Unification News for June 1999

Dae Mo Nim's Ancestor Liberation

by John Lee & Helenita Thomas—Baton Rouge, LA

Helenita and I prepared for 40 days doing 50 kyung baes and praying for each ancestor while we bowed. I did a 21-day morning fasting condition as well. We had good experiences doing those conditions. Often I began crying in the middle of the bows thinking of each ancestor and what a tremendous blessing we are gaining. I especially felt powerful love for them as I prayed that by this liberation they can all comfort God’s heart by coming closer to Him. It makes God feel good that now He can find more of His children and embrace more into His bosom. In essence, my ancestors and I can more directly participate in God’s process of restoration. Helenita felt some especially heavy ancestral sins and good memories of when she was young and receiving their love. When we started the two-day drive from our home in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to Chicago, we forgot to take with us our Hoon Dok Hae reading and so we instead sang Holy Songs written by True Father; we had a very joyful experience doing that as good preparation.

In Chicago we were very excited and happy. Even Helenita, who is Brazilian, said that it was much more joyful than Carnival in Brazil. We were completely convinced that our ancestors were there, even though we didn’t see them or hear them. We sent them off to workshop with a lot of gratitude and talking to them in prayer, letting them know that they are now receiving an historical blessing and encouraging them to enjoy the workshop with Heung Jin Nim.

The next morning in the car while we were singing Holy Songs for hoon dok hae, Helenita began to cry and it came to her that Heung Jin Nim was teaching them Introduction to the Divine Principle at that moment. She cried even more as she became overcome by a tremendous feeling of love coming from her ancestors’ gratitude for being there at the workshop.

I feel a lot more at peace and not so heavy as before. It’s easier for me to love my family. The words that Dae Mo Nim spoke are very clear and liberating in and of themselves. Something heavy has definitely been lifted from my shoulders. I’m also aware that there is a lot more work to be done.

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