Unification News for June 1999

An Incredible Experience!!

By BillieAnn Sabo/Region 11

I work at Regional HQ and I have been so busy for the past two months with the preparation for True Mother’s Tour, I could hardly focus on Dae Mo Nim’s visit. The week before she came to Oakland, again Regional HQ was so busy, there was no time to think. I have not been to Chungpyung Lake, so I didn’t really know what to expect. All I knew was, last week was an extremely busy time and I was happy to go away for a few days with my husband, Joe. I joined the church just a few years ago, and somewhat believed in the spirit world already, but reading Dr. Lee’s "Life in the Spirit World" book, really helped to develop my spiritual senses and visions.

I had no idea what to expect from the liberation ceremony, but I knew my ancestors must have made very good conditions for me to join the church so easily and I now wanted to make good conditions for them to be liberated so we could work together. I had concepts of what Dae Mo Nim would look like and I was very shocked. In my mind, Dae Mo Nim would look like an ‘old country’ Korean woman with a long very humble dress, no make-up, hair very simple and holding straw shakers in both hands, and looking very serious! Boy was I ever surprised!! She was so beautiful, modern and had a very sweet, warm & loving smile.

The event in Oakland was on April 20th. For 3 nights prior to the event, I participated in the 2 hour prayer condition at the church. So many members were present it was heartwarming. I could feel something very special in atmosphere and was now getting very excited. On the day of the event, my husband and I worked at the registration tables which were very hectic. Hundreds of members came from 10 states. It was so busy, I wasn’t sure if we would get to see any of the ceremony. But hearing all the clapping and practice singing, I was drawn like a moth to light and I knew we couldn’t miss out.

Dae Mo Nim arrived and entered the main room. I could feel my blood surging through my veins and my heart beating so rapidly, I was so excited! The room was thrilling! There was "cheer leaders" on the stage and lining the aisles. They were all dressed in white tee shirts (Chungpyung style). Our Regional Director, Rev. In Hoi Lee, was center stage and looked so inspired and energized. My husband and I stood at the back of the room and started clapping and singing. I was determined I was going to invest myself 100% in the ceremony and connect with my ancestors. For 30 minutes, I clapped so hard, my fingers started to get blisters. I was singing, singing, singing Grace of the Holy Garden over and over until it consumed my entire body. My eyes were closed so tight, tears were being pushed out. I felt like I was on a cloud drifting around the spirit world. After 20 minutes, I opened my eyes and could see hundreds of small white circular spirits circling the room and going back and forth over the heads of our members. It was an incredible sight, but I couldn’t believe my eyes. I thought this must be a hallucination. I closed them again and 5 minutes later when I opened them, I could see the spirits again, so I knew it must be true – they were really there. Our singing soon stopped and it was time for 7-8 minute unison prayer. I screamed my prayer out crying Aboje, Aboje, Aboje over and over. I wanted all of my ancestors to hear my plea for them to come down and be liberated. When we first started praying, my husband and I were standing side by side. While praying, I could really feel the presence of my deceased parents and my grandparents. I could actually see them. When I opened my eyes, my husband and I were at least 3 feet apart!! It was like my ancestors had entered on my right side and united with us.

When the ceremony was over, I was speechless. I felt like I was in a daze. It was so beautiful and we were so blessed to have Father send Dae Mo Nim to us. I felt so alive, and so connected to my ancestors. I felt absolutely determined. My faith became stronger, my love for God and True Parents and the Unification Church became deeper and I felt like I had the world in my hands. My husband was so amazed and inspired with the liberation ceremony, he wanted to attend another!

But my story is not over yet!! We live in Southern California which is a 7 hour drive from Oakland. We had been driving home for about 4 hours and I wanted to stop by a little town called Solvang, but my husband did not. Finally, I convinced him and we got off the freeway. While there, we stopped by bathrooms. Inside my bathroom was a woman who looked exactly like my mother who died two years ago. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I have never seen anyone in my life who reminded me of my mother, until now. All I could do was stare at her. She didn’t say anything to me, but gave me a big smile. I told my husband about this, but we didn’t think too much of it, at the time. A few minutes later, we stopped for gas before getting back on the freeway. By chance, a man at the station spotted something funny with our back tire. The tire had worn down to metal and had a big hole in it. The gas station attendant was amazed we hadn’t had a blow out, which would have surely turned our Explorer over and probably killed us. We were so close to danger, but we were protected. My husband and I really believe the spirit world saved us.

God bless you, Dae Mo Nim. Through you, brothers & sisters have liberated their direct ancestors and we can be absolutely powerful united together in these remaining months before the New Millennium. Thank you Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon —the True Parents of all humankind, the givers of life!

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