Unification News for June 1999

Testamony to Ancestor Liberation

Steve Yoder
June, 1999

My experience of the Dae Mo Nim conference was very intense and meaningful. When I stepped on the plane to travel to Chicago, I immediately began to feel very nauseated and sick. The longer I was on the plane, the more intense the illness, and a severe headache located in the back of my neck and bead began to develop. As I am a pilot, and have never experienced illness on a plane, this was very unusual. The closer to Chicago I got, the worse it became, so that on arrival I could not drive the rental car, and had to have my wife drive. I had agreed to drive back to the airport to pickup 7 friends who were arriving later, but by that time, my physical condition had gotten so bad I went to bed around 7:30, and fell asleep. My wife, Susan, took over the driving chore; and let me rest.

At this time, my headache was so bad, it woke me from a disturbed sleep, and I was rolling on the bed so severely from pain, that I fell onto the floor. When I kneeled by the bed, holding the back of my neck with both hands, I opened up spiritually and saw that all my ancestors had come into the room. Not only 7 generations, but also many, many people had responded to the summons by Dae Mo Nim.

When I looked at the ancestors, I could see clearly that they were in exactly the same spiritual condition as the moment of their death. When they perceived each other, the same anger, jealousy, and resentment they had before their physical death was relived, and: they immediately resumed the same position of argument and anger as they had in their heart in their physical life. My father, who had obsessed me and possessed my body for some time returned, and tried to take over once again. He grabbed me by the nape of my neck, and energy started to flow out, and into his spirit man. I told him to stop, and to remove his grip on my neck. I explained that I would not have gone to the huge expense and effort to help him if this conference wouldn't benefit him, and that if I were wrong, he could come back into this body as before. In my heart of hearts, I surely didn't want him back, but I had to convince him of the truth of what was to happen. I told him to put his hand on my shoulder, instead, and use that as a guide. He did, but then his great grandfather, who witnessed the energy flow, decided to grab some vitality for his own use. He grabbed onto the back of my neck and squeezed with all his strength. The pain was absolutely incredible, and I tried without success to get him to letup or let go. He was using the energy gained as a weapon against those relatives with which he had anger; and the pain was as severe as a stroke. I looked around for help, and noticed his wife, who was a large boned pioneer cook of a woman had stabbed me in the stomach with a long campfire fork. She was very resentful about how easy our modern life was. When she wanted to clean up, she had to haul wood, water, build a fire, make her own soap, and finally could bath maybe once per year! So by sticking me with the fork, she was venting her resentment. This was where the nausea was coming from

At this point, my suffering was so great that I began to fear for my life. All of my relatives were totally out of control, milling and fighting with each other. In desperation, I called out for help from Jesus, then, True Parents, but still the melee continued. Then, I called out for Dae Mo Nim to help. Within 4 minutes, I noticed that things were quieting down, and the spirits were lining up, two by two. It felt like a circle had been drawn around me which no one could cross. My pain began to subside and a strong feeling of returning to normal came over me. I was able to stand, so I took some aspirin, and returned to sleep.

When I woke in the morning, only a physical memory of the pain remained, and as the day lengthened, even that disappeared, so by lunch I was totally back to normal. However, I could still feel the hand of my father resting on my shoulder, and I knew that if this didn't work, I had a serious problem to face, later. So when the conference began I was as serious as any time in the church, including the Blessing. I knew that this had to work, if my ancestors were to be free, and I was to return to normal existence, which I had struggled so long and hard to obtain.

My attitude was 100% cooperation, so when my mind started negative thoughts, I clapped as hard as I could, and I sang as loudly as possible. During Ansu, I received that my father had liked to fist-fight, so I hit my arm and shoulders as instructed, not hard enough to hurt, but firmly. All through this, I could feel my father's hand on my shoulder, until the 7-minute unison prayer at the end. While I could not see spiritually at this point, I felt clearly the moment of departure of the spirits surrounding me, and no longer could feel the presence of my father or other spirits in the room.

My heart was overcome with a huge feeling of great joy and celebration !!! This feeling was from Heavenly Father, whose long suffering for those stuck in hell had created such an ocean of pain for Him. Having these spirits relieved of their pain brought such incredible joy to The Father, that my heart, leaped in joy also. And my enormous gratitude for True Parents who make all this possible through their incredible life and love for us all became total. Thank you, True Parents, from my deepest heart.

The plane ride on the way back home was significant, as well. The plane developed problems, so we were stuck in Kansas City for 4 hours. I was unable to use my left arm due to the Ansu indemnity. It was very painful and only about 30% up to strength. But my heart was full of love and gratitude, so it really was a minor affliction. During the layover, a sister we were traveling with struck up a friendship with a lady who turned out to be a medium and healer- She volunteered to give a healing, and to give a spiritual reading in the airport to each of us,

During my wife's reading, it was so accurate that she burst into tears, and then she was given a minor healing. During my reading, I was told that because of the work I had just completed, spiritually, I was going to be fulfilled as a person for the first time, both financially with great abundance, and spiritually, as a member, as well as nationally. I was then given a healing as well, and the next morning I had no ill effects remaining.

In conclusion, I would say that no one has anything to fear at all from this ceremony. This is a great opportunity to actually help in removing a major cause of suffering for Heavenly Father, and to participate in what True Parents have really been doing all these years, without recognition. As well, provides the true starting place of success within ourselves arid our families. Glory to God an

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