Unification News for June 1999

Liberation Testamonies from Region 1

by Haruhiko Yukawa—NY NY

My family went to Korea this February 1999. After we arrived at the Chung Pyung Training Center, we were informed that Dae Mo Nim will perform the Ancestral Liberation Ceremony. We participated in the ceremony for Americans. At the right side of me, my grandmother appeared. When I saw (felt) her, I couldn't stop crying. When we returned from Korea and Japan, we got the news that Dae Mo Nim was going to perform a liberation ceremony in America. Even though we already participated in Korea, we wanted to do it again. This time we could make the proper conditions in advance, like bowing 50 times a day for 40 days. When we arrived at Belvedere, I paid $700 for my ancestral liberation and we pledged to pay the remaining $700 for my wife's lineage later on. During the ceremony, I was waiting to feel my ancestors on the right side of me, but I did not feel anything. On my left side, my wife's father, who is in spirit world, came to me. He asked me about my wife. It seemed like he was not satisfied with me. Then I realized it was because I had only made an offering for my ancestral liberation and not my wife's ancestors yet. We made paying the balance top priority and paid the $700 as soon as possible.

by Ruth Kassir Herrera—Newark, NJ

The experience I had was just wonderful and full of hope... I really felt reborn. I was feeling so sad and depressed and struggling to overcome so many things. I really felt so emotional. I felt God's love and a great hope for my ancestors. I honestly pray for them to repent and to go to Heung Jin Nim's workshop in Korea and to follow Dae Mo Nim's directions. I am prating for the next 100 days and for the rest of this year for 21 minutes. I hardly pray to overcome any difficult situation. This ceremony was so inspiring and powerful for me to experience. I am so thankful. I just pray from the bottom of my heart for God to forgive my ancestors and to bless and guide my family.

by Josefa Tegha—Newark, NJ

First of all I want to express my deepest gratitude to our beloved Dae Mo Nim and Mrs. Kim. I was very moved by the testimony the Korean brother shared concerning all of the indemnity conditions Mrs. Kim had to make in order to prepare for her mission. I just cannot imagine going without sleep for 40 days. Recently, I've experienced times when I could not sleep at night and I felt like I was going crazy. Of course Mrs. Kim's and her assistant have very high spirits. I could appreciate her beautiful bright face. Because of this, she could accomplish these incredible indemnity conditions. I have really been waiting for the day in which I could liberate my ancestors, therefore I took this ceremony very seriously. I felt I did not make enough conditions for my ancestors in the past. Also, during my life, I miss so much being able to live with my grandparents and to receive their love. All my grandparents died very young due to diseases. These diseases are curable today. I only got to know ancestors on my father's side because he died at an old age. While I'm writing, tears are running down my cheeks. My husband and I have different backgrounds and there have been struggles between us so we really needed this ancestors liberation. When the ceremony began, I made up my mind that nothing was going to interfere with this ceremony. I am going to invest all of my heart and energy into it. When we started clapping, I clapped with all of my might and heart even though my left arm really hurt. I have bursitis in my left arm so the left side of my body felt very sore afterwards. I felt like I broke through barriers and I felt the ceremony was very deep. At one point during the prayer, I felt a real breakthrough... like I was leaving this earth and ascending to heaven. In my mind, I saw a line of people and I could see my grandfather who died 40 years ago; I could also see my grandmother. I felt the prayer ended too soon. I wanted to pray more, it was a real heavenly experience. Now I am 100% certain that my ancestors were liberated; I also felt liberated. I have a new spirit. Also, I feel I got rid of a lot of resentment. I believe my ancestors are at Chung Pyung Lake with Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim. I am doing the prayer condition and studying the Divine Principle. I really want my ancestors to prepare to receive this incredible blessing, so they can also work in the spiritual world and physical world to help build the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

by Ivonete Abraham—Philadelphia, PA.

First Revelation: The week which True Mother spoke in Philadelphia I had a dream with Dae Mo Nim. She was inside a church bedroom. This bedroom was on fire and Dae Mo Nim was fighting in agony and desperation amid the flames. Despite the fire, Dae Mo Nim did not burn! I was shocked she did not burn. Soon after, Jesus appeared and asked me to prepare a special dinner for brothers and sisters. He told me not to forget to offer a kind of homemade cookie sandwich for every brother and sister and that it was important that they should eat these cookies. I did everything he directed and made these dishes in 20 minutes. When I was cooking, my body got so hot that it felt like I would catch fire. I felt that somebody was using my body to make the offering.

Second Revelation: A few days before True Mother spoke in Philadelphia, I dreamt that I should buy a white dress to receive True Mother in the hotel and that this was very important. I faced a lot of difficulties to fulfill this condition. I cried deeply in prayer and asked god to help me fulfill the condition which spiritual world asked of me. I dreamt many times that the spiritual world was giving me white flowers. I dreamt that I received them as the MFT passed by Philadelphia. In the dream they were motivating me. They also gave me white flowers and told me "You will win!" I saw them praying for me.

Third Revelation: After the beginning of the liberation ceremony with Dae Mo Nim, I dreamt a few times of meeting my mother and trying to hug her but she refused. I prayed and asked God why my mother behaved like this. On the following night, I dreamt of many elephants. I had the task of guiding them to cross a river and over a very narrow wooden bridge. I had to take the elephants from one place and bring them to another place. My mother and relatives on my mother's side helped me in this task. My mother was then very happy. My husband is from India and my mother has been a church member for over 20 years. My mother is currently living in Jardim.

Fourth Revelation: During the liberation ceremony, I was desperately crying and praying for God to forgive my ancestors. However, in the midst of my prayer, my words would suddenly change to praying for the rebirth and liberation of America. I was praying for the liberation of religious leaders so that they could testify to True Parents and reveal True Parents to all mankind..." Father, this nation was created for a great purpose to influence the whole of humankind to come to God." I tried to change my prayer but I could not. In the last words of my prayer, I was begging God to bless America, "God, bless America...God bless America!" In the midst of this, I saw many white flowers, and I saw many people throwing these white flowers at each other as if they were throwing snow. I saw the flowers flying all about. I was so happy, and from that moment on, I started to cry.

by Kathleen Seidel—NY, NY

I have several ancestors who committed suicide, and I have been plagued with the same desire for most of my life. For 45 years, I had been walking around with a dark cloud of doom hovering around me. Feeling of depression, despair, anguish and hopelessness have been with me my entire life. After attending Dae Mo Nim's Ancestors Liberation Ceremony, I feel a noticeable difference, and for the first time, in a very, very long time, I have some hope for the future. I was quite terrified to attend this ceremony, but I felt a serious obligation to my family, especially since my Father passed into the spirit world (August 1997). I participated in the conditions leading up to this event. Even up to the last minute, I was overwhelmed with anxiety, fear, and I was crying almost non-stop until Dae Mo Nim appeared. I participated with all my heart, concentration and willingness, and even though I didn't have a visual experience - which I would have liked - I felt a noticeable difference...calm, peaceful, relaxed and joyful. For several days after the ceremony, I was attacked with doubt, but I kept telling myself that I was going to choose to have faith that the experience was real and true. And now, twelve days later, I am convinced that this was probably one of the most wonderful blessings that I and my family could have ever received. I feel light, younger, and more determined to be a better person. In addition, I'm praying more, reading Father's words more and in general, feel hope for the future. Because of all these things, I am convinced beyond any doubt that my ancestors were liberated and are attending a Divine Principle workshop at this time with Dae Mo Nim and Heung Jin Nim. I have the deepest gratitude to True Parents and to Dae Mo Nim, and last but not least, to my dear Central Figures, Edner and Juanita Pierre-Louis of the Harlem Family Church.

by Chiyo Yoshida

I felt much grace for my family today. I saw my ancestors line up in front of me wearing nice clothes but very dirty and old and stained by blood. But in the ceremony they changed their clothes to white. During the prayer they came one by one to me. One person with dark long black hair and an agonized face came. In the end they lined up and deeply bowed down to me.

by Hiroko Kaufman

My father died 5 years ago. I could not go to his funeral. He had a career in the army. When I went to Chung Pyung I tried to call my father. He came but I did not feel he accepted. But this time I cried from beginning to end. I felt this was not my tears but those of my ancestors. My ancestors came and bowed to me; they had white clothes. I saw my great grandfather's tomb stone looking very dirty. As I clapped angels came to clean it and make it shiny. My father brought light beams(?) to all my ancestors. The tombstone shined up to heaven. My father's name was shining a great deal. My ancestors said, "I am sorry you have to work so much. We will try to help you. This is a historical day for our ancestors."

by Christine Kung

Yesterday I thought I would die because my husband's personality is so strong. He said, "They need me for staff, but I am not going to be staff." He heard your advice he needs to obey me 100%, I will obey you. My mother is in a nursing home old and sing. Dad is suffering, alone in the house. He can't see well. I cleaned the house for him last week. When I cleaned the house and tried to lift up my sad father, I thought this was a good preparation for the condition. TRUE FATHER said we should see some sign our ancestors are coming. At the moment you said God understands you church leaders don't have much money, a light appeared under me. There was a small and a large rectangle.

by Ivonete Abraham

From the time we started the condition of bows and prayer 40 days, the SPIRIT WORLD appeared every night. Dae Mo Nim appeared for me in Philadelphia. The room was full of fire. She was so forceful. My husband and I were in back. For a long time she was in the fire. Then Jesus appeared and told me, "You need to offer a special dinner for your brothers and sisters." I made an offering table. Some force made things so hot, twenty minutes (?). Today I saw a lot of white flowers. I saw hands pick up the flower pick up the flowers and throw it as a snowball. I cried and cried and said, "Thank you!? I was very happy.

by Daryl Clarke—Tarrytown, NY

I understood more about who Daemonim is. I remember her testimony about raising up True Mother, how she taught her daughter. I am grateful that she is raising up my ancestors from Africa from the Mandingo tribe and from Cherokee Indians. My mother has five children from six different men. I heard my father went to spirit world. I looked my father's name in North Carolina. Went to spirit world in 1992. Today when we were praying I started to talk to God and TP, then I realized I should talk to my ancestors. I thanked my father and mother for giving me life and for my mother supporting me in the UC. My uncle, a minister, was like a father for me. I felt his presence. I promised them I would get the money for the workshop and told them they could not space out.

by Tyler Hendricks—Irvington, NY

Why could we only liberate my father's side? My mother’s side is Abel, religious and faithful. My father's side does not believe. I could not fast, so I did a cold shower, but not cold enough, so I became sick. My right lung, right hand hurt. My father's side are strong Presbyterian people who became cynical several generations ago. Today when the prayer began I saw an image and some spirit men were popping up like firecrackers. I thought that was not just my ancestors but everyone's ancestors. I felt the more power everyone invested in the prayer, the more the ancestors could pop up. I began to talk with my ancestors and talked to them about this problem, told them to go to Dae Mo Nim's workshop, and soften up. I introduced them to my wife's ancestors because she was near by. I said they have to work together. It might also help my marriage, too.

by John Gehring—NY, NY

I felt the atmosphere at the ceremony came from a grandmother's heart. We came here today as a brother and sister movement. It was a taste of the Kingdom Of Heaven. We celebrated today as God's sons and daughters.

by Eric Margaret Kerez Brewster—Roslindale, MA

I saw many fallen angels bowing down outside the gate of Belvedere keeping evil away from the Liberation Ceremony.

by Bruce Biggins—Arkansas

I did not see my ancestors but I had a definite feeling of their presence with me on the right side. My father died of cancer and suffered a lot. My Great Grandfather fought in the Civil War and so I know he saw suffering and suffered himself. I feel everyone was absolutely liberated and are all now on a different level. I went to 40 days and I feel I slid back from my experience at Chung Pyung. Once again, I was reminded of what it is I need to focus on . Thank you True Parents and Dae Mo Nim and Heung Jin Nim.

by Karen Louise Iversen—Florida

When we clapped and sang, I could feel my arms getting warm, especially my right arm, and it tingled and it was red spots. It felt like spirits were coming out of my body and I felt lighter. When I was outside hearing the clapping and singing, I just felt like running back and I did, and I felt God's love and that I just wanted to run back to him. During my prayer, I could share with my ancestors, how I am ashamed for not being more, thank them for their foundation, and, tell them how I need their help, how much there is to be done.

by Yoko Miranda—Boston

Thank you very much for the very good 7 liberation ceremony. I felt my grandfather beside me. My grandfather called my name softly. I had so many tears. I'm very glad to come here. Thank you very much again.

by Jesuoldo Mironda

My experience is that I did not see my ancestors, but I felt they were near. And I have faith in True Parents and Dae Mo Nim. I'm glad for this ceremony.

Johanna Forringer—New York

The last 2 days, spirit world woke me up at 4:44 a.m. I looked at the watch once during this afternoon an it was 4:44. Dae Mo Nim said Chung Pyung exists 4 years and 4 months now. If 4 years, 4 months and 4 days—then I understand why 4:44.

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