Unification News for June 1999

Ancestor Liberation Testamony

by David Payer—Des Moines, IA

We had planned for weeks to participate in the event in Chicago. We gathered documents about our family histories and began to create a chart of our ancestors. Even this process was very helpful, for it gave us a reason to contact our relatives about items we didn’t know and we could converse about our common heritage.

The drive to Chicago was six hours. We arrived at the hotel shortly after noon. Soon it became clear that this was a special gathering. There were people there who had followed True Parents for over 20 years. The gathering itself was a real family experience, allowing old friends to see each other for the first time in so many years.

The singing and preparation for the ceremony created such a strong community spirit in the room. It was clear there was a common yearning among us to clarify the past and open the doors to a new future for ourselves and those who preceded us.

I am not one for seeing spirits or visions for the most part. When Dae Mo Nim spoke to us, it was clear that she had great authority of heaven. She exemplified clarity of heart and mind. She was not talking about heaven but was talking to us from heaven. Her spirit was piercing, and it was clear that she was not sharing a concept she had but an experience with God.

Just by engaging us about this heart and mind was challenging and stimulating. The conversation made clear the yearning of our ancestors for a relationship with True Parents and made me feel how near they were to us.

It is not hard to imagine these ancestors going to be with Heung Jin Nim to learn more of heaven’s ways. I had always hoped something like this could happen, but now it is being offered, and it is not just for our ancestors as individuals; they are all going together with others who are the ancestors of present-day disciples. They must have a lot to talk about with each other as to how their children/grandchildren/great grandchildren found God!

It is a comfort to think of our ancestors receiving the blessing and having the opportunity to walk in the same footsteps we took so many years ago. Finally they can understand what it was that we were doing. This gathering in Chicago made that kind of understanding possible.

Mike Jenkins truly pumped our spirits up as we went through the experience together. There was an abandonment of concern about what the world was thinking. The only thing that was important was that God was touching people’s lives.

The whole experience has given our movement a solid boost and appears to be the beginning of a new spark of life for us all.

by Naomi Payer—Des Moines, IA

I was very happy to be able to do something "tangible" for my ancestors. I was nervous and a little anxious while preparing to go to Chicago—I knew that I hadn’t done enough to be really prepared to participate in such a profound event, yet I knew I had to be there because if I wasn’t, my ancestors wouldn’t have a direct way to be educated and receive God’s True Love.

As we sang together in practice and preparation, I felt the anxiety leave. It was harder than I thought to keep singing the right verses, but it was a good way to focus mind, body and spirit. I noticed that many brothers’ and sisters’ faces were shining and beautiful—even those with ordinary features.

My feeling on the offering for the workshop fees and blessing fees for our ancestors is this: I’m happy I can give something back to them because I know that the blessings that have come my way are on the foundation of True Parents and the indemnity paid by my ancestors. I felt my ancestors helping me on MFT; they led me to the church. I pray they can be embraced by heavenly love and be able to respond to the workshop.

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