Unification News for June 1999

Chicago Ancestor Liberation

by John B. Parker—Columbus, OH

My experience at the 10-day workshop at Chungpyung Lake in March 1997 changed my life forever. My main motivation for going was to be liberated from my chronic health problems, but Heavenly Father chose to heal my heart and straighten out my faith instead. I didn’t have any spiritual experiences at Chungpyung, but my life changed substantially in several ways. I was liberated from fear and resentment towards my former MFT commander, which had haunted me for 16 years. And for the very first time, I started tithing regularly to the church (and have ever since). I felt closer to True Parents, and felt more love for brothers and sisters, I even felt somewhat closer to my wife Yuko, but something was still keeping us from loving each other. One of my concerns was the fact that I was born on Pearl Harbor Day, and have had several dreams about the sailors who died there. Forty days after our Blessing in 1982, I dreamed about the sailors at Pearl Harbor, who stood on top of their overturned battleships, and cheered me on, like spectators at a sporting event. Lady Dr. Kim interpreted this as a manifestation of their gratitude that I was liberating them from their resentment against Japanese. But whatever was preventing Yuko and me from loving each other, I knew intuitively that we must meet with Dae Mo Nim in order for us finally to break through.

So I was excited to hear the news that Dae Mo Nim was coming to the United States. I became very serious about her visit, and even more repentful when I discovered the details of the collective and inherited sins which were documented in my lineage. Both my father and mother had several ancestors who owned African American slaves, and one of my ancestors had even been killed in a slave uprising. Another had gained fame for killing many Native Americans.

As Dae Mo Nim spoke at the Liberation Ceremony (in Chicago on April 22, 1999), I felt my original mind awaken, just as it had at Chungpyung Lake. But during the prayer for liberation, I did not feel "liberated," even though I sincerely repented for the sins of my ancestors. I felt as though I was fighting in mud, not able to get anywhere. But despite the spiritual difficulties, I just focused on giving my whole heart, and prayed for everyone to go with the angels to Heung Jin Nim’s workshop.

I did not have any spiritual experiences in Chicago, but following the seven generation ancestor liberation, I have felt more spiritual power in my life. And I am very happy that it is now much easier to love my wife! I feel more love for Yuko, and she has become much more affectionate and loving. Yuko is starting to make lovemaking everything True Father said it could be! Wow! Yuko and I are both very grateful to God, True Parents and Dae Mo Nim for enabling us to love each other in a way we couldn’t before. I can now say with confidence that True Father really did choose the perfect spouse for me! I am eternally grateful. Yuko and I also have a renewed determination to build a true family and dedicate everything for the sake of building God’s Kingdom on Earth.

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