went through a process of restoring the providential central figures such as Adam, Noah, Abraham and Moses, winning God’s forgiveness. Adam and Eve, being the source of the fall, could not face God directly. Hence, it was to guide them from the position of restored True Mother toward God and to receive God’s forgiveness that Dae Mo Nim and Mrs. Kim worked. Especially, the process of restoring Lucifer was serious and makes a very impressive story. To subjugate Lucifer, Mrs. Kim made tremendous effort. The process of restoring Lucifer, who refused to face God, took wise persuasion with the heart of a mother and a sister. Lucifer repented in the end and submitted to God, who showed true love by crying without His making any accusation against Lucifer when Lucifer returned to the vacant position beside Adam and Eve left empty for so long. On this foundation of subjugating Lucifer by Heavenly Father’s true love, the work of Chung Pyung to eradicate the evil spirits by mobilizing the angelic world became possible.

Last, Mrs. Kim went through True Mother’s spiritual test to do the Holy Spirit’s work with Dae Mo Nim. After ten years, she was to make the final confirmation of earthly substantial embodiment by means of 21 questions. It was not a matter of answering simple questions but a matter of confirming whether Mrs. Kim lived appropriately. After this, she received her mission by receiving a telescope and a jade ring. A telescope symbolizes an eye to see the spiritual world to check the evil spirits, and a jade ring symbolizes the power to heal the sickness of blessed families. In fact, hearing this entire story from Mrs. Kim’s testimony, True Parents signed their names on the five trees and the water of life on Jan. 6 (lunar?), 1996. As such, Mrs. Kim received True Parents’ public acknowledgment.

Dae Mo Nim’s Safe Settlement on Earth and the Beginning of the Holy Spirit Work

In 1992, Dae Mo Nim’s birthday, Feb. 22 (lunar calendar), a ceremony was held to transfer the earthly mission of Dae Mo Nim to Mrs. Kim. Final transfer of the mission would be completed after three years of sincere devotion. Through the unity between Dae Mo Nim’s effort in the spiritual world and Mrs. Kim’s foundation of substance on earth, the Holy Spirit’s work of repentance, separation from evil spirits, and rebirth, comes to begin on a full scale. As Holy Spirit (sung shin) Dae Mo Nim safely settles on earth. However, this day marked the beginning of a new dispensation. Before it can start on a full scale as a worldwide movement in Chung Pyung, which is the door to the spiritual world and the restored Garden of Eden, a preparation process on the formation- and growth-stage levels needs to follow the ceremony for three years. In its early stage, Dae Mo Nim came to Mrs. Kim and encouraged her to take up the mission, but she strongly declined. It was because the mission was so enormous and there were negative aspects in the general public perception regarding spiritual mission-bearers. As she continuously declined the request, after staying at her house for three days Dae Mo Nim left her to ask Heung Jin Nim. Dae Mo Nim came back and conveyed the message of God and Heung Jin Nim to bring Mrs. Kim to the spiritual world. Mrs. Kim then went to visit the spiritual world in a state of trance, guided by Dae Mo Nim.

Heung Jin Nim led her to God, who was wailing. God showed her several patterns of unprincipled lives of blessed families on earth in the form of snapshots and encouraged her to take up the mission of Dae Mo Nim’s earthly task. Feeling a sense of strong mission as God confronted her, she came to determine to perform Dae Mo Nim’s mission. As she started to take up the responsibility, God tested her in the form of a 40-day prayer vigil and she was tested by Satan in the form of an ice-water bath. Mrs. Kim’s course of visiting the whole spiritual world bears great significance for all earthly people who will go there some day.

Dae Mo Nim directed Mrs. Kim to live a separated life from 1992 to 1996 so that she would resemble more closely Dae Mo Nim, who lived purely serving only the Lord for her entire life. Moreover, she guided Mrs. Kim to take after her character and appearance. Actually, substantial conditions needed for the foundation to settle on earth were accomplished step by step through the utmost sincere dedication of the two. In this way, Dae Mo Nim, on the foundation of making sincere efforts in diverse areas for three years since urging Mrs. Kim to take up the mission on earth, established the substantial foundation to return, and came back on earth. By returning and settling at Shin Moon Ro official house where she used to stay, on June 6, 1995, she completed all the preparation for her mission to connect the spiritual world and earth.

Work in Chung Pyung (which Dae Mo Nim and Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim began on Jan. 19, 1995) saw a quiet beginning with three Japanese families. Since then, most of our Korean members have been there, and almost 80,000 Japanese members have participated. Especially at the end of last February (1998), 3600 and 5200 members came and greeted the absolute good spirits who had returned to earth substantially. The Ancestor Liberation Ceremony which is held on the last day of the three-day workshop is the grace of God bestowed upon us based on the condition of the physical person's small but sincere effort. Since it is the work of the Holy Spirit (Sung Shin), it must not be a coincidence that many Japanese members are participating. True Father also directed the Japanese church, as it is the nation representing Eve and mother, to spread the Chung Pyung work as a worldwide rebirth movement. True Parents have already declared the Day of Opening the Heavenly Door (Gae Chun Moon Il) on Feb. 1, 1985 at 3:00 A.M. This opened the age of salvation for spirits even in hell if good spirits and descendants set up the required indemnity conditions. Since this declaration by True Parents, Chung Pyung became the place to bring salvation for spirit persons by physical persons on a full scale.

Understanding the Relationship between Dae Mo Nim and Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim from a Divine Principle Perspective

Through True Parents’ blessing, Dae Mo Nim stood in the position of having a blessed son. This gave her a foundation to settle on earth and, by returning and safely settling at Shin Moon Ro official house on June 6, 1995, she was able to freely travel between the spiritual world and earth. Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim, who accomplished the victorious base to attend the embodiment of the Holy Spirit by establishing the foundation of faith and substance, is leading the work of repentance and rebirth in Chung Pyung as the physical substantial being of the resurrected Dae Mo Nim. Father mentioned that Dae Mo Nim as True Mother’s representative is doing the rebirth movement of giving birth again to things that Eve had wrongly given birth to and urged members’ deep understanding. The relationship between Dae Mo Nim and Mrs. Kim is that of united physical person and a spirit, centered on a mission. It’s not easy for a physical person without deep faith and spiritual eyes to understand this relationship. To enhance understanding on this based on Divine Principle, I will rely on True Parents’ speeches and providential events centering on Mrs. Kim as Dae Mo Nim’s representative. This will clarify the dispensational understanding of the Chung Pyung work.

Chapter 5 of Divine Principle, "Resurrection", deals with the dispensation for resurrection of spirits and physical persons in detail. Originally, a man was created to accomplish the purpose of creation centering on three blessings and live in the kingdom of heaven on earth. Forming a divine spirit, a man, then, was to live forever in the kingdom of heaven in the spiritual world. If this is accomplished, a man does not need to return or to resurrect. However, due to the fall, all humanity inherited the original sin and came to be in the position of the dead based on the standard of the original value of creation. As a result, both the spirits and physical persons need the dispensation for resurrection. Therefore, fallen men, by means of separating themselves from Satan, are to restore the completion level of the growth stage. On this foundation, they should enter the realm of God’s direct dominion by eradicating the original sin and growing further (to perfection) through the Messiah.

Accordingly, all spirits who entered the spiritual world after living in hell on earth (the realm of Satan’s sovereignty) must return to resurrect on earth according to the principle of resurrection, and grow through physical persons. Because a man’s spirit was created to grow and perfect only on the basis of his physical body, resurrection of the spirits according to the providence of restoration must be done through the physical body on earth. Therefore, the spirits which did not perfect themselves on earth should return to earth to grow and perfect themselves by cooperating with physical persons. Activities for this purpose are called the phenomena of spirits’ returning resurrection. From the perspective of this returning resurrection, the work taking place in Chung Pyung has three meanings based on its mission, position and role.

The physical person, walking the path of restoration in this age, is the product of the providence of restoration with the mission as a consequential being of history, a central body of the era, and the new starting point of the future. All earthly people, accordingly, have their own portion of responsibility to fulfill through the mission of this era which was left unfulfilled by people of previous times. All earthly people are to stand in the position of horizontally restoring the vertical indemnity condition in the history of the providence of restoration by believing and attending the returning Messiah who came as the perfection of the providence. From this perspective, Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim is carrying out the providential mission as an earthly person by participating in Dae Mo Nim’s work of returning resurrection. Thus, a providential person who took on the mission to indemnify the responsibility given to the central figures of the past should walk the path of obeying Heaven’s vertical main dispensation through accomplishing his portion of responsibility. The earthly person participates in the work of rebirth and resurrection through Dae Mo Nim’s work, based on the separation of evil spirits and repentance through means of the cooperation of good spirits and angels. Blessed families on earth received the blessing from True Parents on the foundation of conditionally restoring the completion level of the growth stage through True Parents’ grace. However, even after their blessing, many of them remained in the realm of Satan’s dominion, falling from the completion level of the growth stage by personal sins. Accordingly, it was a serious task to cleanse the fallen characteristics through strong repentance. It is through the grace of God and True Parents that we can take care of the spiritual background (difficult to solve on earth) by Dae Mo Nim’s work.

Dae Mo Nim met the Messiah on earth through her victory in the formula course to receive the Messiah. Moreover, by fulfilling the mission of attendance as the mother of True Mother, she is the first in the history of the providence of restoration to enter the spiritual world with True Parents’ benediction accomplishing her mission. Dae Mo Nim has now returned as a providential representative of True Mother with a mission to do returning resurrection work on earth. Ordinarily, other spirits return to earth for their own resurrection through the condition of cooperation with earthly people. However, Dae Mo Nim’s return is to cooperate with True Parents’ dispensation on earth through Holy Spirit work as a person with a providential mission. Dae Mo Nim returned on earth, following the providential order, through Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim, a fit person for the earthly counterpart, as her choice. We need to seriously recognize that a series of Holy Spirit movements taking place centering on Dae Mo Nim is not merely a spiritual rebirth movement but the heavenly dispensation which parallels True Parents’ dispensation of salvation for heaven and earth. The biblical injunction that there is no salvation to those going against the Holy Spirit is a warning not to interfere with the Holy Spirit work for salvation. True Parents’ providential events will be explained in detail in the following sections.

When we look at the relationship between spirits and earthly people, spirits who are not blessed try to participate in the blessing based on earthly people’s devotion and condition. Ancestors who received spiritual blessing are to return and cooperate with earthly people. Once blessed, spirits become the absolute good spirits who do not change under any circumstances. They tend to cooperate and guide public works for God’s will by descending to their descendants or a region and to reprimand unprincipled action.

As mentioned above, Dae Mo Nim is leading the Holy Spirit work on earth and in the spiritual world as True Mother’s representative. Although she can freely guide spirits in the spiritual world, she needs a substantial returning being on earth to guide earthly people to live principled life through repentance or to help returning resurrection activities of spirits. The person chosen for this purpose is Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim. Earthly returning activities of Dae Mo Nim is performed in the following order:

a) True Parents’ benediction of a mission assignment based on Dae Mo Nim’s fulfillment of her responsibility on earth (Gui Hwan ceremony on Nov. 6, 1989, and benediction at Won Jun ceremony on Nov. 7)

b) Dae Mo Nim’s devotion and preparation for returning on earth (1989- 1991)

c) Establishment of the foundation to receive the Messiah by Mrs. Kim on earth to receive Holy Spirit (1979-1992)

d) Subjugation of Satan and transfer of mission by unity and effort of Dae Mo Nim and Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim (1992-1994)

e) Blessing of Dae Mo Nim, the safe return and settlement at Shin Moon Ro official house, and the beginning of Chung Pyung work (1995-)

f) Final approval by True Parents (present time)

Through the process mentioned above, Dae Mo Nim and Mrs. Kim form a unified being centering on providential mission and role although they are in relationship as a spirit and earthly person. Choice of Mrs. Kim as a mission bearer has been done according to the principle of heaven’s predestination of a central figure, the choice of Dae Mo Nim, and fulfillment of her responsibilities.

True Parents’ Words

True Father called Mrs. Kim Dae Mo Nim’s body and Dae Mo Nim a spiritual mother in the spiritual world sent by him. Father also said, because Dae Mo Nim needs a reciprocal substantial condition on earth, Mrs. Kim is the one representing Dae Mo Nim’s body for this purpose. He gave a principled explanation of Dae Mo Nim’s work to guide children to repent and lead them to Father with a pure mind and body representing substantial True Mother. True Parents’ official speech must be the most accurate basis of principled understanding. The most important workshops these days are being carried out according to Father’s direct order which gave Dae Mo Nim the authority of returning resurrection in the spiritual world. At the same time, True Mother, who visited Japan for Hoon Dok Hoi, urged members there to attend Chung Pyung. Father told Japan’s President Erikawa that Japanese members should separate themselves from evil spirits by going to Chung Pyung. When Father and Chung Pyung are united, both spiritual and physical world will become one and will have ten times more effect.

True Parents have special interest in Dae Mo Nim’s work through Mrs. Kim and mentioned that such work should have started in 1980 and finished in 1995. Attitude of leaders and members trying to understand the work in Chung Pyung should be based on True Parents’ interest and viewpoint. Also, one should reflect upon its meaning for the growth of one’s heart based on accurately understanding words from the spiritual world. When we take interest in the path of faith that Mrs. Kim walked until she became the person in the position of Dae Mo Nim’s body, we can see that it has a lot to say about our attitude of faith.

We can find more understanding of the significant will of God when we investigate Dae Mo Nim’s work through Mrs. Kim as her substantial being based on providential events.

When True Parents were blessing four families including Dae Mo Nim’s family on Aug. 23, 1995, they arranged the adoption of the eldest son of Mrs. Kim’s family as Dae Mo Nim’s son and included him in the blessing. This resulted in establishing Dae Mo Nim’s four-position foundation on earth. This provided an important foundation for the safe settling of the earthly dispensation. This was not merely a condition but was actually carried out. After the blessing, Hyun Jin Kim was renamed Hyun Soo Han and came to stand in the position of a blood child in Dae Mo Nim’s family. Furthermore, for three days from June 6, 1996, the one-year anniversary of Dae Mo Nim’s settling at Shin Moon Ro official house, there was a special event to start Dae Mo Nim’s family.

Blessing of the Spiritual World at RFK

Since True Parents opened the door for spiritual blessing through the four- family blessing in 1995, the mass blessing went full scale with the 39.6 million- couple blessing in Washington D.C. on Nov. 29, 1997. On this day, Dae Mo Nim arrived at RFK stadium around 7 A.M. Filling the third-floor empty seats centering on empty space on the right side under the stage, she performed the blessing in the spiritual world synchronously with True Parents’ blessing. Understanding of the ritual blessing should follow the understanding of the principle of restoration through indemnity which True Parents led for the liberation of hell on earth and heaven. All the dispensation which Father has advocated is to first secure the realm of victory in heaven which is subject and, then, to realize it on earth. If the human ancestors had not fallen, the physical world would have been the subject, but spiritual world became the subject because of the fall. As far as the spiritual world is concerned, True Parents are the originators, and, unless True Parents open the door, nobody can open it even if 30 centuries pass. Accordingly, Father’s dispensation was to establish the unified world of free traffic by tearing down the wall between the physical world and the spiritual world.

It is already declared that the spiritual world is unified. By looking at only the major dispensation leading to the spiritual blessing today, we can see what True Parents’ victorious conditions for spiritual blessing were. They are the "Spiritual World Unity Declaration Ceremony" in 1982 which enabled ancestors to cooperate in the position of angels, the "Unification Ceremony" centering on Heung Jin Nim, the "Declaration of the Day of the Opening of Heaven’s Door" in 1985 which built the highway of light from hell, and the "Declaration of Liberation of the Spiritual World" in 1990 when Father prayed for the advancement of the providence so that spirits can receive the grace of blessing.

Originally, Father wanted to hold a mass spiritual blessing in 1995. However, because of the unmet conditions, he only blessed four families including Choong Mo Nim (Father’s mother). From the time of the 360,000 couple blessing (in 1995), Father declared the advancement into an age in which the good subjugates the evil. Father declared the age of complete shift between good and evil. On this victorious foundation of True Parents, the door for spiritual blessing was open wide with sacrificial effort by Heung Jin Nim, Dae Mo Nim and Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim in Chung Pyung.

On the foundation of the victorious completion of the 3.6 million- and 36 million- couple blessings on November 29, 1997, True Parents gave a benediction while holding both hands of Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim representing the spiritual world, for the opening of spiritual blessing. At this time, they prayed that by the connecting of Chung Pyung and heaven by Dae Mo Nim and Mrs. Kim and the liberation blessing then Choong Mo Nim, Dae Hyung Nim, saints in the spiritual world, Hyun Chul, and all angels and heavenly soldiers, spiritual world and physical world form one perfect family of love and open the door of the spiritual world so that physical world can receive benefits. Also, with the advancement of the world providence, True Parents prayed that Chung Pyung enable Unification Church members on earth and in the spiritual world. They asked for approval of the blessing in the spiritual world on the basis of restoring eldership, parentship and the realm of kingship. They declared, in the name of True Parents, the spiritual world’s opening the door of blessing along with earthly completion.

True Father also directed Mrs. Kim that she should bless Father’s ancestors up to the seventh generation, saints in the spiritual world, and wise men. Also, he told her to use the holy water in spiritual blessing. If there are 1000, then sprinkle holy water representing 1000. Since then, Dae Mo Nim was able to work more strongly in Chung Pyung, and it showed greater effects because blessed good spirits returned on earth and provided a firm spiritual environment. In addition, Dae Mo Nim was allowed to continue the blessing events in Chung Pyung, and this brought the age of spiritual blessing to full scale. Accordingly, Dae Mo Nim’ spiritual blessing events with Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim as her substantial being will be a significant opportunity to mobilize very important heavenly fortune.

The Methods and Work of Ancestor Liberation

A ceremony of ancestor liberation for the participants at Chung Pyung workshop has been done since November 17, 1997. Initially, Father directed that the ceremony be held once a month. As the atmosphere became more appropriate, Father allowed for more frequent ceremonies. Since the middle of January 1998, a special prayer time for ancestor liberation has been held around the closing ceremony of every 3-day workshop. Ancestors liberated at this time receive 100-day training at the training center under Heung Jin Nim’s direction in the spiritual world. After that, they participate in the blessing event in Chung Pyung and return on earth as absolute good spirits to help their descendants and the earthly dispensation. We need to understand the preparatory process for ancestor liberation in more detail. In addition, ancestor liberation work which used to be done by some members from time to time should be completed in Chung Pyung. Let’s look at the order of ancestor liberation. First of all, ancestor liberation is performed on the foundation of God, True Parents and Dae Mo Nim’s earnest effort.

Ancestors are called at a certain prayer time in the following order:

First are those ancestors with resentment who are residing in other (earthly) people.

Second are the ancestors wandering between earth and heaven without being able to enter the spiritual world.

Third are the ancestors who are dwelling in the midst of natural things.

Fourth are those ancestors held captive by other spirits.

They are called with sincerity in this order. Following Dae Mo Nim’s direction, the participants request the liberation during the time of unison prayer, calling as above. However, the order is not absolute. Even for a couple, one can liberate only one’s own ancestors, not one’s spouse’s.

True Father received God’s approval by winning in an intense spiritual battle. In search of the Divine Principle, he won the battle with countless satans on earth and the spiritual world while exploring the vast intangible world by himself. Through the 40-day battle during which God, Jesus and the 12 disciples were in a neutral position, he found the Principle and had it confirmed by every saint, finally earning God’s approval. By going through this process, Father united the spiritual world and revealed it on the earth. Father merited God’s approval of the authority to make a final decision as far as the spiritual world is concerned. Accordingly, we need to recognize and be thankful that the grace of ancestor liberation, based on blessed families’ very small conditions today, is utterly due to the indemnity conditions which True Parents paid. It is the result of their true love to free God by liberating hell on earth and in heaven, and saving all humankind. The ancestor liberation being done in Chung Pyung is Dae Mo Nim’s work based on this heavenly victorious realm of True Parents. Mrs. Kim is continuing the special ceremony so that descendants and people with a public mission can participate in a special service and return with absolute good spirits.

Reality of Good Spirits’ Return and Their Role

January 25, 1998 marked another turning point in the history of God’s providence. As already explained, the spirits participated in universal blessing in Washington D.C. on Nov. 29, 1997. This was after attaining liberation in Chung Pyung and attending workshop in the spiritual world. They returned to earth on this day at 12 PM. At this time, the four great saints and founders of each religion returned to earth as well. Finally, an age of unity of religions based on returning resurrection had fully begun. After their blessing, they received education about life, principles of blessed families and all the historical courses from Adam’s fall to the coming of True Parents. Then they returned to earth as the absolute good spirits who do not change under any circumstances. Their work on earth is to mobilize heavenly fortune for their descendants when they live according to the Principle, and to punish them when they do not. As such, they will leave their mark.

True Father has talked about the coming influence of the good spiritual world often since the early days. By including the words "holy spirit" in our church’s name, he differentiated this church from other Christian churches and expressed his vision of uniting the world through the holy work that would move the spiritual world. By pointing out the claim of spirit-science that there are 3300 spirits for every earthly person, Father mentioned that they would return on earth and cooperate. He also used to say that, although the evil spirits were dominating the world now, good spirits would come in the future and guide people to heaven. He also said "there would appear new diseases which cannot be cured medically when the age of the spiritual world’s attack on earth arrives. This would be the time when we can listen to the secret code from heaven and should live accordingly." The extent of disease which descendants suffer due to the sin of their ancestors depends on the quality of their sin. Based on the Biblical words that one’s sin would be passed on down three or four generations, the effect of an evil spirit’s invasion would dominate for 70 to 80 years through blood lineage.

The time right after the turning point of good and evil’s transition age is part of the phenomena of the Last Days. Jesus also cured many diseases by eradicating evil spirits. Dae Mo Nim’s work in Chung Pyung today not only separates spirits from an earthly person but also liberates them by sending them to the spiritual world. As such, it is a part of the dispensation of perfect resurrection. True Father alluded to this by saying that spirits separated in Chung Pyung are sent to places better than they initially deserve and they are happy to leave. Blessed good spirits returned on January 25, to be guided by their descendants or people who separated many evil spirits in Chung Pyung previously, should participate in three-day workshop in order to guide the returned spirits. The meeting time is on the third day, during the 30-minute unison prayer right after Dae Mo Nim’s speech. After the workshop, they are supposed to follow their descendants so as to help them. Some of them form a group to work in the region of their descendants’ residence. To guide them, church leaders of those regions should visit Chung Pyung.

The direction of those spirits’ work is based on religion, nationality, region, church, family, and individual cooperation. During the time of welcoming good spirits, some members were able to see with their spiritual eyes open their ancestors being happy. On this day, Dae Mo Nim explained to the workshop’s lecturers in detail how these spirits would work. For example, spirits returned on earth after blessing do not reside in one’s body but stay on the side of earthly person to help them to be separated from the evil spirits.

Ms. Hyo Nam Kim as Dae Mo Nim’s Agent

How should we refer to Mrs. Kim in a public place as a substantial dispensational counterpart of Dae Mo Nim’s return on earth? Before Dae Mo Nim’s work, Mrs. Kim was an ordinary member in a countryside church as a blessed family. Since she became a central figure of Dae Mo Nim’s earthly work by setting up many indemnity conditions and earnest effort, she is no longer an ordinary member of the church. During the period of public work, we should show her proper respect (with correct etiquette) as Dae Mo Nim’s returning body. Judging from the results of True Parents’ dispensation through Mrs. Kim as already explained, we could see that it was more than the capability of Mrs. Kim as a spiritual intermediary that True Parents considered. Looking at her faith and characteristics as an individual and her work, we can see that she is not an ordinary member. Moreover, the efforts she made to overcome all kinds of difficulties to become a central figure in Dae Mo Nim’s work, her absolute faith toward True Parents and God’s will, and her absolutely sacrificial attitude toward members are good examples for followers of the Completed Testament.

The title of an earthly person regarding a mission was an issue of controversy even in Jesus’ time. When Jesus asked Peter what other people call him, Peter answered, "Some people call you Elijah, and others call you a prophet." Jesus, then, asked Peter what Peter called him. Peter answered that Jesus was a living Christ and a Son of God. Jesus started the church on the foundation of this faith. Jesus of Nazareth who grew up in the countryside looking like an ordinary person became Jesus Christ once he started his public life. However, for the Jewish people who viewed him simply as a member of Joseph’s family, it was a big mistake not to see the Holy Spirit of Christ in Jesus’ background. Even Abraham, an ancestor of the Israelites, and his wife Sarah were called Abram and Sarai before he was chosen as a central figure.

Divine Principle also explains that when a spirit person returns on earth to the same kind of earthly person, the earthly person tends to be referred to by the name of the spirit who helps him/her. Furthermore, Jesus called John the Baptist Elijah because John the Baptist represented the physical body of Elijah. On the basis of the above standard, it can be said that we should call and serve Mrs. Kim as Dae Mo Nim in a public place with a dispensational view centering on her mission. Following are the reasons why we need to use the title of Dae Mo Nim in referring to Mrs. Kim.

First, she is the physical body of Dae Mo Nim’s return and a substantial being of Dae Mo Nim’s earthly dispensation.

Second, from the viewpoint of the Principle, she is an agent of Dae Mo Nim’s Holy Spirit work representing True Mother.

Third, she is an earthly central figure of True Parents’ dispensation in the spiritual world. With True Parents’ approval, she leads the blessing of opening the spiritual world, ancestor liberation, etc.

As such, Mrs. Kim is not an ordinary member representing Dae Mo Nim in a public place. Based on her mission, she is an agent of Mother’s Holy Spirit work. And she is the central figure of True Parents’ dispensation in the spiritual world. Accordingly, whether one is relating to Dae Mo Nim who works by means of Mrs. Kim’s body or Mrs. Kim as an ordinary member depends totally on one’s attitude in approaching her. This author’s opinion is that since, during a period of itinerary work or in the Chung Pyung training center, all aspects of life are carried out under Dae Mo Nim’s guidance, it is appropriate to call her Dae Mo Nim. Actually, we can see an aspect of treating her as Dae Mo Nim’s agent in True Parents’ action. As a result, Dae Mo Nim’s work in Chung Pyung, as "a mission in a bigger program of providence of restoration" should be distinguished from previous works done by simple spiritual intermediaries (mediums).

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