Unification News for June 1999

God's Love and Dae Mo Nim

by James Osborn—Martha’s Vineyard, MA

I joined our movement because I felt God’s love in brothers and sisters, first of all; then I discovered the truth of the Divine Principle, and finally I discovered the unique godliness of True Father. I always trusted Father’s advice because the divine part of my heart always knew it was true. That trust was spoiled a little when an African brother claimed to embody Heung Jin Nim and went around the country holding conferences. I did not have a good experience in the conference I attended in Washington, DC. Later I heard in a leaders’ conference that Heung Jin Nim was in fact not present in the African brother’s body. After hearing this, I have been skeptical about a Korean woman hosting the spirit of True Mother’s mother, in the past referred to as "Grandmother Hong." So I never went to a workshop in Korea at Chung Pyung Lake. But I had no reservation about going to Belvedere until just a week ago, when the direction about the offering was changed: I hope Sam Wada forwarded the e-mail I sent him voicing my concern about that. So my wife Carol and I went to Belvedere.

I expected to feel some hostility toward the long singing of one Holy Song and the clapping and other activities. (The chastisement of the body was one thing which bothered me at the "Heung Jin Nim" conference in Washington.) But I felt no reservation toward anything. My spirit welcomed everything at Belvedere. I think God was giving me a sign right away that this meeting and Dae Mo Nim were both genuine expressions of His love.

After we sang and prayed, I really wanted to see my ancestors, but I could not. However, I took the whole thing seriously, and had faith that my ancestors were actually standing at my right side as Dae Mo Nim said they would. So I started talking to them. I first spoke to my father. He had died of cancer when I was 16. He was probably an alcoholic, so I never got to know him very well. The one act of love and courage I clung to was one day when I was on a one-day hike with the Boy Scouts. The trail had been washed out in many places due to recent heavy rains, so our going was slow; we were not going to get to the place where our parents would be waiting before sunset. The troop leaders stopped and were discussing what to do, when suddenly my father appeared. He had walked up the trail from the pick-up point, and could explain to the leaders about the condition of the trail. So we made it back to the cars and to our families, and it was all due to my dad. Anyway, I could talk to my dad about all of this. I told him I loved him despite the mistakes he had made raising his family, and I also told him that I always admired his courage on that day helping the Boy Scouts. Talking to him this way was very emotional for me. I could also tell my mom, who died only four years ago (the day after we moved to the New England region), that I really loved her, especially for her unconditional love for my younger brother, who is mentally retarded. And I told them and my other ancestors there that they needed to study the Principle now, so that they could become blessed in 100 days.

The seven minutes were not near enough time to be with them. But the time was very meaningful. I thank God for this experience, and look forward to seeing how our nation and the world starts to change now that so many in the spirit world have been liberated.

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